Monday, February 21, 2011

A Bite too Far- Baby 16

 If your under the age of 16 please get your parent's permission before reading on!

Hey, can you guess who this handsome ice sim is? It's my hot boyfriend Lerk. He came over one day while I was trying to figure out what I should make out of ice. He suggested I make an ice sim since I was very good at it. I just laughed and said "Who Lerk? Me? Everyone is at school and the babies are sleeping", he just laughed and jestered his hand at him and said "Well I'm here aren't I?". And well that's when I made this. He looks even cuter as ice! :D
I noticed One day that I haven't used my handiness skill in a while and maybe that's because nothing really brakes in the house. One day the washing machine broke, I guess I jinxed myself
I went to the mailbox and mailed off a few letters, birthday cards, and anniversary cards. I never forgot about my kids. The paparazzi was there, I swear one day that man is going to make me crack. He's more annoying then my last personal paparazzi.
There was a knock on the door and a ring of the doorbell and Paisley knew exactly who it was. She ran from the activity room and towards the front door screaming "Grandma, grandma, grandma". I swear that Paisley just loves her grandma Vi.
Paisley made it to the door in time to see Grandma Vi walk through with her new hair style.
Paisley didn't waist anytime and started talking. "Grandma you made it, are you really going to stay for our birthday, are you really?".
Violet giggled and laughed at Paisley's question and said "Well of course I wouldn't miss my grand kids big day, when you guys finally hit your teen yours".
Paisley laughed at her grandma, she just loves and admires her so much. "You silly Grandma I love you".
Violet smiled and leaned in to give Paisley a big hug. "Awe, I love you too sweetface".
I was in the other room when I heard people talking. It sounded like Paisley and Silas, but their was another  familiar voice. I walked in to find Violet telling the kids stories and memories about their father when he was their age.
I fully merged from the other room, full view to Violet and the kids. Violet stopped talking when she saw me, she slipped past the kids to face me, telling them "Excuse me kiddos". "Violet I didn't hear you come in, when did you get here?", "Well I just got here a couple minutes ago".
"Grandma is staying for our birthday mommy" Paisley said from behind Violet. All Silas did was just jump up and down, clapping his hands yelling "Yay!!! Birthday time, and Grandma's here, Yay!!".
I smiled at Paisley and Silas. This is will be the first time their grandma got to see them age up and they were more then excited. Violet wasn't staying long so I said "Well I guess we better get started".
I ran to the kitchen and grabbed some party favors which included birthday horns and noise makers. I handed them to Violet and the kids and started the party, Paisley wanted to go first because she couldn't wait for her grandma to see her age up.
Violet blew the horn hard to celebrate her grand baby's transformation into teen hood.
I clapped my hands and yelled happy birthday Paisley when I saw that the birthday glitter was surrounding her.
Paisley was so excited to become a teenager, she spun in a complete circle and aged to the next level of life.
Silas saw his sister turn into a teen and he became as excited as she was. He jumped up with eagerness when he realized it was his turn.
Soon the same glitters that surrounded Paisley was now surrounding Silas.
Paisley turned into a beautiful young lady, she made her hair just like her grandma Vi's. Paisley was far sided  so she had to get glasses.
Silas outgrew his hat and now keeps his hair short. He too was far sided and also wears glasses.
"Do you have to leave so soon Grandma?" Paisley said looking sad that her grandma had to leave.
"Goodbye, I'll see you two sweethearts soon okay" Violet gave Silas and Paisley a nice grandma filled hug.
Violet waved goodbye before she proceeded to leave, she had her own kids she had to get home to.
A few hours after Violet Left Lerk came by. He walked through the door looking cute as ever.
"Lerk you made it" I said with a grin. I was surprised to see him show up early, mainly because the sun was still out.
He grabbed my hands and held them tightly, "Well I wouldn't miss my little girl's birthdays now would I". I smiled at him, He was such a sweet man and a caring father. I just only wish that time travel to the future wasn't real.
The moment only lasted a second because I noticed that their was someone standing by. Lerk noticed my gaze and was hit with realization. He smiled and said "Oh, Dawn this is Wei Keane a friend of mine. I hope you don't mind him being here". "Oh not at all, the girls are right in the room in there", I pointed to the room behind me and Lerk walked right in.
Lerk walked into the room to see Heather Lee Toddling around the room. He couldn't help but grinned at his little girl.
He walked over and swooped her up and lifted her in the air. she giggled at her daddy and said "Da da".
Lerk put her down and then went over to LaVerne and picked her up. He couldn't be a more happier father.
While Lerk handled Heather Lee and LaVerne, I grabbed Hunter. It was birthday time for the little ones.
My little Hunter, I was so excited when I saw he got his father's Big eyes and hair color. But he didn't get his father's eye color, that was okay cause he did get my eye color and that's good enough.
Heather Lee got my eye shape and eye color, but her father's hair color. Heather Lee made her hair like mine, short and curly.
LaVerne was the opposite, she got father's eyes and her brother's hair color. I can't tell what color her eyes are at the moment though.
