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A Big Step- Baby 54 & 55

 Thank you Xur28 (Ashby Lemi) for the Beautiful Blossom Dress. I'll have Dawn wearing it in no time. It's so beautiful. :)
Thank you haleypwnz for the Harmony Headband Hairstyle. I can't wait to see Dawn or one of her daughters wearing this. It's absolutely adorable.

Zoey and her husband Avery finally had their baby. Unsuspectingly they had a set of twins. It was a little surprise but they felt blessed with two little babies.
The oldest of the Twins was little Roberta Dawn Everard. Roberta got her mommy's hair, eye color nose, and her daddy's lips.
Their other little guy is Jeremie Skyler Everard. He got his grandpa Matthew, great grandma Calista, and Uncle Heath's blue hair. He also got his mommy's eye color and his daddy everything else.
Suri and Heath also unsuspectingly got twins too. A boy and a girl. Both blue skinned like their mother.
This little gal is Gina Calista Turner. She has all her mother's looks
And this is their little boy named Jerod Chris Turner. Little Jerod also look just like his mommy but with his grandma Dawn's purple eyes and pink and brown hair.
Just recently Dawn's son Tyrone, Baby 39, had joined Mikolaj Sierra's 100 Baby Challenge!
He and Mikolaj had a little girl named Nova Sierra (name suggested by me! *Smiles*). Little Nova also brought Mikolaj into her quarter mark in her challenge, Nova is baby 25! :D

***Dawn's POV***
After my recent trip to Hidden Springs to spend Christmas with Addy McKnight and her family, I finally came home.
My son Mason was also there with his girlfriend Ivy (also Addy's daughter) and his daughter Aphrodite (his and Ivy's child) and Ivy daughter from her first marriage, Dartey.
While there Mason finally proposed to his long time girlfriend Ivy in front of the Christmas tree, with Addy and I as witnesses.
I was sad to leave Hidden Springs. It was such a great town with nice people and it's the place to go for the best education and its the best vacation spot. When I got home I was already on the phone with Addy, talking about my trip there.
I later learned I didn't want to leave. Hidden Springs is the perfect place for a family, for my family. So I made a big decision. I was going to move to Hidden Springs. It's a big step but worth it. Plus I get to move further away from Wei Keane, Ugh!
Oh how time flies. Before I knew it, it was time for Damien, Shaunee, and Erin to become Young Adults. Damien being the oldest went first to his cake.
Baby 47, Damien as a Young Adult.
Shaunee went right after Damien, blowing out her candles and wishing for big things for her life as a grown woman.
Baby 48, Shaunee as a Young Adult.
Last one up was Erin. Erin wished to one day to have a big family like her mother. She even considered of attempting the 100 Baby Challenge, but she wants to go to college and she how her life plays out before making such a decision.
Baby 49, Erin as a Young Adult.
I went around and gave each of my grown babies a hug before they had to leave and make lives of their own. Oh I'm going to miss them so much.
After the triplets moved out I was determined to move to Hidden Springs as soon as possible. The first thing I had to do was break the news to Clark. I wasn't sure how he was gonna take it. Moving is a big step for a kid his age, he will be leaving behind memories and friends.
Dawn: Clark I have something I need to tell you.... How would you feel about moving to Hidden Springs? It's a great town and I know you'll love it.
Clark: Move? We're moving? When? Why?
Dawn: Well Hidden Springs is a great town. The people are nice and the schools are great. And if everything goes right we will be moving in just a few days.
Clark: Sounds like fun, mom. I love meeting new people. Can I age up after we move then?
Dawn: Oh I'm so glad. Your gonna love it. And yes we can wait until we move to age you and your sisters. Oh I'm so excited.
I went outside to harvest the remainder of my garden while waiting for Newbie to come by. But before I could make it to my garden I heard Newbie's voice call out from behind me.
I swung around and ran into Newbie's awaiting arms. I was so happy to see him. It's been almost a month since I last seen him.
We did some catching up before I led him inside. I still haven't told Newbie my plans of moving to Hidden Springs. It was going to be hard to tell him. He's the only reason I'm sad about moving.
I brought Newbie out back so we could be alone.
Dawn: Newbie I wanna tell you something but I'm not sure how you'll react.....'m Hidden Springs. I'm leaving Twinbrook and moving to a new town.
I waited for Newbie to say something. He was silent for a moment before he finally spoke.
Newbie: Moving? Your Moving?... Hidden Springs is like thousands of miles away.
Then Newbie fell silent again. This time his silence lasted longer, long enough were I had to say something to get him to speak.
Dawn: Newbie? Are you mad?
Newbie seemed to snap out of his trance that he apparently was in and look at me.
Newbie: No, NO...I'm happy for you. Your moving! I'm just gonna miss my best friend.
Dawn: Oh Newbie I'm gonna miss you too. Sooooo much. Trust me your the only reason that makes me wanna stay. I don't think I can handle not having you always around.

