Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Imagined a Different Future for You- Baby 57

I stepped up on the makeover stand and viewed myself in the mirror. Alright time for a makeover.
This time I wanted the challenge moms to pick my next hair color and I have to keep it that color until I have Baby 60; no Ifs, Ands, or Buts.
But the color they picked for me is... Green?! Oh man!
After going through several different outfits and a couple containers of hair dye, I finally manage to get the perfect look. I have to say, I don't look half bad.
Thankfully the new green hair didn't scare Aden, but he did point at my head and say 'mommy looks like a booger' and giggled. I couldn't help but smile.
Well at least the green hair didn't distract him from learning his skills.
Birthday Time!! I was surprised when Aden was born with dark skin. I mean its darker then my skin and his father had green skin. Maybe its just me but I think Tur Koiz could be only a half green sim.
Any how Aden grew to look much like his father, with barely any me in him at all.
Hayden, my adopted Baby 54 grew to look so stunning that I'm almost jealous that she's not blood. I mean have you ever seen such a beautiful sim? Of course that could be my mother pride speaking.
Baby 55, Cynthia developed a style when she became a teen. She wore short shirts and skirts and started wearing tons of hair clips in her hair. She even wore some cat ears.

***3rd Person Point of View***
Ever since prom Greg and Isabel have been closer then ever. Greg would invite Isabel over his place almost everyday, they were nearly inseparable.
But lately Isabel had been distracted. She would occasionally stair into space as if deep in thought, unaware that Greg had been talking to her.
Mia seemed to notice Isabel's behavior and decided to confront her when Greg busy with chores.
"Isabel I know something is upsetting you and I think you should tell someone. I know I'm in no right to but in your business but if you need someone to talk to its sometimes easier to talk to a fellow female Sim. Did my brother do something that upset you?"
Isabel turned to Mia, looking as if she was gonna cry. Mia began think that maybe Greg did do something to upset her and was gonna ask her what he did but was cut short of speaking from Isabel's words.
"I think I'm pregnant Mia."
Mia was caught off guard by Isabel's words and nearly was about to freak out about the whole thing, but Mia stopped herself before she did. She knew if she was in this situation she would want someone to understand her and be there for her.
"Oh..Um..You know I'm here for you. I mean if you are pregnant you should think of it as a blessing and not a curse. I mean a baby, that's a little person you could love forever. You wanted a family, didn't you? What's it matter if that family came early?... If you want we could go to the drug store right now and get a pregnancy test and I'll be right there next to you when you find out. Greg has about an hour of chores to do so we have plenty of time before he starts looking for you and all."
Isabel looks at Mia, surprised at what she said. "Really? You really mean that you'll be right next to me when I read the test? Cause I can't do this alone."
"Of course I'll be right there with you."
Isabel smiled and followed Mia to her car.
Mia and Isabel sat in the bathroom in what seemed like forever, waiting for the test to finish...testing.
When the five minutes came to a close Isabel slowly walked over to the sink and glanced at the pregnancy stick without picking it up. When she read what it said a tear slowly came down her cheek.
Mia saw the tears in Isabel's eyes and then looked the pregnancy test. There it showed a plus sign indicating that Isabel was indeed pregnant.
"Did it happen at Prom?" Mia asked without looking away from the stick.
Isabel just shook her head yes and went into Mia's arms for a comforting hug.
"You have to tell him you know that, right?"
"Y-yes, I I Kn-ow. But at my own t-t-time, ok-kay."
"Of course."

***Dawn's POV***
It was that time again for me to get pregnant so I could continue my challenge. I called a few challenge moms to see if they have any suggestions for fathers. None of the moms seemed to know any possible fathers that are in the Hidden Springs area. I called nearly everyone until I found one, Liana Masons said she knows this guy that would be perfect for my challenge and he happen to be here in Hidden Springs visiting some friends. She quickly gave me his number and I called him as soon as my call with her ended.
The man's name was Rusty Meeks. He seemed happy that I called and asked him to join my challenge.
I wasted no time inviting Rusty over and he made it no time to spare. He also took upon himself to show up in his sleepwear.
Rusty was quite charming. He gave me many compliments and I couldn't help but blush.
Rusty then pulled me into a soft and passionate kiss. Rusty sure does know how to make a girl melt into his arms.
After the kissing I showed Rusty to the bed room.
Then the sweet sounds of a lullaby filled the air.

