Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meeting Newbie's Girl- Babies 71 & 72

 They never lie when they say kids grow up too fast, because not long after the birth of my newest babies it was time for my oldest ones to become teenagers.
Baby 67, Skye as a Teen.
 Baby 66, Skinner as a Teen.
 Baby 64, Salline as a Teen.
 Baby 65, Parker as a Teen.
 I decided to wait a little longer to age my triplets. Lately I have been having many multiples that put me a big jump forward in my challenge. I hadn't had much time with my babies as toddlers, so I decided to hold it off for a while and enjoy it.
 My little Annie is such a talker. She doesn't know many words so she's always repeating the ones she did know- pretending she's having a serious conversation with her siblings.
Cameron on the other hand doesn't know any words at all, so when Annie gets in one of her none stop talking moments; Cameron just laughs or smiles at her.
 Danielle is more of a loner and likes to play alone. She loves the doll house the most and would reenact moments with her dolls.
Look at Danielle, isn't she just the cutest thing?
Teaching 3 little toddlers how to walk, talk, and use the potty isn't that easy. Thankfully I had the girls who nicely offered to help me out.
The boys on the other hand waste away their time playing Foosball.
There was laundry everywhere and not once did the boys pull their lazy butts away from the game to help. So I told them if they help clean the house then I'll age them up early.
Immediately after I said that they stopped playing Foosball and started helping out. Skinner picked up all the dirty clothes in the house and put them in the hamper.
And Parker put the dirty clothes into the washing machine. They worked as a team and did the laundry like pros.
With a messy house and crazy kids, paying the bills slipped my mind. When I finally remembered the bills it was too late, the repo man's truck was parked outside my home.
Well actually it was a repo woman. She had that look on her face, the one where she looks as if she despises the people that make her get up and do some work.
My heart sank when I saw her pull out her repo gun and point it at my favorite instrument- the piano.
In minutes the piano was gone and the future times where the house is filled with beautiful music went with it.
Just when I thought she was done; she pulls out the gun again and points it at the kitchen. I am freaking out. How much did I owe?
I had to duck to avoid getting hit with the repo gun's beam- she took the food blender.
All the commotion in the kitchen must have sparked some curiosity in the house, soon my babies were walking over to investigate.
 My phone rang and I was happy to hear Newbie's voice on the other line when I answered. He wanted to meet me later today so he can introduce me to his girl, Cassidy James. I said yes, I am so excited to finally meet her.
 Baby 64, Salline as a young adult.
 Baby 65, Parker as a young adult.
 Baby 66, Skinner as a young adult.
 Baby 67, Skye as a young adult.
My 4 babies finally became young adults and I couldn't be happier. They all dream of becoming robot-cross breeders.
 Baby 68, Danielle as a child.
 Baby 69, Annie as a child.
 Baby 70, Cameron as a child.
My triplets are the cutest kids ever. ^_^ I can't help be smile when I look at their adorable faces.
 Before I decided to meet Newbie and his girl, I called up the next father for my challenge to make baby 71. His name is Geoffrank Peterbergson and he's a business man.
I sat in the nice warm sun and waited for Newbie to arrive. Newbie wanted to meet me up at the local pool to make Cassidy feel more comfortable- Cassidy loves to swim.
I waited for 10 minutes by the pool side until I saw Newbie walk out the main building. He waved to me and yelled, "HEY DAWN! WE'RE HERE!"
 Newbie starts walking to were I was sitting and soon I see a girl follow right behind him. I figure that must be Cassidy.
 When Newbie stopped short of a few feet of me, I get up. I waved to them both with a warming smile and say, "Hey!"
It's weird that Newbie didn't give me a hug like he normally does, but I just brushed it off thinking that he probably doesn't want to make Cassidy jealous or anything.
 Newbie smiled and happily introduced us.
"Dawn this is Cassidy, the girl I've been dating, and Cassidy this is my good friend Dawn."
Cassidy looks me up and down, as if examining me, and frowns.
 She walks closer, and looks at my face some more. She smiles, but it looks forced.
"Hi Dawn, Newbie told me so much about you. I'm so glad to meet you," She says with a fake happy attitude.
"It's great to meet you Cassidy. I didn't hear much about you, but maybe that's because Newbie didn't tell me until just recently," I say. I look at Newbie and he gives me a apologetic look.
