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Babies 96 & 97: Part 2 of 2- The Truth Should Be Told

 HELLO READERS!! I'm proud to bring you all this exciting post. I know most of you all are excited to see this cause we all wanted this to happen. ;) So here it is and I hope you enjoy.
Sorry for the shortness of this post. :P
I rubbed my small baby bump softly- cherishing every moment. I love the feeling you get inside when you know you created a life. How I'm gonna miss it all when my challenge is over, but who knows I could still have kids after my challenge.
Your probably wondering who the heck the father is, cause I know I didn't share that information here. In fact I was flabbergasted when I found out I was pregnant after my trip to Starlight Shores. I hadn't the faintest idea who the daddy was until it hit me that I couldn't remember most of what I did at the bachelorette party for Valentina. I do however remember bits and pieces of that party and that was enough to identify my unborn child's father. I'll give you a hit, there's a 50% chance this child will be born with purple skin. ;)
 I finished getting dressed for the day and headed downstairs not sure what my plans actually were really. Maybe I could watch some TV or maybe go out and hang out with a few of my friends. I wasn't really sure what I was gonna do until Jamee approached me with a request.
"Mom, can Bryn, Nathan and I age into adults?"
I was silent at first, I didn't want my babies to grow up and move. With the end of my challenge being just around the corner I wanted them to stay teenagers for just a little while longer, but what kind of mother would I be if I deny my kid's chance to age up along with their classmates. No matter how much it pained me, I agreed.
 To stall just a few more hours before my kids had to age I made their birthday cakes instead of buying them at the store. Of course mine are not as good but at least my babies could stay my babies for a couple more hours.
 Baking 3 cakes didn't take nearly as long as I had hoped, but it took longer then it would have if I bought them and that's fine.
I placed all three cakes on the counter tops and each of my kids took their place in front of the cake that belonged to them. After lighting the candles and singing happy birthday, one by one they took a big breath and blew out their candles, but not before making their wish.
 Baby 90, Bryn as a young adult. Out of all three Bryn got a fair amount of both mine and his father's genes. His father's skin tone, hair color, & eye shape. My eye color, mouth shape, & jaw shape. His nose is from both sides.
 Baby 91, Nathan as a young adult. Nathan got most of his father's genes, though blue skin is slightly darker. The only Turner genes he got was my purple eyes.
 Baby 92, Jamee as a young adult. Jamee too got a lot of her father's facial features, though she did get my skin tone, eye shape, and eye color. Everything else was her father.
 With my first set of 90's babies gone, and my second set of 90's babies at school, I was bored and literally had nothing to do but mope around the house and do nothing. It got to the point where I couldn't stay cooped up inside so I walked outside and stood by the small pond in my back yard.
I knew I would be risking the chance of running into Newbie if he were to come over but I needed the fresh air.
 This whole business with Newbie and trying to avoid him was stressing me out and making me exhausted. It's hard to keep avoiding him. As much as I want to just run into his arms and kiss him every time I see his adorable, caring face I can't. Not while he's still with Breeze. I could wait until their relationship ends before telling Newbie my feelings but they look so happy and their relationship could possibly lead to marriage. I couldn't bear that, I wouldn't be able to stand going to their wedding.
 I could hear someone walking across my lawn and approach me. I didn't know who it was until I saw Addy, out of the corner of my eye, stop just a few feet away from where I stood. Crossing her arms, she looked at me.
"It's nice to see you outside for a change."
I did a quick glance at Addy and then look back at the fish in the pond. She was right I barely leave the house since the last time I saw Newbie.
"Aren't you afraid that Newbie might come over again and see you standing here? I thought you were avoiding him."
 I lifted my head off of the tree and starred straight a head. "Doesn't matter. I made up my mind that I'm never gonna tell Newbie and I'm gonna move on."
"Move on?"
"I think I'll start dating again after I finish my challenge."
"So that's it? So Newbie will never know?"
"Not while he's still with Breeze, but I doubt their relationship is gonna end anytime soon."
