Saturday, February 18, 2012

Doctor, I Think I'm Pregnant- Babies 64, 65, 66 & 67

 When I got off the plane I was glad to find that my car had arrived in Sunset Valley safe and sound.
I jump inside and headed down one of the many roads here in town. I haven't been in Sunset Valley since I was a teenager- oh how I miss this place so.
 When I arrived at the destination that my brothers agreed to meet at; it was dusk. I guess I forgot how to get there- It had been years.
I spot the heads of my brothers over the bridge and quickly I walked over.
 Dean was the first one to approach me and we shared a tight hug as if it has been forever since we last seen each other.
 "DAWN! I'm so glad to see you," Dean says to me with a happy tone.
"Diddo Dean! I missed all you guys,"I responded as we began to pull apart.
 I then walked over to were Doug and Blake was and was greeted with two more hugs from my brothers. I never realized how much I actually missed them.
 When I pulled apart from the last hug, I stood and examined my brothers. They changed so much in the past year since mom's death; Dean gain some weight and muscles, along with Blake who had been a skinny little guy and is now buff. Doug also gain a large amount of muscle. Other then the muscle and weight gain, Dean grew out his hair some, which works for him well.
 While I was examining my brothers appearance change, I was being observed by them as well.
"Well, well, lookie here. Dawnie has gone blond," Blake says sarcastically, "You better not turn barbie on us kiddo."
I giggle, along with a chuckle from Dean and Doug, I said, "Don't worry I won't."
 The light outside died down and we all decided to head to the hotel that Dean had been staying at the last couple weeks, so Doug, Blake and I could check in ourselves. It wasn't a fancy hotel that a lot of people visit, but it had a bed and a bathroom and that's good enough.
The next morning we all went to the hospital. We sat in the waiting room for what seemed like forever to be able to go in and visit dad. I must have been really nervous because Doug seemed to notice.
"You can relax Dawn, there's no need to freak out."
I shot a look at Doug and he just smiled, "I'm not freaking out. I'm  just nervous okay. I haven't seen dad in like a year. I don't know what to expect."
Dean stops talking to Blake, looks to me and says, "Expect a look change Dawn. He looks like he has a sickness."
I swallow hard, keeping myself from throwing up my breakfast. I was nervous alright.
Everyone quickly quieted when the nurse walked in and told us we can go see our father. Every step I took towards the room I got more nervous and once I walked into my father's room my heart dropped. I could see how much he changed from behind him.
I walked around and approached my dad slowly. Kneeling in front of him I look at my dad's aging face. He looked so old. "Dad? Can you hear me?", I asked.
He just looked at me with his green eyes. He had winkles that he didn't have before and his hair looked whiter. I tried to hold my dad's hand and it felt so delicate and weak; his vein were showing and I can see the weight he lost by looking at his unnaturally skinny arms. I started to tear up and quickly walk away as Doug and Blake took their turn to see dad for the first time in a year.
I leaned against the wall and kept to myself as Dean sat on dad's hospital bed and told Doug and Blake about dad's condition and what the doctor's recent diagnoses was.
Dean looked over at me and asked, "Dawn are you gonna be okay? I mean we'll understand if you don't wanna hear any of this."
I kept my arms tightly around my waist and shoulder and let my tears fall as I stare blankly at the wight floor. "No I'm okay, go on," I said.
Suddenly the doctor walks in with a semi grin on his face. "Hello there, looks like the rest of Oscar's kids arrived," he said to Dean but mostly to himself.
I whipped away my remanding tears quickly; I didn't want him to see that I have been crying. Then I walked over to the doctor where he was already talking to Dean.
When I approached them both Dean said, "Doctor Livana, this is my sister Dawn."
"Oh yes, she's the one doing the hundred baby challenge. I've seen many challenge moms here before; our nursery always has at least one challenge baby if not more. Nice to meet you," he said as he shook my hand.
Then Dr. Livana started to get off subject and started talking about which challenge babies he has delivered and said that one time there was so many challenge babies born that there wasn't enough room in the nursery for the other babies.
I brought the topic of my dad back up by saying, "You have any news about my dad's condition doctor?"
"Oh yes, well we doctors feel that Oscar needs more of a home environment and feel that he should be transferred to a nursing home where can still be watched and cared for by nurses instead of a retirement home where he will not."
"If you think that's best doctor when we should do it, unless anyone else disagrees,"Deans says looking at me, Doug and Blake.
