Friday, February 3, 2012

I Was so Bored- Babies 58, 59, & 60

 Remember my Baby 50, Clark?
 Well Clark just recently joined Kylie Ryan's 100 Baby Challenge! (Read Post Here)
 This is my New Granddaughter Della Ryan! (named after her great grandma & great aunt) <3

Baby 55, Cynthia as a YA. Cynthia loved the short hair look and it looks good on her since she has that roundish face. Cynthia dreams of becoming a firefighter.
Baby 54, Hayden as a YA. Hayden also went for shorter hair, and the mo hawk look. It fits her so well, especially since Hayden dyed her hair a dark black. Hayden dreams of becoming a hot designer.
Since Cynthia and Hayden were so close in age they became very close friends. I figured I would just aged them up together and they could move out together like any other multiple babies. They loved it and settled in a small cabin in the outskirts of town.
Baby 57, Liana as a Child. Liana looks tons like her father, but I wish she had gotten his hair.
Baby 56, Aden as a Teen. Aden's dark skin tone is still a mystery to me but I still love him all the same.
Hello there! A sleeping french gnome. :)
AHHH! More Gnomes!
Its kind of odd but these two lawn ornaments appeared in my home. I think it has something to do with the gnomes.
I'M SO BORED!! I mean seriously! I have nothing better to do with my time other then lay around and do nothing. There's no toddlers running around to occupy my time and I pretty much finished all the chores. The kids are at school so.... yea, nothing.
I did manage to think of something, but it doesn't take long and its never fun paying the bills.
So back to doing nothing.....AGAIN! I could call Newbie, but unlike me Newbie has a job, and a demanding one at that. He's in the medical business, he works all day and at night he's on call duty so he could be called in at any time. The only time I do see him is on his days off....which today isn't one of them.
The sound of the school bus pulling up to the house startles me. The kids coming home was the most exciting thing that happened today.
The kids went off to do their homework and then to do whatever it is that they do- they don't want to hang out with their old mom.
It got to the point of extreme bordom that I figured I'll call a few challenge moms to see if their busy. I picked up my phone and dialed the first number on my list.
"ADDY!! Hey girl you wanna hang out?"
"Sorry Dawnie but I'm busy with Ivy's wedding planning. Maybe next time, okay."
After hanging up with Addy I continued down my contact list to see if any moms were willing to hang out.
"ASHBY! My girl! Wanna hang?"
"Calista? Are you too busy for a girls night out?"
"Hey Della! You have any plans tonight?"
"Um...Skye, are you busy tonight?"
Just my luck every challenge mom is either too busy, too pregnant, or didn't feel like making the drive all the way out to Hidden Springs.
While I was taking a second look through my contacts just in case I missed anybody- My doorbell rang.
To my surprise it was Kayleigh Ryan!
"KAYLEIGH!! What are you doing here?! I tried calling you about an hour ago, but you didn't answer."
"Sorry I was driving. You know those stupid can't drive and talk on your phone laws. Anyways, I wanted to come and visit Hidden Springs for a couple days."
"You couldn't have come at the most perfect time. I nearly died of boredom today."
"I guess it was my Vampire senses, I had a feeling you needed a visit. Hahaha."
"Now that your here; you wanna go with me to this Disco club here in town? I wanted to check it but but hadn't got the time. Now's the perfect time since your here."
"Loved to Dawnie."
I quickly told Aden to watch his sister, grabbed my cars keys, and met Kayleigh outside.
When we arrived at Lars' Disco Tech it was empty. But that didn't bother kayleigh and I- now we had the entire place to ourselves.
So Kayleigh and I hit the dance floor.
Kayleigh was having a great time at the club....
And so was I.
Me and Kayleigh nearly tired ourselves out from all the dancing, so I made us a couple drinks at the juice bar.
As we enjoyed our beverages- Kayleigh and I enjoyed a nice conversation about my newest granddaughter, Della Ryan. We laughed over the cutest things that she did and how much genetics she got from the Turners, the Ryans, and the Wriners.
And before we knew it, it was dawn and Kayleigh needed shelter fast.
I let Kayleigh stay at my place for her visit here in Hidden Springs- she'll keep me company and it'll save her gas for not driving back and forth.
When Kayleigh fell asleep I thought I'd head down to the local market to do some grocery shopping.
While there I found challenge father Cherry Tomato, and he was talking to a very blue man. I decided to introduce myself, it was then that I found out this. The blue man is named Moon Lite and Cherry Tomato is his brother, as well as Tur Koiz. Apparently they were all adopted by these two Asain couple who couldn't have kids of their own. They adopted 4 in all. Their forth brother was named Mocha Latte.
I decided to have Moon Lite join my challenge and later have Mocha Latte join too. So Moon and I got acquainted and we went back to his place, where no one was home at the time, and conceived baby 58.
It was nearing 10pm when I finally got home. I decided to head inside from the back to avoid waking anyone. When I walked up the back steps I was greeted by Kayleigh who so nicely did my laundry.
"Hey Kayleigh," I said casually.
"Don't hey Kayleigh me, I know where you were miss Turner," Kayleigh said with a smirk.
I decided to play dumb,"Whatever do you mean?"
"Don't play dumb with me Dawnie, you have it all over your face. You were getting your bed boogie on with a challenge dad."
I couldn't help it, I started to laugh. Bed boogie on? Kayleigh's smirk turned into laughter and soon both of us were laughing so hard that we both broke out in tears. Then we both headed inside for a snack.
The very next day was a Saturday, so the kids were home. Liana was extremely fascinated by Kayleigh being a vampire. Liana never met a Vampire before and seeing Kayleigh's glowing eyes, pale cold skin, and lightening fast speed made Liana want to learn more about the species. Kayleigh was more then happy to tell Liana all she knew about vampires.
We all decided to end Saturday night with a scarey story by Liana. Liana loved telling stories especially when she gets an audience.
I seriously need to work in my garden more often, almost everything was either wilted or dead.
Thankfully I had Kayleigh there to help out. Of course she didn't last long since the sun was starting to get to her.
3 days later!!!
I was in the kitchen when labor hit. Aden and Kayleigh were freaking out. I understand Aden's reaction since he's only see a couple labors, but Kayleigh should be used to it by now.
Birth came easy this time around.
I introduce you to Baby 58, Kayleigh Turner (Named after Challenge Mom, Kayleigh Ryan).
Baby 59, Addy Turner (Named after Challenge Mom, Addy McKnight).
Baby 60, Vanessa Turner (Named after Challenge Mom, Vanessa Wood). 40 More babies!!
Kayleigh couldn't put little Kayleigh down. She was cooing her, tickling her, and just having so much fun.
It was nearly time for Kayleigh to start heading home, but she decided to stay for the triplet's birthdays before leaving.
It seemed that my Neon Green hair has some strong genetics.
Kayleigh gotten her dad's headshape, nose, & lips. Her mom's skin tone, & hair. And hazel eyes.
Addy got her dad's blue skin tone, & nose. Her mom's head shape, lips, & hair. And light brown eyes.
Vanessa got her dad's eye color, lighter version of his skin tone, head shape, nose, & lips. And her mom's hair.