 I lifted myself off the tree and started walking towards the road. "I'm going for a walk. I'll call you later." She didn't respond, so I just kept walking.
 I walked for about 3 hours before I went into labor. I didn't have a car so I asked the first sim I saw for a ride. They rushed me to the hospital just in time and I gave birth to two little babies. I introduce you to baby 96, Joey Turner.
 And baby 97, Kevin Turner. (names inspired by Kevin Jonas & Joe Jonas, my two favorite members of the boy band The Jonas Brothers)
 Baby 97, Kevin as a toddler. Kevin seem to get most of the Turner genes. The only thing he got from his dad was his eye color.
 Baby 96, Joey as a toddler. Unlike her brother, Joey got mostly her father's genes. Her eye color was the only thing she got for me. She's one adorable toddler.
 After the new babies became toddlers it was time for my triplets to become teenagers. Baby 93, Asher as a teenager. Asher became a handsome young man. He got his father's lips, nose, eye shape, eye color, and jaw shape.
 Baby 94, Jack as a teenager. Jack also a handsome young man got his father's hair, eye shape, and nose shape. He got his grandma Love's eye color, and my lips and jaw shape.
 Baby 95, Jennifer as a teenager. Jennifer seemed to get all her looks from the Sierra side. She's such a beautiful young girl.
**Addy's POV**
I had called Newbie and sat there waiting for him to meet me. After a while I finally heard someone approach and knew it was him.
Getting up I went over to him."Newbie, good, I need to talk to you." I warned Dawn that if she didn't tell him I would, I know he feels the same, I just know it, even if he doesn't.
"I came as fast as I could. What is it? What's the important thing you needed to tell me?"
"It's about Dawn..."
"What?! What happened? Is something wrong?"
"Nothing happened, she's alright, actually she's on a date... but that's not what I wanted to talk about."
"A date? You called to tell me she's on a date with Lerk?" Of course Dawn never told him Lerk left her.
"Her and Lerk broke up months ago. He left, she's with someone else. "
"Lerk and Dawn broke up? How come she never told me?"
"Because then she would have had to tell you why he left her."
I had clearly confused him and after a moment he replyed "Addy, what are you talking about?"
"Lerk left Dawn because, because he believed she had fallen in love with someone else." YOU, I wanted to say but didn't,I couldn't just blurt it out. I need to handle this right. Silence again.
 "She loves someone else?" His words where spaced and his voice was little more then a whisper, as if he didn't want to believe it.
"Yes, she is, but the guy she's in love with, he doesn't know, and she won't tell him."
 "Who's the guy she's in love with?" He wouldn't look me in the eyes and it was obviously hard for him to ask, confirming what I already knew, that he feels the same.
"Well see, now that's what I wanted to talk to you about" I said happily, trying not laugh.
"It's you, Newbie, she loves you."
"What?! D-Dawn, loves me? But she's been avoiding me?"
"She knew if she saw you she'd have to tell you and she's been afraid you wouldn't feel the same. I had finally convinced her to a couple weeks ago, but then she saw you with Breeze..."
 "Couple weeks ago? When I was with......" He trailed off seeming to be putting things together."Wait! That champagne, that wasn't to celebrate my promotion. And the dress, she didn't have a date with Lerk did she?"
"Of course not, they already had broken up by then. That's what she told you?"
"Yeah, and she just ran out of the house. But why would her seeing me with Breeze make her change her mind about telling me. Breeze and I broke up an hour before."
"You, and Breeze broke up??" I was surprised and failed to hide how happy I was to learn that.
"Yeah. It was her idea." He paused for a moment,"She broke up with me for the same reason Lerk broke up with Dawn."
I smiled a huge grin."Because you love Dawn! I knew you felt the same, but, why haven't you told her? You need to, you need to talk to her." I was speaking faster as I got more excited.
"I've wanted too, but remember, she's been avoiding me."
"Oh right, that is a problem." I honestly didn't know what else to say.
