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Welcome Home- Babies 82, 83 & 84

 *This post will be in Newbie's point of view*
I hate to see Dawn cry and when that military man came by and told Dawn that Lerk was in a terrible accident and died, my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach. Dawn hit that floor and cried a river of tears and all I wanted to do was be there for her and comfort her; I wanted to make her stop crying.
Since that day I haven't left Dawn's side. It has been two weeks and everyday I would stay with Dawn, cook her lunch, help around the house- I was never out of her site. I was even staying in one of the guest rooms.
Dawn hasn't cried much since the accident, only the occasional sobs here and there, and I think It's mostly because she has me here. Whenever I leave the room Dawn would start freaking out until she found me.
Wherever Dawn was you would find me just a few feet away watching over her. I sat and made myself comfortable and kept a watchful on Dawn as she taught Collin how to talk.
Making sure I wasn't too much a burden I helped out in Collin's learning. In the playroom I taught Collin how to walk, while Dawn watched just a few feet away- her eyes never left me.
After Collin learned everything he needed to know it was time for the kids to grow up. Collin went first, here is baby 81 as a child.
Vill aged soon after. Baby 79 as a teenager.
And finally the last child to age was Piper, baby 80.
I never really knew how bad Lerk's death had effected Dawn until one day when I was on my way out the front door to check the mail and grab the newspaper. Dawn yelled my name when she saw me walking out the front door and quickly ran to me. She wrapped her arms tightly around my chest and wouldn't let go; she was crying.
"Newbie don't go, you said you would stay. Don't go. Don't go. Pleeeeease!!" Dawn cried, tears drying on her cheeks and new ones forming in her eyes.
I pulled Dawn's arms off my chest and tightly held her shoulders- looking her in the eyes. "I'm not going anywhere Dawn, I was just checking your mail for you. I was coming back. Don't worry, I'm not leaving."
Releasing my hold on Dawn, she smiles as she looks me in the eyes. I swear I saw her eyes sparkle but I figured that must have been the tears that were still lingering there.
"You promise?"
"Dawn I promised before and I'm keeping that promise. Now how about you and me go down to the hospital and you can conceive your next child through Insemination?"
Smiling she said, "Okay Newbie."
I had called the next father for Dawn's challenge the day before about Dawn doing the insemination instead since I knew Dawn wouldn't be able to do it the old fashion way. The whole Lerk thing was still so fresh in her mind. He agreed and donated to the sperm bank right away.
Dawn became pregnant with her 82sd child. The man's name is Frank Fuchsia.
After Dawn's appointment at the hospital she was exhausted. I stayed and kept her company on the couch until she fell asleep, then I went outside to make a call.
"Mom?.... Yeah. It's me Newbie.....yes.... Well that's the thing I wanted to talk to you about. Dawn hasn't been herself since Lerk's death...."
"...I've been with her since the news. I can't go more then 10 feet away from her before she starts freaking out and crying..."
"....I figured that. I know Dawn needs me more now then ever...."
"...No no, I'm not getting annoyed and I'm not gonna leave her side soon. I actually don't mind at all. I'll stay by Dawn's side for as long as she wants me to...."
"...MOM!! I have a girlfriend....Well...."
"...Alright, alright. I love you mom, tell Asher I said hi.... Okay, bye...."
With all this sadness over Lerk's death I knew I had to do something to make Dawn smile. So I waited until Dawn got into the shower and I walked outside to get Tyler's tombstone.
Knowing I only had about 20 minutes before Dawn finished up in the shower I made a run down to the science facility- with Tyler's tombstone in hand.
The time I got back to Dawn's house; I already had been gone an hour. I walked into the front and found Dawn crying in the living room.
She looked up from her sobs and saw me standing by the door.
"NEWBIE!! Where have you been? I was worried. I thought you died or something. What if you were injured and no one knew where to find you and-"
Dawn stopped talking mid-sentence when she spotted the young man that stood next to me. Wide-eyed Dawn looked back at me with a questioning stair.
"Newbie? Is that-"
"Hi Mom!" Tyler spoke to Dawn.
With tears forming in Dawn's eyes I started to explain, "I brought Tyler's grave to the science facility and they brought him back. He may have been a child at the time of his death, but the way they revived him he came back at the age he would have been if he had lived."
Dawn threw herself into my arms and gave me a tight, never ending hug.
"Newbie this is the sweetest thing someone has ever done for me. Thank you so much."
Releasing her tight hug on me slightly, Dawn gently placed her lips on my cheek and kissed me softly. She pulled herself away and quickly ran to give her son Tyler a welcome home hug.

