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Goodbye Daddy!- Babies 74 & 75

Like I promised my brother, I arrived at Sunset Valley the very next morning. Using the address my brother Dean gave me, I had no trouble finding my way there.
When I did make it to the address I was surprised to see that the place actually looked pretty small, and more like an actual home then a nursing home.
I took a deep breathe and made my way to the door. I walked up the short amount of cement steps to the door and opened it. Downstairs it looked just like a living room; with a fire place and dining area.
I heard some noise coming from the second floor, so I walked up the creaky stairs to see if it was one of my brothers. It was. I was greeted by Dean first since he was closest to the stairs. Blake and Doug were to busy talking about the recent game they saw on TV.
After a few hellos from each of my brothers, Dean pointed me to the door do Dad's room and I went in. I just stood there by the door as I looked down at my father's unmoving body. Dean said he went to sleep but never got up, they figured he was probably in a coma and had him put on life support.
I walked around and looked down at my dad's pale old face. Grabbing a nearby chair, I sit by the foot of his bed- watching him.
It seemed like forever that I was sitting there watching my dad. It wasn't until the clock struck 8 before I realized that I had been sitting there for almost nine hours.
I thought I heard someone come up the stairs and my eyes glanced at the door. No one came in the room, but I did spot a picture frame on a side table by the door.
A closer look I saw it was a picture of my brothers and me.
I couldn't stop my eyes from watering as I began to think about the times when I was just a kid and how my dad would give me piggyback rides.
"Come on Daddy! Go faster!"
"Princess, I'm going as fast as I can. You want me to trip."
"Hehehe. You're silly daddy; you can't fall. You're superman. You'll never get hurt."
"You're right sweetheart, as long as I have you here with me."
It was 8:30 when Blake and Dean finally came into dad's room. They had a look on their face that showed me that they were there to bring back news. Dean was the one to speak first.
"Dawn," Dean said. "Blake and I just got done talking to the nurse. She told us something that you might not want to hear."
"What? What is it?"
Blake spoke,"Dad's will.... He changed his will shortly after mom died."
"Yea?", I said, saying nothing more.
Blake continued,"He mentioned that if he were to be put on life support.... he wants the plug to be pulled."
"WHAT?! They can't. He'll die. NO, I won't let them."
I didn't give Dean and Blake a chance say anything more as I quickly ran out of the room.
My eyes blurry from all the tears; I didn't see the person when I ran into them as I rushed out out my dad's room.
"Oh. I'm sorry," I apologized.
 I looked up and saw it was Newbie.
"NEWBIE?! Wha-what are you doing here?"
 "Dawn listen. I'm sorry. I should have listened to you the first time. Cassidy did steal your phone and did send bad texts to herself. She was just jealous, she didn't like the fact that I'm friends with a woman that does a baby challenge..."
 "...I know I yelled at you and right now I hate myself for speaking to you that way. My mom raised me right- to respect women. I might have to apologize to Cassidy too for saying a few harsh words, but I hated what she made me say to you. Can you forgive me?"
 I smiled and pulled Newbie into a hug almost immediately after he was done speaking.
"Oh, Newbie. Of course I forgive you. You're my best friend."
"That's good to hear."
 Newbie and I decided to enjoy the night air as talked a bit.
"So how's your dad?"
"Awful, Newbie. He said in his will that he wants the plug to be pulled if ever gets put on life support. I just can't handle losing another parent Newbie, what am I gonna do?"
 "Dawn, sometimes it's best to let go. He'll go to heaven and be with your mom- he'll be happy. He may be gone physically but he'll always be here in spirit- watching over you."
"You really think so, Newbie?"
"Of course I do. I know right now that my father is up there watching me right now. I can feel him."
I couldn't help but smile, Newbie always knows what to say.
 Newbie let me be when I told him I wanted to be alone and to say goodbye to my dad before they took him off life support. I sat in the same chair I sat in earlier as I leaned on my dad's bed talking to him.
"Daddy I know why you want to do this. Losing mommy just broke your heart. You may have been strong in the beginning but as the days passed without mommy there, you grew more sad- depressed. You stopped eating, bathing, stopped caring for yourself because you think what's the point, what's the point without mom there. You just weren't happy anymore," I started crying again.
"You probably could of died a long time ago but you tried to stay strong for me, for my brothers, but it was just too hard. You didn't want to hurt us, you didn't want us to lose another parent so soon after losing mom. What I'm trying to say is that I give you permission. You don't have to stay because of us. I want you to be happy and if you have to be with mom to be happy, then I want you to go to her. Go be with mom in heaven, we'll be fine. Just know I love you daddy, we all love you."
