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The love of a McKnight- A Valentines Day Special

Hey readers, I know you want to know what happens to Dawn's dad, but don't worry that will be in my next post. Right now I decided to bring you a special post for Valentines Day. I bring you a love story, actually 3 love stories. So here's the story about three of Dawn's children and how they fall in love with three kids of someone else. ;)

Part 1: The introduction
This is Violet Turner, you may not recognize Violet since she was a child from the beginning of Dawn's Challenge. Violet is Baby number 6. Her dad was Midnight Bloo, father number 3, and she was the youngest of triplets. Violet currently lives in the town of Bridgeport and works at a towing/repo company while she works her way through school. Her dream is to become a cop.
It was just an average day as Violet walked down the cement sidewalk to her job. She figured it was gonna be like any other day; repo and tow a car or two and go home, maybe even get an angry customer or two whose mad at the fact that their car just got towed away. But unknown to her that today was gonna change her life, today was gonna be the day she met him.

Part 1: The Introduction
This is Winstin Turner, baby number 36. Winstin is also part of triplets, but unlike Violet, Winstin is the oldest. Winstin's dad was Harry Gold, father number 20. Winstin moved from Twinbrook to Sunset Valley in hopes to find the girl of his dreams. It's hard to find a girl in Twinbrook when everywhere you go you see one of your siblings, and what better place then Sunset Valley, the home of most challenge moms and more importantly home to hundreds of bachelorettes.
Winstin was on his way to his yoga class but he is running a little late from having late start in is morning routine. Winstin spots a passing taxi and calls out to it to stop in hopes to get to class on time. He heard they got a new yoga teacher and he wanted to make a good first impression.

Part 1: The Introduction
This is Tucker Turner, baby number 26. Tucker is the youngest of twins. Tucker's dad is none other then Dawn's best friend, Newbie Starr-Bright, also father number 14. Not only is Tucker known for his mother, he is also the grandson of another challenge mom, Ashby Lemi, who is Newbie's mother. When Tucker heard that both his parents had moved to Hidden Springs, he decided to move there too. Tucker is a mommy and daddy's boy, he can't stand to be more then two towns away from either of his parents. Tucker's brother Dallas decided to stay behind Twinbrook.
This morning was the first real morning Tucker had in the town of Hidden Springs. Tucker just finished unpacking all his belongings and now had the entire morning to relax. But tonight Tucker was going out to celebrate.

Part 2: The First Meet
As soon as Violet walked into her workplace she already had a job she needed to do. There was several calls saying that a motorcycle was illegally parked at the junkyard.
Violet had been in the business long enough to know that if she gave them a ticket, they will just do it again, just because they don't care. So Violet decided to just tow the bike away. Violet made a quick call to her boss and they sent a flatbed over right away.
Later that day, Violet was running the office while her co workers were out doing more pickups. It was late in the afternoon and Violet was beginning to think that maybe today will be an easy day, but then she spotted a man walk in through her little office window.
Violet was dying to move around the office so instead of sitting behind the bullet proof glass like she was suppose to, she walked up to the man.
"May I help you sir?", Violet asks the man.
"Yes, you can. You guys towed my bike earlier today?", he says nicely.
"Why yes of course. In order to get your bike back you'll have to pay a fine of $300, and you have 48 hours after your vehicle is impounded to pay the fine or else it belongs to the towing company,"Violet says in a professional tone.
The man's face suddenly changed expressions,"What?! $300?! That's crazy. I want my bike back now?!".
Violet raised her hands in front of her in hopes calm him down a bit, "Look sir, you need to calm down. You have 48 hours to get money to get your bike back."
The man exhales through his nose and responds,"The name is Eli McKnight and I don't have that kind of money, you have no idea how much that bike means to me, you will never know. I'm outta here."
Eli storms out of the building in a ball of fury.
Violet should get used to angry customers yelling at her for taking their vehicle and making them pay a huge fine, but its never satisfying to have people blaming you for their own stupid mistakes.
But in some way Violet felt bad for the man; very few people know that it's illegal to park at the junkyard unless you work there or have a sticker. Violet found herself feeling guilty.... and curious. She wanted to know why that bike so important to him.
Violet went after the man, hoping to catch him before he got to far, but to her surprise she found him sitting on the bench outside the building.
Crossing her arms Violet looks at Eli,"I'm sorry about your bike and I would give it to you if I could but rules are rules and I need my job. I'm not a heartless person and I can see that this bike has a deeper meaning to you then just a cool toy. May I ask why its so important to you?".
Eli sighs and looks off into the distance and with a few seconds of just breathing he finally responds, "It was my dad's bike. He got it when he was a teenager and he gave it to me just before he passed a few years ago. It's all I have left of him."
The story hit a soft spot in Violet, she had never known her dad besides the birthday cards and presents she got from him, but she still loved and missed him as if he was always there. Never seeing your father was just as painful as losing a father.

