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Why Didn't You Tell Me?- Babies 68, 69 & 70

 I would like to say YAY! My baby 15, Hunter has finally found love, and what better girl then Uma Anderby, baby 31 in Sapphire Rainbow's baby challenge ! ^_^
Another YAY for baby 38, Butch and his new wife, Ursula Anderby, baby 32 of Sapphire Rainbow's challenge.
I'm so happy for these two. If you wanna read about their engagement then just click here. I wanna thank Izziebelle for giving these two boys someone to love. :)
 Also I got me some new grandbabies. Here's little Anthony, son of Hunter and Uma.
 And little Darcy, daughter of Butch and Ursula.
When I got home the first thing I did was had the kid's birthdays.
 Baby 61, Bell as a Teen. Bell grew to a very pretty teenager. She is a little sensitive about the size of her nose but I informed her that she should not worry about such things. A man that truly loves her will love all of her.
Baby 62, Terence as a Teen.Terence is one of my most handsome sons from my challenge. He got that look that makes all the girls swoon. But he doesn't let that get to his head; he likes to be his own person and not take advantage of the fact that's he's a babe magnet.
Baby 63, Peter as a Teen. Peter on the other hand is not so lucky around the ladies. Like his father he had a little extra weight that he gets teased about at school. I told him looks don't matter, and that everyone else is just looking for someone to mess with.
 Baby 64, Salline as a Toddler. Salline grew to such a cutie pie. She got most of her father's looks and gotten my nose. I'm not very good at determining who's eyes my kids got until they're older; unless its a very big difference.
 Baby 65, Parker as a Toddler. Another Lime look-a-like. Parker also got my nose, and my eye color.
Baby 66, Skinner as a Toddler. Skinner of course being the only one to get my skin color also was the only one to get my hair color as well. From the looks of it he got my eye color, nose shape and possibly my lip shape.
Baby 67, Skye as a Toddler. Last but not least is my precious Skye. She looks pretty much like her brother, Parker, and sister, Salline. She might have her father's eye shape, because to me it sorta looks different, but I might be wrong.

**Bell's POV**
 I slowly creep closer and closer, being careful to stay hidden behind the slid. I did not want to be seen, the last thing I need is to be seen.
They just stood there doing nothing, completely unaware that I was even there.
When the time was right I jumped up; with one quick motion I was up on my feet and staring the stupid gnome in the face. 
:DIE! GNOME! DIE!", I yelled.
With a swing of my foot the gnome went falling done to the ground and I walked off with victory.

**3rd Person POV**
Standing somewhere deep in the woods, he quickly he pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number. He made sure he wasn't being followed before he dared to call anyone.
The sun was just beginning to rise when Newbie finally left work from the night shift.
It was nearing 7 am when he got a call. Looking at the caller id, he was surprised to find the name Lerk on the screen.
"Lerk?", Newbie said into the phone.
A voice quickly responded, "Newbie I don't have much time to talk so I'll make it quick. I need you to do me favor."
"A Favor? What king a favor?"
"Well as you can see that Valentines Day has already passed. I never did anything for Dawn last year and I didn't want to do that again this year. I want you to bring Dawn something from me to her."
"Something for Dawn? Sure. Just tell me exactly want you want me to bring."
"Okay, I'm only gonna say once cause I can't risk anyone seeing me. I'm suppose to have any contact with Dawn. So listen up I'm gonna make this quick."

**Bell's POV**
Lately I've noticed that Terence and Peter have been talking about me behind my back. I know this because every time I walk pass them I hear Peter laugh, followed by Terence slapping his shoulder and saying SHH!

-Later that day-
"They just don't understand me. They all think I'm crazy or something but I'm not I'm just misunderstood.... What do you think?"