***Newbie's POV***
After Dawn told me that she was moving thousands of miles away to a new town I was shocked. Then I was upset. My best friend was leaving. After a month of being away from her, I come back to find that she's moving away. That was something I didn't want to hear.
Suddenly my brother Quinn came around the corner all smiles and happy to see me.
Quinn: Hey Newbie, you wanted to see me?
Quinn takes a seat on the bench and then looks over to me.
Quinn: Okay Newbie what is it? What did you want to talk to me about?
I took a quick breath before explaining to Quinn what I wanted to do.
Newbie: Well I wanted you to be the first to know that I was thinking about moving to Hidden Springs.
Quinn gives me a questionable stare and I could tell he was a little confused about me wanting to move all of the sudden.
Quinn: Move? Well Moving is just fine, but to Hidden Springs? Why in the world would you want to move there? It's nothing but a vacation spot, a place to go only for a temporary visit, not to live.
I started to explain to Quinn my decision but once I said "Well Yesterday Dawn told me she was moving to Hidden Springs....", I was cut off by an excited Quinn who threw his hands in the air.
Quinn: DAWN!! I should have known that Dawn was the reason. Now why move there because Dawn is moving there? I'm sure you guys can still be long distance friends.
Newbie: Well it's because of her boyfriend Lerk. A while back I made a promise to Lerk that while he was gone at war that I was here to protect her. I can't do that if she moves.  I have to move too. And why not Hidden Springs? I hear it's a great town to live in.
Quinn: Well count me in. I'm moving to Hidden Springs with you. Your my brother and where you go, I go. So you can go out to Hidden Springs with Dawn now and I'll stay here and get things ready for a move. You can rent a hotel room until I look for a house for us to rent.
Newbie: Thanks Quinn for understanding. I appreciate it. So I'll rent a hotel while I'm out there until we find a suitable home. While I'm add it I'll search for a job as well when I'm there.
Quinn: Sounds like a plan.
Quinn headed for home to start house searching right away, while I headed to the hospital to talk to my boss about transferring me to Hidden Springs.

