Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Start of a Challenge! - Baby #1

I have been reading Della Wriner's 100 Baby Challenge Blog for years, She's an inspiration, my idol, and the reason why I'm doing the 100 Baby Challenge myself! Hi I'm Dawn Turner, I live in the town Twinbrook! I live with my parents Oscar and Lessie and my three older triplet brothers, Dean, Blake, and Doug! I'm taking on the 100 Baby challenge! My first step....tell my family!

 I sat my parents down to tell them the news, but I don't know how they would take it!

Dawn: Mom, Dad...I don't know how to tell you but I want to take on the 100 Baby Challenge instead of going to college!

Dawn: I know what your thinking, you want me to get an education before starting a family, but family is more important to me then anything....

 Dawn:...and I hope you guys understand, this is what I really want!

I sit and wait for their response.
Mom spoke first.
Lessie: Oh sweetie, I'm so happy for you!

Oscar: Yeah! If this is what you want, then we'll support you all the way. You don't have to go to college, it's your decision!

 Dawn: Oh Daddy, I love you!

 Lessie: I can't wait to see my little grandkids!

 Dawn: Yes mom, 100 little grandkids!

 Lessie: Yes! And if you ever need help with babysitting, just give your ole' mom a call...

 Lessie:...Okay, let's tell your brothers!

 We gathered up my brothers for a family meeting!

 Dean, the oldest of the triplets, he's the wise older brother!

 Blake, the second oldest of the triplets, He's the party animal with a big heart!

 And Doug, The youngest of the triplets, he's the athletic one and it hoping to become a famous football player!

 It was simple and fast, we just told them I was taking on the 100 Baby Challenge, and that means they're going to be Uncles and have 100 little nieces and nephews. They loved the idea.

Dean was first to hug me.
Dean: Okay little sister, be careful on what father's you choose for your challenge, there are many weirdo's out there. In fact I have a friend that might be interested in taken part!

Dawn: Thanks Dean!
YES! I haven't even started the challenge and yet I already have the first father!

Then it was Blake's turn to give me a hug.
Blake: I'm going to miss you sis, and no partying while pregnant!

Dawn: Thanks Blake, I'll remember that!

Doug was last to give me a hug.
Doug: Bye sis, make sure you stay in good shape, 100 babies can do a lot to a woman's body!

 Dawn: Yes Doug I will!

The night before I leave my mom talked about her future grandkids and how she would spoil them. I love the fact that she is so happy about it!

And the next morning I was off. My parents used the money that was suppose to go to my college tuition, on a new house were I can start my family!

I arrived shortly, it was only one block away!

It's a simple house, two floors, 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a living/dining room, and a backyard.

I brought with me my crib from when I was a baby, I know it's pink and 'what if I have a boy?' but that's not what's important. The baby has a bed and that's that, I just hope my first is a single birth.

I brought some of my baby toys and I bought a potty chair, block table, and high chair!

 My mom gave me mine and Dean's old beds.

 Some of the Challenge Mothers chipped in and bought me this bed, they thought it would be funny!

 I got to take my grandfather's grand piano.

 I also have a work desk and a drawing table. For writing books and making illustrations.

 I bought myself a new guitar, it was one of things Della Wriner did to help with her challenge!

 I got a washer and dryer machine for future laundry.

 Here's my kitchen were I'll be making lots of meals.

 The house came with a jungle gym, swings and slide

 I always wanted a trampoline, so I got one just for the house.

 I even got an inventing table and sculpture table!

 There's the swings and slide.

I brought with me my car, I got it when I was a sophomore in high school. My brother Dean bought it from his friend who was a car dealer.

Right away I started practicing my guitar skills cause I'll be needing it to make money.

Then I got myself a bite to eat...

 ...and worked on my painting skill. I have the artistic trait, so I can learn art related skills much faster then other sims.

Then I started a garden out in front of my house, for now I just planted ONE tree. This will be one of my sources of income, plus the apples can help me if I was a baby boy

 The next morning Dean gives a call, he says he talked to his friend and it's a yes on father number 1!

 I was so excited, I told Dean to send him over right away!

This is Frank Morgen, Dean's friend (the car dealer who Dean got my car from). He has Black hair, tannish skin and dark brown eyes!
Download Frank Morgen Now!
 He came over as soon as Dean told him it was a go.

 Dawn: Hi Frank, it's nice to see you again!

 Frank: It's nice to see you too Dawn!

 Frank: So I'm here to take part in your 100 Baby Challenge?

Dawn: Well of course, Do you want me to tell you the rules?
Frank: No, no, no I know the rules, I heard of the 100 Baby Challenge before!

 Dawn: Okay One question? Are you positive you want to take part, cause once you do you can't turn back?

Frank: Positively Sure!

 We walked inside, I gave him a big thank you hug....

 ...Then a thank you kiss.

 We got into bed and....

 ...the first of many Lullabies to come went off

I could already feel the baby within me!

 After Frank left, I did my laundry...

...watered my tree...

 ...and worked on my sculpturing skill.

 I made a chair.

 Then suddenly I got Nauseous!!!!

 While I was painting a girl came up to me.

 She was the town gossiper!

She told me about two vampires that live in town, one boy and one girl! I started thinking, a vampire would be perfect for my challenge!

That night I got a call from Frank, he was checking up on me to see if I was okay!

 Then I got my first signs of a baby bump. Yay! I'm so excited!

 I worked on my sculpturing skills some more!

 My Baby bump!!!! I decided to throw a celebration party for my first pregnancy of the 100 Baby Challenge!

 Mikolaj Sierra showed up. She's a 100 baby Challenge beginner like me.

She's a one star celebrity due to the fact that her mother was the famous Cadence Sierra of the 100 Baby Challenge!

Della Wriner, mother of 100 babies, just finished the 100 baby Challenge!

 And Elizabeth Reting, mother of 15, she's also a challenge mother.

 My brothers showed up for the party.

 The girls told me different stories they had while doing the challenge.

Della told me about her recent wedding, Elizabeth told me about the first time she told Daniel about her doing the 100 Baby Challenge, and Mikolaj told me about the fight she had with her mother and how she didn't want to do the challenge at first.

 The town gossiper was there and she had a girl with her.

 My dad even came.
Side Note: I forgot to take a pic of her mom at the party.

 We all had such a great time!

 Oh Blake, your such a party animal!

 By the end of the party I became a one star celebrity, I guess the town gossiper was gossiping. ;)

 I caught my dad and brother goofing off.

 Dean check up on me to see how I was doing and how his nephew/niece/friend's baby was doing.

 I asked Dean to stay the night to keep me company! He agreed!

After the party I tended to my garden. Look at my belly!

The next morning I worked on another sculpture, 2 actually, before I had to leave the house. I felt like I was going to go crazy if I don't get out soon.

 On my way to the lake to go fishing, something hit me like a ton of bricks. I was in labor.

 I calmed myself down and called a taxi.

 I walked into the hospital.

 Then a few minutes later Frank Morgen shows up in his underwear. Very mature!

 I would like to introduce you to my baby girl, Nellie Turner, Baby 1 of my 100 Baby Challenge!

Thank you guys for reading my challenge! Please leave a comment! If you want to contact me privately my email is! Stay Tune!


  1. Ok this seriously makes me whant to do the challenge sooner than later! Great post keep up the AWESOME work!

  2. Love the post!! Good luck on the challenge! I love having a challenge to do too :)

  3. I like the way you've begun it! It seems like a very interesting challenge!