***3rd Person Point of View***
Mia was just leaving the backyard and was on her way into the house. As she stepped inside she saw Isabel talking to Greg. Mia hadn't seen Isabel in a month, since Isabel found out she was pregnant. Isabel tummy sure has grown since then.
Mia watches Isabel talk to Greg, probably telling Greg that she's pregnant.
Once the word Baby passed Isabel's lips, Greg was taken back- he was shocked. Greg excused himself and walked away with the words 'Your gonna be a father' still buzzing through his mind.
When Greg walked away, Mia walked to Isabel.
"I'll talk to him," Mia says.
Isabel nods silently before Mia walks in the direction that Greg just went.
Mia finds Greg in the exercise room, looking to the wall and mumbling words to himself.
"Greg?", Mia says.
Greg quickly turns around, surprised by the sudden sound of Mia's voice.
"Greg, I know hearing that your gonna be a father is pretty tough. I mean being a teenage father is not always easy, but what happened, happened, so you shouldn't sit around feeling sorry for yourself. You gotta take action and be there for Isabel, she loves you too much and doesn't want to loose you over a baby that should be a blessing."
When Greg heard Mia say that Isabel loved him, he smiled.
"She loves me? I love her too," Greg says. He quickly walks out the room to find Isabel, leaving Mia surprised by his sudden change of mood.
Greg finds Isabel outside and he confronts her, holding her hands and saying sweet things.
"Your a great girl Isabel and I couldn't be more happy to be the father of your baby. I will always be there for you and the baby, The love you and...."
"....I want you to marry me."
Greg gets down on one knee and slips a ring on her finger. Greg was saving the ring for proposing to Isabel once they became young adults, but now seemed to be the right time.
"Yes, yes, yes, I will Marry you Greg Wood Turner," Isabel says before running into Greg's arms.

***Dawn's POV***
Ahh the sweet taste of vomit in the morning.
Of course all that vomit gets the toilet all dirty.
I walked out of the bathroom only to find Greg Isabel starring at me. I don't want to be rued but Isabel seemed a little bigger since the last time I seen her.
"Mom we need to talk," Greg says nervously.
I sat down on the love seat, while Greg and Isabel sit across from me on the other love seat. Greg took a deep breath before speaking.
"Mom I don't know how to tell you this so I'm just gonna come out and say it. Isabel is pregnant with my baby and we're getting married once the baby is born."
When you hear your son say that he got a girl pregnant is gonna marry her your first reaction is yelling, then lecture him about abstinence and marriage at the right time, but I didn't do that at all.
I walked over and hugged my son. I don't know if its the pregnancy hormones but I felt that I should be there for Greg and not yell at him and lecture him, because its pretty much to late any such lecture.
So I guess it was the pregnancy because I quickly let go of our hug and ran to the bathroom to throw up my breakfast....again.

***3rd Person Point of View***
The rest of Isabel's pregnancy was smooth sailing. The baby was healthy and was due any day now.
In just a few days Isabel went into labor.
And gave birth to a little boy.
Greg loved his new son, he couldn't be more happier. Isabel thought that Greg should be the one to name their new son. so Greg decided to name him Van, after his grandma Vanessa Wood.
Greg as a YA.
Isabel Tormon as a YA
Van as a Toddler
After Van was born Isabel and Greg had a small private wedding before aging up into adults. Van grew into an adorable toddler. He looked mostly like his mother with his father's blue eyes.
Kenny as a YA
Abby Moore as a YA
Remember Abby, the girl Kenny went to Prom with? Well when Kenny became a young adult he decided to Propose to Abby. Of course she said yes and they married right away.
Mia as a YA
Loren Nickels as a YA
Mia also tied the knot with her Prom date, Loren Nickels. But being the tough, always takes action, brave girl that she is, Mia was the one to propose to Loren. Mia jumped into Loren's arms when he said ye. The triplets and their new families decided to live together in a fare size home across town.

