Sunday, October 31, 2010

Meet Dawn Turner & Her Family

 Meet Dawn Turner the mother of my 100 Baby Challenge!
She's Hopeless Romantic, Family-Oriented, Natural Cook, Handy, and Artistic.
She's a Libra, loves Kids music, and her favorite color is Aqua.

Download Dawn Turner Here VVV

 Dawn lives with her parents and her three brothers (triplets)!

 This is Lessie Turner, Dawn's mother.
She's Good, Family-Oriented, Eco-Friendly, Green Thumb, and Frugal.
She's a Cancer, loves Soul music, and her favorite color is Violet.

She's a sweet heart warming mother who cares deeply about her children. Dawn and her are very close due to the fact that Dawn is Lessie's only daughter.

Download Lessie Turner Here VVV

 This is Oscar Turner, Dawn's father.
He's Brave, Clumsy, Family-Oriented, Lucky, and Friendly.
He's a Capricorn, loves Classical music, and his favorite color is Orange.

Oscar is a protective father against Dawn but still would give anything to make her happy, Dawn is his princess.

Download Oscar Turner Here VVV

 This is Dean Turner, Dawn's oldest brother. He's the oldest of the triplets.
He's a Genius, Family-Oriented, Charismatic, Lucky, and Friendly.
He's a Aries, loves Roots music, and his favorite color is Irish Green.

Dean and Dawn are the only one's who got their father's beauty mark under their right eye. Dean is a wise man who always gives Dawn advice about everything. Dean is in the medical career.

Download Dean Turner Here VVV

 This is Blake Turner, Dawn's second oldest brother, he's the second oldest of the triplets.
He's has a Good sense of Humor, Vegetarian, Party Animal, Dare Devil, and Green Thumb.
He's a Virgo, loves Rockabilly music, and he's favorite color is Red.

Blake is more of the bad boy, the guy who always does something extreme. Even though he's a rough and tough bad boy, she still cares for his little sister. Blake is in the Ghost Hunting career.

Dowload Blake Turner Here VVV

This Doug Turner, Dawn's third oldest brother, he's the youngest of the triplets.
He's has a Good sense of Humor, Brave, Bookworm, Athletic, and Friendly.
He's a Leo, loves Indie music, and he's favorite color is Yellow.

Doug is a college football player. Dawn would always train with Doug and play football with him. Doug is more of the jock who also love to read. Doug is in the athletic career.

Dawn loves her family and always wants to be with them but what she really wants is a BIG family and that means LOTS of kids, and what she dreams of doing is the 100 Baby Challenge, but what will her family think when she tells them?

Well that's my intro, what do you think about my 100 Baby Challenge mother, what about her parents or brothers? Comment below or in the cbox next to the post.


  1. ithink ill love the blog can wait to see it(:

  2. She is very pretty!! Good luck!

  3. She is a pretty mom...looking forward to some beautiful babies!! :) Love the triplets and their contrasting personalities <3

  4. My cousin is called Dawn x