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Baby 50- Part 3/3: Answers

First I want to start with, thank you for the comments for part 2- I love getting comments.
Second, I wanted to say thank you to Addy. Some of you thought that I edited the last two pictures in my part 2 post, but I didn't, Addy did it for me. I don't want to take any credit from anyone. So I just want everyone to know that Addy edited those pictures for me, because my version of the an old photograph sucked. :P
Now that I said that, I hope you all enjoy the final part in my 3 part post.

The pictures kept running through Dawn's mind for days- She couldn't stopt thinking about them. They kept creeping in her mind until she was so fed up that she threw them in her desk drawer and distracted herself by teaching the toddlers their necessary skills.
Dawn has been noticing that Rephaim hasn't been playing with kids his own age; just that doll that several of her kids had before. She thought maybe Rephaim needed something fun to do.
Dawn approached Rephaim one day after he finish his homework and was on his way to play with his toy, Lucky.
"Rephaim sweety how would you like to help Mom set up the Christmas Trees?"
Rephaim was slightly confused but he eventually smiled and said, "Sure Mom."
Dawn was so happy to hear that her son will be helping put up the Christmas trees. Not only will Rephaim do something other then play with Lucky, Dawn will have something to distract herself from those mysterious pictures she found.
It took hours for Dawn and Rephaim to get the trees up, but it turned out great. They placed a gold tree in the down stairs hall.
A green tree in the upstairs hall.
A purple tree in Dawn's room.
A Pink tree in the girl's room.
A Blue tree in the boy's room.
A Black tree in the kitchen.
And a Light Blue tree in the living room.
Dawn placed the last ornament on the tree, then looked to Rephaim and said, "So what do you think?"
Rephaim Looks to his mom and smiles, "Great mom."
Dawn was so happy to see her son do something other then play with that toy.
Dawn dressed up her Christmas outfit she found on sale a week ago, and joined the kids by the Christmas tree for some family time.
The next day was a Saturday so Rephaim stayed home. Dawn was just about to go make lunch for her and the kids when there was a ring of the door bell.
It was a visit from a very pregnant Stevie Rae.
Dawn was so happy to hear that she was getting a new grandchild. She was so excited that she was already rubbing her daughter's swollen belly before five words passed either of their lips.
Stevie Rae then suggested that Dawn should hear the baby. So Dawn leaned over and place her ear on Stevie Rae's belly and listened to the baby's kicks..
Dawn then jumped from a huge kick that her grandchild just did. She look and Stevie Rae and...
noticed that she was in labor. Dawn started to freak out. She only been on the other side of the labor situation a couple times, but she kept calm long enough to bring Stevie Rae to the hospital.
Stevie Rae was great through the whole labor and Dawn was right there beside her. In the end Stevie Rae got a new son and Dawn a new grandson.
Right away Stevie Rae brought her son, Juan Turner, home. Dawn made sure to kiss her and her grandson goodbye before heading home herself.
Dawn got in her car and drove home.
When Dawn got home she took a walk around the block. Some air and a walk does a mother good.
Suddenly Dawn got a call from a man by the name of Clark, he wanted to be in her challenge.
Up until now Dawn had completely forgotten about her challenge. She agreed to have him join and asked him to come over the next day.
In the morning Dawn waited for Clark outside by the mailbox. Just a few minutes later he arrived.
His name is Clark Wriner.
He approached Dawn.
"Hey Dawn Thank you so much for allowing me to join your challenge."
"No, thank you. It's such an honor to have a Wriner join my challenge, the perfect father for Baby 50," Dawn smiled, "Oh may I ask why your mother never told anyone about you?"
"Well my mom wanted to keep me a low profile. She didn't want me to have to go through all the trouble with paparazzi, fame, and tabloids that my 100 plus siblings went through."
"Awe that's so sweet of her. It must be great to not have the paparazzi follow you everywhere....Well I'm excited to have you join my challenge. I never had a Wriner join before.
Clark smiles and leans in for a kiss. Dawn smiles and leans in to accept it. Then they both head inside and to Dawn's room to conceive baby 50.
After the baby making Dawn and Clark enjoyed each others company downstairs. Dawn, requested by Clark, serenaded him.
By the look on Clark's face, Dawn was a pretty good singer.
Dawn spent her entire next day working in her garden. It was a lot of work since the garden was larger then the normal home garden, but Dawn doesn't mind the extra work if it means extra money to provide for her family.
Right in the middle of her gardening, Dawn got the all too familiar feeling in her lower belly. It was the baby's first kick and Dawn was all too excited to feel her baby 50.
After the garden was done, for now, Dawn enjoy some fishing.
Trying out her latest fishing moves Dawn caught several fish. She planned on cooking them for dinner.
To bring forth labor much sooner Dawn danced for a bit in front of the stereo.