Part 2: The First Meet
Luckily for Winstin he had gotten to his class just in time, but everyone else was already there. He quickly set up his mat on the only available spot left in the room, which was in the front of the room, and kicked his shoes off.
He looked to the front and was struck by the pure beauty that is his teacher. Is that really our new teacher? Winstin couldn't believe there was such beauty that existed and that he was lucky enough to have her as his teacher.
Winstin was struck back into reality by the sudden sound of her voice, which sounded like an angel. "Okay class, as you know your old teacher had broken his leg and can't teach for a while so I will be your new teacher until he recovers. My name Amber McKnight, but I want you to refer me as Amber only, Ms. McKnight sounds too formal."
The class chuckled.
The class began how class always began, by doing the tree pose.
Then they got into the various poses that they all knew well.
Amber then instructed the class to do the downward facing dog pose.
Then she pulled the downward facing dog into the cobra.
Then the camel,...
and the cow.
For each pose that the class did it got more and more difficult.
Finally she ended the class with the tree pose.
After the workout all the girls surrounded their new teacher and they were all excited for finally have a girl teacher this time around.
Winstin could only watch as his only chance to talk to this beautiful woman is fading away the longer the other girls talk to her.
Winstin's attention was turned away from the girls when the only other male in the class interrupted his thoughts.
"Girls huh?!"
Huh? is all Winstin could say before the other guy walked over to the crowd of girls and grabbed his wife from among them.
Winstin sat and waited as each of the girls left the studio, until it was just the two of them.
Amber noticed that Winstin waited for her and sent the last girl on her way in almost a rush.
When it was just the two of them Amber looked over to Winstin and said,"Can I help you?"
Winstin could only smile and he slowly walks over to Amber. When he got close enough he turned on his charms and said,"You know your the prettiest teacher I ever had?"
Amber smiled and responded,"Are you hitting on your teacher?"
"No! Of course not, I'm just making conversation with a beautiful woman I met after class,"Winstin says in a flirtatious tone.
"Your a real charmer, are you? Luckily for you I like compliments, especially from guys as cute as you," Amber says blushing.
"Well, how would you like a date with this cute guy at the new seafood restaurant across town on Friday night?"
"I would love to....um."
"Yes, I would love to Winstin."

Part 2: The First Meet
When 6 o'clock rolled around Tucker made his way to the newly built club across town. Once inside it was fairly empty, besides a few girls. Even though there was three other girls, only one caught Tucker's attention; she seemed familiar like he had seen her before.
Since the woman was alone Tucker decided to approach her. Tucker walked over and leaned on the bar counter beside her and said, "Excuse me miss, have we met before? You look very familiar."
The woman looked up from her drink and examined Tucker. "I don't think so, I would have remember your face."
"Well then lets get to know each other then, shall we?", Tucker says. Tucker walks over to the other side of the woman and leans over the bar.
For an hour the two made conversation and drank. They talked about nearly everything, but the one thing that didn't pass their lips was the exchange of names.
"You know what? I make a mean mood drink, you should try it.... Here I'll make you one now," Tucker walks around the counter to where they kept all the glasses and assortment of liquors. Soon Tucker was showing his moonlighting skills which really impressed the her.
Tucker placed the tray of glasses on the counter in front of her in hopes that she'll try it. Her fingers hesitated as she caressed the glass before her. Should I try it?
Eventually she gave in and lifted the glass to her bottom lip; letting the sweet tasting liquid slid down her tongue.
When the last drop was gone, she was feeling kinda crazy. She gestured for Tucker to come closer and her finger slightly touched his chin when he did. "You know what? Your really cute under these bar lights," She says in a flirtatious tone.
She pulls Tucker chin closer and gently kisses his lips. It caught Tucker off guard but he accepts it.
Tucker quickly walks around the counter and she meets him half way; pulling Tucker into a deeper and passionate kiss.
She wraps her arms around Tucker neck and kisses him with more intense. Tucker returns her kiss with desire, lust, and want.
Their kissing led them to the elevator where she became more flirty. It was clear that she wanted more then just kissing from Tucker.
Being a man with needs; he accepts- pulling her closer to him as the elevator doors closed.
The time in the elevator seemed endless, until the sound of the opening doors sprung them back to reality.
She quickly ran out before anyone saw what had happen.