Both Doug and Blake nod their heads yes; Dean looks at me and says, "Dawn?".
I inhale a big breath and said, "It's fine with me."
We stayed with dad for another couple hours before Doug, Blake, and Dean decided to head back to the hotel. I on the other hand decided to stay and be with dad for a while. "You sure you'll be okay with finding your way back on your own?", Dean asked before he left. "I'm fine," I responded.
I watched dad as he slept and I silently cried to myself.
I tried to sleep too because I was dog tired, but dad's snoring kept me from getting more then 2 minutes of Z's. So I went and slept in the lobby where it was surprisingly empty.
I was sleeping peacefully when I had this dream of me alone in my house in Hidden Springs. I was calling out to my kids but there was no response. Then I heard footsteps and I saw someone coming down the stairs; it was my friend Newbie smiling at me. Then he said, "Can you believe that you actually finished your challenge?". Newbie then stopped walking, but the sound of footsteps kept coming.
The sound of formal men's shoes coming to a squeaky stop on tile broke my peaceful sleep. I got up and was surprised to see Dr. Livana standing and staring down at me.
I scooted over some and Dr. Livana sat beside me. "I'm sorry did I wake you," he asked politely.
Sleepily I said, "Maybe, but that's alright. I didn't want to sleep that long anyways."
I looked over at the wall where the clock said 2:23 am. What?! I thought to myself. I've been asleep for 4 hours.
"Well okay that's good. A mother of 63 does need her sleep though," He says with relief, "I just wanted to check on you and say that I'm a fan of your challenge, I'm a fan of all women who want to take on such a challenge. Bringing life in the world is the greatest thing. I love kids, my family is very fertile people. I have many cousins, aunts, and uncles."
I smiled at him, I love how open he was about his family. Him saying how fertile his family was reminded me that I still need to continue my challenge, and what better guy for baby 64 then Dr. Livana.
"Dr. Livana how would you like to be the father for baby 64 in my challenge?," I asked right away.
"Who me? I would be honored. Please you can call me Lime," he responded, placing a hand on his chest symbolizing how touched he was that I asked him.
When he said yes, I smiled, and I leaned on his shoulder. I wanted to get pregnant right away and Dr. Livana Lime didn't object to it.
I lifted my head from Lime's shoulder and look him in the eyes. "Thank you for agreeing to be in my challenge. It means a lot to me," I said.
"No, no, Thank you for wanting to have my child. A child is something I always wanted," he responded.
He leans in to kiss me and I accept it by meeting him half way.
There was no double beds anywhere in the hospital so Lime and I did our baby making in the lobby elevator. Thankfully there was no late night emergencies.
Afterwards I slept for another four hours and I got up around 7:30 in the morning. I check on my dad and stayed with him for four more hours until I got hungry and I finally ate breakfast/lunch around 11:30 in the hospital cafeteria.
I had a cup of coffee and two donuts; then afterwards I just sat on one of benches to clear my head. They were planning on moving my father to a nursing home here in Sunset Valley in a couple days; they have to prepare a room for him, which takes time. It's hard to think that my dad with be so far away from me.
A few minutes later the quiet cafeteria suddenly became unquiet when I heard the opening of doors. Then there was some footsteps and a few whispers of girls saying there she is and come on.
The steps got closer and finally stopped just behind me.
I look up to find my friends staring at me. Not all of my friends were there though, just some of the moms that live here in Sunset Valley.
"What are you guys doing here?", I asked looking at each one of them.
"Oh we where just in the neighborhood and," said Della jokingly.
Vanessa giggled at Della's little joke and said, "Well we heard you where in town to see your dad and-."
"And thought we'd come be here for you cause that's what friends do," Ashby finished for Vanessa.
"Yea so let's go to the beach and get our tanning on," said Della.
I smiled and then looked over and saw Salline Trish was there. I this is the first time I've seen Salline in person and we barely spoke a word to each other, unlike online where we talked a lot.
I exhaled and said, "Okay let's go." I figured some sun and fresh air will do some good for me.
"Yay! Let's go," Della squealed.
They took me to my hotel where I changed into my bathing suit and we drove to the beach, but not before we had to hear Blake and Dean complaining that they weren't invited.
We had to wait for them too to slip into their swimming trunks and we all drove there together in two different cars.
