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Answers to Liam's Disappearance- Babies 76, 77, & 78

This post will be in the point of view of a different Sim.
 Hello, My name is Breeze Roman but you can just call me Breeze. I'm normally a shy girl but once I befriend someone I'm really quite open. I'm not a fan of meeting new people but I am a fan of making new friends. Haha your probably wondering why I'm telling you all this and why Dawn isn't the one writing this post, but don't worry you'll soon find out.
 You see a few months back I met this wonderful man. He's a doctor. I met him when I twisted my ankle from tripping over a rock while I was jogging. It was a fairly large rock and it happened to be right in the middle of the side walk. I know I should've seen the rock but my attention was on a really cute guy across the street, and yes it was the doctor. :3 He didn't hesitate to come to my aid and he brought me to the hospital.
 Since then we have been seeing each other. I'm usually shy around people I don't know but, with him, I felt like I've always known him. He's so sweet and caring and a real gentlemen; You don't find those kind of men anymore. I'm just lucky enough to find one for myself. He's a keeper and I'm never gonna let him go.
 Oh I forgot to tell you who this wonderful man is. -slaps hand to face- Silly me. His name is Newbie Starr. He told me that he used to be Newbie Starr-Bright but after some problems work and an argument about his birth certificate he had it legally changed to just Starr, his mother's maiden name. He told me all about his family, especially his mother. From everything he told me I can see that he was a momma's boy.
 One person in particular Newbie told me about was his best friend Dawn Turner. He made it very clear that I have to except him being friends with Dawn because she's a woman and is also doing the 100 baby challenge. He mentioned his last girlfriend didn't accept the fact they were friends and nearly broke up their friendship. I didn't mind this, in fact from what Newbie told me I can see Dawn and me being really close friends.
 Newbie and I had been going out for two months when he finally decided to introduce me to Dawn. When I first saw her I was blown away. She's the mother of 75 babies?! Besides that I really did like her. She was so nice and welcoming, much like Newbie.
 Her being really pretty and being friends with Newbie didn't bother me at all, I believed Newbie when he said they were just friends and had been for a long time. From everything I'd heard, Dawn is not the kind of person to betray her friends and she made it clear the first day we met that we're gonna be great friends.
 I did get to meet you youngest kids. She let me and Newbie stay and celebrate all her kid's birthdays. The two blonds in the back, Ivy and Ashby, babies 71 & 72, became young adults and moved out. Ivy was the one in the blue shirt and jacket and Ashby was wearing the green and black dress.
Her daughter Samantha, baby 73, became a teenager. She wore all black and had long black hair.
Her youngest were Kimmy and David, babies 74 & 75, became kids. Kimmy was a spunky young girl with black, purple-pinkish, and red hair, and David was a young gentleman and had curly blond hair.
 Dawn isn't shy when it comes to telling people about her family and her challenge. She told me about how her mother died two years ago and her dad just died a few months ago. She told me about her boyfriend Lerk, who is in war and she's expecting him home for another visit in 10 months.
Dawn also told me about the bad stuff in her life, she told me about her son Tyler, baby 3, who died of a fire, her son Liam, baby 22, who went missing and was never found. She told me about this evil vampire named Wei Keane and everything he has done to her. I look up to Dawn's positive attitude after everything she had went through.
 I found out from Newbie who the next guy was that joined Dawn's Challenge. Dawn tells Newbie everything like best friends do and Dawn didn't mind that Newbie told me. "It's not like it's a secret," Dawn said.
 The man was named Royal Blu, a funny name if you ask me but who am I to judge, my name is Breeze. :P Dawn told me that him and his 5 friends were all Dawn Turner fans and they all wanted to join Dawn's challenge. And being the sweet girl that she is, Dawn said yes, and now she has a dad for the next 6 or more babies in her challenge. I also found out that all his friends had funny names like him and they each represented a different color. The color friends, they call themselves. lol.
 I considered Dawn to be like another super woman. Even while pregnant she never stops moving around; she does the chores, feeds her kids, run errands. She said a mother's job is never done and she's right. You have to keep moving and never give up, that's the price to pay when you decide to become the mother of 100 babies.
 Dawn and I started to become really good friends; even Newbie could see that. Newbie thought that Dawn might not like his girlfriends after the Cassidy thing but he's not surprised, Dawn can be forgiving and doesn't judge people she never met. What's not to like about Breeze he once said, she has that friendly vibe about her. -blush- I heard him say that to his brother, Quinn, on the phone.
 Everyday Dawn would invite me over to keep her company during her pregnancy. Of course I would say yes every time, well unless I have a date with Newbie, then Dawn understands and makes plans with me for next time.
Once Dawn and I painted together at her house, we thought it would be fun if we were to paint each other. So Dawn painted me while I painted her. She loved how they came out and so did I. She placed them both on the wall; right next to each other.
 Another time Dawn was in the mood to sculpt and since I didn't know how to sculpt and she didn't have another sculpting area, we both agreed that I should model. She loved the idea and so did I. I posed as a person with an idea and she got right to work.
 She was unbelievably fast and finished it in 4 hours. She got every last detail, all the way down to the butterflies in my hair and my crazy earrings. She asked if I wanted it and I told her that it'll look great in my living room.
 I wasn't there when it happened but she called Newbie and I afterwards. She went into labor while she was preparing the baby room for the new arrivals. Yes arrivals. She knew ahead of time that she expecting triplets which will put her at baby 78 after she gave birth.
 After an hour of pushing and unbelievable labor pains Dawn gave birth to the first baby. It was a baby girl that she named Karni (Baby 76).
 Then an hour later she had another little girl, which she named Molly (Baby 77).
 The last of the babies came out 30 minutes after little Molly was born, it was a little baby boy that she named Mitchell (Baby 78).
Dawn invited Newbie and I over right after so we could see her new babies.
 From what I can remember Baby 76, Karni was the blond baby. Karni had her dad's nose, head shape, and lips. Karni also had these mysterious pink eyes, which was weird since neither her mommy nor daddy had them.
 Then there was Molly who had the Blue hair like her daddy. She had Dawn's purple eyes, lips, head shape, and her dad's nose.
 Last was the little boy named Mitchell. He was such a cutie and an exact carbon copy of his dad.
 So why is Dawn not here writing this post? Well, it was a few days ago. I was meeting Newbie at this really nice place for Lunch. It was super exclusive and you had to dress in formal wear and be a celebrity to even get in. Thankfully I was able to get in since Newbie is a celebrity. He called ahead of time and informed the bouncer to let me in since he was gonna be running a little late.
 I was sitting at the bar when I over heard these two gentlemen. I wasn't really into what they were saying until I heard Dawn's name mentioned. I didn't want to look over at them and have them think I knew Dawn, so I just listened while I starred ahead.
 "Have you heard of the challenge mom, Dawn Turner?", asked the one with the creepy husky voice.
I heard the other one shift in his seat, probably leaning closer to hear what he had to say, then he said, "I heard of her. Why?"
"Well that bitch is dating, well, was dating one of our kind."
 "Yes, and turned him against us. So I taught her a lesson."
"What?! How?!"
"Well after I nearly killed her to scare her boyfriend into dumping her and leaving for the war to get away from her. I kidnapped and killed her precious baby, what was his name, Liam?"
"Why? He already dump her and left? Why would you kill her son afterwards?"
 "Payback. Just because I got what I wanted doesn't mean I'm gonna stop torturing her. In fact, I have another plan under way right now. A friend of mine is in the same unit as Lerk and I'm gonna have him kill Lerk and make it look like an accident. Then when Dawn is all vulnerable from the sadness of Lerk's death, I'm gonna kill her too."
 "I love the idea, Wei."
"Haha, I knew you would."
 What I heard nearly scared me out of my chair. I was super nervous being anywhere near these crazy men.
 I speed walked out of there as quickly as I could. I couldn't risk having Newbie show up and blow my cover. I was sure that they probably knew that Newbie knew Dawn and if Newbie were to show up and talk to me then they'll know I heard them and will tell Newbie and Newbie will tell Dawn.
 Luckily I bumped into Newbie downstairs and stopped him from going upstairs. He knew me well enough to know that I was freaking out and wanted to leave right away.
 I told him that we had to leave as soon as possible and he didn't hesitate to leave and we left right away. He drove me home so I could change and I told him everything . He was just as shocked as I was and we both drove over to Dawn's place soon afterwards.
 Newbie didn't have anywhere to park so he just dropped me off and sat in the car while and I went in and told Dawn everything I told him. I told her about over hearing her name and about this guy saying he killed Liam and was planning on killing Lerk soon and will kill her afterwards.
 Dawn's reaction was one that I expected from her. It wasn't a face of sadness but a face of shock. She looked liked she felt stupid because she didn't piece together everything sooner, that Wei would have been the one to take her son.
 Her expression changed from shock, to sadness of her son's death, to anger and realization that Lerk and her were now in danger.
 Dawn said nothing during my whole story and nothing after. She just walked away and left, out the front door- leaving me alone in her home.
That was the last I heard of Dawn since then. I was beginning to worry until a few days later Newbie called me. He got an anonymous message that Dawn was seen in Bridgeport.