 The introductions didn't last long so we made our way to the pool for some fun. Newbie challenged me to a breath holding contest and I couldn't say no.
 I win. I threw my fist in the air with victory. I could see that Newbie didn't like that and challenged me again.
 An hour or so later, I was nearly out of breath and I felt sick. I was about to jump out of the pool to catch a breath, but I found myself being splashed repeatedly by Cassidy. I told her to stop but she just kept splashing me and laughing. I couldn't catch a breath and I was already light headed from the breath holding contests.
She finally stopped when Newbie saw that I wasn't feeling well and told her to quit it. I was then finally able to breath and get out of the pool.
 I excused myself and ran to the bathroom inside the building.
 I opened the door to the closest stall and threw up in the nasty public.
 Annie took quite a liking to butterflies. At school they learned all about the butterflies and how they transform into beautiful creatures. Now Annie spends a lot of her time catching them.
Danielle and Cameron love the trampoline; I find them on it everyday. I don't mind that they are, I just worry that they might get sick from the constant motion from going up and down all the time.
 Annie is not much a trampoline person like Danielle and Cameron is, but she does love to play in the sandbox when she's not chasing butterflies.
 The triplets are great when it comes to responsibility. Everyday after school they go straight to the kitchen and do homework, and they always put their chores before their fun.
 I found myself waking up extra early this morning to attend my garden. It needs the attention and frankly I haven't been giving it that much.
 I stood up and stretched once I finally finish the last plant in my garden. Just then I saw Newbie walk across my lawn and towards me. He stopped by my garden fence and said, "Dawn can we talk."
Newbie looked upset but I figure it was from exhaustion since he just finished his night shift at the hospital.
"Sure Newbie."
 "Dawn, Cassidy said you have been harassing her. She said you keep calling her and leaving her hate messages on her answering machine. Dawn, she told me that your being mean to her because of the splashing incident at the pool the other day. Is this true?"
 "WHAT?! Newbie, no I didn't do any of that. I promise you. I would never do that to the girl you're seeing. I already forgave her for what happened at the pool. I would never harass Cassidy, she's a lovely girl."
 "Okay Dawn. I believe you. Your my good friend and have been for the longest, so I know you'll never lie to me about something like this. I'm sorry I should've known you'd never do something like this. I wonder why Cassidy would tell me such a story."
 "It's okay Newbie. I forgive you. Maybe you should have a talk with her and find out."
 "Your right. I'll have a talk with her this weekend, right now I'm going home and taking a nap."
 Newbie left and I thought I'd spend some time fishing.
 But of course I should have known that I wasn't gonna be alone. A man walks onto my lot, uninvited, and starts writing in his notebook.
"Pregnant again Dawn? Huh! What number is that little guy?", he says with a friendly tone of voice.
I look over to the reporter with a smile and answer his question. "Well I'm currently pregnant with baby 71. I'm not sure what gender my baby is this time around. I never like to find out until birth. It makes for a good surprise."
 He asks a few more questions and I answer them freely. Then he asks if he could take a quick picture for the article and I say yes.
 An hour after he left my water broke and I get hit with labor pains.
 I introduce you to Baby 71, Ivy Turner. (named after my best friend, Addy's first girl and my baby 16, Mason's new wife, Ivy McKnight)(Read about Mason Turner and Ivy McKnight's wedding Here)
And Baby 72, Ashby Turner. (named after my good friend, and Newbie's mother, Ashby Starr/Bright/Lemi) I was hoping for a single birth this time around since I had so many multiples, but I had twins. Oh well, the more babies the better I guess. :) 28 more babies to go. :D
Hey Everyone I hoped you liked what you read. I enjoy making all my posts for you guys to read and enjoy. I work really hard to make these posts so when I do get comments they make me smile, so please comment. Thank you!
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  1. Oh Dawn thank you so much for the wonderful name sake she and her sister Ivy are gorgeous. I am not approving of my son's girlfriend. What is up with that? Well I'm not going to interfere, but I am not enjoying her. Boy do I wish I was as far as you are with your challenge. Great job. I really enjoy your challenge and I will be sad when it is over.


  2. Almost done! Enjoyed the post :))

  3. LOL at Dawn answering the papparrazzi ever so politely. The twins are adorable!