"You said she was on a, um, a date. When will she be home?" Good question, when will she be home.
"I, um, I'm not sure... but she left like an hour ago so she couldn't be out to much longer. Maybe you should be waiting for her."
"Mhmm." He nodded slightly before running off, to Dawn's I hope.
**Dawn's POV**
After such a long day I was glad to finally be home. I couldn't wait to take off my clothes, soak in a nice hot tub, and crawl into bed. But all my plans were washed from my mind when I stepped foot on my front lawn. The porch lights were on and so were the ones inside my house, but no one was home. My kids were at a party at their friend's house and my cousin Donnie was watching the twins, so my first thought was that someone broke into my house. As I closed the distance between myself and the front door I saw no signs of forced entry, whoever was inside must have a key.
I could only think of a few people that had a copy of my house key, but the one person I failed to remember was the one that sat on my living room couch and looked me in the eyes when I walked in. I was frozen in place as soon as mine and Newbie's eyes met. My heart raced a mile a minute and I started to think of a 101 ways this upcoming conversation could lead. I knew Newbie and I were bound to end up alone again sooner or later, and like many times before I wanted to run, but I knew I couldn't, he would stop me and I just arrived home so I had no excuse to leave. I was stuck.
Knowing I had no way out I slowly walked towards Newbie. He got up from the couch and met me in the middle. At first there was silence, not a word passed either of our lips. I figure he didn't know how to start the conversation either, and me being the one that found him in my house uninvited I should be the one to say something first.
"Newbie? What are you doing here?"
Newbie just gazed into my eyes- saying nothing. There was something about the way he looked at me that made me feel kinda... good. It was as if he was looking at something out of this world, like an angel, or a rare gem. It was the kind of look you give to your soul mate, not your best friend. I was complete lost in his eyes until his voice broke my trance.
"Dawn, please tell me the truth. Why are you avoiding me?"
I knew this would come up, but I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to say the truth, but it seemed that the truth was the only answer to give him.
"Oh, um. Ah."
Before I got the chance to finished a sentence Newbie continues, "Dawn I know about your and Lerk's break up, and  I know why . I just have one question, and I want an honest answer..... Dawn what are your feelings towards me, am I and always will I be just a friend to you, or are you asking for more?"
I knew there's no turning back now, he knows the truth and wants to hear it from me. I started to tear up. I inhaled one big breath before spilling out every word I wanted to say him, but have held back all this time.
"Yes, Newbie. It's all true. Lerk broke up with me because he knew  I was in love with you. I didn't believe it at first and thought he was crazy for thinking such things, but it took him pointing it out and me seeing you for me to see that he was right. I love you Newbie. Not the love I feel for my kids or my friends, the love you feel, when you know you found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. I want us to be more than friends, I want us to be together, but I couldn't bring myself to tell you because, because.."
The words where getting harder to say as the tears start to roll down my cheeks. "I was afraid you wouldn't feel the same and I didn't want to lose my best friend."
I whip the tears from my eyes and looked at Newbie. He starred at the fire place as if absorbing everything I just told him. I was afraid when he didn't respond the first 5 seconds and I was about to run upstairs to my until...
Newbie took a step closer to me, pulling me into a kiss. It happened so fast that I didn't see it coming.
My arms were stiff from the surprise kiss that Newbie gave me, but then I began to relax and started to kiss back.
I melted into his arms, and gave into to his sweet passionate kiss. He held me tighter and our kiss grew more intense.
Newbie released our kiss and gazed into my eyes.
"I love you too, Dawn. I always have."
"Oh Newbie. You don't know how happy that makes me feel to hear those words from you."
"So this means you'll stop seeing that guy you went out with tonight?"
"What? Newbie I was at my brother Doug's engagement party. Who told you I was out with some guy?"
"Well, Addy said...." He words slowed down and we both began to realize what Addy did.
"Addy! I swear."
Newbie smiled and chuckled. "Remind me to thank her later."
We both laughed and Newbie pulled me in for another kiss.