 I whipped away my tears and went downstairs. There I looked Dean, Blake, and Doug in the eyes and gave them a knowing nod. I was ready.
We all gathered in dad's room where his monitor still beeped. The nurse approached my dad's bed, and with one quick motion she turned off his life support.
 Within a few minutes the screen on his monitor went blank. Just a line and an ongoing constant beep remained.
 The nurse lowered her head and closed her eyes in respect and then looked at her watch.
"Time of death. 10:32 pm."
 I couldn't stop myself from crying when the nurse said the time of death.
"No, no, no, no," I cried.
I almost fell to the floor, but thankfully Newbie was there to help me stand.
"It's okay Dawn. He's okay now. He's in heaven, with your mom," Newbie whispered into my ear.
 I looked over and saw that Doug had fallen to the floor crying. Blake didn't catch him, but he held onto Doug's shoulder as he cried. Doug was closer to him then he was with mom.
Dean however stood there with his hands to his mouth and his eye closed tight- holding back any tears he did have.
 A few hours later I was sitting in the hallway with my face hidden in my arms. I sat there while the nurses removed my dad's body from the room and transferred him to the morgue. I didn't want to see them move my dad's limp body anywhere, so I avoided the area entirely by sitting in the hall downstairs.
 Of course Newbie found me.
"Hey Dawn. Are you gonna sit there all night?"
With my face still hidden I said, "Is my dad' is my dad gone now? Are they done?", I asked hesitantly.
 Newbie sighs and said, "Yea, they're done." When I didn't say anything more, Newbie continued, "Your brothers already left and told me to tell you that they'll call you soon."
"Okay," I mumbled.
"So you wanna head home? I'll drive."
 With Newbie's help I got up from the wooden floor and finally stood after so long of sitting. Newbie lifted his left elbow up towards me and I slid my arm around his.
We left without saying another word.
 When I finally got home I immediately called up the next father for my challenge. This is Broden Smith. He has several bad traits, but I mainly picked him because of his hair. You can't see it, but it's black with red roots and purple-pinkish highlights.
From Left to Right: Danielle(68), Cameron(70), & Annie(69)
 It was time for my kids to age up again and I was sad to see that my triplets are now old enough to live on their own. I'm gonna miss them so much.
From Left to Right: Ashby(72), & Ivy(71)
 Ashby and Ivy are now teenagers. They look so similar, yet so different. I have to rely on their eye color for me to not get them mixed up.
 Here's Samantha as a child. I swear there is never a time I don't see her smile.
 "Hey Dawn, I'm going to work. Will you be fine without me here?"
"I'll be fine."
"Okay, I'll stop by after work to see if your okay."
 There was really nothing for me to do, so I just laid in front of the fire place most of the day. When 3 o'clock rolled around the kids came home. Excited, they told me about their field trip today.
When that died down they went off to do their homework in their rooms and I went back to laying in front of the fire place again.
 Then there was the sound of my front door opening and before I knew it, Newbie was standing above me in his work clothes.
"Hey Dawn, what are you doing on the floor?", he asked, confused at what I was doing.
"Oh, just relaxing,"I said, smiling up at him.
 Nausea hit me suddenly and I quickly jumped up from the floor and ran to the bathroom. After throwing up a couple times there was a knock on the bathroom door.
"Dawn are you okay in there?"
After taking a breather, making sure that I wasn't gonna throw up again, I responded, "I'm okay. It's just morning sickness. You go home, I'll call Addy to come over."
"Okay, bye Dawn."
"Bye Newbie."
 Newbie left and I cleaned myself up before I gave Addy a call.
"Hey Addy! Wanna hang?"
"Sure. I'll be right there."
 An hour later, Addy walks through my front door.
"DAWNIE, I'M HERE!", I hear her yell.
I walk out of the bathroom and gave Addy a big smile.
"Hey Addy!", I said, waving.
I walked closer to Addy and said, "Hey Addy, long time no see."
"Well, if you invite me over more often," she said, jokingly.
We both laugh.
 Next thing I knew we were sitting on the floor chatting.
"How are you feeling Dawnie? I heard about your dad."
"Not so great. I miss him so much already. I don't think I'm ready to step a foot back in Sunset Valley any time soon, just too many sad memories right now...."
 "....How did you handle losing Anthony? I know losing a husband is different then losing a dad, but how did you cope with it?"
"Mostly I throw myself into taking care of the kids, and moving here to hidden springs"
"Well, I can't move again. And there is really nothing for me to do. All my kids are old enough to care for themselves right now. There's no toddlers. Lately they have been helping around the house a lot. How can I  occupy myself in chores when my kids are trying to help me out by doing all the chores themselves?"