Part 3: The Second Encounter
It had been two days already and Eli knew that it was too late; his was never gonna get his bike back. Of course he got a tear or two but who cares, that bike meant a lot to him.
After what seemed like an hour of just standing outside, watching the sun rise, and accepting the fact that he was never getting his bike back; he went back home.
When he got home he noticed that the garage door was open. Inside Eli found, to his complete surprise, his bike.
Eli was so over come with joy that he almost didn't notice a figure in the distance approach him.
"I see that your glad to have your bike back," Violet says as she lifts herself off the garage wall and make her way over to where Eli stood.
Eli walked around his bike and to Violet, "You did this? Your god, no, a goddess. Your wonderful. How? Why?"
Violet blushed at Eli's words and answered with, "Well I knew how much the bike meant to you and I didn't want live with the quilt that I took away the only thing you have left of your dad's, so I paid the fine and got your bike back. I had to look you up in the phone book to find where you live though."
"Oh yes of course. look you wanna come inside?"
"Love too."
Once inside Eli talked about his father and his mother, he talked about how they met and what it was like growing up in a house full of kids.
Eli leaned over the couch and opened the drawer to the side table and pulled out a picture. He looks at the photo once, sighed and handed to Violet to see, "This is my father and his bike."
Looking up from the picture Violet looks at Eli, "You look just like him."
Eli smiled and then there was silence.
"I have to go, I have work, but this was fun and I'm glad I got to know you," Violet says while she gets up from the couch.
Eli jumps from the couch to stop Violet, "Wait! I never got you name."
Smiling, Violet says, "The Name's Violet."
"Violet huh? Violet is my favorite color." The atmosphere in the room suddenly changed and Eli seemed to be more flirty.
All Violet could do was blush at his comment. Up until now she never noticed how cute Eli actually is.
Eli slowly closed the space between them and asked the question that he wanted to ask as soon as he saw Violet, "Wanna go out sometime?"
Smiling, Violet said, "I would be crazy to say no."

Part 3: The Second Encounter
Friday rolled around and it was time for Winstin's date with Amber. He was nervous at first, not sure what to wear, but that went away as soon as he saw Amber walk out her place wearing a stunning short blue and pink dress.
At the restaurant they ordered the daily specialty and the most extravagant thing on the menu, the lobster.
The place only served the best and that proved to be right when Amber took her first bite of her meal.
They both enjoyed their meal in silence until they were nearly finished.
Winstin finished the remainder of his meal and looked up to see that Amber had finished as well. Suddenly music started playing and Winstin took this opportunity to ask Amber for a dance.
"May I have this dance," he asks as he reach out his hand to Amber, waiting for her to accept it.
Amber grinned at Winstin's offer and accepted his hand with a, "I would love to Winstin."
Taking Amber's hand Winstin pulled her up to the dance floor; she moved gracefully as he did. Taking her hands in the right positions, they glided across the dance floor with all eyes on them.
With a few twirls and spins he dipped Amber. She could only smile as he treated her like a prince would treat a princess at the ball.
As the music change, their dancing changed as well. They did the waltz and when the opportunity came he stole a peck on the cheek.
The music started to play a slow song just in time, cause both Winstin and Amber were worn out. They closed the gap between them and moved slowly to the music. Then Amber gently placed her head on Winstin's chest and closed her eyes as Winstin took the lead.

Part 3: The Second Encounter
After the events of that night, Tucker desperately wanted to find the girl that stole his heart. From the moment he laid eyes on the girl in the bar he knew she was it, the girl that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. But sadly the dream of ever meeting her again was crushed do to the fact that he never got her name, only the familiar face he saw when he first met her.
Tucker washed away sadness by drowning out the world around him with some fishing. If it was meant to be then fate will bring them together again.
From a distance a girl on her daily jog jogged through the wilderness of Hidden Springs. She then spotted a man fishing at the watering hole.
She jogged through this same area everyday and has never seen this man here before and was intrigued to find out who this man was.
She stopped just short of 5 feet from the man and he seemed to notice her right away; he smiled at the site of her.
He placed his fishing rod down on the grass beside him and approached her.
"Hey it's you. Remember me? The man at the bar last night. We...um...well....the elevator," Tucker stuttered, carefully choosing his words.
She did however recognized him and when she did, she blushed a dark shade of pink. "Oh..um..well..yes,... your not going to go to the tabloids with this are you? My career will be ruined if they found I slept with a guy I hardly know."
"No of course not, it's just I really wanted to see you again but I never got your name, so... well...you can see my problem there," Tucker says a little embarrassed at what happened last night like she was. Neither of them were that kind of person, but alcohol does that to people.
She flashed him a friendly smile and said, "It's Alex, Alex McKnight. Famous singer, but I mostly know for being the child of Addy McKnight, challenge mom.
By hearing her name Tucker instantly recognized her, she was on the cover of a magazine for her music but he also knew the name McKnight and the ties to the challenge.
They chatted for a bit more and actually gotten to know each and their backgrounds. It puts their minds at ease to know that they both didn't sleep with a complete stranger.
Alex was making her leave when Tucker stopped her and ask her out.
Alex said yes with excitement, glad that she gets to see Tucker again. After that she was off to finish her jog.