YAY!!!! They're finally together after all this time and all because Addy got involved. Hehe! You go Addy! :D 
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Thank You's:
First of all I want to thank Doylegirl/Della/Karni for making the adorable couple pose that I used for Newbie's surprise kiss. I requested the pose awhile ago and she so nicely offered to make it for me. Thank you Della! :)
Big Thanks to my friend and editor of this blog Addy/Kat for writing Addy's POV. I thought it would be a wonderful idea for her to write Addy's thoughts because who better then the actual Addy. So Thank you Addy!
More thanks to Ashby/Jennifer for her son Newbie. I just love Newbie so much and Dawn would have never met him if it wasn't for her. Thank you! ^_^

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Babies 96 & 97: Part 1 of 2- A Wedding in Starlight Shores

I turned towards the exit of the freeway and I was taken down a long narrow road. Within minutes I saw the sign that I had been looking for. Welcome to Starlight Shores.
I quickly peeked out the passenger side window looking for the giant sign that I had heard so much about. I gasped as soon as I saw it sitting there on top of one of the many mountains; It's bigger then I imagined. I've seen pictures of it before but this was the first time I'd seen it in person.
My eyes focused back on the road in front of me and I continued to drive into the city. I reached my arm over to the glove box and pulled out the directions once again.
I made one last turn and saw the hotel in the distance. It was big and beautiful and looked expensive.
I still can't believe that my brother is getting married. Blake, the party animal, getting married?! I'm still in shock and I've only known of this news for about what- 5 days?
I parked my car in one of few parking spaces left and walked inside the hotel. I'd come back for my bags later but right then I wanted to find Blake. Inside the hotel was even more beautiful then the outside; there was two sets of stair cases- each leading to a different part of the hotel.
I was scared breathless when I heard my name echo throughout the entire first floor. My first instinct was to run but I caught myself before I did once I got sight of my brother running around the corner. He through me into a big brotherly hug and swung me in circles before placing me back on the ground.
"DAWN! You made it!!"
"Haha. I wouldn't miss my big bro's wedding day!"
We both burst out laughing and it reminded me of all the times I spent hanging out with my brothers when I was a child. How I missed those days and now here we all are, grown up, and the one person that we thought would never get married was getting married before me; everyone assumed I was gonna be the first to marry.
"So now can I meet the lucky girl?" I never did meet the woman that stole Blake's heart, and when I asked over the phone who she was, he refused to tell me. Now that I was there was determined to meet the girl.
Blake smiled and nodded at me once, then he turned to call for his fiance.
"Blake sweety is this your sister?" A redheaded woman that I assume is Blake's future wife came walking into the lobby of the hotel just as Blake was about to call her name. It was as if she knew he was gonna call her.
"Yes, Valentina this is my sister Dawn. Dawn this is my fiance, Valentina Sierra."
When Blake said her name I immediately recognized her surname. Of course I'm not surprised, there are a bunch of Sierras running around in the sim world, mainly because there's a bunch of challenge moms with that last name.
After a hand shake and a friendly introduction with Valentina, Blake suggested we join the others in the other room. I was the last person to arrive, everyone else was already here. I followed right behind Blake and Valentina until we came to some double doors. I walked in first and immediately I was ambushed by a hyper Love.
"DAWNIE! Can you believe it; the guy my sister was talking about marrying was your brother? I know I was surprised too and I wanted to tell you but they made me promise not to say a word until they told you. OMG! This so exciting. Your brother and my sister, GETTING MARRIED! AHH!"
Love stopped talking to take a deep breath, and I could hear Valentina behind me laughing at her sister. "Calm down Love."
This was a surprise to me, I had no idea Valentina was Love's sister.
I walked the rest of the way into the room and was greeted by the rest of the gang. I saw Dean, and Doug and I even got to meet Doug's girlfriend, Sabrina Johnson.
I took a seat on the only available spot left on the couch; next to my brother Dean.