"I don't know. Honestly I didn't handle things that well, developed a daily routine, kinda went into auto pilot for lack of a better term."
I narrowed my eyes and starred at the floor a few seconds before saying,"Thank you Addy. For being my friend."
"No problem. I'm always here for you."
 We get up from the floor and shared a friendly hug.
When we pulled apart I asked, "Wanna stay the night? I could really use a girl friend to keep me company."
"Sure Dawn, Just let me call my kids."
 The entire night Addy and I talked and played board games, and by morning I had a craving for eggs.
"How do you like your eggs Addy?", I asked, flipping the eggs over.
"How ever."
"Good your getting eggs Machiavellian,"I said, smiling down at the almost finished eggs.
"Okay," she laughed.
 There was a click from someone opening my front door and suddenly Newbie was in my kitchen.
"Hey laddies," he said with welcoming smile. "Hey Addy. It looks like you stayed the night."
"Oh? "
"Yeah, you look tired and your hair is a mess," Newbie said, jokingly.
"HEY!", Addy yelled, punching Newbie in the arm.
"Hey, I was only kidding," Newbie laughed.
 I finished the eggs and placed them on the counter then I walked over by Newbie and Addy.
"Look ladies, how 'bout I take you out for lunch?", Newbie offered.
Look over at Addy and said, "Sounds good to me, how do you feel Addy?"
Tapping her finger on her chin a few times, she said, "I'm in the mood for turkey... at the bistro?"
Laughing, Newbie said,"Alrightly then."
 Arriving at the bistro I immediately spot Vanessa Wood sitting at one of the tables.
 "Look Addy, Vanessa is here. I wonder what she's doing in Hidden Springs?"
"I'm gonna go say hello- you coming?"
 Walking away from Newbie, Addy and I approach Vanessa. Vanessa had already seen us and got up from her seat. Before me and Addy get close enough to say hello, Vanessa waves.
"Hey Addy. Hey Dawn."
"Hey Vanessa," Addy and I both say.
 I give Vanessa a hug and we immediately start talking, making up for lost time.
 Addy was a little busy giving autographs. :)
We must have talked forever because it started to get dark. I asked Vanessa to join me, Addy and Newbie for Lunch/Dinner and she agreed with a smile.
We grabbed what we wanted and enjoyed our dinner at one of tables outside. Three of us being challenge moms, of course we started talking about our kids.
"You should have seen it. He just threw up all over my new dress," Addy laughed.
"That's nothing, One of my boys took off his dirty diaper and threw it at me, and then I had to chase him around the house- without his diaper on," Vanessa added.
 Newbie almost choked on his food from hearing such stories at the table.
"Ladies please, I'm eating," Newbie pleaded.
We all laughed.
 Halfway through dinner, Addy's phone goes off. Taking her phone out of her pocket and reading the caller id, she said, "Sorry guys, I gotta take this."
Leaving her seat; Addy walks a distance away to answer her phone.
 A few minutes later Addy was back at the table.
"Sorry you guys; that was my kids. I'm needed at home."
"Oh, Okay Addy. I'll talk to you later then?", I said.
"Of course," she said, smiling.
 Grabbing Vanessa arm, Addy said, "Come on Nessa, your driving me home."
"Okay," Vanessa laughs, "Bye Dawn. And nice to meet you Newbie."
 When they left it was just Newbie and I.
"Then there were two," Newbie joked.
Laughing, I asked," What do you wanna do?"
 "Hmm, well there's a movie showing at 9 and it's...," looking his watch Newbie adds,"8:45. You wanna go see it?"
"Sure. Let's go," I said excitedly.
 2 hours later Newbie and I are sitting on one of the benches outside the theater- talking.
 I got a little tired and fell a sleep on Newbie's shoulder while he was telling some story.
 Next thing I knew I was waking up to labor pains.
 Welcome Baby 74, Kimmy Turner! (named after one of my real life friends)
And Baby 75, David Turner! (named after my sister's male idol, David Archuleta) 25 more to go! ^_^
 Hey readers! I hope you liked this post as much I did making it. It's a lot of work to put into making it these happen so please comment so I have something to look forward to. I love your feedback. Thank you. :)
I have download links to all Dawn's kids under 'The Kids' page above. If you wanted to use any of her kids for your challenge, stories or just to have them in your game. 
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  1. Hope your alright Dawn! May your daddy r.i.p.
    Newbie's back in your life as your best friend again, who need girlfriends/boyfriends when you two have each other to look after one another
    Your children all look cute. I like the new twins.
    Sad but GOOD post :)

  2. Dawn this was an amazing post. So full of emotion and friendship and love. I am so sorry for the loss of your dad. We are here for you girl.

    Hugs Ashby

  3. May your father RIP. Kimmy's hair is absolutely beautiful! I haven't seen Nessa in awhile, she looks great with black hair :)

  4. R.I.P Papa Turner!!
    The twins look cute :3
    Newbies so sweet, makes me think of my guy-bestfriend :)
    Great post!!

  5. Your post was amazing. RIP Papa Turner, I love the name Kimmy :)

  6. R.I.P Oscar Turner.
    twins are SO CUTE!!!!