*Extra Photos*
Liana singing to cuddles.
Kayleigh's reaction to Liana's story.
Kayleigh's other reaction to Liana's story.
A bird flying over Dawn's house.
Another bird.
A close up of bird.

I have download links to all Dawn's kids under 'The Kids' page above. If you wanted to use any of her kids for your challenge, stories or just to have them in your game. 
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  1. Dawn this was such a great post and OMG the triplets are way too cute.

    I can't wait for the next one.


    1. Thank you! ^_^ I know they came out too cute!! :)

  2. I caved and bought Pets.....LOL

    Looks like my kids got their cats

  3. Wow, all three girls got Dawn's green hair?!?! That's so cool! Lol, it was funny (and kind of sad) that Dawn called all of those challenge mothers and none of them could hang out. :( Poor Dawnie. At least Kayleigh was free. :)

    ~Calista Smith

    1. I know!! I had no idea that the green hair would be such strong genetics.
      Yea, Poor Dawn, but she understands that not all the moms can stop what their doing and come out to Hidden Springs, its too far away.
      Thank goodness for Kayleigh :D

  4. Oh so that's why you wanted me to definitely read this :D
    Awesomee! Kayleigh got to be in your post AND you named a girl after her! :D AAND I got to laugh quite a lot :D
    Awesomely great post! Loved it :D
    And hey, I can comment again :D

    1. Yea that's why I wanted you to definitely read this. :P
      I loved having Kayleigh there and I laughed a bit too. :)
      Thank you! :)

  5. You looked extremely bored, I felt sorry with each picture where you looked more disappointed but then Kayleigh made her way there with her Vamp senses.

    All your kids are nice and it made me LOL a little at the end with Kayleigh's reaction to Liana's story :p

    And that green hair sure is super strong!!!


    1. Yea Dawn got pretty bored. :P Thank goodness for Kayleigh and her vampire senses. :)
      Lol! I loved Kayleigh's reaction. :D
      I agree, that's some strong green hair.