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Goodbye Wei- Babies 79 & 80

 This post contains some harsh words and violence, so if you are under the age of 13 please get permission before reading. Thank you!
I can't believe it's finally finished! It took longer for this post to come out then I had originally planned, but it's out now and I hope you all enjoy. :)
Once my feet hit the grass ground I ran, I ran as fast as I could. I took a quick short cut to avoid Newbie spotting me running out the house. The last thing I want right now is people stopping me.
When I was far enough into the woods I grabbed my phone from my pocket and punched in a number.
"Addy, I need to talk to you, like pronto, in person, is there somewhere we can talk?"
"Yea, yea, that's fine. I'll meet you there in 20 minutes. Okay. Bye."
After I hung up with Addy I walked a few miles down the road to a renter's cabin. I didn't have my car with me so I knew Addy was gonna be there before me.
I walked into the cabin and immediately spotted Addy in the kitchen, she was making herself something to eat in the microwave. "ADDY!", I yelled.
Addy turned around just as I walked up to her. "DAWNIE!"
We gave each other a quick hug before we walked over to the couch were I told her everything.
"Addy it's horrible. Wei....Wei killed Liam, my baby boy. How can I be so blind. Why didn't I see it before? I mean, he disappeared right around the time Wei was messing up my life... How can Wei be so cruel? What's wrong with him? What did I do?"
"Nothing Dawn, you did absolutely nothing to him to make him hate you so much. If you ask me he's just a complete asshole."
"Tell me about it. And if I don't do anything to make him stop this none sense he's going to have Lerk killed soon. I have to stop him and the only way I know how is something I consider impossible."
"Yea? What are you gonna do?"
"Kill him, but I'm not capable of doing something so.... crazy. Plus Wei is like 10 times stronger then me, maybe even more."
Addy signs and then her face lights up suddenly. "Dawn what would you say I know just how you could do it?"
I turned my attention on Addy as she began telling me her plan. "Well, when I lived in Bridgeport I heard about these men that you can hire to kill Vampires. They're not Vampire hunters or anything, they are vampires, they're more like vampire hitmen. All you have to do is tell them what you want and they'll get it done."
"Vampire hitmen? .. umm, I don't know Addy."
"Come on Dawn, if you want Wei gone for good they are the ones that can do the job."
"Well, all right, but I think doing something this crazy should be a three person job. Who can we trust not to tell anyone about this? The last thing I need is to have Newbie find out and worry about me, or even have Wei find out and blow our plan."
"Okay, hmm, oh what about Salline? She's trustworthy and I'm sure she's looking for an adventure."
"Well if you call this adventure and Salline is all for it then I say call her up."
"Great. I'll call Salline and tell her to meet us in Bridgeport. I'll make sure to tell her just enough of our plan so other people wont find out and she wont be surprised when we tell her the whole plan in Bridgeport."
I sat back as Addy called Salline and told her about my problem and that we need a third person to tag a long for the ride. Two people is better then one and three people is better then two, so having Salline will make this plan..... well, work, I guess.
A few days later Addy and I were sitting in a hotel room in Bridgeport. It took awhile to get to Bridgeport since Addy and I drove. We didn't want anyone to know where we were going and buying a plane ticket to Bridgeport is an obvious giveaway.
Salline arrived in Bridgeport just hours after us and by then she was pretty much caught up with the whole story of Wei.
Addy, Salline and I gathered around in the small...well, living room and started to talk about our plans to eliminate Wei for good. But unknown to me and Salline, Addy left something out.
"Umm, guys I sorta forgot to mention one tiny little thing. I mean it's not little but not big either. Well.. umm...The vampire hitmen I told you about only takes cases brought to them by Vampires. So what I'm trying to say is, is that you and Salline are gonna have to sorta, kinda, become vampires."
"VAMPIRES!!", I cried out once Addy dropped the bomb on us. "Why didn't you tell us sooner? How in the world are we gonna become vampires anyways? We don't know any vampires in Bridgeport."