Part 4: When I said 'I Love You'
Fast forwarding 4 months and Eli and Violet are enjoying each others time at the butterfly park. They had been dating for a month before they became an official couple and today they wanted to celebrate their three month anniversary.
There was very little talk besides a few sentences and a couple kisses, but they spent most of their time admiring the the butterflies from a different point of view.
There was silence as they both were mesmerized by the beauty that is the butterfly when Eli spoke suddenly.
"These butterflies are beautiful, don't you think?"
"Yes, yes they are. Absolutely beautiful."
"I can only think of one thing that's more beautiful then these butterflies."
"And what is that?"
"Well it's a flower. It's called a Violet but its clearly blue. I love that flower more then anything in the world."
"Yea? I love Violets too, but is it really more beautiful then these butterflies?"
"Well this Violet stands out above the rest.... Your my flower Violet, I love you."
"W-what?!," Violet started to choke up in tears.
Violet quickly gets up from the ground smiles down at Eli.
"Oh, Eli, I love you too. More then anything, I love you."
Eli opens his eyes to see a teary eyed Violet looking down at him, smiling he says, "Your my everything, my world, I'm in love with you Violet and don't you forget that."
 Eli gets up from the ground and pulls Violet into an embrace. They share a moment of silence as they starred deeply into each others eyes. Then slowly they leaned in to share a passionate kiss.

Part 4: When I Said 'I Love You'
Winstin and Amber started to become serious around their fifth date and decided to go steady around the seventh. Now they have been together for 6 months and Winstin sits patiently as he awaits for the arrival of Amber for another one of their dates.
Winstin was nearly startled when Amber suddenly came up behind him with a hug and peck on the cheek.
"Hey sweets, how's my big strong man?"
"Better now that your here," Winstin says smiling up at Amber and her big beautiful eyes.
Amber makes herself comfortable on the swing beside Winstin.
She looks over at the man she cares so much about and can't help but smile when he flashes that smile of his at her. Her heart jumps a beat every time.
They sat talking for a while before Winstin gets off the comforts of his swing to go over and give Amber a kiss.
And with Amber's request he pushes her on the swings. She squeals with excitement as she swings higher into the sky. She loved the feeling of the air hitting her face on a nice sunny day.
Towards the end of their date they made their comforts at the slid; cuddling up together.
Pushing herself Amber asks Winstin the question she wanted to ask him all day.
"Do you love me Winstin?"
Winstin leans closer to Amber's ear and whispers, "I've had always loved you."

Part 4: When I Said 'I Love You'
Its been months since the first night they met and they found that it they were truly meant to be and that first night was fate.
Today they sat and admired the lake of Hidden Springs as they stayed cuddled in each others arms.
When they were not cuddling Tucker would have his head laying comfortably on Alex's lap as she stroked his hair and he rubbed her back.
"Sweety you know what today is?", Alex asks Tucker in almost a whisper.
Smiling Tucker said, "It's our 5 month anniversary , how could I forget? Your everything to me."
Tucker gets up off Alex's lap and pulls her close. Alex pressed her forehead against Tucker's as she stroked his cheek and looked him in the eyes.
"I love you, Tucker," Alex says in such a low whisper that it could barely be heard.
But Tucker did hear what Alex had said and whispered back, "I love you more."
Showing only a smile, Alex was jumping with excitement on the inside. She placed Tucker closer to the ground as she began kissing him.

