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Babies 51, 52 & 53- Part 1/2: A Christmas Party!

 Here is my late Christmas Post! I will be separating it into two posts since I have so many pictures. Here's part 1. :P First I wanna start off with some thank you's.
 I wanna say Thank you to Skye Everard for this Perfect Place Shelf. An awesome gift for the kids, I can't wait to use it. :)
 Thank you to Anneliis for the Today's Jinbei Outfit and the Traditional Ribbons Hairstyle. I can't wait to see One of Dawn's girls wear it.
 A thank you to juugfanlover for the Swept Softly Hair. I can't wait to try it out on future sims. :)
WOW! A big Thanks to juugfanlover for the Solace Snugabunny Deluxe Baby Swing. I was completely surprised to see I had been gifted with this. My Toddlers and babies will LOVE this. Thank you! :D
Clark is like any other toddler. One minute he's crying and whining to be changed or fed and another minute he's giggling and laughing as I tickle him in my arms. 
Clark is just the cutest little thing when he laughs. Every time I see him smile, I can't help but smile too.
Suddenly my phone started to go off. I pulled it out of my pocket, only to hear my son Heath's voice on the other line.
"Hey sweety whats up?" I asked to a very excited Heath.
"Hey Mom I call to bring you some wonderful news."
What my Heath told me was this. He had finally proposed to his girlfriend Suri Quinn. 
 And to add to his excitement of finally asking the girl he love to marry him, she said yes. Oh he couldn't stop talking about that perfect day.
 He goes on to say that Zoey was also proposed to by her boyfriend Avery Everard. Heath said he knew about it because him and Avery went ring shopping together.
 And Heath knowing his sister so well, Avery got the heads up and knew that Zoey would say yes. But still when she did say yes he couldn't help but smile and swoop her up in his arms.

 Then Heath springs it on me that they all had a private wedding. I was a little upset because I wasn't invited and I started to think about Christy and Skye and how they probably weren't invited either.
Heath then told me they didn't invite any family and just had a small private wedding because they knew that their moms are doing the challenge and a wedding will only put a huge dent in their household funds.
After getting off the phone I made a quick call to Christy and Skye to see if they had heard the news yet.
 As Christmas drew closer I started to put up the outside Christmas decorations. Here's the giant blow-up snowman snow globe, surrounded by fake snow.
 Here's a picture of it at night.
Here's a fake snowman surrounded by fake snow.
 At night.
 And my favorite; two fake reindeers.
They're even cooler at night.
 Damien: Hey Erin you wanna play tag?
Erin: Yea. What about Shaunee?
Danien: Yea Shaunee too. SHAUNEE!!
Shaunee comes runing to her brother and sister as fast as she could.
 Shaunee: What's up guys?
Erin: We wanted to know if you wanted to play tag with us?
Shaunee: Sure, Love too.
Shaunee walks over to Damien's side and faces Erin.
Erin: Okay Guys I call "it" first.
Then Damien and Shaunee started running off into different directions and Erin runs after them.
 While the kids were off doing god knows what, I got an unexpected visitor. A very excited Della Wriner.
Dawn: Oh hey Della. What are you doing here? Not that I mind or anything. I love getting visits from you.
Della: Well I heard from my mom that one of my brothers joined your challenge. So I came to visit my precious nephew.
 Della: Now let me hold my nephew.
I hand Clark over to Della and she starts tickling him all over.
 Clark just kept laughing at his goofy aunt as she made silly faces at him.
 Della decided to stay and join the party when it was time for Rephaim's birthday. He leaned in and made his wish.
The girls cheered Rephaim on when he finally blew out his birthday candles.
 The transformation started so sudden after the candles went out. Rephaim was nervous at first but he soon embraced it as the sparkles consumed his whole body.
Baby 47, Rephaim as a YA. Rephaim grew into a handsome young man with gorgeous green eyes. Watch out ladies here he comes.
I gave Rephaim my goodbye hug before he left for good. I'm gonna miss him badly; like I miss all my kids that leave me.
After Rephaim left it was time for Della to leave too. I barely see Della often but I'm always glad to see her when I get the chance.
 Dawn: I'm gonna miss you Della. Please visit more often, we love having you here.
 Della: And I love visiting. I promise I will visit soon Dawn. Well I gotta go.. kids you know.
"Tell me about it," I said before Della left to go home to her own kids.
 I got a call from Heath saying he and Suri were gonna stop by for a visit. I quickly prepared some french toast for their visit.
 French toast was one of Heath's favorites. He smiled widely when he walked into the front door with the smell of french toast lingering in the air. I prepared a plate for both of us and we shared a conversation as we waited for Suri. Suri was outside calling her mom about some major news. I asked Heath what the news was but he said that I will find out when Suri came in after the call.
And boy was it news. I nearly jumped with pure joy when I heard the news.
 Suri was pregnant. I was getting a new grandchild and not only that, this grandchild of mine will also be Christy Quinn's grandchild. That must have been what Suri was telling her mom about on the phone before she came in.
After I rubbed Suri's belly I offered her some french toast. I prepared her a plate and she sat and ate with Heath and I.
Long after Heath and Suri left I get another visit from my son-in-law Avery. He had news he wanted to share with me too. My daughter Zoey was pregnant. I couldn't believe it, it was like the baby boom all over again. Well I least I get two new grand kids to spoil.