"Why do we only get together at weddings and funerals?" I looked up at Doug- confused a bit. I hadn't realized I was spacing out. I wonder what else I didn't hear. Before I knew it everyone started chanting: KISS, KISS, KISS!
My eyes darted to Blake and Valentina, then I saw Valentina lean in and give Blake a small peck on the lips. I smiled when I saw the couple give each other a shy kiss in front of everyone, but then Dean and Doug started cracking jokes.
"You call that a kiss?"
"You gonna let her kiss you like that bro? I thought you were the man."
Blake looked at Valentina profoundly, then he gave his brothers a wicked smile. He then grabbed Valentina's waist and pulled her in a make-out session. Dean, Doug, Sabrina, and Love all started cheering and shouting. I just sat there all quite and such until Blake tried to dip Valentina, but fell on his hind end instead. Everyone  including myself started laughing and the remainder of the night was spent teasing Blake.
Love being the maid of honor at her sister's wedding; she was in charge of the bachelorette party. Lucky for Love the hotel rents out the pool for things just like that. The party started late that next evening; there was a bar, a dj, a dance floor, a photo booth, and even a stripper. While we had the pool for our party the boys went bar hopping downtown for Blake's bachelor party.
Love and I laughed when the stripper pulled Valentina onto the dance floor and gave her her own little dance. She looked at us with a pleading look on her face. Love just kept laughing at her sister while I gave her a you-go-girl look.
Love's laughing got loud enough where she got the attention of the male stripper; he let Valentina go and pulled Love into a dance. Love just kept up the laughing and joined in the dancing. Valentina stood off on the side- rooting for Love.
After a minute of dancing with the stripper, Love looked over at me and said, "Come on Dawn. It's your turn." She walked away from the stripper and pushed me over to him while I shyly shook my head no. He didn't hesitate and started to dance with me next. At first I didn't know what to do, but eventually I started to dance too.
I was so into the dance with the purple stripper that I didn't notice Love pull out her Polaroid camera and point it in my direction. I placed a side note in the back of my mind to steal the photos later.
As the party continued on late in the evening we all started to get a little tipsy and started doing crazy things; like Love dumped a whole bottle of nectar on Valentina. But she just laughed it off and took a small dip in the pool to wash off the nectar before she got sticky.
I had a blast that night partying hard with my friend Love, and my future sister-in-law Valentina.
I never did remember to steal the photo back from Love and I blame the alcohol for that, but we all had a good laugh the next morning when we looked over the photos taken that night.
From Love's Polaroid camera :

From the photo booth:
Me and my big bro (the groom)
Blake and Valentina
Love and her sister Valentina (the bride)

This photo was taken by the DJ with my digital camera.
That morning was hectic for all of us- 3 women with a hangover trying to get the bride into her dress who was having a breakdown, because none of us could find something blue for the wedding ritual thingy that all brides go crazy about.
We all eventually got through the morning and the wedding started promptly at 5pm. The bridesmaids made their way down the aisle, then the flower girl, and finally it was time for the bride.
We all stood and turned to face the bride, who was at the end of the aisle looking ahead at her future husband- with a smile on her face.
Slowly she took each step closer to the alter, her smile never leaving her face. She looked beautiful in her dress, holding her bouquet of flowers. There was no trace of tears from earlier that morning.
The theme of her dress was black and white. We made sure that the black didn't over power the white in the dress by making sure there was only little bits of black here and there. All in all she was gorgeous and Blake couldn't take his eyes off her.
When Valentina made it to the alter she reached over and handed her bouquet to Love before she stood next to Blake. Dean, who would be the one marrying them, started to speak.
When Dean finished it was time for the ring exchange. Valentina went first, lifting the ring up she read out her vows then  slide the ring on Blake's finger.
Blake did the same, he read his vows and placed the ring on Valentina's finger.
"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." With those final words from Dean, Blake pulled Valentina into a passionate kiss, and everyone cheered and applauded for the newly weds.
They broke their kiss when a flash of light came from the wedding photographer. Blake never did like when people took pictures of him in moments like these.