"Yeah. I didn't sign up for this Addy. And why did you say Dawn and I have to become vampires, why aren't you gonna be one?", Salline added.
"Look I'm sorry, I kinda forgot. And I can't become a vampire,I nearly died last time, I can't take that risk. SO, my plan is this; Dawn, you and Salline will become vampires and go meet the hitmen at their office and I'll stay outside as a look out. While I'm making sure you guys are safe from the outside, Salline
While Addy did that I wanted to talk to Salline. "Salline are you sure you are willing to do this? I mean I know you never became a vampire before and this will all be new to you."
"Dawn I'm willing to do anything to help out a friend. Besides being a vampire is no biggy, I'm sure I can handle it."
I smiled and thanked Salline for her help and we continued to talk for a bit. A few minutes later Addy walked over with a look on her face that says she had bad news. "Bad news guys...", See! :P, "I can't get a hold of Vanessa."
"What?! How are we gonna become vampires now? WAIT, what about Mason or Ivy, can they do it?" I was worried, I wanted to get this plan under way as soon as possible, before Wei does something to Lerk.
"I don't think Mason is gonna wanna hurt his momma," Salline immediately responded.
"I agree and besides Ivy is probably the better choice, she has the evil trait and wont mind getting involved with our plan," Addy added.
"Okay, call up Ivy and tell her to get over here quickly," I ordered.
We had to wait a day for Ivy to get here but at least she agreed to help us out. Ivy is Addy's daughter and my new daughter-in-law, she married my son Mason on valentines day.
With a grin, Ivy greeted Salline and I. She wasted no time and right away asked, "Okay, so whose first?"
Salline and I both look at each other as if debating who shall go first without speaking. Eventually I spoke up and said, "I'm going first." Since I was a vampire before I figured its probably best that I go first, that way Salline will get an idea on how it all works, but I'm sure she gets it.
I got up from the couch and held my arm for Ivy. She took my forearm into her hands and looked me in the eyes as if preparing me for the bite.
Before I knew it Ivy's teeth were sunken into my skin and I felt pain rush into my arm. I let out a small scream as red glowing smoke and bats consumed my body.
Ivy released and the pain was gone almost instantly. Soon after the bats and the glowing red smoke disappeared as well. Salline's turn.
Salline got up from the couch when it was her turn to be bitten, but she seemed a bit nervous. "Are you sure it's not gonna hurt cause it looks like it hurts...bad."
"Its not as bad as it seems Salline," I said to make her less nervous.
Salline bravely lifted up her arm for Ivy to take and soon enough Salline was screaming in pain.
Her screams were covered up when the cloud of red smoke swarm of bats that surrounded me just before started now to consume Salline's body.
When it was all over Salline had this funny look on her face. "That wasn't so bad, huh Salline?", Addy said jokingly.
"Umm hmm," Salline mumbles back.
"Well it looks like I'm done here," said Ivy as she shook each of our hands goodbye and gave her mom a goodbye hug.
The days after the bite I was constantly feeling exhausted and tired. I probably slept like 16-20 hours in a day and I wasn't the only one, Salline was also always tired. I felt bad for Addy, her days must've been pretty boring since Salline and I are always sleeping.
It was after a long nap that I woke up feeling like a completely different person.
Then I felt sharp points as I slid my tongue across my teeth. I realized right then that I had transformed while I in deep sleep.
I heard some commotion coming from across the room and I turned my head to see that Salline had just woken up.
Then before my eyes I saw Salline go through her transformation.
Wasting not a second of our time I pull Salline and Addy into the bathroom so we could get to work on our disguises right away.
For Salline and I we had to change our appearance so no one could recognize us. We wanted to dress not like ourselves and more like sexy bad-ass vampires, with a different hair color and clothes that cover any tattoos. As for Addy she wanted to go for a darker hair color and black clothing to fade into the darkness. Unlike Addy who wanted to change her hair color anyways, Salline and I used temporary hair dye.
After the makeover Salline and I showed off our disguises to each other. We looked totally different then our normal selves; Salline almost didn't recognize me. In all the excitement Salline and I almost forgot about Addy until she called our names from across the room.
