Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why Don't You Believe Me?- Baby 73

 **Dawn's POV**
I let the tears fall down my face as the recent events in the last 30 minutes sank in. Who would have known that a girl I barely know would turn my friend against me. I would have never have known and that's why I'm sitting here in my office, crying.
Now I have to leave town to see my father, who's time on this planet is coming to an end. Why me?
~One Week Ago~
Ivy and Ashby are wonderful twins; they're very well behaved and frankly I'm just glad I had twins this time around. I've been having a lot of multiples and they're hard to take care of on your own. I thought I was gonna go crazy or something, but I pulled through and handled everything well.
BIRTHDAY TIME!! Baby 68, Danielle as a Teen.
Baby 69, Annie as a Teen.
Baby 70, Cameron as a Teen.
Baby 71, Ivy as a Child.
Baby 72, Ashby as a Child
I wasted no time inviting the next father for my challenge over, Josh Bradley. He's a local man here in Hidden Springs. I bumped into him one day when I was taking my morning walk.
Josh was more then happy to join my challenge when I asked that morning. I was apparently pregnant at the time so he couldn't join then, but I did tell him that I'd give him a call soon as I was ready to get pregnant with my next baby.
There was some flirting and a kiss or two before we headed into the shower to conceive my next child.
It was a nice afternoon when I decided to take a walk around town and maybe get some fresh air. When I was walking past the spa I spotted Cassidy standing there- talking to some people, might be her friends? When I approached her, her smile turned into a frown.
"Hey Cassidy, remember me? I'm Dawn, Newbie's friend."
"Oh, yeah. Hey Dawn."
"Look Cassidy if there was something I did that upset you- I don't mean to make you mad at me. I'm sorry."
"Oh no, Dawn there's no need to apologize, I'm the one that should be sorry."
"Well okay but if I ever do anything to to make you mad then I'm sorry."
"Okay thank you Dawn."
With that I smiled a warming smile to Cassidy and started my walk home.
**Cassidy's POV**
I can't believe she just walks over here like little miss perfect, acting like everything is ok. That slut! I mean who does she think she is? My friend? Absolutely not!
When she left I followed her. I didn't want to be seen so I stayed far enough away, but my cover was almost blown when a passing jogger ran into her and knocked her purse over and everything that was in it. She was quick picking everything up but she managed to over look her cell phone. So when she continued her walk I picked up her phone.
**Dawn's POV**
It has been two days since I'd last seen my cell phone and I couldn't seem to find it any where, no matter where I looked.
I turned to my kids for some help.
"kiddos, have you seen mommy's cell phone?"
Danielle was the one to answer me, "No mom. I haven't."
I looked to my other kids for any hope that they might have seen it but they all just gave me nods.
I sigh, "Alright. I guess I'm gonna have to use the house phone then until I find it."
 **Cassidy's POV**
I was feeling a bit lonely and like the sweet man that he is, Newbie came over to keep me company. Newbie's such a wonderful man. We spent our afternoon cuddling on my sofa, watching TV.
After a good hour of his company I decided to put my plan into motion. I pulled away from Newbie's shoulder and looked into his beautiful eyes.
"Newbie, sweetie. Remember when I told you that Dawn had been harassing me?"
Newbie sighed and releases his hold on my shoulder and grabs the remote to turn the TV off.
"Cassidy what is it this time? I thought we had this talk, I know you lied and I forgave you, Dawn forgave you."
Just hearing him say her name made me angry, but I played it cool and continued on.
"But Newbie I wasn't lying, she's the lair."
"Cassidy, how can I believe you at all if you don't have proof to show for it?"
"I know I said I deleted the text messages she sent last time but she's doing it again and this time I didn't delete them and I now have the proof."
I got up from the sofa and pulled my phone out of my pocket. Going to were I keep my inbox messages, I handed the phone over to Newbie.
"Here. There's your proof. Now tell me who you believe."
Newbie snatched my phone from my hand and walked over to a different part of the room to read them. I coulc hear him take a quick inhale as he looked at the small screen; my indication that he saw Dawn's number above the messages I had gotten.
Seeing that my plan was working I quietly walked to the other side of the room and pulled another phone out of my pocket.
With Dawn's phone in my hand I put the icing on my cake of a plan. I sent the word BITCH! to my phone.
I put her phone away quickly to be sure that Newbie didn't see and turned to him in time to see my phone light up with an incoming message.
Newbie lowers the phone slowly and I knew then that he had read my message from Dawn. Acting like the innocent girlfriend, I played along.
"Who's the message from Newbie?"
Newbie turns around to embrace me in a hug.
"I'm sorry I didn't believe you sooner, Cassidy."
"There's no need to be sorry. I know how much you trust your friend Dawn, of course your gonna believe her over me. I forgive though, I forgive you."
**Dawn's POV**
The pain hit me suddenly. No matter how many times you do this, labor never gets easier.
But I managed to get through it like always, and in just a couple hours I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.
I introduce you to Baby 73, Samantha Turner! 27 more babies to go!
Little Samantha is an exact carbon copy of her father, besides my purple eyes. She looks so cute with her jet black hair in a side braid.
Samantha being my first single birth in what? A month? All my attention can be focused all on her.
In a just a couple hours I was happy as can be; I had a baby girl, I finally found my phone in the mailbox when I was checking the mail, I have no idea how it got there, and I started my newest book, a SiFi called The Side Effect. Nothing could bring my mood down.