Part 5: The Proposal
Riding down the road of Bridgeport, Eli and Violet have never felt more alive.
That day Eli had something planned and wanted today to be perfect. He took Violet out to all the best places in town and saving the best for last.
Eli could only embrace Violet as she looked at him with those eyes that drive him crazy with love.
"What's wrong?", Violet asked as she began to worry since Eli hadn't said a word.
"Nothing, everything is perfect. I want everything to be perfect."
Violet could only look at him with confusion as he got down on one knee and pulled out a blue velvet box from his back pocket.
Opening the box and exposing a diamond ring, Eli says, "Since my father died, I died inside. I felt like I could never get over loosing a parent and I would feel miserable for the rest of my life. That is until I met you. At first I thought you were only bringing my luck down further by taking the only thing I had left of my father. But when you brought me the bike back I knew you were god's gift to me, to help me heal, and you did. Your my everything, and I want to spend the rest of my life with the woman I love like my father did with the woman he loved, Marry me Violet?"
Violet couldn't say a thing, instead she screamed with excitement and eventually saying yes.
Tears swelled up in both their eyes when Eli placed the diamond ring on Violet's finger.
Violet jumped into Eli awaiting arms and said, "I love you so much, Eli."
Eli smiled at hearing those words and repeated them back. "I love you too, Violet."

Part 5: The Proposal
Getting home late Amber finds a note on her font door; telling her to head to the back porch. There she finds a row of candles leading up to hundreds of flowers and Winstin standing in the center of it all playing the guitar.
Slowly Amber walked closer to Winstin and with each step the music got louder and Winstin began to serenade her.
The strumming of his guitar started to play a rhythm and Winstin began to sing:
She's a yellow pair of running shoes
A holey pair of jeans
She looks great in cheap sunglasses
She looks great in anything
She's I want a piece of chocolate
Take me to a movie
She's I can't find a thing to wear
Now and then she's moody

She's a Saturn with a sunroof
With her blond hair a-blowing
She's a soft place to land
And a good feeling knowing
She's a warm conversation
That I wouldn't miss for nothing
She's a fighter when she's mad
And she's a lover when she's loving

And she's everything I ever wanted
And everything I need
I talk about her, I go on and on and on
'Cause she's everything to me
Here's the full song if you gonna listen.
Amber was speechless and just stood in awe as Winstin kept singing.
Amber stepped into the heart made of candles when Winstin finished playing the guitar and place in on the stand beside him. Slowly Winstin kneels down on one knee in the heart of candles and softly kisses Amber's hand.
By then Amber was in tears.
Suddenly Winstin digs in his back pocket and pulls out what looks like a ring and holds it up to Amber.
Holding up the ring for Amber to see, Winstin says, "Amber McKnight. From the first day that I met you I knew you were gonna be the one for me and our days together after that proved me right. Your my one and only. Will you be my bride?"
"Yes, yes, yes! Oh Winstin I do," Amber's tears now streaming down her cheeks.
After hearing her words Winstin gently places the ring on her left four finger.
They wrapped in each others arms and shared an embrace as an engaged couple. Pulling apart they shared a kiss and a I love you.

Part 5: The Proposal
Deep in the woods of Hidden Springs, Alex stood watching the waterfall while Tucker's arms wrapped around her waist.
"Isn't it beautiful Tucker? I always love coming here, but I never realized how romantic this place was until I brought you here."
"It's absolutely lovely. The kind of place were you just wanna propose to the love of your life," Tucker says.
There was silence as Alex registered what Tucker had said. She put the thought aside, she could only wish, until Tucker stepped away from her side and felt around his pockets.
When he found what he was looking for, he pulled it out in front of Alex and bent down on one knee. Revealing a gorgeous ring Tucker says, "Your the love I've dreamed of having, the love I never thought I'd ever get, the love I wished for ever night until that night I saw you at the club. I love you so much and want to spend the rest of my life by your side, loving you, cheering for you, supporting you, being the father of your children, I want to be your everything like you are mine. I ask for your hand in marriage. Will you marry me, Alex McKnight."
With a soft whisper and cracked voice from tears, Alex said yes. Tucker took the ring out of the small box and carefully puts the ring on Alex's finger.
With a kiss and a hug to finish, they spent the rest of the evening in each others arms watching the waterfall together.
Congrats to these three couples and their engagements. I didn't want to post their wedding photos here since the post was already to long, instead I made them into a video with a song that my friend Addy McKnight picked out. Check out the wedding video Here!
I would like to thank Addy McKnight for Eli McKnight, Amber McKnight, and Alex McKnight. They'll make fine spouses for Dawn's kiddos.
I have download links to all Dawn's kids under 'The Kids' page above. If you wanted to use any of her kids for your challenge, stories or just to have them in your game. 
I also have the links to most of the father's in my challenge under 'The Fathers'. I make most of the Dads in Dawn's challenge and I put them all up on the exchange for any of you that want to use them for your challenge too. 
For any extra downloads just go under 'Other Downloads' which includes other sims and objects that appeared in my blog. Includes ALL of Dawn's grandkids that were born in my game only. Dean's wife and son. Custom made clothing. Dawn herself and her brothers and parents and many more sims.
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