***Dawn's POV***
I'm constantly online either looking for available lots for sale in Hidden Springs, signing the kids up for their new school, or on Facebook telling the news of the move to the other Challenge Moms.
The last few days here in Twinbrook I did some butterfly catching and fishing. I've been trying to get enough items to sell to make enough money for transportation to Hidden Springs.
Then the final day came. I stood with Mia in my arms staring at the empty room before me. I told no one outside my family here in Twinbrook about me moving, to prevent Wei from finding out. The last thing I need is Wei following me to Hidden Springs.
Right now only Newbie, my family, and the challenge moms know I'm moving to Hidden Springs.
Newbie: Hey Dawn.
I heard Newbie say from behind me. I turn and see him all smiles. I figure he would be just a little upset about me leaving cause I sure is, but he didn't seem the least bit upset at all.
Dawn: Hey Newbie. You came to say goodbye?
Newbie: Well Dawn I came to say I'm coming with you. I'm moving to Hidden Springs.
Dawn: What? Your moving too? Newbie I don't want you to move to Hidden Springs just because I'm moving. I don't want you to feel like you have to move because I'm gonna miss you and all. I want you to go because you wanna go.
Newbie: No Dawn. I'm going because I want to. I only stayed here in Twinbrook because of you, so why not move to Hidden Springs with you. Plus I heard great things about that town, like the hospitals there have the best surgeons and doctors around. My boss said that transferring me there will only add to their good reputation.
Dawn: What about a home? Where will you live? Did you find a house yet in Hidden Springs?
Newbie: My brother Quinn is working on that now. I'm going to Hidden Springs now, with you, and renting a hotel room until Quinn finds us a house out there.
Dawn: This is great Newbie. I'm so glad your coming. But please stay at my place until your brother finds a house. I don't want you to waste your money on a hotel when you have a friend in town.
Newbie: Thank you Dawn.
We arrived in Hidden Springs by morning. The house was amazing. More beautiful then I pictured. The architect was Lee Gleis, not a big name architect but well known enough to get business. I also had a home designer named Hai Ner come in and furnish my home before I arrived.

*First Floor*
Baby/Toddler room with play room connection.
Exercise room.

*Second Floor*
Girl's Room
Boy's Room
Dawn's Room
Dawn's Office

*Third Floor*
Skills Room
Music Room
Guest Rooms

Clark seem really excited about the new house. Before he made it ten feet in the door he was jumping and clapping with excitement.
Right behind us, Newbie comes through the door. Smiling and admiring the inside of the house. I turned to walk towards him.
Dawn: Come on Newbie, it's birthday time. Time to celebrate.
He nods and follows me to get the kids ready.
My Baby 50, Clark as a Teen.
Baby 51, Mia as a Child.
Baby 52, Kenny as a Child.
Baby 53, Greg as a Child.
The next day I prepared some eggs for breakfast with my special ingredient- watermelon.
I heard some footsteps come down the stairs and then I see Newbie sit in the chair in front me- watching me cook.
Newbie: Hey Dawn making breakfast?
I threw the ingredients in the pan and smiled at Newbie.
Dawn: Yep! This here is for you and I.
Newbie: What about the kids?
I laugh at Newbie while flipping the eggs.
 Dawn: The kids left for school a couple of hours ago, Newbie. They had their breakfast.
I laugh again when Newbie looks at the clock and says 'Oh'.
Newbie: Hey Dawn I have to ask. Since when do you wear glasses?
I swallow what food I had in my mouth before looking at Newbie.
Dawn: I've had glasses since I was a teenager, it's just I always worn my contacts. I'm just taking a break cause contacts can get irritating after a while.
Newbie: Really? Well you look good in glasses, you should keep them on.
I stop eating, grin at Newbie and say thank you. He can be so sweet.
Newbie was so nice as to clean up afterwards and put the leftovers away.
My phone starts ringing and I answer it with a cheerful hello.
Once I found out who was on the other line and why I ran to the door. I was so excited, she had finally arrived.
The woman at the door made me sign a few papers and then handed me the baby carrier. When I got back inside I pulled my new little girl out of her carrier.
Hayden (Name suggested by my Real Life Mom) looked just like her picture. She looked at me and smiled, she seemed so happy oblivious to what had happened.
Newbie walked out the kitchen to see what all the notion was about and found I was holding my new adopted daughter.
Newbie: Dawn when did you plan to adopt this little cutie?
Dawn: Well I was watching the news and heard this story about this couple that was murdered, leaving behind their daughter. So I called up their local adoption service to see if she was up for adoption and she was. Her name is Hayden.
Before Newbie and I could say another word to each other, Mia comes in the front door. Once she spotted Hayden in my arms she got extremely excited. She was the only girl until I adopted Hayden.
 A couple hours later my doorbell rang. It was an orange man by the name of Cherry Tomato. He came by to welcome me into the neighborhood, only to be surprised that I was a challenge mother.
 He then surprised me by asking if he could take part. I was a little hesitant at first since I just adopted a little girl, but I couldn't resist passing up his genetics. So I said yes.