**Newbie's POV**
What I just read at Cassidy's house had me angry. She told me to get some fresh air for a couple hours before I go do something I would regret later and I listened.
Now I had cooled myself off and I decided to confront Dawn once again about the harassing towards Cassidy. If she confesses then maybe I'll forgive her, but if she still denies it, then I don't know. I don't think I can trust Dawn again.
I walk into Dawn's office as she turned off her computer and got up from her chair. With a welcoming smile, she said, "Oh hey Newbie. What's up?"
She walks around her desk to me and I get right to the point of my visit.
"Dawn, you would never lie to me right?"
"Of course not. Why do you ask Newbie?"
"Then why did you lie to me about those harassing texts you sent to Cassidy?"
"What?! Newbie, I thought we talked about this. I didn't send anything to Cassidy."
"Dawn please, just stop lying," I said with anger rising up inside me. "I know you sent those texts. I've seen the texts with my own eyes, and they're from YOUR number."
"What?! No?! There must be a mistake. I didn't send her anything." Dawn quickly walks to her desk and grabs her phone next to the keyboard and walks back and hands the phone over to me. "Here's my phone. I can assure you that I have no messages in my outbox that's sent to Cassidy's number."
I grab Dawn's phone and open her outbox messages, and the first message I open was the word BITCH! sent to Cassidy's phone just a few hours before. I narrow my eyes and hand Dawn her phone with the open message.
Dawn takes her phone, looks at the screen, and her face goes white. "W-what? Newbie, I didn't send this I swear. I hadn't seen my phone in the last couples days, someone else must have sent her those messages with my phone. Cassidy must have stolen my phone."
I through my hands up and yelled, "JUST. STOP. I tried to believe you, I gave you a chance to tell me the truth but you just keep making up lies."
"You know what Dawn, I don't think I can be friends with someone who harasses my girlfriend and then lies about it when I know the truth. The one thing I can't stand is a liar, especially if that liar is my own friend."
"What are you saying Newbie? You don't want to be my friend anymore?"
"If I can't trust you, then maybe we shouldn't be friends." With that I stormed out of her office.
**Dawn's POV**
When the door of my office slammed closed, a tear came rolling down my left cheek. I couldn't believe what just happened. Why would Cassidy do something like this; turn Newbie against me? What did I ever do to her? My emotions were a mixture of both anger and sadness.
I was startled by the suddenness of my phone ringing; seeing it was Dean I answer it.
Holding back my quivering voice, I said, "Hello? Dean?"
"Dawn, I'm sorry to be the bear of bad news. Dad has only gotten worse and I think you should come down here to say your last goodbye, you know, before the actual goodbye."
"O-okkkk-ay. I'll be there by tomorrow morning. Bye Dean."
"Okay, see you soon Dawn."
After I hung up, I fell to the floor in a heap. I wanted to cry forever, but I had to control my tears.
Forcing myself up off the floor I grab the things I need for my trip and I leave for Sunset Valley once again.
**Newbie's POV**
I walk through Cassidy's front door with a smile on my face; ready to greet her with a hug. I stop just a few feet from her when I seen her on the phone.
"Haha! Can you believe that I actually got Newbie to stop talking to that Dawn girl. I mean I just had to steal her phone to send hate messages to myself and show Newbie the evidence, then return the phone before he confront her about it. Haha! Come on Gina, I deserve a reward or something. Neither of them saw it coming."
Cassidy hangs up her phone and turns around to see a frown on my face.
"Oh, hey Newbie. I didn't hear you come in. When did you come in?"
"I can't believe this. You LIED about this? Lied about Dawn harassing you this entire time? Stealing Dawn's phone to make me believe you over my best friend! I can't believe you, you heartless woman. What did Dawn EVER do to you?"
"Why do you care so much about that bitch? I mean she sleeps around with like a hundred other men, and yet she still keeps you around. If you ask me she's just selfish. She's nothing but a SLUT and WHORE!"
"Don't you dare call her that, calling Dawn a slut and a whore for what she does is like calling my mother one. AND NO ONE TALKS ABOUT MY MOM LIKE THAT! Dawn is a wonderful girl, the mother of my two sons, and my best friend. And no one will ever tell me other wise..."
"We're through. I never wanna see your ugly face again."
I leave, more mad then ever, and I have this overwhelming sense of quilt building up inside me. The way I yelled at Dawn, will she ever talk to me again?
I waste no time and practically ran all the way to Dawn's house. Now that I think about it Cassidy lives on the other side of town and I would have saved a lot of time by driving, but it's too late, I'm here now.
I run up the short amount of steps to Dawn's front door and am immediately stopped by two of Dawn's oldest kids.
"She's not here, Mr. Newbie," say the girl furthest from me.
I turn my attention away from the door and walked closer to the girls.
"Where did she go?"
"She left for Sunset Valley an hour ago."
"Grandpa. She's going to say goodbye."
I take a moment to take in what I have just heard from Danielle before asking another question.
"Do you have the address to where your grandpa is staying?"
"Of course. Why?"
"I'm going to Sunset Valley, that's why."
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  1. Whoot whoot my boy can admit his mistakes. I loved this post even though I was really mad at my boy for A) not talking to you but yelling at you. I taught him how to handle conflicts better then that and for B) Calling Cassidy's face ugly no matter how angry he is he should not do that. He is so sweet to stick up for us challenge mom's.

    Now for the other topic. OMG Dawn I am so sorry your dad isn't doing any better. My heart goes out to you my friend

    Hugs Ashby

  2. I can't stand Cassidy! I'm so sorry about your dad though Dawn.