Friday, November 12, 2010

Some Friendly Help! - Baby # 2 & 3

 I got home from the hospital that same day and boy was I worn out.
 I lay Nellie in her crib and went to do something I've been wanting to do for a while now, but I couldn't since I was pregnant.
 I jumped on my trampoline, but it didn't last long...
 The public was disgracing me because I had a baby without being married. I was shocked, upset and angry.
 I went to Nellie's room, pick her up and just held her close. No one will ever disgrace me just because I want a big family.
 I held Nellie up and said
Dawn: Come on Nellie, me and you are going to court.
 I got me and Nellie ready and was out the door.
 We arrived at city hall and headed inside.
 It took 3 hours of yelling back and forth, from judge to lawyer, from plaintiff to defendant. And after all the yelling I decided that I should self employ myself while I was at it. I chose Sculpturing.
 In the end we won $600 before the $191 fine. I walked outside and gave my little Nellie a hug and told her that she shouldn't have to deal with this just because I'm a celebrity.
 I saw that the town gossiper was there, I wonder if she was the one who started the rumors about me. I better watch my back around her.
 I headed home with Nellie ready to finally get some sleep.
As I was leaving I saw the town gossiper and some random guy gossiping about something. I know it's not about me because I already handled that. Who ever it is, I hope they're handling it well.
 When I got home I lay Nellie in her crib for a nice nap, cause I know she had a long day.
 She fell asleep right away. Doesn't she look precious?
 I wasn't too tired so I worked on sculpting since it was now my profession.
 I made a mermaid sitting on a rock. She looked so beautiful.
 Then I went to bed myself, I was so tired. I dreamed about me being surrounded by 100 little babies. (well not all babies) :)
 I woke up early to feed my little Nellie.
 Then I went down stairs to feed myself.
 I did the dishes when...
 The sink suddenly broke on me, thankfully I have the handiness trait.
 After I fixed the sink, I had to mop up the huge mess.
 Then it was laundry time. I'm just lucky that it's only me right now that I'm doing laundry for.
 Before I went to bed I caught myself a butterfly. There are swarms of them flying on the empty lot behind my house.
 In the morning I tended to my garden.
 Remember from before when the town gossiper told me about two vampires living in Twinbrook, well their are now 3 vamps and two are males.
 For the last 3 days I've been trying to get hold of one of them, but these guys just don't seem to want to be found.
 So I went looking for father 2 at the cemetery, hopefully I can get a ghost to be part of my challenge!
 I saw a purple ghost right away and started to run for it but by the time I got to him, he had jumped into his headstone. Darn!!!
 Then I found another one across the cemetery, I ran quick to catch him before he to jumped back into the tombstone too.
 Luckily I was able to get to him. He was red and black, it made me uncomfortable to be around him.
 I sucked it up and started to introduce myself.
 But then he started to be all rude and mean to me.
 I learned that he disliked children and can't stand art, two things that's manly part of my life. He was an unfriendly ghost.
When he jumped back into his tombstone I knew that finding father 2 was tougher then I thought, but then again I didn't really find father 1, my brother found him for me.
 When I got home I confided in Violet Newbie (Challenge Mother). I told her how much trouble it's been for me to find father 2. She completely understood.
 I decided to throw a birthday party for my little Nellie, so I started to get the house all cleaned up before the guests arrived. I cleaned the sink...
 ...And did the laundry, not much needed to be done.
 So I spent my last hour reading a book.
 When I went to Nellie's room to get her ready for the party, I felt like someones was behind me.
 I turn around to find a strange man standing on the other side of the room just looking at me.
 He wore a black suit, he had black hair and his eyes just glowed.
 All he did was look at me. He didn't saw anything and I felt unconformable and unsafe, I was worried for Nellie, She was just as close to him as I was.