After dancing for about an hour, Dawn joined her kids by the Christmas tree. Dawn loved looking at the Christmas tree, it's so pretty and it always puts her in a great mood.
A pain shot from her lower abdomen and Dawn reacted immediately. She was in labor.
2 and a half hours later Dawn pushed her final push. She was then surround the sparkles that let her know that the baby was coming, and out came a healthy baby boy.
Dawn cradled her 50th baby in her arms; looking into his blue eyes. Dawn couldn't believe she had fifty babies already. It's such a big step in her challenge. Dawn had finally reached her halfway mark.
Dawn would like to introduce you to Baby 50, Clark Turner. Dawn decided to name her son after his father Clark Wriner.
Family Photo!
After the baby was born it was time for another set of birthdays. First up was Rephaim. Rephaim turned into a handsome young teen, looking so much like his father and so much like Dawn.
Baby 47, Damien Turner as Child.
Baby 48, Shaunee Turner as Child.
Baby 49, Erin Turner as Child.
Baby 50, Clark Turner as Toddler. Clark grew to look like both Dawn and his father. He got Dawn's facial features, and his father's eye and hair color. He's such a cutie and will be one when he's older too.
After the birthdays Dawn went to the cemetery, with her youngest Clark, to visit her mother's gave. It's been awhile since her mother's death and the lose still hurts. Dawn misses her everyday.
Dawn put Clark down and began to weep. Clark sat helpless looking up at his mommy, not knowing what's going on. And why should he? He never knew his grandmother and he will never get the chance to meet her.
After visiting her mother's gave Dawn started remembering the pictures she had found in her mother's old car. She needed answers. Since Dawn's mother was no longer here to give them to her, she went to the only other person that could give her the answers she wanted.
Her father. Since Lessie's death Oscar had sold his old home and moved to a smaller place.
Dawn rang the doorbell and Oscar answered with a smile. "Dawnie sweety, I'm so glad to see you. Come in, come in."
Inside Dawn sat on a chair in the living room. Her father, right behind her, comes into the living. "So what do I get the pleasure of seeing my daughter again?" Oscar asks while sitting in the chair next to Dawn.
Dawn looked at her father and made a faint smile. Handing the pictures she found in the car to her father Dawn asks, "I wanted to ask you about these. I found them in the glove box of Mom's old car. I want to know who that baby is, Daddy. I know it's not me and yet it says daughter on the back. Who is she daddy? I need answers."
Oscar takes the pictures and looks at them long and hard. A sad and pain crossed his face. Dawn never seen so much pain on her father's face, not since Lessie passed away.
When Oscar didn't answer in what seemed like forever, she began to speak. "Daddy?"
Oscar looked at Dawn and smiled his normal warming smile. "It's a long story and it happen so long ago. It was so long ago that Lessie and I have pretty much forgotten that it even happened. But such memories come back eventually and we try not to talk about it."
Dawn blinked at her father with confusion, and he continued.
"You see Lessie and I meet at a very young age. We dated for about 3 years before I took her to Junior Prom. That night was a magical night, a night that change the both of our lives," he paused,"Lessie found out she was pregnant three months later. We were both so happy to be parents. The fact that we were teens and weren't ready to be parents didn't cross our minds....After the Baby was born I proposed to your mother. We planned on marrying after our high school graduation. Then our parents got involved. They hated the fact that their teenage children had a baby and will be getting married. They worried how the community will see them as and they worried for what people thought about them. So Lessie and I's parents forced us to give up the child and make us wait to marry until we both graduated from college. That picture right there," Oscar points to the picture of him and Lessie with their little girl, "was taken two weeks before she was put for adoption."
Oscar stopped talking but kept his eye on the photos in his hand. Dawn looks ahead and places a hand on her chest his shock. Smiling Dawn said, "I have a sister? I can't believe it. I have another sibling and she's my sister. Oh I wonder if she's still alive, maybe I could contact her somehow."
Oscar quickly looks away from the pictures and looks at Dawn. "NO! I don't want you to go finding your sister. She has a new family, we no longer are her family. This is why Lessie and I never told you and your brothers, you're gonna wanna find her and we didn't want to face a daughter we haven't seen in years and have her think we never loved her. So promise me Dawn, leave this be."
Dawn's features relax and she stairs at her father's scared and worried face. She didn't want to hurt him anymore then he already is. Dawn will leave this be. She knows she has a sister out there right now that she never met. Knowing she has a sister is all that matters right now. Dawn looks to her father and says, "alright Daddy, I promise."
Thank you for reading the final part in my 3 part baby 50 post. I hoped you enjoy it as much as I did making it. Please comment and tell me what you think. 
I want to thank Della Wriner for letting me use Clark in my challenge. Clark was born in my game, but I felt like I should ask Della first if I could use him and she so nicely let me.
I am currently making a Christmas post, so that will be a little late for Christmas. So keep an eye out for that.
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