Monday, February 6, 2012

Too Many Sick People- Babies 61, 62, & 63

Remember Stevie Rae and how she married her imaginary friend, Hesper, and had a son? Well this is her son, Juan. He looks just like his mommy with his grandma's eyes and his father's hair.
ANOTHER GRANDSON!! Yes, Mia and her husband Loren had a son named Vincent. He even got the Wood hair.

Baby 58, Kayleigh as a Child.
Baby 59, Addy as a Child.
Baby 60, Vanessa as a Child.
As each of the girls grew into children, their father really started to show in each one of them. I did find out that Kayleigh and Addy have their father's eye shape, and Vanessa has my eye shape.
Baby 57, Liana as a Teen. When Liana became a teen she started dressing in dark clothes and wearing dark makeup. Liana can pull off any look with her features.
Baby 56, Aden as a YA. Aden became such a handsome young man. He loved to dress to impress, by wearing only the best designer mens clothes.
Now that I had baby 60 I decided to change my hair color; green just wasn't me. I tried several different colors and found myself really liking the blond.
A mother's job is never done, with 3 kids and a teenager, there always seems to be a mess.
And when I finally thought I was done....
The dishwasher broke....GREAT!!
So another good 20 minutes of my life was spent fixing the dishwasher.
After fixing that, there still was a huge mess I had to clean up. I grabbed the mop and started cleaning up the water. Then my phone goes off.
I pulled my cell out of my pocket and read the caller ID, it was my brother Dean.
I pressed answer and place the phone up to my ear, "Hey Dean, what's up?"
I hear a sigh on the other line, my indication that he called to bring bad news.
"Dean what's wrong. Why did you call?" I got right to the point, I didn't like hearing bad news if I have to wait to hear it.
"It's Dad, he's sick."
"What?! What do you mean sick? What's wrong with him?" Now I was worried.
"Well I went to pay Dad a visit earlier today and I found him passed out on the kitchen floor. He was really thin and he looked pale. The doctor said he looked like he hasn't eaten in days and must have passed out from hunger."
"Oh my gosh, should I head down there?"
"No, no, no I got everything handled. The the hospital is transferring him to Sunset Valley to do more tests. You need to stay and be with your kids. I'll call you with updates, I'm doing the same for Doug and Blake."
"Okay but make sure you call me as soon as you gets some news."
"Of course. Bye Dawn."
"Bye Dean."
When I hung up my mind was in all sorts of places. I wanted to be alone for awhile so I went to my room, where the space is all my own.
I sat on my small couch in my room and ran through what Dean had told me. What's gonna happen to Dad? What's wrong with Dad? What will happen if Dad dies? Oh man, I don't wanna loose my dad too, he's all I got besides my brothers... and my sister (If I ever meet her).
Then I remembered the dishwasher and how it had broken before Dean called. My friend Addy had many experiences when her dishwasher broke, bad experiences. Does that mean every time a dishwasher breaks something bad will happen? I pushed that thought out of my head.
I decided to see if I could find out what's wrong with my dad on my own, so I went into my office and logged on my computer. I search through different sites using the knowledge that Dean gave me about dad.
Soon a selfish thought came to mind, if dad dies then I'll have no one to walk me down the aisle when I get married one day. I hated myself for even thinking that.
I gave up after a good hour. I logged off my computer and leaned back in my chair with my hand to my face. I felt my eyes tear but no tear came down my cheek.
I looked over to the picture frame that sat on my office desk. I smiled, Lerk is the man I love and will marry once this challenge done. If dad goes then he'll be happy cause he'll be with mom again.
I don't care who will walk me down that aisle, as long as the man I'm in love with is waiting for me at the end.
I had to keep my challenge going if I'm ever gonna finish, so I drove to the house of Megan and Tim Lee, the the parents of the previous fathers that joined my challenge. I was looking for Mocha Latte.
I rang the door bell and Mocha was the one to answer.
Mocha Latte was a lot thinner then his brothers had described. I nicely introduced myself and told him why I was there.
This is Megan Lee...
And Tim Lee; the parents of Cherry Tomato, Tur Koiz, Moon Lite, and Mocha Latte.
Mocha Latte apparently already knew me. His brothers bragged about about me to him; goofing around and saying that no woman like me will ever let a man like him join my challenge. I felt sorry for him and told him that now he gets to brag that he did join my challenge. I even added that I'll say that he was the better lover out of all the guys that join my challenge thus far as a bonus HA to his brothers faces. We both laughed and walked outside to the back yard.
Mocha wanted to get to know me better first, so he suggested star gazing. I agreed and joined him on the ground.
We both watched and spotted different stars and pointed out different pictures the stars made. He even showed me the big and little dipper.
The mood went from learning about the stars to being flirty and romantic. I couldn't help it but giggle as he complimented my eyes and how they shined brighter then the stars. What can I say, I'm a hopeless romantic.
Soon we were both starring at each other with desire and we started kissing. The kissing then led to "baby making" right there under the stars.
The next morning as the kids started getting ready for school, Kayleigh walked up to me saying she wasn't feeling well.
I leaned in and pressed my lips against her forehead; it was burning up.
I gave her a hug and ordered her to go back to bed.
I gave Kayleigh some medicine to help bring down her fever and she fell right to sleep. I kept an eye on her for about an hour before I had to run to the bathroom.
Later the night my baby bump started showing and my back started aching.
I gave Kayleigh some more medicine and read her to sleep that night. I put her in the boys room since I didn't want her to get any of her sisters sick, and since there was no boys currently in the household to sleep in the room.
Once asleep I kissed her goodnight. Her fever was already going down.
Baby Bump!!
I worked to revive my garden all night. I swear pregnancy brain is really messing with my gardening time; I always forget.
Once I was done my phone started ringing again; it was Dean.
"What is it Dean? How's dad?"
"Not good. He's not speaking and won't eat anything the doctors give him, so they're having to feed him through a tube. He's in bad shape, sis."
"What did they doctor say? What's wrong with him?"
"They don't know for sure, they think it could be a broken heart from when mom died."
"I'm coming down there, if this is his final days then I want to be with him."
"I think that's what's best. I'll call Blake and Doug and tell them to come down here too."
"Okay, bye."
"Bye sis, see you soon."
It was hard to think that dad's days are coming to an end. I wanted to cry and I did.
Day 3!!!
In the morning, after the kids were off to school, I got online an booked a plain ticket for Sunset Valley first thing tomorrow morning. I called Addy McKnight and asked if she could baby sit my kids while I was gone and she said yes.
I bought my ticket and printed it out. Then my water broke and I went into a painful labor.
This labor didn't go as smoothly as last time, and after a good few hours of pain and panting I did a final push.
I introduce you to baby 61, Bell Turner.
Baby 62, Terence Turner.
And Baby 63, Peter Turner. (Can you recognized the names ^_^)
I didn't want to put to much weight in Addy's hands by giving her three newborn babies to watch, so I aged them all into toddlers before I left.
Baby 61, Bell got her dad's nose, head shape, lips, eye color, and skin color; and nothing of me.
Baby 62, Terence got his dad's lips, and head shape; and my eye color, nose, hair and skin tone.
Baby 63, Peter got his dad's skin tone, nose, hair and eyes; and my lips and head shape.
I have download links to all Dawn's kids under 'The Kids' page above. If you wanted to use any of her kids for your challenge, stories or just to have them in your game. 
I also have the links to most of the father's in my challenge under 'The Fathers'. I make most of the Dads in Dawn's challenge and I put them all up on the exchange for any of you that want to use them for your challenge too. 
For any extra downloads just go under 'Other Downloads' which includes other sims and objects that appeared in my blog. Includes ALL of Dawn's grandkids that were born in my game only. Dean's wife and son. Custom made clothing. Dawn herself and her brothers and parents and many more sims.
All my videos that I make for my blog or videos I make that just involves the sims 3, I put up on my youtube channel SimmersDigest, but for faster access to the videos you can go under the 'Videos' page at the top. Check that out and Thank you again!