After the birthday's I thought I should offer something since I had an unexpected guest. "Hey you guys hungry I can fix something up for you two", They both looked at each other and that's when I realized that I forgot they were vampires, "Oh I'm sorry I forgot, well I'm going to get something to drink I'm parched, I'll be right back".
I walked away, leaving the two of them alone.
I opened the fridge and was about to grab something to drink when I heard some footsteps.
I turned around and found Wei standing in the kitchen "Wei what are you doing in here I thought you were with Lerk?".
Wei didn't answer but stepped a little closer to me. "Oh Lerk is around here somewhere.....You know what Dawn I consider Lerk a very lucky man to have a girl as beautiful as you. I see myself getting a little jealous." Wei walked even closer to me and was about one foot away. I could feel myself getting a little uncomfortable. "You know what Dawn how about me and you.....".
I pulled away from Wei. I couldn't believe he was hitting on me when Lerk was in the same house, he was so disgusting. "No, You know very well that Lerk and I are dating, and if we weren't I'm not interested in going out with a guy like you".
He grabbed my hand and I could feel the iciness of his skin, Lerk's skin never felt this cold. "Come on Dawn, become a creature of the night and be with me, Lerk doesn't deserve a girl like you I can be a better boyfriend then he is, come on".
Wei leaned and stole a peck on the check, I swung my hands in the air to block him from coming any closer. "NO, I said no, now get away".
Wei's face went from sweet and flirty to mean and hungry. He grabbed my arm and sunk his teeth into it and in a few seconds I started to feel dizzy and nauseous. But I was still strong enough to make a little scream.
Lerk busted through the doors of the kitchen right after I screamed for my life. He looked angry and furious and looked like he was about to explode.
"Wei what the Hell are you doing to her?" Lerk screamed at Wei who wasn't expecting to see Lerk.
Wei finally let go of me and I fell to the floor feeling dizzy as ever and only a little conscious. Lerk walked right up to Wei and gave him all he had, "What the hell were you doing to my girlfriend you son of a bitch". "Your girlfriend will be a creature of the night weather you like it or not, when she does she won't be with you".
"You get the Hell out of this house you sick bastard, and I never want to see you here again you got that".
I could see and hear everything that was going on right above me but not very well. "Fine but I will be back Lerk and she she won't be lucky next time and........." Then everything went black.
All I heard was mumbling and footsteps and then I felt someone lift me off the ground and carry me away.
It was nearly a day later when I finally came to. I tryed to get up but my head still hurt from when I hit the floor. The bite mark on my arm was fully healed and there wasn't a scar in sight, I didn't feel nauseous or dizzy only pain from the bruise on my head.
I got myself up and leaned again the head of the bed. I saw that Lerk was on my love seat, waiting.
I got myself off the bed and I joined him on the couch. I looked up at him and said "I'm sorry Lerk, about what happened yesterday".
Lerk looked away from me and said "Don't be Dawn, it wasn't your fault it was mine, I should have seen right threw him, I should have known he was one of the Evil ones".
I leaned in close to him, it felt right and safe to be in his arms. "What do you mean the Evil ones Lerk?".
"Well Dawn remember when we first met I told you the story of the vampires becoming extinct?","Yea you said they bit human sims to make more but decided to just join challenges", " yea but there are other vampire sims that refuse to join challenges, they hate challenges, against them, so they bite Sims instead". I felt a shutter run through my spine as I thought about Maverick, the vampire Della Eve knew. "Is Maverick one of them, Lerk?", "Yes".
I got up out of Lerk's arms and looked him in the eyes, he cared so much for me, he loved me. "I love you" I said.
Then I leaned for a kiss that felt like fireworks on the 4th of July.
Lerk got off the couch and embraced me, "Dawn promise me that you'll never become part of the night world, I've always been part of it and never really wanted to be. I was always stuck in night and never really truly seen light. until I met you. Then I realized that every night has it's Dawn. Wei didn't turn you this time but he will be back Dawn, so be extra careful at night". "I promise Lerk". Lerk gave me a quick kiss before he left.
In the morning I worked in my garden and played the piano. Lerk was gone for a couple of weeks to France, he had family he needed to see.
Then my phone started to ring, I answered it "Hello?", "Well Hello Dawn". I recognized that voice and it wasn't very welcoming to hear it either.
"Stay away from me Wei and my kids" Then I hung up.
On the other line after I hung up, Wei was more determine then before to get done what has to be done. "So have it your way Dawn".
That night I worked on my SimFu skill.
But I was only a white belt and wasn't very good, yet!
I Worked on the SimFu dummy until I made it to the yellow belt. I started to show off my moves.
"Looking good Dawn" I heard Wei voice come from behind me and every hair on my body lifted up, I could feel his cold skin from here.
I turned to face him and he was already a foot from me, man he moves fast. I was terrified but I tryed to act cool. "What are you doing here Wei?".
"You know why I'm here Dawn" Wei said in a flirty voice that made me more nervous.