While there Blake and Dean did their own thing and sat at the bar, and I laid on the beach sand near the water- surrounded by my friends.
"Dawn why didn't you bring Newbie with you, he could have been here for you and plus that boy is due for a visit to his mom," Ashby said trying to put a smile on my face- which worked.
"Work maybe, he's been really busy lately," I said lying through my teeth. I didn't ask Newbie because I wanted to come alone.
"Maybe he got himself a girlfriend," said Vanessa, smiling.
"If he did he would have told me," Ashby said laughing.
"Not necessarily. Don't tell me girls that all your sons couldn't wait to tell you all about their new girlfriends," Salline said.
 "Well I guess not. I mean they won't say anything about them unless it's a serious relationship," Della added.
"Well if Newbie had a girlfriend and didn't tell me then I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind,"Ashby said, and we all laughed.
"Well I know that if he had a girl, I'm pretty sure he would tell about it. Newbie always told me about how he hopes to find his perfect girl. If he can tell me that, then I'm positive he'll tell me if he got a girlfriend," I said surely.
Everyone did a couple agreeing nods and mhmm's and we all went and talked about something else.
Soon the sounds of my friend's voices started to fade and I was in deep relaxation.
But that didn't last too long. I jumped up from my laying position on the sand and ran off to throw up whatever was in my stomach.
From a distance I could hear someone say "Looks like someone is pregnant" and then there was a few laughs from the other girls.
After awhile we all went off and did our own thing. I sat and chatted with Ashby, Della did some tanning, Vanessa played in the water, and Salline practiced drink making at the bar.
Blake however was overwhelmed by so many attractive girls and decided he was gonna hit on one of them. "Hey sweet face, you look good for a mother of 23. Hey maybe we can hang out some time," Blake said in a flirtatious tone.
Before Salline could respond to Blake's question or even react to what Blake was saying; Dean buts in,"Blake what are you doing? You shouldn't be hitting on her."
Blake gets off the bar counter and looks at Dean, "And why not? You can't tell me who to flirt and-."
"What's going on here?", I asked when I approached the bar.
"Well Blake was hitting on your friend Salline here," Dean explains.
"And I'm leaving," Salline says walking off with her drink in her hand.
I give Blake a death glare and say," Blake she's married. How could you hit on her?", I said.
"I didn't know. Well I'll go say hello to your other friends," Blake says, smiling.
"Sorry bud, they're taken too."
"Not your friend Della," Blake smiled devilishly.
"Don't even think about," I said giving him another glare.
Of course when I wasn't paying attention Blake was back to his tricks.
"Hey good looking, I was admiring you from across the beach and-"
"BLAKE!!!", I yelled from a distance. I saw him hitting on Della, he can't say that I didn't.
After a nice day of fun put my mind at ease and for once I didn't think about all the bad stuff. I said my goodbyes to the girls and went back to the hotel in Dean's car.
I called up Addy when I got there to see how my kids are doing with me gone. She said they were being nothing but angels. Thank goodness, the last thing I want is to have extra pressure on Addy.
After a conversation about my kids and how they were doing and about how my visit here is Sunset Valley is going; we hung up. Then a few minutes later she sent me recent pictures of my kids through picture message on my phone.
Babies 58-60. Kayleigh, Addy & Vanessa (L to R) as teenagers. They look so beautiful.
Babies 61-63. Peter, Bell & Terence (L to R) as children. They grew to look so much more like their father. I have to say they are one of my most favorite set of triplets. Shhh... don't tell my other kids. :3
My baby Liana (baby 57) became a young adult. She grew up so fast. I can't believe how fast kids grow and move out. It seemed just like yesterday I was changing Liana's diapers.
I got call from my room that I had a guest at the front desk. I walked down the stairs to the front of the hotel where I spotted my friend Calista Smith. I almost didn't recognize her without her blue hair. I should have though because I was one of her friends that helped her pick out that color and style.
"Dawnie!", she yelled as she ran to me. She stopped just a foot away and looked down at my bulging tummy, "Pregnant huh? Luckily I saw that, I almost gave you a huge hug that would've hurt the little guy." She then bent down and started rubbing my tummy.
"Guess you heard I was in town by the girls, huh?", I asked referring to Ashby, Salline, Vanessa and Della.
"Yea. They said you were throwing up yesterday at the beach, but your tummy was still flat. You got pretty big in one day."
"Tell me about it. I think I have multiples in there."