The last couple weeks I've been planning a Christmas Party for just the moms. Well I couldn't invite all the moms since not all can come. I made sure to have the party not on Christmas eve or day since I'm pretty sure they all had plans.
 One of the moms that did come to my Christmas Party was Addy McKnight. She was the first person I invited and the first to arrive. I told all the moms to wear their sexiest Christmas outfit. Addy mention she had the perfect one and she wasn't kidding. She came in a short sparkly dress, topped with a white ribbon and a belt.
Also to come was Della Wriner and Vanessa Wood. They decided to dress like twins but with a slight difference in color.
Then Christy Quinn came through the door wearing a white dress that looked as if mistletoe's were hanging from the top and bottom of the dress. 
Ashby Lemi came at the same time as Calista Smith did. Ashby wore a blue sleeveless dress that was beautifully decorated in snowflakes. Calista wore a red and white striped dress and stockings, she reminded me of candy canes.
 The last person to arrive at my party was Skye Everard. She dressed in a very mini green dress with a belt and tights.
 And here's a picture so you can see what I was wearing. I wore a two piece sexy version of a Santa outfit, minis the belt and hat, with black boots and white gloves.
 The party didn't take long to begin. Della and Vanessa were the first ones to hit the dance floor, they couldn't wait to show off their moves.
Vanessa: Come on Dells, let's get our dance on.
Della: Right behind you Nessa.
I spent the beginning of the evening talking to Skye Everard and Christy Quinn. Not only is this the first I met them in person, each of them have a kid that recently married one of my kids. 
Skye's son Avery married my daughter Zoey and Christy's daughter Suri married my son Heath. We each are expecting new grand kids soon.
After a nice conversation we all joined Della and Vanessa on the dance floor.
Della and Vanessa was really wowing the crowd with their moves. All the moms stopped dancing just to watch them.
Then Della did a complete back bend where her head almost touched the floor. Then she swung her body back up and continued to dance, without losing her balance.
After watching Della and Vanessa dance for a while I was in the mood for some dancing myself. So I grabbed Skye and started to dance with her.
Calista and Addy wanted to join in all the dancing fun too. They too dance together a long side Skye and me.
 After a while we took a small break from all the dancing. Della entertained Skye and Calista at the bar, showing off her awesome mixology skills.
 Addy helped herself at the buffet table.
 We all gathered around and talked about our challenge, kids, and love interests. Of course Ashby did shot me some questions about Newbie and I, but I just simply told her we were just friends.
Then it was secret Santa time. I got Calista. Calista got Ashby, Ashby got Vanessa, Vanessa got Me, Addy got Skye, Skye got Della, Della got Christy, and Christy got Addy.
 When I gave Calista her gift she was all smiles. I knew she would love it.
 The party went on and it still hadn't died down. Everyone was having such a great time.
 I played comedian and told a few jokes- by the look on their faces they loved them.

Picture Time!
 Calista Smith
 Addy McKnight
 Della Wriner and Vanessa Wood
 Christy Quinn
Skye Everard
 Ashby Lemi
  Calista & Me
Christy and Vanessa
 Me and Ashby
Skye and Me
 The Sexy Mommies Club
 We wanted to end the night with some fun- a dance off. Reds versus greens. Since Ashby and Christy weren't wearing a red or green outfit they happily agreed to be the judges.
 Della: Wait, that's not fair. They got more people on their team.
Skye: Yea that's so unfair. We want your best dancer on our team.
 Vanessa: WAIT, WAIT, WAIT! That's not fair either, you already have Della and she's one of the best.
Ashby: Well I say it'll be pretty fair if you all just partner off instead of red versus green.
All: Okay
 Then the dancing began. We all danced our butts off as Ashby and Christy watched and judged from a distance.
 Afterwards we gathered around to hear who had won the dance off.
 Addy: I think we're gonna win this Dawnie.
Addy was super eager to hear who had won.
Della: If you ask me, Skye and I were pretty damn good.
 Skye: Yes, we are number one.
 Vanessa: Wait a minute, I thought it was Ashby and Christy who pick the winners not us.
Calista: Yea.
 Christy: Ugh! All this yelling is giving me headache.
Ashby: Enough!... I say you all are winners. Fair enough?
 Della: Yea that's pretty fair.
Skye: Totally. We all rocked the dance floor, and we looked good doing it too.
 Everyone started to slowly leave the party after the dance off ended. Before Vanessa left she confronted me.
Vanessa: Hey Dawn I have guy you might want to consider for your challenge, if you'll let him join.
Dawn: Um, is he not like a wacko or anything?
Vanessa: Trust me Dawn. I wouldn't send a father your way if I knew he wasn't safe. I swear he's great and super sweet.
 Dawn: Then I would take your word for it. I would love to have him join my challenge. What's his name?
Vanessa: You'll find out, but not right now. I will give him a call when I get home and then I'll send him your way.
To Be Continued...

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  1. Dawn this was great. I love my outfit and even the blue lipstick was stunning. We sure had a grand ole time I am glad you had this party.


  2. I loved the party! It was great seeing all the challenge mothers. Calista's outfit was awesome and I'm glad her grandchildren, Heath and Zoey, both got married. :D

    ~Calista Smith

  3. Looked an awesome party! Can't wait to see the father... :)