**Newbie's POV**
 When Dawn asked me to watch her kids while she went out a bit, I didn't hesitate one second.
 I placed little Hayden in the swing and set it on slow. In no time she was fast asleep.
 After I put Hayden to bed I helped the kids with their homework.
 Then I did my own house hunting in the daily newspaper.
 After all the kids were all in bed I headed to the third floor guest bathroom to take a shower.
 And brush my teeth.
 Then I got ready for bed, making myself comfortable in one of the guest rooms.
 In the morning I found Dawn in the kitchen and happy to see me awake.
 She went on about her day yesterday and how excited she was about having her next baby. She really hoped that the baby got orange hair like their dad.
My phone then interrupted Dawn's story. She so nicely stopped talking and let me answer since it might be important.
 I answered the phone and it was my brother Quinn with good news.
 I walked off a little to get some privacy and then I let Quinn finish what it was he wanted to say.
 I couldn't wait to tell Dawn the news. So after the phone call I walked over to her where she waited to hear the news.
Newbie: That was Quinn. He's here in Hidden Springs and he found a house. He wants me to go with him to check it out.
Dawn: Oh my that's wonderful Newbie. Tell tell Quinn I said hi.
 Dawn let me barrow her car so I could go check out the house. So I grabbed the keys and headed to the address Quinn provided me.
 From the outside the house looked a fair size for two people.
But when I got inside it was covered in tacky wall paper and furniture. Quinn was happy to see me and he seemed to notice the tackiness as well. Well the tackiness could always be changed. Quinn then showed me around the house.

**Dawn's POV**
 I spent my entire morning upgrading the bathroom appliances to self-cleaning.
 I barely finished the upgrading the downstairs bathroom before baby 55 started to make its first appearance, but after I rubbed and admired my baby bump I went back to work.
 I decided to hold off on upgrading the rest of the bathrooms and do some household chores, like feeding the fish.
 Doing the laundry.
 And potty training Hayden.

**Newbie's POV**
When I arrived back at the house Dawn was with Hayden. I could see that Dawn was pregnant by the small baby bump she had. When she put Hayden back on her side she looked at me and shot me one of her smiles.
Dawn: Oh Newbie your back. So when are your moving in your new house?
Newbie: Quinn has to make a few more arrangements but I'll be able to move in, in just a few days.
Dawn: That's great.
Dawn  placed Hayden gently on the ground and approached me.
Dawn: Newbie we don't spent enough time together. We haven't hung out since before you left for your mother's for Christmas. So I was thinking we do something together. How would you like a makeover...Just clothing, don't worry I won't mess with your hair or put make up on you. So?
Newbie: Well Okay then, but don't dress me all girly, okay.
Dawn: I won't. I'm gonna make you a true ladies man, trust me.
Upstairs I stood in front of the mirror while Dawn examined me for any changes she wanted to make.
Dawn: Maybe...hmmm...some yellow? Yes you'll look good in yellow. Bright colors really bring out your beauty.
Newbie: Beauty? I don't want to be beautiful Dawn, beautiful is a word you use for women.
I looked at myself in the mirror and imagined myself wearing yellow.
Dawn: Fine. It'll bring out your inner masculinity.... Now Maybe some more facial hair- a five o'clock shadow perhaps? Yes yes this will work.
About 20 minutes later Dawn had me in a low cut shirt with a yellow jacket and faded jeans.
Newbie: A low cut shirt, Dawn? I mean my chest hair is showing, and why facial hair doesn't that mean your dirty?
I turned around and got off the small step. I planted my feet on the ground and faced Dawn.
Dawn: Come on Newbie, body hair and facial hair is a turn on for some women. I mean don't you want that dream girl you've been looking for? Besides you look really cute this way, and I'm sure the girls will be all over you in town. And you moved so you got a whole new town of women to meet. For all you know the woman your gonna marry could be here in town right now.
Dawn had a point. Besides I like my new look and the facial hair is not that bad, it means I don't have to shave as often.
I lift my hand and pat Dawn's shoulder once before answering.
Newbie: Your right, and thank you. I love my new look and yes yellow is a good color.
Dawn: Really? You like it?
Newbie: Of course I do. If you think I look good in yellow then I'll take your word for it. You are a girl, so you know what girls like.
Dawn: Thanks!

