Thank You's

Della Wriner for Fransisco Wriner (Nellie's husband)
Violet Newbie for Angel Newbie (Father of babies 11 & 12)
ErikslittleAngel for Baby 11's name (Silas Turner)
Pais.C for Baby 12's name (Paisley Turner)
ELMSims3 for The  Betty Blouse Vintage
Maci Wriner for Dawn's House
Angel Martin for Geneveve Martin (Matthew's wife)
Angel Martin for Angel Martin (Erik's wife)
Della Wriner for letting me bite Jay Wriner
Cute_Gurl12 for the Whine-mo E-mo
Violet Newbie for Jessip Phillips (Father of Babies 17, 18, & 19)
Ashby Starr-Bright for Newbie Starr-Bright (Father of Babies 25 & 26)
Dorkney for Baby 25's name (Dallas Turner)
TcTara for Baby 26's name (Tucker Turner)
Xur28 for the All In Wraps Wraps 
Xur28 for the Haylie Hoodie Dress
Anastasia Vanderbilt for Cassandra Vanderbilt (Forrest's Wife)
ELMsims3 for the Dimensional Dress Teen
ELMsims3 for the Fair and Flowing
Della Wriner for Awoi Wriner (Jude's Girlfriend)
Ashby Lemi for Kemper Starr-Bright (Ginger's Husband)
Ashby Lemi for Kole Starr-Bright (Mary's Husband)
Anastasia Winfield for Marcus Vanderbilt (Father of Babies 33 & 34)
Ashby Lemi for Titas Covington (Father of Baby 39)
Xur28 for Monster Mash Beanie 
Lerk's Past Post:---------
Addy McKnight for helping pick out names for the characters, helped with the first rough draft of the storyline, and is the editor of the post
Jamee Snuffer for educating me about medieval life, gave me the link to a medieval world, and helped with the final draft of the storyline
Calista Smith for Matthew Smith (Father of Babies 43 & 44)
Skye Everard for Avery Everard (Baby 44, Zoey's boyfriend)
Christy Quinn for Suri Quinn (Baby 43, Heath's girlfriend)
Della Wriner for allowing me to use Della A's son Clark Wriner from my game only (Father of Baby 50)
Skye Everard for Perfect Place Shelf 
Anneliis for Today's Jinbei Outfit
Anneliis for  Traditional Ribbons Hairstyle
juugfanlover for Swept Softly Hair
juugfanlover for Solace Snugabunny Deluxe Baby Swing
Vanessa Wood for June Wood (Father of babies 51, 52 & 53)
Kayla Lynne Varnell for Baby 52's Name (Kenny Turner)
My Mom for Baby 54's Name (Hayden Turner)
Onelovelilybug Sims for Baby 56's Name (Aden Turner)
Onelovelilybug Sims for Helping me figure out how to get a Teen Sim Pregnant
Liana Masons for Rusty Meeks (Father of Baby 57)
Addy McKnight for Eli McKnight (Baby 6, Violet's husband)
Addy McKnight for Amber McKnight (Baby 36, Winstin's wife)
Addy McKnight for Alex McKnight (Baby 26, Tucker's wife)
Sapphire Rainbow for Ursula Rainbow (Baby 38, Butch's wife)
Sapphire Rainbow for Uma Rainbow (Baby 15, Hunter's wife)
Addy McKnight for Ivy McKnight (Baby 16, Mason's wife)
Paisley Parker for Lime Livana (Father of Babies 64, 65, 66, & 67)
Heather Lee G.(My real life sister) for  Josh Bradley (Father 73)
Ashby Lemi for Breeze Roman (Newbie's Second Girlfriend)
Addy McKnight for Keith Van Dyke (Vampire hitman and father of babies 79 & 80)
Addy McKnight & Salline Trish for the Storyline of Goodbye Wei (Babies 79 & 80)
Addy McKnight for Bryn Windfield (Father of babies 90, 91 & 92)
AKirby for Baby #91's Name (Nathan Turner)
Love Sierra for Hartock Sierra (Father of babies 93. 94 & 95)
Love Sierra for Valentina Sierra (Dawn's brother, Blake's wife)
Kaitlyn Thomas for Sabrina Johnson (Dawn's brother, Doug's wife)
Della Wriner for The Surprise Kiss Couple Poses
Addy McKnight/Kat for writing Addy's POV (Babies 96 & 97 part 2 poat)
Love Sierra for Hartock & Katniss's daughter's names (Rose & Amy)
Della Wriner for Karen Donald (Dawn's brother, Dean's girlfriend)
Kaitlyn Thomas for Alina Taylor (Sabrina's MoH)
Christy Quinn for Judd Burnette (Father of babies 98 & 99)
DellaWriner for Asa Langley (Father of baby 100)