A couple hours later it was time for the reception and everyone was ready to start digging in to the wedding cake. Blake cut the first piece and fed it to his new wife and then she did the same thing.
After all the eating everyone started getting into the partying mood. Blake and Doug had a sing off on the karaoke machine and everyone took sides on who would get all the lyrics right.
Of course Valentina rooted for her husband, she kept yelling,"You go baby. You can do it."
Love was just having a blast singing along with the guys, and dancing to the music.
After Blake won against Doug, Love and Valentina took a shot at it next. Blake was right there cheering for his wife while Doug wanted Love to win. There was a far amount of people cheering for both girls.
After all the singing and dancing cooled down it was time for the bride and groom to have their first dance. Blake pulled Valentina close to him and together they dance to the slow romantic music that played throughout room.
Then when the music started to pick up their dancing turned into the waltz and other couples started join them on the dance floor.
I sat and watched in awe when I saw how happy they looked together. My mind wondered and I began to think about Newbie once again and my heart sank when that night I almost told Newbie my feelings ran through my mind.
I was so lost in thought I almost didn't hear the low voice of a man ask me to dance. I quickly turned to face the man, for some reason thinking it was Newbie, and was faced with my brother Dean.
I smiled up at him and he took my hand and lead me to the dance floor.
By this time the music was a little slower so I didn't have to do the waltz. Dean seemed to have noticed that I wasn't behaving like my fun loving goofy self and decided to bring it up.
"What is it Dawn? Boy troubles?"
I looked at my brother and smiled. He said the same thing when I was a teenager and the boy I had the biggest crush on didn't like me back. Thinking about it this boy trouble was a lot like that one, but that's not good considering I didn't get the guy back then.
I just exhaled deeply and said to Dean what I said to him the last time he asked.
"I wish it was just boy troubles, they have it easy."
He chuckled at my words and said, "Boys have the same problems as girls, Dawn. But if you ask me girls have it easier."
I giggled and we continued to dance in silence.
After a few more songs Dean and I decided to take a break from dancing. I needed air so I went for a walk. By this time Doug asked his girlfriend, Sabrina, for a dance.
I walked until I found the bridge that lead to where the wedding was held earlier. I made it halfway across the bridge before I stopped and leaned over the railing- over looking the lake.
I started thinking about my challenge and how I'm just 5 babies away from finishing. That could be one pregnancy if I had quintuplets, maybe two if I had both a set of twins and triplets, or maybe 5 more pregnancies if each one came out as a single birth.
With the challenge on my mind I began to think about my future after the fact. What will I do without kids to take of? Marriage is definitely out of the question since the one and only man I would want to marry most likely considers me as only a friend.
Some loud cheering from the reception distracted me from my thoughts and I forgot what I thinking. Then I began to remember I was thinking about Newbie and just that broke my heart. I was on the edge of tears until I heard some heels running across the wooden bridge.
"Dawn! DAWN!" Love shouted as she came to a stop in front of me. "Thank goodness I found you. I cannot believe you missed it. Doug just got down on one knee and proposed to Sabrina in front of everyone! Your getting another sister-in-law."
"What?! Doug is getting married?!"
"Yep! I guess you'll be going to another another wedding. Ha-ha."
"Yeah. I guess so."
Together we went back to the reception to congratulate Doug and Sabrina in their new engagement.

I wanna thank Love Sierra for Blake's now new wife, Valentina Sierra (Love's sister).
I also wanna thank Kaitlyn Thomas for Doug's girlfriend, who is now his new fiance, Sabrina Johnson (Alina Taylor's best friend).
I have download links to all Dawn's kids under 'The Kids' page above. If you wanted to use any of her kids for your challenge, stories or just to have them in your game. 
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For any extra downloads just go under 'Other Downloads' which includes other sims and objects that appeared in my blog. Includes ALL of Dawn's grandkids that were born in my game only. Dean's wife and son. Custom made clothing. Dawn herself and her brothers and parents and many more sims. 
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