"I never take no for an answer Dawn, and besides why would I want a woman that talks back".
"Stay away Wei, no No NOOOOOO!"
I woke up in the morning feeling a little odd, I knew what he did but didn't want to believe it.
I have been talking to this man from Mexico named Eddie Rosado who was doing a soccer tour in the US and wanted to join my challenge while he was out here and hopeful join other challenges. I told him I'll ask the other challenge mothers for him to join and mail their responses as soon as I get them.
Around 5 o'clock I saw that Eddie was here. I ran outside as fast as I can.
Eddie was a very cute man with Black and Pink hair, light pink eyes and a muscle built body. He was very cute.
I ran to him and grabbed his hands, "Eddie your early?".
"Well I had an early Flight, so you can continue your challenge faster", "Awe thanks Eddie".
Well you know what happens next right! ;)
I started to feel odder then ever after Eddie left, I just tryed to ignore it by painting. But I knew what was coming and couldn't stop it no matter how hard I try.
I put down my paintbrush and paint and waited for the bats and red mist to finish the job.
It didn't hurt at all but I knew I didn't want to look at myself. I had to leave the house and away from all mirrors.
I tryed run from my problem but knew that I never can, all I can do was get away. And what better way then the night. The night felt good, I felt strong, stronger then just being indoors.
I went to Plasma 501, I know right an odd place for me to be. I saw that Jay Wriner was there, I couldn't let him see me like this, I had to leave. I turned around to leave but something inside me was preventing me from doing so, My inner monster was taking over. I knew what it was that my monster self was doing, it was........hunting"
Soon my monster self took complete control and I bite Jay, not for blood but to turn.
I left as fast or faster then I came. I couldn't believe what I just did to poor Jay. What would Della think of me, will she hate me forever, will she never speak to me again? I hated myself for everything that happened.
I knew what it was, it was Wei, it was all his fault. He was an Evil one, biting Sims, but his bite made those he bit want to also bite others. He was the one that made my monster side stronger then my human.
Soon I got sick and threw up all over the ground, I almost forgot about my poor baby. Will he/she become like me, a vampire? If he/she does will he/she be like their father and not an Evil vampire, like me. Then I heard something, clicks. I looked up and saw my personal paparazzi taking pictures of me of what I just did. I will be publicly disgraced, people will see that I became a vampire. It made me so mad, so mad That I lost myself again and then....
I turned him. I was out of control and out of there fast and I didn't forget to grab his camera and tossed it into the lake.
I couldn't tell Lerk what has happened to me, not after I promised that I will never be this. So I kept it a secret from him until I can no longer.
I ran to the bathroom feeling sick again and I got my first baby sign.
Paisley was a very responsible girl, she made sure her little siblings were always fed.
Oops, you silly Hunter.
Paisley took Hunter out of his high chair and said "No Hunter we don't do that, we eat our food not play with it".
Paisley wasn't just a responsible girl but a neat one.
I started to work out to keep myself distracted, Paisley and Silas decided to joined in with me.
But I had to call Della. I called her up and told her everything that happened from Wei to being bitten to biting Jay. I told her I was completely sorry for what I had done. She said she understood and that she already had plans to turn him back once he became a vampire. I also called lil Della because she just recently changed into a vampire by an Evil one and understood how I was feeling and I understood her.
After calling Della I was feeling a little better about myself, I'm so lucky to have friends that understood and cared about me. I was feeling better enough to teach Hunter his skills.
When I taught Hunter his speaking skill He got the words right away.
I was online chatting with Della. Violet was also online but wasn't talking. So Della made a bet with me that Violet was probably working on her post. Guess who lost! Yes me, I made sure to send her the 100 simoleons right away.
Now that I was a vampire I had to do my gardening at night. It wasn't all that bad I harvested 4 life fruits, only step one of getting Tyler back.
Since I was almost done with my Athletic skill, I decided to work out until it was mastered.
After Mastering my Skill I still had to teach Hunter his walking skill, but he never got to master that because.....
I went into labor.
Heather Lee was freaking out about it which I don't get because she had the brave trait.
The labor was short and sweet and soon I had my new baby boy in my arms.
And Yes he is a vampire Baby and his name is Mason Turner, baby 16 of my 100 Baby Challenge.
I heard a noise and turn around to see Lerk stand there looking at me in shock and in sadness. This is what I didn't want him to see, me looking like this after I promised him.
I handed Mason to Paisley and I ran into Lerk's arms and he met me half way. He kissed and....
Held me tightly in his arms. I couldn't see his face, I couldn't see how he felt about me becoming a night monster, but then he said "I'm so sorry Dawn".

Thanks for reading my post and I hoped you enjoyed it! I put a lot of work into making these posts happen for you guys so it's much appreciated if you left a comment below. Thank you!


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