Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Couple Tears, A Little Magic, And Some Fun- Baby 56

"Awe look at you, your just the cutest little thing I ever did see."
"I'm gonna get you, I'm gonna get you. Hahaha."
Little Hayden just sat back in her baby swing giggling at Newbie as he made silly faces and cooed her. Hayden just loved Newbie, he always finds a way to make her laugh.
Just as fast as Babies come into the family, they grow, and leave. It was once again time for some birthdays, starting with Baby 55, Cynthia. Everyday Cynthia looks more like her father, even though she's lacking the pinkish skin tone, she's still her father's daughter.
And then it's Baby 54, Hayden's turn for a birthday as well. Even though I never met Hayden's parents, I know she looks so much like her mother. She's a true beauty like the rest her sisters.
Recently I've gotten into studying magic. It was a hard thing to learn and took much of my time.
The girls Hayden and Cynthia gotten into the hobby of painting. They love painting pictures of random objects they would find around the house.
While the girls where loving the paint, Clark was loving the chisel and hammer. Clark wanted to one day make the next David.
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It was that time once again where the family comes together to celebrate that special day that everyone celebrates only once a year. It was time for Mia, Kenny and Greg to become teenagers.
 Everyone was there to celebrate their coming of age.
 Vanessa Wood (The triplet's grandma) was there to join in all the birthday fun.
 Baby 52, Kenny as a Teen.
 Baby 53, Greg as a Teen.
Baby 51, Mia as a Teen.
 After all the cheering, everyone helped themselves to some cake.
 "Thank you for coming over Vanessa, its so great that the kids got to meet their amazing grandma."
 "Oh my gosh, Dawn, I wouldn't want to miss my grandbabies' birthday."
 After a little chat of just Vanessa and me, Mia didn't take long to ask her wonderful grandma to teach her to drive.
 Vanessa being as awesome and sweet as she is, happily agreed to Mia's request. It's not everyday she gets to see her.
And off they went. Vanessa taught Mia to drive most of the night and later Mia took her grandma to an all night diner, Mia's treat, for a thank you dinner.
 Newbie got the call from his brother Quinn that their house is ready for them to move into. So Newbie and I spent the last few minutes together watching the sunrise before he had to move his things into the new house.
 It was just silence that floatied between us. I was missing him already, even though he was only moving across town and that he could come over anytime.
 The sun rised and a car horn hunked for Newbie. He gave me a quick hug before he ran off to the waiting taxi.
Baby 50, Clark as a YA. Clark is such a handsome young man. He celebrated his birthday on his own when I was with Newbie. So when Newbie left, I walked into the house to find that my Baby 50 is leaving. I wish him luck.

***Greg's POV***
 After school I went straight to the exercise room. I've wanted to gain some muscle mass to get this cute girl at school to like me. Her name is Isabel Tormon, but no matter how many times I work myself tired I know that I'm never gonna gain enough muscle in time to impress her and ask her to Prom.
 I gave up on the workout and went to the other room to feed the fish.
 Then I joined my sister Mia outside.
"I don't know Mia, I don't think she knows that I even exist."
 "Come on Greg, quit it. I know, you know, that she knows you totally exist. You two were partners in the Science class project last month. I say you go for it and ask her to Prom."
 Before I could respond to my sister I noticed our mom just a few yards away, weeping.
 We made our effects to approach her to see what was upsetting her.
"Mom why are you crying? Is something wrong? Did someone die?" Mia was throwing all kinds of questions at mom.
"No, no one died. I'm just mourning the loss of Tyler. I still miss him so much. It helps to mourn every once in a while."
 "I gotta go and meet someone, you two stay here and watch your siblings. I'll be back." Mom ran off towards the garage- leaving Mia and I alone in the yard.
 "Who's Tyler? I thought she said that no one died?" I asked Mia, totally confused.
"Tyler was Baby 3 in Mom's challenge. He passed away from a fire when he was just a child. It was devastating and Mom almost quit her challenge over it. Tyler was our half brother"
 "That's horrible. No wonder she still cries for him. I'm glad she didn't quit or we would never be here," I said feeling sad for my mother.
Suddenly Kenny comes out of know where to see what Mia and I was up to. We just told him that we just saw Mom crying and wanted to see whats up.
After telling Kenny what Mia told me about Tyler, we all wanted to see the grave of our deceased brother. Beside his grave was another one of our still missing brother, Liam.
I wondered why our mom didn't mourn for Liam's grave? Maybe she still has high hopes that he might still be alive.