After spending some time outside we all went back inside for some coffee. Dawn and Tyler sat and chatted while I played with the coffee machine.
After a long night of catching up, morning came and everyone was happy. Tyler was happy to be back, Dawn was happy to see Tyler back and I'm happy because Dawn is happy.
Then Tyler had to leave. He had a life he needed to finally start living and Dawn needed the room for her new arrivals. Dawn happily let Tyler leave with no fuss.
I hadn't spent much time with Breeze lately so I invited her over Dawn's place, plus Dawn was happy to see her.
Our idea of hanging out in Dawn's office sounded good until we got there. Breeze and I constantly found Dawn gazing over at the picture on her desk, the one of her and Lerk around the time Lerk first left for war.
Seeing that Dawn was having a nice time hanging with Breeze I took the opportunity to leave and head down to the hospital. Just as I was leaving, Dawn jumped up from her office chair and ran to give me a hug.
"Newbie! No! Don't go!"
"Dawn I'm just gonna be gone a couple hours."
"But Newbie..."
"Dawn I used all my sick days and I'm almost out of vacation days at work and I need to talk to my boss and tell him what's going on. I don't want him to think I'm ditching because I'm lazy. Breeze will be right here with you until I get back. I PROMISE that I'll be back."
"Okay Newbie."
I was at the hospital for 3 hours talking and convincing my boss that my friend needed me at this time and that I needed more days off. He agreed but gave me some paperwork I could work on while I'm off so he wouldn't have a reason to fire me.
Breeze was there to greet me when I drove back to Dawn's house.
"How is she?"
"She was fine but she kept worrying about you."
I gave Breeze one last kiss before she headed home to get ready for her night shift as an investigator.
Upstairs I found Dawn fast asleep in her bed. She looked extremely tired.
I pulled the blanket over her and carefully tucked her in. I caressed her hair then I turned off her light before leaving her room.
The next day Dawn decided to have another birthday for the the twins. Vill, baby 79, went first.
Then baby 80, Piper went. After that they both left and then it was just Dawn, Collin and I.
The day was coming to an end when Dawn suggested we play on the seesaw like we always do. Not wanting to disappoint her I agreed. I actually love spending time with Dawn, more so then I do with anyone else.
I looked at Dawn and I saw her smiling. I love her smile, it brightens my day no matter what sour mood I'm in. I feel like Dawn and I are closer now then we ever were. Dawn is a great woman, my best friend, there is no one in my life that makes me feel the way Dawn makes me feel.
Someone coming around Dawn's house and into Dawn's backyard is what distracted me from watching Dawn smile. I don't know what it was but when I saw Lerk standing there I frowned. I didn't even seem surprise that he was alive.
Dawn seemed to notice my frown and followed my gaze. She jumped up from her side of the seesaw, making me slam to the ground, when she saw Lerk standing just behind her.
"LERK?! YOUR ALIVE?!" Other then those words Dawn was pretty much speechless.
"What happened? We thought you were dead." I was the only that spoke what was on all of our minds.
*Sigh* Lerk began. "I was...I mean I almost was.... Well, while I was away serving my country I found out that Wei planned on killing me. So instead of stopping the guy I acted upon it and made sure he did, well make him think he killed me. It was my plan get rid of Wei for good. When all was clear I came back to the states and went to one of the most famous science facility where I undergo some major tests to find the cure to my type of vampirism. It took a couples weeks but they found it, I'm human and here I am."
As soon as Lerk finished his story there was a loud smack. It was Dawn, she had slapped Lerk in the face and she didn't look happy to see him.
"You asshole. You know what you put me through? How could you do that to me?"
Dawn quickly pulled Lerk into a hug and spoke again before he had the chance to respond to what she had first said.
"I missed you so much Lerk. I'm just so happy that your back, for good this time."
Lerk pulled Dawn's face up to his and they shared a kiss.
Dawn pushed Lerk away and clenched her stomach in pain. Instantly I knew she was in labor.
Dawn was in labor for a few hours before she gave birth to three beautiful babies. Here is baby 82, Katniss Turner.
Baby 83, Primrose Turner.
And baby 84, Peeta Turner.
I have download links to all Dawn's kids under 'The Kids' page above. If you wanted to use any of her kids for your challenge, stories or just to have them in your game. 
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  1. Dawn this was a great post. Glad to see that Lerk is back and safe, but.... well you know where I stand. :-)

    Hugs Ashby

  2. Love the names Dawn, I love that Lerk and Tyler are back in your life once again. I loved the post :D

  3. oh come on i saw it coming from collins for some reason! primrose is from the hunger games as well shes katniss' syounger sibling in the book)