We turn around to see Addy leaning up against the wall looking hot in her all black outfit with black gloves, nails, and boots. She also had her hair pulled back into a ponytail with a small poof on top.
Salline and I both whistled at Addy as she pulled herself off the wall and walked over.
"Okay, are you guys ready?" Addy asks, releasing a sigh.
I took a slow deep breath before I looked over at Salline who did a silent nod to me. I exhale and look back at Addy. "Ready as I'll ever be," I finally responded.
The entire way there I was nothing but nervous. Will I blow my cover and have Wei find out, run off, and kill Lerk as soon as possible? NO! I will not let it happen. I took a big breath and put on my evil vampire face, then I spotted the house in the distance.
"Is this the place?", I asked, looking from the house to Addy.
"YEP!", she responded.
"It looks creepy," Salline added.
"Don't worry I'll be keeping a close eye on the place, and if anything happens I'll be right there to kick some vampire ass."
I slapped my hands together and rub them evilly before saying, "Okay, Salline let's go."
Salline and I walked across the street to the big gate in front of the house. It was open so I just pushed and Salline and I walked right in.
The front door was open as well so we just walked in there too.
I looked around the house, it looked absolutely gorgeous. I was so caught up in the beauty of the home I was scared stiff when I suddenly heard a male voice.
"In here."
Salline and I followed the voice into an enormous office with a grand piano and a bar. In the center of the office was a desk with man sitting behind it.
"Take a seat," the man offered, jesting his hand to the two seats on the other side of his desk.
"Who is it, Zeph?", asked a man that walked into the office through another door. He had on jewelry that looked like it belonged to an ancient vampire, had a bandage on his right upper forearm that showed he had been in battle recently, and that look about him that said he was the nicer of the two and second in command.
"Customers, Keith,"Zeph responded, without looking away from Salline and I.
Keith nodded at Zeph and then looked down at me. "And what is it that you want?", he asked in a polite manner.
I take a quick inhale and cross my legs, "Look there's a vampire that has been giving me trouble and I want him gone."
I kept the serious look on my face as the two men exchanged looks.
The one at the desk, Zeph looked back at me and said," Let's talk money."
I jump up from my seat, grab an envelope from my back pocket and slam it on the desk. "Will FIVE thousand dollars work?" Before I gave the men the chance to respond I continued, "One more thing. Once you have the man in your hands I don't want you to kill him just yet. I want to talk to him first."
The blond man, Keith, grins as if satisfied by my request. He leans over to Zeph and mumbles something to his partner. A few more words back and forth, Zeph finally gives Keith an agreeing nod.
Grinning, Keith looks me in the eyes, "That's gonna cost extra."
I pull away from the desk and rub the back of my neck. I wasn't expecting to pay more then $5,000 but it doesn't hurt to find out how much more it will cost me. "How much extra?"
Keith grins again and walks around the desk. He grabs a hold of my waist and pulls me in closer to him. I could feel Salline jump a little behind me and I relax a little to not worry her.
I knew what he wanted and I was disgusted by it, but then again it's been a while since I had a vampire baby and maybe I can get my vampire girl. Him joining my challenge was not on his mind, he doesn't know I'm a challenge mom, what's on his mind is sex. I'm sure I can get pregnant without him knowing, but first I want to talk to Wei.
When Keith came in for a kiss I push him off and cross my arms, "You give me what I want and I'll give you what you want. Deal?"
As the third hour that Salline and I were in the house rolled around Addy started to become worried.
She was just about burst through the front gates until she spotted me coming out the front door, followed by Salline.
"Wow you guys were in there for quite a while. Did you make the deal?"
"She sure did, Addy, Dawn played her vampire bad ass chick part well."
"Thank you Salline. It was the fact that Wei could be dead and out of my live soon that kept me motivated and helped me pull it off."
"Well that's great. Now let's head back to our hotel and get you two out of the sun."

