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He Loves Her, She Loves Him- Babies 85 & 86

 **Dawn's Point of View**
Collin became such a cutie as a teenager, not that he wasn't cute before; I mean come on, he's so cute here. Like I say about all my sons; he will have no trouble with the ladies.
 Katniss grew to look just like her father in every way, shape or form. The only difference is that Katniss did not get his dark pink eyes.
 Primrose however looked just like me, but she did get Frank's dark pink eyes. If you ask me I think pink eyes and blond hair go very well together.
 Peeta was a good mixture of both Frank and I. Peeta got Frank's hair color, eye color, and nose. He got my headshape, eye shape, and lips.

**Lerk's Point of View**
Dawn and I have been inseparable since I came back from the war. At first Dawn was mad at me for letting  her believe that I had died, but after a while she had forgiven me.
It's different now that I'm human again. I haven't been a human in hundreds of years and I had forgotten what is felt like to feel the warmth of a woman's skin and the sweetness of a woman's kiss. Dawn is the woman I love and want to be with always; I will do anything to make her happy.
"I love you, Dawn."
"I love you too Lerk."
Now that I'm back to stay and there's no Wei to stop me, I made the decision that I want Dawn to be my wife. I know that we'll have to wait until after she finishes her challenge to get married, but knowing there will be a wedding makes it worth waiting for.
I picked up the phone and dialed Addy's number.
"Hey, Addy I need your help. Can you keep Dawn busy for a while?"
"Um. Sure. Why, what are you up too?"
"I decided that I'm gonna propose to Dawn and I need you to keep her busy while I go and buy her a ring. Can you help?"
"I'll be happy to. Oh this is so exciting."
"Thank you Addy."
After I hung up with Addy I called and invited two more of Dawn's friends over to my place. I'm gonna need help when I go ring shopping and what better way to get the perfect ring for Dawn if I get the help from two people that had been around Dawn more then I have.
An hour after I called them, Newbie and Breeze were at my front door. I didn't tell them why I needed their help over the phone because I thought it would be better to tell them in person. They arrived eager to find out.
I invited them inside and we all took a seat in the living room.
"Okay I invited you two over cause I need your help in a very important task. I need help in picking out an engagement ring for Dawn cause I decided that she's the one for me and I want her to be my wife."
"OH LERK!! I'm so happy for you. Congratulations. I would love to help you pick out a ring."
**Dawn's Point of View**
 This is Scar Letter, He's the fourth of six guys I agreed to have in my challenge. He's part of the color friends I mentioned before. After him there are two more guys.
I heard there was a new venue they just built downtown and that they have performers go there once a week to entertain the townsfolk's. It happens that a show was happening that day so I headed over. I was surprised when I walked onto the lot and saw Salline Trish singing on stage.
I also saw challenge moms Christy Quinn and Kalyn Waine, and my son Tyler in the audience cheering.
When Salline finished her song I threw her a bouquet of roses on stage. Woop! Go Salline!
Salline walked off the stage and the proprietor introduced Tyler Turner next. Tyler then got on stage and performed his awesome acrobatic skills.
I stood back and watched my son as he made his dreams come true. Afterwards they announced a winner of that night's show. TYLER WON!! Sorry Salline.
I always wanted to be a singer and with the singing career now available I thought I'd try it out. When it got dark and as everyone was leaving I walked up to the proprietor and asked him if I could join the singing career. I was super excited when he said yes, but I had to practice my singing before I could perform on stage anytime soon.
I made my way over to the new coffee house to practice my singing. I would've sung at the place I was just at but everyone had already left. I wanted to go were people could hear me so I could tell how well I'm doing by their reactions.
I was close to finishing my first song when I heard someone approach from behind me. I ignored whoever it was and continued my song.
When I finished I turned around and saw Addy.
"Hey Addy!! I didn't know that you were behind me."
"And I didn't know you could sing. So I guess we're even. So.... How come you didn't tell me?"
"Actually I just took it up. I came here to practice and get better so I could perform on big stages."
"Well let's get practicing then. We could go to the bar and practice on the karaoke machine."
"Really? Okay. Let's go now."
Of course the machine was already in use when we got there but once that person was done we jumped forward and took our turn. Addy and I had a hard time picking our song, but in the end we decided on the second song since it was great song for practicing my vocals.
While that was going on my kiddos had another birthday. Baby 81 Collin became a handsome young adult. He didn't move out right away though, he had to wait until I got home since he couldn't leave the triplets home alone.
Baby 82, Katniss looked adorable with her pink hair in two braids.
Baby 83, Primrose also looked very cute, but instead of doing braids like her sister; she had pigtails in her hair.
Baby 84, Peeta is too cute for words. His curly pink hair and pink eyes go well with his pink jacket.
**Lerk's Point of View**
The jewelry store I really wanted to go to was located in Bridgeport. It was a very well known place. They don't sell rings but they customize rings to your liking. You just pick your stone, band, and style; they make it and you end up with a one of a kind ring. Since Bridgeport was a distance away we ended up having to wait until the next day when the store was open.
"Oh Lerk this place is wonderful." Breeze seemed to enjoy this trip to the jewelry store much more then Newbie, he hadn't said a word since I told them I was gonna propose to Dawn. Just a few mhm's here and there.
"Lerk, Lerk, Look! How about you make Dawn's ring with a diamond?"
I walked over and joined Breeze by the glass case.
"A Diamond? Hmm. What do you think Newbie? Will Dawn like diamonds?" I asked Newbie who was at the other end of the store looking at other stones.