 Soon my phone started to ring and when I went to turn it on silent, he was gone.
 The party was now starting, Della Wriner was first to arrive.
 Followed behind her was Mikolaj Sierra.
 Then Elizabeth Reting
 Even Violet Newbie showed up, she looked so pretty in her dress.
 A new friend of mine Vanessa Wood (CM) came to celebrate Nellie's birthday.
 Nellie's father Frank came and....
 Maci Wriner came (one of Della's identical sisters).
 I didn't let what just happen bother me, it was over and he was gone, now it was time for Nellie's birthday.
 Nellie turned into a beautiful little toddler. She got her father's skin tone, my looks, but she got her blue eye color from my side of the family.
After Nellie aged I found Violet in my room playing happy birthday on the piano, and everyone else watched her play. Violet is so sweet and talented .
 After the party I found Nellie playing with Bunny Bear, I thought it was so cute.
 I took Nellie downstairs...
 ...and gave her breakfast.
 Then I made myself something to eat. Pancakes, YUM!
 I got a call from Violet as soon as I was done eating. She had a surprise for me.
Violet: Hey Dawn I found a father for your challenge.
 Dawn: REALLY?!
 Violet: Yea, his name is Nick Zit. He came by to join my challenge but I was already preggo. That's when I thought of you. I suggested him to take part in yours' since you needed a father right now and I don't. He was more then happy to.
 Dawn: Oh wow Violet your the greatest. I wouldn't know what to do without you. Thanks!
Violet: No problem, what are friends for!
 Nick Showed up later that day. I went up to him at the door.
Dawn: Hey you are Nick Zit right?
 Nick: Yep! Violet sent me!
 Dawn: Great! She did tell you the rules, right?
 Nick: Of course!
 Nick: But one thing, I don't want to be part of this kids life!
 Dawn: That's just alright, are you ready to get started?
Nick: Okay then!
 We got into bed.
 And made some music.
It was then that I noticed how much he had the same genetics as frank, he's has black hair. I couldn't really see his eye color though. But I did find out that he was a professional burglar.
  Dean was throwing a party that same day and invited me, and of course I had to come he was my big bro.
 I jumped into my car and was on my way.
 I arrived in 2 minutes and there was music playing.
 I walked in and found Maci Wriner was there. I didn't even know that Dean knew Maci, hmmm!
 Dean was asleep at his own party.
 Doug was there talking to someone. My parents weren't there and Blake wasn't there either.
 So I spent my night talking to Maci.
 We had so much fun.
 I told her about how hard it was for me to find father 2 and how Vi swooped in and saved my challenge!
 Maci told me stories about her little Jinger. We talked about how Nellie and Jinger could be great friends in the future.
 Maci left the party and I soon left too.
 In the morning I tended my garden while little Nellie watched.
 I even planted another tree to increase income.
 After planting I feed Nellie lunch.
 Then I started to potty trained her so I wouldn't have to change her diapers.
 But I was overcome by sickness.
 And puked right there while my little Nellie watched.
 I put Nellie in her crib for a nice nap....
 ...and she went to sleep right away.
 Then I took a nap on the couch.
 But I didn't sleep long cause I woke up to find that I was preggo.
Then I went back to sleep.
 When I woke up I did laundry,
 Unclogged the toilet,
 Cleaned the sink,
 And Taught Nellie how to walk.
 Walking down, talking and potty training to go.
 I taught Nellie to potty, FINALLY!!
 I went in the kitchen to fix me and Nellie some lunch. I thought is was so cute on how Nellie just follows me.
 I gave Nellie her food...
 Then fixed myself some autumn salad.
 Gosh! My back is killing me!!
 I worked on my sculpturing skills some so I can earn more money for my job.
 I made this statue, I wonder what it is, hmmm!
 The next morning I took a shower but it was interrupted.
 I was in labor! I decided to have a home birth because if I go to the hospital someone will see me and I would have to go to court AGAIN!
 My labor was quick cause out came a blue bundle of joy!
 Here's Baby #2, Stark Turner.
And Baby #3, Tyler Turner. I had TWINS!!! 97 more to go!

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