**Wei's POV**
The sun had set just an hour before and I was on my way to one of the many night clubs in Bridgeport.
I stopped dead in my tracks when I sensed that I was being followed.
I turned around and bravely approached them. I wasn't scared, I'm never scared. If these men want something then I better find out what it is.
"What do you want?", I asked, as I looked both of them in the eyes.
"We don't want anything, not from you," said the vampire with the red glowing eyes.
"But your coming with us," ordered the other one.
Before I had the chance to blink once they both crouch down, expose their fangs and attacked me.
The two vampires I met on the street had knocked me out and carried me to an unknown location. When I woke up the first time since my capture I was tied to a chair and was tortured by them with punches and scratches to the face.
On the third night since my capture I wasn't tortured, instead I was left alone. That is until I heard the door open behind me and the sound of heels on cement floor approach me.
I open my eyes to see who it was and I surprised to find sexy female vampire in front of me.
"Well, well, well we meet again Wei," she spoke in a voice I recognized immediately.
"DAWN?! Why am I surprised that your behind all this?", I said, giving her sexy grin. I had to admit she looked amazing.
"You should be surprised Wei, or none of this would be easy if you knew I was capable of this. I'm not the killing type anyways and that's why I'm not going to be the one to kill you."
"I see that your a vampire. What happened? You gave into the night life? I knew you couldn't stay away once you taste the sweet power of being a vampire."
"Look Wei," she said as she walked closer to me. "I'm going to make your death a fast and painless one I figured you had enough torture already."
"What's wrong Dawn, you can't stand me being in pain? Haha. And what, are you gonna have those two mother fucker vampires do your dirty work? Why can't you do it yourself? To much of a wimp ass cheerleader?"
Her face stayed completely calm and she didn't even show any emotion from my harsh words; she just turned and walked away. Once she was two feet away from me she looked back and said, "Goodbye Wei. I hope we never meet again."
"GO TO HELL DAWN!", I yelled as she walked out.
When Dawn walked out the door, the two vampires walked in. The one with the red eyes had a gun in his hand and I knew that was what they had in mind to kill me.
"So you think we're mother fuckers huh?", he said lifting up his gun.
"Go ahead and shoot, I'm not scared to die. I'm not sorry for anything I did to that whore. I'm just sorry I didn't get the chance to kill her family first."
"Haha. I'm gonna enjoy killing you."
He lowers to gun and positions it right at my heart. With one nod from the other vampire, the red-eyed one pulls the trigger.

**Dawn's POV**
I sat and waited in their office until the job was done. They promised to let me talk to Wei before killing him and they did, and now it's my turn to give Keith what I had promised him.
I hear a door slam and soon Keith comes into my view.
"A deal is a deal," he said when he stopped 3 feet from the desk.
"You're right," I responded, getting up from the desk and walking over to Keith.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and he took a hold of my waist.
Sure he thinks all I'm giving him is sex, but he'll never know that I'm giving him much more then that, something much more valuable- a child.
Keith gave me a seductive smile as he pulled me in closer.
I placed my hands on Keith's head and pulled him in for a kiss.
It was around 2am when I arrived back at the hotel where Salline and Addy were waiting for me.
"Hey guys, I'm back," I called out as I walked into the room.
Addy jumped up from the computer at the sound of my voice and ran over to me.
"So?," Addy said in a questioning voice.
I smile a big grin and said,"Wei's dead."
Addy screams with excitement and pulls me into a hug. "I can't believe it's all over, now you and Lerk can be together without Wei in the way."
Before I had a chance to say anything to Addy after she releases our hug; I'm attacked by another hug from Salline. "Oh Dawnie I'm so happy for you."
When Salline let go she and Addy both looked at me. "So now we can go home," Salline said excitedly.
I looked at both of them and frown. "Well you two can go home. I can't just yet."
"What?! Why?", asked Addy.
"Well, I'm pregnant."
"Dawnie you didn't!?" Addy said.
I nod my slowly and said, "I did."
"Okay, Salline you can go home. I'm gonna stay with Dawn until she's ready to leave," Addy ordered Salline.
