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Babies 51, 52 & 53- Part 2/2: Christmas Eve Babies!

 Birthdays were just around the corner for Clark and the triplets and they couldn't be more excited. But before any of them could have any birthday Clark had to be caught up with his skills.
Clark is one tough baby when it comes to teaching skills, he refuses to listen when I try to teach him new words. But I eventually got him to cooperate and he learned to talk in no time.
 I spent to entire night before baking four cakes for the birthdays. Shaunee seemed especially interested in the cakes that I had neatly set on the counters.
If it has sugar or frosting in it then Shaunee will eat it. She seemed more eager to age up then anyone else, mainly because she wanted to get her hands on a piece of cake.
 Clark was the first one to celebrate his birthday. I picked him off the ground and brought him to an evenly frosted cake with his name on it. Clark seemed pleased when he saw the cake and started to jump around in my arms laughing when everyone started to sing happy birthday.
 After everyone finished the song I leaned Clark in closer to the two lit candles. Of course Clark needed a little help to blow out his candles, so I blew out one while he blew out the other.
 Baby 50, Clark as a Child. Clark is one adorable little boy if you ask me. He will have no problems with the girls when he's older, he's a true Wriner.
 As soon as Clark became a child Shaunee and the others didn't waste time and they approached their cake. I walked over to them and lit the candles on each of their cakes.
 Damien went first; making a wish and blowing out his candles.
 And soon after Damien was surround my the sparkles and the transformation from Child to Teen began.
 Baby 47, Damien as a Teen. Damien was really into hats for the last few years so I wasn't surprised when I found Damien in a red and white hat.
 Once Damien was a teen Shaunee quickly blew out her candles- skipping the birthday wish completely.
 When Shaunee was surrounded by the sparkles she jumped up and accepted it as it consumed her. She acted like a pro when it came to birthday sparkles.
 Baby 48, Shaunee as a Teen. Shaunee grew into a stunning teen; with her blond hair and blue eyes she will have all the boys crawling.
 Erin took her time when it was her turn to age up. She made sure she knew what she wanted to wish for before blowing out her candles.
 Erin smiled when her body was swallowed up by the sparkles that had taken Damien and Shaunee from Child to Teen. Erin just laid back as her body stretched and grew.
 Baby 49, Erin as a Teen. Just like her sister Erin was stunning as a teen. Erin has the facial features that make her look just like an angel.
 In the last two weeks before Christmas each of the kids showed an interest in something. For Erin it was design. She would spend her time between homework and bed at the sketching table designing dresses.
 For Shaunee it was the stars. She was fascinated by the outside world. She would visit the science facility once a week to observe the scientists at work learning new planets.
 For for Damien it was obviously video games. Damien had joined a site where he gets the latest scoop on video games of all kinds. There was one new arcade game that he was especially interested in.
 I've been shopping none stop all day for Christmas presents. Not only for my kids but for some of my grand kids, nieces and nephews. I've been saving up all year just for Christmas shopping- the most expensive time of year.
 When I walked out of one of the stores I was shopping at, I spotted my nephew Gene. I wonder if my brother Dean had gain custody of Gene or if Molly had. I'm sure my brother would have called if the custody trails were over.
 I was walking down one of the busy streets for shopping when I spotted the most beautiful dress in one of the store windows. I must buy it. I know the perfect person who would love it.
 The store was open, thank god, so I didn't have to come back tomorrow. It was 9pm.
 When I walked in the store smelled of moth balls and perfume. It was one of those stores that sold used and new stuff.
 I search the rack for the dress I saw on display in the window. Surely they must have another one some were, the one in the window can't be the only one.
 When I finished searching through the racks of clothes I explored the rest of the store. I found an interesting firetruck toy. I bent over and grabbed it from the shelf. It'll be a good gift for someone, but I don't know who yet.
 When I finished browsing through the store shelves and racks of clothes, I brought the items I grabbed to the front counter to purchase them.
 In the morning I did some chores around the house while the kids were at school. I managed to catch up in all the laundry. Now let's hope I don't get buried alive in them again.
 After I put all clothes away and cleaned up the laundry room I got a call from Vanessa saying that the father she had promised for my challenge will be over today. I thanked her and hung up.
 I did some fishing in my pond while I waited for the guy that Vanessa suggested to come over. I couldn't wait to see who it is. Is it someone I've met before. Did he join Vanessa's challenge? What about other challenges? Will I like him?
 While my mind rambled on about who this guy was I was suddenly approached by him.
Man: Are you Dawn Turner?
 I turned to get a good look at the man, while putting away my fishing gear.
Dawn: Yes I'm her.
 Man: I don't know if you remember but I was sent by Vanessa Wood to join your challenge. My name is June, June Wood.
 I nearly choked on my words when the man said his name.
Dawn: I should have known Vanessa was sending one of her sons. Better yet I should have guessed. I'm so honored to have a Wood boy join my challenge. I wonder what made her pick you out of all her sons?
 June: Well isn't it obvious? I am the cutest.
June said while flexing his muscles.
 I laughed at June's cocky behavior. He seemed to know how to break the ice and make a girl feel more comfortable.
 June: So should we get to work on putting that baby in your oven?