***Dawn's POV***
Once everyone was gone I felt alone. I was now down to just Cynthia, Hayden and Aden, but they were at school. So I occupied my time by doing the laundry.
Look at how much I've grown since the last time you saw me.
The laundry took all day. When I got the last load into the washing machine I went into labor.
Out came a baby girl.
I introduce you to Baby 57, Liana turner (Named after Liana Love Masons).

*Extra Photos*
Dawn chatting with Isabel
Dawn doing some pose after getting her makeover.
Playing with Poseplayer
Playing with Poseplayer
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  1. Hehee, Kylie had that hairstyle :D
    I don't like Dawn's outfit that much :/ I do like it a wee bit more than I did when I saw it the first time tho :P
    Lol you like get half of the kids married before they move out XD I just sometimes change their hair and clothes and then take a photo and then go to edit town mode and move them into one of the many Ryan households :P
    Great post :)
    Have I ever told you that I love your blog? :P Well I do :)

    1. Hehe! I know! :)
      You don't like Dawn's outfit? I like it. :/ What about it don't you like? Is it too relieving? :P
      Yea I tend to marry off Dawn's kids a lot, well that's because I love playing match maker.
      Awe thank you and I love your blog too. ^_^

  2. When Saph had her twins-she had just got out of the bath and was nekkid the whole time. Guess it glitched when she went into labour in the tub. She never got her clothes back on. Cheeky little woman!

    Also which one of your sons would be a good match for one of my teen twins? I want Uma and Ursula to have a double wedding and marry them off to challenge sons.

    1. Haha really? That's funny! XD
      I love seeing Dawn's children get married, and its even more fun to see then get married to other challenge kids. Okay hmm, a perfect son for your daughter, hmm...
      These are my top three sons that I would love to see get married off, so you could pick from one of them, or if you have a different son in mind then thats fine too. :)
      Okay there's Baby 42, Nick: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=245047768890394&set=a.121677981227374.15940.100001555173597&type=3&theater
      Baby 38, Butch: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=212778345450670&set=a.121677981227374.15940.100001555173597&type=3&theater
      Baby 15, Hunter: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=155975947797577&set=a.121677981227374.15940.100001555173597&type=3&theater

      So here you go. :)

    2. If you want to ask me about any of the boys or have someone else in mind then you can contact me on facebook. :)

  3. What a wonderful post Dawn. Oh My Gosh Van is so cute and funny thing in RL my nephew's name is Van. I LOVE IT!! I can't wait to see what is in store for us next.


    1. Thank you Ashby! :)
      Really? I seen the name Van in the TV show Reba and the fact that it's in the name Vanessa is what made me choose the name. ^_^ I can't wait to bring out the next post.

  4. "Mommy looks like a booger" made me laugh so hard!!! I'm glad Mia and Greg worked things out and I love Dawn's new hair color. :D

    ~Calista Smith

    1. Lol! Yea! I love that part! :D
      I'm glad Mia and Greg worked things out as well.:)
      Yea, Dawn's hair is CRAZY! lol! :)

  5. Thanks Dawn-I took Hunter and Butch. They'll be perfect, just need to get my next post done up. Doing Saph's childhood.

    1. Awesome! Make sure to send me the link when the girls get married. ^_^

  6. Wow, great post!
    You used Rusty, and he made a pretty little girl, but all of your kids are cute even as YA's
    So glad that Greg stepped up and wanted to marry the girl he got pregnant so they could raise Van as a proper family
    Thanks for mentioning me AND naming your baby after me, i'm very grateful! :D
    Very good post and thanks again Dawn!!

    P.S. Nice new look you got going, green somehow works well for you! :)

    1. Yea, too bad little Liana didn't get Rusty's hair color though.
      Greg did the right thing, plus he already had plans to propose once they were adults.
      Thank you and your welcome! :)

  7. Awww, Van is adorable and his mom and dad make a cute couple. How sweet of Dawn not to freak out. I know how my parents reacted to my sister when she announced she was pregnant. My parents laughed and moved on. There was nothing to yell about (said my mom) I LOVE Liana. She's so cute and yes Dawn looks GREAT with green hair :D

    1. Van is such a cutie! Greg and Isabel are a cute couple aren't they? :)
      Dawn didn't freak out because she feared of over reacting and maybe losing Greg, its always best to show your kids you understand.
      Thank you and Thank you! :)