Breeze got distracted by other more shinier and prettier stones and walked off, while Newbie walked over by the case to observe the diamond.
"So what do you think Newbie? Should I go with the diamond? Or maybe I could find a diamond of a different color."
"Dawn likes purple," Newbie spoke just barely a whisper.
"How can I help you sir?" Asked the woman behind the counter, who had been quite this entire time that we'd been here.
I approached the counter, followed by Breeze then Newbie.
"Yes, I would like to customize an engagement ring for my girlfriend."
"What a lucky lady she is to have a boyfriend like you. Congratulations sir, when is the wedding?"
"Not sure yet. Maybe June unless she prefers a more earlier wedding. I want us to marry as soon as possible."
I could see Newbie in the corner of my eye turn his head and sigh.
Then suddenly he turned and stormed out the jewelry store. It happened so fast that Breeze and I were surprised by Newbie's sudden mood change.
"W-what's wrong, what happened to Newbie? Is he upset?" Breeze asked me as she watched Newbie leave.
"I don't know. We were talking about the ring and then he just got upset all of the sudden."
**3rd Person Point of View**
Breeze decided to follow Newbie out the door while Lerk went back to finished ordering his ring.
"Newbie wait!" Breeze ordered when the front door closed behind her. "Newbie what's wrong? Why are you upset? Are you upset about the ring? Is it something to do with the ring?"
"I don't know. It's the ring. It's the store. It's... Lerk. It's everything."
"Newbie, I don't understand."
"That's the thing. I don't understand it either.... I- I gotta go. I can't be here."
Newbie walked away from the jewelry store feeling more confused then ever. Maybe some fresh air would help.
**Dawn's Point of View**
"What do you think Addy? Do you think it's done?"
"I don't know Dawn. We already reorganized your third floor, and decorated your bedroom. If you ask me, I've had enough of this. I pretty much did all the heavy lifting since your pregnant."
"So what your saying is that you love it?"
Addy sighs, "Yeah."
There was a creak of the front door opening and then Newbie walked in.
"NEWBIE!! Your back! How was your business trip to Bridgeport? OH! Newbie guess what, I redecorated, I mean Addy and I redecorated the living room. What do you think?"
"Wow, I love it Dawn... and Addy."
"And I'm exhausted. I swear I'm done with house decorating for a while," Addy added.
**Lerk's Point of View**
I told Newbie to head inside without me while I got rid of any evidence that we had been to a jewelry store. After throwing away everything besides the ring and the box I finally arrived back at Dawn's house where I found Dawn talking to Newbie, unaware that I just walked in, and Addy standing on the side.
"Hey Dawn," I said.
She gave me a quick smile and a hey before she went back to her conversation with Newbie.
Leaving her be I walk around Newbie and towards Addy.
"Hey, Addy, can we talk?"
"Sure Lerk."
"So Lerk did you get the ring? Can I see it? When are you proposing to Dawn? Oh I can't wait."
"I don't know when I will. Maybe in a couple days but I wanted to talk to you about Newbie. When we were out ring shopping yesterday he had been acting weird. He barely said anything to Breeze or me and when he did it was just a couples words. And when I was picking everything out for Dawn's ring and discussing how I wanted us to get married as soon as we can, he just..... walked out the store. He looked upset, or mad about something. Do you think Newbie-"
"That Newbie likes Dawn?"
"Yeah. So I'm not just imagining it?"
"Well there were signs. His behavior towards Dawn has been different lately."
"That's what I was afraid of. I owe Newbie a lot for protecting Dawn while I was gone. How can I propose to Dawn if it's gonna end up having Newbie hate me."
"I don't think Newbie's gonna hate you Lerk. She's your girlfriend, you have the right to propose if you love her.....So are you gonna still propose? Your not gonna back down are you?"
"No, I'm still proposing. It's just if Dawn says yes it might hurt Newbie more then we think."
"You mean because his feelings for Dawn could be more then just a crush?"
"I'm afraid so."
**Dawn's Point of View**
When I was right in the middle of my story about becoming a singer my water broke. It happened so fast. The contractions started almost instantly.
I introduce you to baby 85, Hannah Turner.
And baby 86, Henry Turner. Both Hannah and Henry look like their father, besides that fact that they both have my purple eyes, and Henry has my skin tone and blond hair. They turned out to be adorable little babies and I couldn't be more blessed. 14 more babies to go!!
 I know this post jumps back and forth from pov to pov and it may have gotten slightly confusing. Other then that I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did making it. Please comment below because I love your feedback, comments make my day and writing these posts all worth wild.
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  1. Oh my heart goes out to my little boy. Perhaps Newbie needs some mama time. *sigh* Loved this post Dawn. I cant wait to see how it all plays out.


    1. Yeah some mama time will do him some good. :)
      Thank you! and we'll see how it plays out. ;)

  2. Poor Newbie.
    It was a lovely post Dawn. I want to see what happens next, and I'm not really one for romance.


    1. Yes, Poor Newbie, but he'll be alright I promise.
      Thank you and I promise to have another post out soon.
      Really? I'm all for romance! :)

  3. Dawn, the way you captivate your readers and keep them begging for more is a true talent I have yet to have. This post was... WOW. I'm BEYOND looking forward to the next post!

    1. I agree Dawnie's amazing but you're wrong, you always leave me wanting more too Vi. You're both two of the best writers I know and I don't think I would be half as good as I am if I didn't know you.

    2. @Molly/Violet: Thank you Molly that really means a lot and it touched my heart to see that you say I have true talent. You make me wanna cry. :') Thank you so much.

      @AddyKat: Thank you Addy and I agree that Vi is too a wonderful writer and makes her readers wanting more. I also think you too are a great writer Addy. :)