Calista and I went up to my room were I talked about my dad's condition and how he will be staying here in Sunset Valley at the Sunset Valley Nursing Home.
"Hey now you can come in town more often if your gonna visit your dad," Calista said trying to think positive on my behalf.
"Yea I guess."
We talked more about other things and just hung out in my hotel room for about an hour and a half until she had to go home.
After Calista left I went to bed early. In the morning I had some breakfast at the hospital cafeteria and bought my dad some flowers at the gift shop.
I sat and talked to my dad about my kids and my challenge. I kept talking in hopes that he'll respond. He hasn't said a word since we arrived and I had a feeling we probably wont ever hear him speak again; the thought made my heart sink.
Pain suddenly shot through my abdomen and warmth went down my leg; I realized then that my water had broken and I was in labor.
Dr. Lime Livana happened to be on his way over to tell me that they were ready to transfer Oscar to the nursing home and that we can start getting him ready for the move now. He stopped himself when he saw that I was in labor.
Lime was freaked out by the sudden event, but he reacted immediately and yelled for a nurse to bring me to the nursery pronto.
A nurse obeyed him immediately and brought me a wheelchair to carry me off to the nursery. I safely delivered not one, but four new babies in the Turner Clan. Lime wasn't kidding when he said that his family was very fertile people.
From left to right:
Baby 64, Salline Turner (named after challenge mom, Salline Trish)
Baby 65, Parker Turner (named inspired by Paisley Parker)
Baby 66, Skinner Turner (name somewhat inspired by TV show 'Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures')
And Baby 67, Skye Turner (named after challenge mom, Skye Everard)
After I had my babies I picked up Skinner and held him tightly. He was the only baby who got my skin color and I preyed that he wont become an outcast amongst his siblings because of that.
I brought him down the hall to my dad, he hasn't seen most of my children and maybe if he saw his newest grandson then maybe...hopefully he'll say something.
I placed little Skinner on his lap and stepped back a couple feet. He looked down at the little baby in the blue blanket and then just looked at me with a smile, but no words. All hope of him speaking died inside me.
I helped get my dad ready, and helped transfer him to his new permanent stay at the Sunset Valley Nursing Home. It was a nice place, a more homey environment then the hospital.
By late evening I had packed my belongings and made my way home with my four newest babies.
Dean then broke the news that he had lost his case for custody over Gene. He has no legal rights over Gene and is not allowed to see him and that broke his heart. Now his ex wife Molly is moving to Riverview and taking Gene with her. Dean decided to move to Sunset Valley where he could be closer to dad.
Doug and Blake still live in Twinbrook and have no plans to move anywhere as of right now.
I got home the very next night. It was then that I found that babies 58-60 moved out earlier that day.
Addy, Vanessa and Kayleigh as young adults. They're breathless aren't they?
I would like to thank Paisley Parker for Lime Livana, the father of babies 64-67.
I hoped you guys enjoy my post cause I loved making it for you guys, so comments do make it all worth wild. Thank you!
I have download links to all Dawn's kids under 'The Kids' page above. If you wanted to use any of her kids for your challenge, stories or just to have them in your game. 
I also have the links to most of the father's in my challenge under 'The Fathers'. I make most of the Dads in Dawn's challenge and I put them all up on the exchange for any of you that want to use them for your challenge too. 
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  1. My, oh my. Your kids they're lovely. Liana looks so much like you and yes, Addy, Vanessa and Kayleigh ARE breathless.
    This was sad, your poor Dad. :( I hope you will be able to visit him in the nursing home.
    Blake, silly man. Hitting on Della, his pose just made me LOL. :p
    At least your dad held Skinner, too bad he didn't speak.. :/
    I can't wait to see what the quads will look like, Liana is pregnant with quads to ^_^.. ooh, that gives me an idea :D

    Liana :D

  2. They're all so LOVABLE. The kids of course.

    And your dad. I'm so sorry Dawn. I'm with Liana.

    It was a bittersweet joy when your dad held Skinner, because now we don't think he'll ever speak.

    Hehe. Quads. And I have another Junior baby. Yay!


  3. Awe it is heartbreaking about your dad Dawn, but we had a great time at the beach didn't we?

    Wow Quads...busy busy is all I can say.

    Loved this post.


  4. Aww a bittersweet post. :( And you named one after me. They're all so adorable, though. Love it, girl. <3


  5. I loved this post, Dawn your newest FOUR babies are beautiful!

  6. Awww...the quads are adorable!!