**Dawn's POV**
Newbie went upstairs to work on his logic skill, while I went downstairs to pay the bills. The bills where crazy this month, I'm gonna have to tell the kids to cool it on the water and heat. I mean $2,000?
I signed my name and placed the bills back in the mailbox. Closing it I was statled by a sudden call of my name from behind me.
Addy: Dawn Evetta Turner!
I turned around to a very pissed but very happy Addy. She walked up the steps to my house and I invited her inside.
Inside Addy got right to the point. There was no moment of silence or anything.
Addy: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn! Why didn't you tell me you moved to Hidden Springs already? I mean I thought we were friends, we tell each other everything. I had so much I wanted to show you here in town.
Dawn: I'm sorry I guess time got away from me and I forgot.
Addy looked down at my bulging tummy and then gave me a smirk. Oops! *blush*
Addy: Got away from you, huh?
I couldn't keep a straight face with Addy, she's too good. I started to laugh and Addy joined in.
After laughing Addy's mood changed completely. She was all happy and in a good mood.
Addy: This is great Dawn. We live in the same town, now we can hang out more. Oh man this is so exciting. I mean we're the only two challenge moms that are living in Hidden Springs. Isn't this crazy, right? Oh what should we do first? Go to the mall, the park, or wait the spa?
Dawn: How about we stay here and play Foosball?
Addy: Foosball?
Dawn: Yea I don't want to leave the house while I'm so close to giving birth.
Addy: Okay Foosball it is then.
Addy and I walk over to the Foosball table, and as soon as I dropped the ball Addy and I suddenly became competitive.
I tried to be fast and furious, but with me being pregnant I get pregnancy brain every once in a while. I forgot which side I was suppose to shoot the ball and scored a point for Addy.
Addy: Haha... Dawn what are you doing? You just shot the ball in your own goal.
Dawn: What?! I did?! DANG!!
But in the end I won.
Dawn: Yahoo!! I win! In your face Addy. Haha!
Addy: Dang it I lost! And to a pregnant woman too.
I laughed and then excused myself to use the restroom, but when I came out Addy was good as gone.
I found Addy when I went to check on Newbie in the skills room.
Dawn: Hey Newbie can I join you?
Newbie: Sure thing Dawn.
I gestured a finger over at Addy who was sitting at the design table.
Dawn: Guess Addy came to keep you company?
Addy chuckles in the back and Newbie looks up from the chest table smiling.
After a while Addy left for home. I stayed in the skills room talking to Newbie and watched him play chess.
An hour later I felt my water break and the contraction hit. As I screamed in pain Newbie started to freak out and screamed too.
Once my baby was born all the screaming stopped. She was so beautiful and the cutest little thing. I would like to introduce you to Baby 55, Cynthia Turner (name inspired by my Real Life mom's name, Cindy). 45 more babies to go.

**Newbie's POV**
I started to calm down a bit when Dawn finally gave birth to Cynthia. I'm not used to seeing a woman in labor, I've seen my mom go in labor several times but that was years ago.
I followed Dawn downstairs to the baby room and watched as she placed her newest daughter into her crib.
Dawn: Isn't she just the cutest thing Newbie?
Newbie: She sure is.
I looked down at Cynthia as she laid in her crib. I hoped to one day have a daughter of my own.
But I still have two sons and I have Dawn to thank for that. She's a great girl and I hope I find myself a girl as great as her.

**Dawn's POV**
I decided to celebrate Cynthia's birthday early. So I made a cake and had her birthday the very next day.
Baby 55, Cynthia as a Toddler. Cynthia grew to look just like her father. The only thing she got of mine was my hair and skin color.

Download Dawn's New Hair Color Here!
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