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  1. Cute update ^-^; I hope the dad doesn't die! D:

    --and my mom does that to me when I have a fever. <3

  2. Dawn I am so sorry your dad is ill. Stand fast and know we are all there for you. Loved this post despite the illnesses.


  3. Your poor Daddy! You can't lose him, you already lost your mum, nooooo! Stay safe Dawns dad!!!
    Your children are cute! The green hair suits them well :)
    I love your new look. The clothes, the hair, the colour, it looks great.
    I'm glad Dean was there for your dad and could give you updates, but it'll be good when you can go visit him!
    Nice post :) ...apart from well you know *whispers* the illness :(


    1. I know, I feel bad for Dawn and her dad. :/
      Thanks, I love thereen hair on them. :)
      I love Dawn's new look too. It fits her so well.
      Yea, Dean is a great brother and to keep Dawn and her other brothers in the loop. I can't wait for Dawn to visit her dad. :)
      Thank you again! :)

  4. The triplets are adorable! I hope your dad gets feeling better, how nice of Dean to call you. Man... I kinda miss the green hair lol. LUV YA

    1. Thank you! I thought they made an adorble pair of triplets. :)
      Dawn hopes he feels better soon too, but we can only hope.
      Dean is great to call his siblings.
      Really! It's a great color, but only for a temporary time. :)
      <3 LOVE YA 2 <3

  5. Loved the update! All Dawn's grandchildren are so cute. I really hope that Dawn's father makes it! Best wishes!

    ~Calista Smith

    1. Thank you, I love seeing how Dawn's grandkids grow to have her genetics. :)
      Thanks! :)

  6. Poor little ones-hope Dawn's dad is okay though. Finally got Sapphire's Story finished. Next post is a double wedding ;)

    1. Thank you! I'm sure Dawn will be okay. She's prepared if he does go, unlike her mom who died suddenly.
      I can't wait to see the wedding! :)

  7. Do you have a mediafire simpack version of the latest Dawn? The exchange is being an arse and won't work for me today. Gotta have the mother of the grooms present :P

    1. I don't have the sims3pack version but I do have the .sim file.

  8. The triplets are cute!! I hope Dawn's dad gets better.