June smiles and points a finger to my tummy.
 I look down at my flat stomach and giggle, then I realize how much I missed being pregnant, which is a first.
 I looked back up at June who was still smiling at me like I've done something that amused him. I couldn't help but smile back at him. Then I leaned in and gave him a kiss.
Dawn: I'm ready. Shall we head to the back?
June: I'm right behind you.
I smile and walk to the back yard with June right behind me.
 Luckily I had my bathing suit under my clothes and I quickly stripped off my top layer of clothing before I slowly got in the hot tub.
 June got in right after me. He too had a bathing suit under his clothes which surprised me since I didn't even tell Vanessa I was gonna take the father into the hot tub.
 Once June settled in the hot tub I snuggled up close to him. We sat talking a bit, about his mother and her challenge, and me and my challenge.
 After while and what I thought was enough talking, I quieted June with a kiss.
 Then baby 51 was conceived.
 The entire next day I spent some time with Clark in the kitchen; baking cookies for some friends and neighbors.
 Clark was super excited about the cookies. He stood and watched them bake through the oven window. I swear that everything fascinates that boy.
 When the cookies were done Clark begged to have a taste. It took some whining before I finally gave up and let Clark have just ONE cookie and then I told him to save the rest for our friends and neighbors.
 When Clark ran off to do whatever it is that he does when no one is watching, while I made myself some hot chocolate.
 Yumm! I love Hot Chocolate in December.
 Well hello there little baby, welcome! When I felt the first kicks of my baby 51 I got all giddy and excited. I wonder if it'll look like me or his dad, maybe even his grandma Vanessa.
 I finally finished the Christmas shopping and I still had enough money to start paying next months bills a little early.
 I also mailed off some gifts and Christmas cards to my kids, grand kids, nieces, and nephews.
 A day before Christmas Eve Clark and I made our annual Christmas Gingerbread house. Of course we almost ran out of candy. I had to keep an eye on Clark and his sticky fingers.
 The next day I got a call from Newbie. He told me he will be back in town in a matter of days.
You see Newbie spent most the month of December at his parents house. I did visit his mom Ashby Lemi the first day he arrived there but I could only stay that one day. (Read Dawn's Visit Here)
 It was Christmas Eve and Clark and I made some cookies to leave out for Santa Claus.
 We made a variety of different kinds of cookies, and Clark even suggested to put a couple dounuts on there too.
Dawn: Donuts Clark?
Clark: MOM, no one can resist jelly donuts.
 After Clark placed the plate of cookies and donuts on the table for Santa Claus, I got him ready for bed.
Dawn: Now time for bed sweety or Santa wont come. You know he sees you when your sleeping.
Clark: Yea, yea, yea Mom. I know. And he knows when you've been good or bad. I'm going to bed.
 Clark snuggles up in his blanket and falls a sleep instantly. Once he's all comfy I give him a good night kiss before looking over to check on Damien and then leaving the room.
 I walk across the hall and quietly open the door to the girl's bedroom. Once I see that both the girls were sound to sleep I quietly slip out and head downstairs.
 Once my foot hit the first floor my labor pains kick in. I tried to limit my screams of pain and agony into whispers to prevent from waking the kids.
 I managed to prevent waking up any of my kids for about an hour before the pains stopped and I gave birth.
 I introduce you to Baby 51, Mia Turner (Mia is named after a little girl in my Real Life that was born on Christmas Eve).
 Baby 52, Kenny Turner (Thanks to Kayla Lynne Varnell).
 Baby 53, Greg Turner (Named after my Real Life Dad).
 Mia, Kenny and Greg turned out to be such adorable toddlers. Mia was the only one to get her father's hair- the boys got my hair. They all looked like me besides the fact that Kenny got his dad's lips, Mia got her dad's skin tone and Greg got blue eyes.
 Morning finally rolled around and it was Christmas. I was up most of the night with my new babies and caring for them, so I was super tired when I heard my kids yell Merry Christmas from across the hall.
I managed to get up anyways when Clark came running into my room and jumped onto my bed.
 Clark got a new bike for Christmas. He seemed super excited about. Of course it was a little big so he had to wait a little longer before he could fit on the bike.
 Damien was in shock when he saw the new arcade game, that he loved so much, sitting in the living room. He forgot about the rest of the presents and just plugged in the game and started playing almost immediately.
 Erin squealed in delight when she saw the professional designer dress dummy I got her.
 And Shaunee stood there in awe when she saw the high tech antique telescope that I had the search forever for. I ended up having to buy it online.
 And the triplets loved the toys I bought. It was a great Christmas and all my kids were happy of what they got.
After cleaning up all the wrapping paper I got all the kids ready and dropped them off at their Grandpa Oscar's house for the day, while I made a trip to Hidden Springs to visit my friend Addy, who so nicely invited me over to her place for Christmas. (Read Dawn's visit to Addy's house Here)
First I want to Thank Vanessa Wood for allowing me to use her son, June Wood, in my challenge.
I hope you all enjoy my holiday post, sorry again that it came out so late. Please leave a comment of your thoughts below. I work really hard to make these posts happened and having comments makes it all worth wild. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this special 2 part holiday post.
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