"Okay, good luck guys."
So Salline cured her vampirism, changed out of her vampire clothes, changed her hair color back, and headed for home. I did the same but of course I couldn't cure myself until I had the baby, and Addy changed out of her spying clothes and put on something more herself.
Addy didn't mind staying behind with me, she missed Bridgeport and staying here brought back memories.
A few days before I was suppose to deliver my baby I decided to start heading home. "Ready to go home Addy?" I asked Addy.
"Actually Dawn I think I'm gonna stay," Addy responded.
"Stay?!" I was confused. Why does Addy want to stay in Bridgeport?
As if she had read my mind, Addy answers my question. "I'm gonna stay and maybe visit a few people. Like some of my family and friends, you know, catch up. It's not everyday I can come back to Bridgeport. You understand."
"Of course I understand Addy. I wish you luck. I'll see you back in Hidden Springs, okay?"
"Okay, Dawnie."
I walked into the front of my home and inhaled deeply. Oh how I missed my home. The house was pretty much quiet besides the sound of the front door slamming when I walked in.
I heard a rush of footsteps coming down the stairs and soon Newbie was in my view. When Newbie spotted me he came running over and pulled me into a hug. "DAWN! Thank god your safe."
"What happened? I heard you were in Bridgeport, is that true? Are you hurt?" Newbie kept the questions coming, barely stopping for a breather.
"Newbie, Newbie, I'm fine. Everything is fine. How's my kids? Where's Breeze?"
"Your kids are just fine. Breeze just left for work and-" Newbie stops talking when he takes a good look at my face. "Dawn, you're a vampire? What happened?"
"Oh this. It's nothing of importance just something I did in Bridgeport, I'll tell you about it later."
Newbie smiles and then looks done at my swollen belly. "And I guess this is the reason why you're not normal yet?" Newbie bends over and starts rubbing my tummy.
While I was in Bridgeport my baby 73, Samantha became a YA and moved out.
My twins Kimmy and David became teenagers.
And my triplets Karni, Molly and Mitchell became kids.
It was a long drive from Bridgeport to Hidden Springs and I was exhausted. After I arrived I went straight to bed. All my kids were already asleep so I had to wait until the morning to get my welcome home hugs.
Day time rolled around and I was awoken by labor pains. I was like that for 6 hours before I finally gave birth to twins.
I introduce you to Baby 79, Vill Turner. Vill is a carbon copy of his dad but with my purple eyes.
And here's Baby 80, Piper Turner. Piper is also a daddy look-a-like but she had gotten my hair color from when I changed it to black and purple. Again one of my daughters were born with a different eye color then any of her parents. Piper surprised me when she was born with yellow eyes.
After the birth of the twins I waited until night time came a long and headed over to the science facility.
There I bought a bottle of vampire-be-gone. I twisted the bottle open and quickly chugged it all down.
The sun was just beginning to rise when I became human again. I couldn't help but smile into the distance. Wei is gone, Lerk can come home, and I have such wonderful friends. I have never been so happy.
Oh my gosh, what a post! I hoped that you all liked it because I put a lot of effort into making this post and I'm proud how it came out.
I would like to thank Addy McKnight/AddyKat my editor and friend for all the help in making the post the best it can be, along with a thank you to Salline Trish. Both Addy and Salline were a big help, they helped me with the storyline of this post and I can't thank them enough.
I would also like to give credit to Addy McKnight for creating Keith Van Dyke; vampire hitman and father of Dawn's newest babies. Thank you Addy!
And of course Thank you Ashby Lemi, she will not go unnoticed. I failed to thank and credit Ashby in my previous post and I'm sorry. Thank you Ashby Lemi/Jennifer for creating Breeze Roman; Newbie's newest and current girlfriend. And another thousand thanks to you for Newbie, he has been a true friend to Dawn since Baby 24 and Dawn and I can't thank you enough for bringing him into our lives. I hope Newbie will be there by Dawn's side for a long time. :)
Thank you!
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