Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My New Blogs :)

Yeah I know your probably wondering what the heck am I doing on this blog because my challenge is over. Well I just wanted to direct my fans/readers to my other blog A Life Not So Ordinary! 
This blog is where Dawn will continue her legacy with Newbie, the reason I'm sharing this is just in case some of my readers didn't read all what I wrote about it at the end of my baby 100 post.
So, yeah, if you didn't know already Dawn is doing a legacy and you can find and read this legacy here.

But that's not all I wanted to share. Since this challenge ended I've been missing it. I had so much fun making it and a week or two ago I decided I would like to make a new baby challenge with someone else. :)
I will not be making one with one of Dawn's daughters or relatives or anything. I don't want my new challenger to have any relation to her what so ever.
The fact that this new challenger of mine isn't relative to, or had any contact with Dawn, is what makes it different. My baby challenger will be a guy. :D Yes, a guy! I wanted to try something different other then another female, so I decided to do the male version of the 100 baby challenge like my good friend Logan Fey (male baby challenger).
I already have this blog set up for this challenge, but there won't be any posts until a week or two, since I have school and all. I will start out with a 2 part past post first and then get into the baby posts.
You can find this new challenge here.

Thank you my readers for all your support and I hope to see you at my other blogs soon. :)