***Dawn's POV***
 I did my morning walk through town- visiting the town's popular places. I also collected a few random seeds while I was add it and then I got my first sign of my growing baby.
This Baby's father was a man named Kur Koiz. He's green in color with greenish blue hair. He was much older then me, being an adult; and dressed like a hard core, bad to the bone, biker guy. I mostly chose him for his hair and skin tone.
 After so much hard studying I finally learned the summoning spell. I was eager to try it out.
 I shouted the magic words and moved my arms the way the book instructed, and before I knew it a bright light appeared and someone was standing before me.
 Ashby Lemi stood stunned. She looked around the room confused at what just had happened.
 In the fun of the moment I laughed evilly for as my summoning spell worked.
 Ashby quickly looked to me when I laughed. Relieved that she was somewhere she knew, she rubbed her neck and signed.
"Dawn what did you do?"
 I ran to Ashby, all excited I said, "OMG! Ashby it worked. I learned the summoning spell and I called upon you and then you appeared, Oh this is so exciting. Aren't you excited?"
 "What should we do Ashby? I can give you a makeover, how about that?" I was just too excited to have my spell work and to have Ashby here that I didn't give her a chance to answer any of my questions.
I finally stopped talking long enough for Ashby to get a word in.
"Sure Dawn, I'll let you give me a makeover, JUST don't summon me without my permission. Cause now I have to drive ALL the way home after this."
I stood there embarrassed, I didn't think of that. Next time I should learn the 'return friend home' spell.
 We head to my room and I examined Ashby from head to toe.
"You need something that says, I'm a sexy mom and I know it."
Ashby looks at herself in the mirror and says, "My outfit doesn't already say that?"
"Well that outfit says, I'm a mom and I know it."
We both laugh and I get to work.
 Ashby seemed pleased with the outcome. "You know Dawn when your done with your challenge you could become a fashion designer or something."
"I don't know. I don't know what I want to do, but I do know that I wish to get married to someone I love and that loves me back."
 For a while Ashby and I sat and talked about a great deal of things; from our kids, to our challenge, we talked about our men, adopting more kids, and Newbie.
Ashby said a final goodbye to my tummy before taking her long drive home.
 When Ashby left I was alone. The kids where at school and I had nothing better to do then to poke at my fireplace.
 And when I knew no one was looking, I warmed myself.
 I couldn't wait for my baby 56 to be born. Is he/she gonna be green? What gender is it? Am I having multiples?
 Labor hit me like a ton of bricks. This baby decided to come at the most odd time, because the girls just made it home from school and they freaked when they saw me screaming in pain.
 It all went quick and my baby boy was in my waiting arms.
 I introduce you to Baby 56, Aden Turner (Named suggested by Onelovelilybug Sims). 44 more babies to go.
 Prom was around the corner and the kids where so excited. They got dates and was planning on meeting them there.
 I took a group picture of them together before they left and hung it on the living room wall.
 Kenny went to Prom with a lovely blond named Abby Moore.
 Greg went with a girl named Isabel Tormon.
And Mia went with a guy named Loren Nickels.
They had a great time at the dance and couldn't wait to tell me about it. Sadly neither of them won prom king or queen, but they did leave with new relationships.
Here's a random video I made. Enjoy!
I have download links to all Dawn's kids under 'The Kids' page above. If you wanted to use any of her kids for your challenge, stories or just to have them in your game. 
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  1. Lol, love the video!!!!! But you already know that. :)

    I loved all the prom pictures in the end and the magic stuff was really cool!

    Hayden is so pretty! I love her eyes. ^_^

    ~Calista Smith

    1. Of Course I love the video too ^_^ I love when Sims do magic its soo cool and the summoning spell can really be useful.
      I thought Hayden turned out pretty too. :)

  2. The video is ROCKING>.. I love watching it. and your post... PERFECT! I loved the group picture at prom! The beginning made me chuckle!

    1. Thank you! I loved making the vid and hearing you compliment my posts really means allot to me. :)
      I love the prom pic of the three too. :) Lol!

  3. Oh Dawn this was such a fun post. I enjoyed our time together even though I had to drive back to Sunset Valley. Perhaps next time I can stay longer and see my boys. I can't wait to see what happens next.


    1. I love spending time with you too Ashby. ^_^ Yeah next time you could stay longer and hang out, but in this case you disappeared and you didn't want your family to worry.

  4. The magic was awesome! And you gave Ashby a cute new outfit too. Your kids are cute :)

    And it's too bad that Newbie has to go! But hopefully you'll still see him with him being your very good friend.

    It was odd how Aden had no colours of yours or his fathers genetics


    1. Magic is always awesome ^_^ and I loved Ashby new outfit, its so cute. Yeah, totally, Newbie will appear again soon. :)
      Yeah I thought it was a little weird that he didn't get either of our skin colors, but he's cute anyhow. :)

  5. I loved the video and the post :D

  6. Hey I've been reading your blog and I love your challenge. I'm a fairly new challenge mother, so check out my challenge and please feel free to give advice.
    Oh and I LOVE Dawn's hair.

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