To Be Continued...
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  1. oh wow what a way to end the post. I loved seeing this from Breeze's pov. I'm looking forward to the next post and WOW... the triplets are so cute :D

    1. Yea, I thought that would be a good why to end this post. It's an ending that leads you right into the beginning of the next post. Having it Breeze's pov makes it more interesting and fun.
      I'm looking forward to seeing you guy's reaction to what's gonna happen next. :)

  2. OMG So Dawn just walked away from her children? That is strange. Glad Breeze was there to take care of them. This was a wild post. I loved it, and I love Breeze. :-)


    1. Yea, that's something Dawn wouldn't do but she wouldn't leave her kids alone unless it's under good intention. You'll soon find out why she left. :)
      Of course, Breeze and Newbie will definitely keep an eye on Dawn's kids.
      Yes I agree, a wild post indeed. The next one will be even wilder. :)

  3. I like...cried when I saw that you named a baby after me...thank you <3

    Holy crap -_- him again? really!!? why can't he just get over it. I mean? didn't he cause her enough trouble. I'm going bezerk right now about this post. freaking out I tell you. freaking out. DON'T LET HIM KILL DAWN OR ANYONE ELSE!!!!!!!! AHADLKFJADKHIJEAHN

    Loved the post :)

    P.s. I'm very hyper. sorry about this comment ^^^^^

    Karni <3

    1. Remember when I told you a while back that I was gonna name a baby after you since you named a baby after me? If not then that's ok cause that was WAY in the beginning of my challenge. :P
      Yes him again. lol. Don't worry this might be the last you see of him. ;)
      Lol. It's okay. I went bezerk when Adam kissed Della. XD I love your comments Della. :D

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    This was interesting to read with the whole Breeze point of view and all.
    Kids are all cute xD


    1. Lol. Vampire scum is definitely a way to describe him. XD Keep a look out for my next post to see if he does hurt anyone else. :)
      It does make a post more interesting if you read it from a different point of view. The kids this time around definitely came over very cute. :)

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    I really like Breeze, Newbie picked a good girl this time :')

    1. Haha Maybe someone will but I guess you'll have to wait to find that out. lol.
      Breeze is much better for Newbie then Cassidy is. :)

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