**Dawn's POV**
Baby 61, Bell as young adult. Bell was feeling a little better about her nose when she got older but it still bothered her some.
Baby 62, Terence as a young adult. Terence became even more handsome as a young man. All the girls in his class nearly died when they saw him appear at graduation more handsome then he ever was.
Baby 63, Peter as a young adult. Peter hit the treadmill everyday and lost his baby fat. Some of the girls have been giving him attention more now and Peter couldn't be happier.
Babies 64-67 as children. As the kids grew older it became clear that Skinner did get my lips and Skye did get Lime's eye shape.
I found I was worried for nothing, Skinner and his siblings were closer then any of my multiples ever were.
After Bell, Terence and Peter left for a life of their own; I went into my room for a little me time.
When I walked in I was surprised to find a dozen roses scattered all over the floor. At first I was surprised because Valentines day was a week ago and its a little to late to be sending flowers. Second, I started to think WHO would send me flowers?
But then I found it; a small note laying in the center of all the roses. Inside was a printed message.
I know its a little late to give you something for valentines day, so here's a little something to show that I still love you.
A sudden wash of sadness came over me and I wanted to curl up on my bed and cry. Why did he have to do that? I already missed him so much and now he does something like this and make me miss him even more.
There was a knock at my door; not caring who it was I said come in. 
I wasn't surprised it was Newbie that walked into my room.
"Hey Dawn why the long face?", Newbie says, seeing that I wasn't being myself.
I turned to lay on my back as Newbie joined me by sitting on the foot of my bed.
"I see that you got some roses," he says looking over at the flowers that covered the floor.
"Yea, there from Lerk," I said with a sigh.
"I figured you'll be thrilled to get roses from your boyfriend," Newbie says seeing that I wasn't acting excited to receive flowers.
I sat up on my bed before I responded,"I know but it's not the same. I can't enjoy it if he's out there putting himself in danger and I'm here. I wish he wouldn't send me stuff to make me miss him even more."
"Well I got these for you. Since I didn't see you on Valentines Day. I thought maybe you deserve something if you couldn't be with him," Newbie says referring to Lerk.
"Awe, Newbie their beautiful. Thank you! And their purple, my favorite color," I said after smelling the flowers.
I lean in and gave Newbie a big thank you hug.
Newbie and I walked over and sat on the small couch in my room. We started talking a bit, we haven't seen each other for quite some time and wanted to know what we missed in the last couple weeks.
But before I knew it Newbie brought up the topic of my father.
"Why didn't you tell me about your dad, Dawn? I had to hear the news from my mom."
I felt a little embarrassed at that moment. Not only did I not tell Newbie about my dad, he had to hear about it from some else. We're suppose to be best friends and what friend am I for not telling him about it first.
"I'm sorry Newbie, it's just wanted to go alone and I knew you would have insisted on coming and I wouldn't have said no. I just wanted to go alone, I hope you understand."
"It's okay Dawn, I can see why you didn't want to bring someone with you. I probably would have done the same thing, most likely."
I smiled.
I decided to change the topic about my dad by bringing up Newbie's life.
"So Newbie, what have you been up to the last couple weeks?"
"Oh me? Well Work and stuff."
I give him a look that shows that I know he's leaving something out, "Newbie?"
Throwing his hands up in defeat Newbie says, "Well I did meet this girl and we're sorta going out."
The first thing I did when I heard this was pop my eyes out in shock.
Then a smile came to my face and I said, "A girl. Newbie you got a girl? I can't believe this. This such great news."
I look back at Newbie and asked him, "How long have you been seeing this girl?"
"Well,... um...a month," Newbie says hesitantly.
When I realized that Newbie had been seeing this girl for a month I glared at him.
"And why am I hearing about this now?"
Newbie laughs at the look on my face and says, "I'm sorry. I wanted to wait until I told anyone. Your the first person I have told about Cassidy."
I smiled and said, "her names Cassidy?"
"Yea, Cassidy James. She's a nurse at the hospital I work at."
"Well I wanna meet her soon."
"Haha. Sure thing Dawn. I want my best friend to approve of the girls I date."
"I only want the best for you Newbie."
A few days later I found out I was pregnant with baby 68. It was a foggy day and a big rainbow appeared in the sky. Is this a sign? Maybe not but it is cool.
The rainbow shot over the kid's tree house and it looked so beautiful.
Your probably wondering who the heck the father is to my baby 68. Well this is him. His name is Scott Irishguy. He made a donation at the sperm bank just for me. He didn't want to do it naturally because apparently he was the type who wants to save himself until marriage.
I respected his wishes and went to the bank to conceive my baby.
~Day 1~
~Day 2~
~Day 3~
Three short days later I went into labor while I was in the middle of a really good book. I grabbed the car keys and left for the hospital. I never did find out the ending of that book.
This is the first time I was gonna have my baby at the hospital since I moved to Hidden Springs. I wasn't that scared but maybe a little nervous.
Of course I came out with a baby carrier. It's not a surprise to give birth to multiples when you get pregnant through artificial insemination.
Welcome Baby 68, Danielle Turner.
Baby 69, Annie Turner.
And Baby 70, Cameron Turner. (all names were suggested by my real life sister, Heather). 30 More babies to go! ^_^
I hoped all you readers enjoyed my latest post of dawn and her challenge. I love making these posts for all you guys so receiving comments makes everything worth it, so please comment. Thank you!
I have download links to all Dawn's kids under 'The Kids' page above. If you wanted to use any of her kids for your challenge, stories or just to have them in your game. 
I also have the links to most of the father's in my challenge under 'The Fathers'. I make most of the Dads in Dawn's challenge and I put them all up on the exchange for any of you that want to use them for your challenge too. 
For any extra downloads just go under 'Other Downloads' which includes other sims and objects that appeared in my blog. Includes ALL of Dawn's grandkids that were born in my game only. Dean's wife and son. Custom made clothing. Dawn herself and her brothers and parents and many more sims.
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  1. Only 30, wow that's gonna go quicker than you expect :P
    Awe it's nice that Lerk did that but I understand that it'd make you miss him more, poor Dawn.
    Newbie's showing you his best-friendiness as you are to him with wanting to meet his girlfriend ^_^
    Some cute kids you got there :D

    Liana :)

  2. Dawnie I loved it. Omg your newest kids are super duper cute. Awe my boy is seeing someone? Why does he never call his mom and tell me these things? Instead I haev to read about them on your blog. Well I am so happy for him. Awe I am sorry Lerk made your heartache, but that was ever so cute.

    Loved this post Dawn.


  3. Awwww...the triplets are so cute! They all look like they have your face too :)