Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Day Too Late- Baby 81

I was so excited to get a call the other day from my son Preston (Baby 33). He was home from the war. You don't know how disappointed I was to hear that he had been home for a while and didn't bother to visit me or call me sooner, but that was all forgotten when I found out where he was. He was in Sunset Valley winning the heart of the girl he has been fighting for since he was young. Little Wisdom Lemi, daughter of the famous Violet Newbie and the final baby in Violet's challenge.
 Violet called me one day to tell me that Preston was over her house that day. He wanted to ask her something very important. When Violet told me just what it was that Preston asked her I nearly popped Violet's ear drums with my screaming. 
 The day after was when Preston took Wisdom out for a candle light dinner and a walk on the beach.
 He took a small box out of his pocket and in that box was Violet's wedding ring. Preston got down on one knee and asked Wisdom Lemi to marry him.
Wisdom said yes. 
Preston called me the next day and told me the great news. He had to go back to war soon so they planned on a small simple, low-budget wedding and I was invited to help out. <3
 "Oh my gosh! This is so exciting. David, we're gonna be adults. Can you believe it?" Kimmy out of all my kids was the one that was most excited about aging up, mainly because she was moving out and on her way to college. David and Kimmy got excepted to Bridgeport University and planned on becoming roommates.
 Baby 74, Kimmy Turner as a young adult. Kimmy I have to say is one of my most beautiful daughters in this challenge.
Baby 75, David Turner as a young adult. Look at David with his longish hair and cute boyish smile; I say that blond hair suits him well because almost all the girls love him.
 Baby 77, Molly Turner as a teenager.
Baby 76, Karni Turner as a teenager. Molly and Karni almost look exactly a like besides the fact that Karni has thicker lips, blond hair, lighter skin tone, and pink eyes.
Baby 78, as a teenager.
Babies 74-75, Kimmy and David before they leave.
Babies 76-78, Karni, Mitchell, & Molly right after they aged up into teens.
I had to wait a little longer to age the twins. They still hadn't learned all of their skills and I sorta wanted them to stay in the toddler stage just a little longer.
I still couldn't believe how much Vill looks like his daddy, well Piper does too but Vill has his hair and is a boy. Vill and Piper will be my reminder of the day Wei was removed from my life forever.
For the remainder of my day I spent with my babies Piper and Vill, trying to finish teaching them the rest of their skills. It was nearing midnight when I finally finished and they were ready to age up.
Baby 79, Vill as a Child.
Baby 80, Piper as a Child.
Vill and Piper are breath taking. I can't believe how fast they're growing; I wish they could stay like this forever.
When morning came the kids went off to school and I went for my morning walk; It was so beautiful out. Five miles later I found myself deep in the Hidden Springs forest. There were very few houses there but I love seeing the beautiful spring trees and the smell of pine in the air. I was almost in a trance from all the beauty until I heard my name being called from behind me.
I spun around and found a purplish man. I knew I'd seen him before but I couldn't put my finger on it.
Grinning at me, he said, "Dawn Turner? I'm Prat Purple. I'm one of Royal Blue's friends. I'm suppose to join your challenge next- remember?"
"Oh that's right. Nice to meet you Prat." I remembered meeting the color friends a while back, when Royal joined my challenge. Each guy represented a different color and I agreed to have all 6 guys join; Prat was suppose to be number two.
I looked around and spotted a log renter's cabin that looked empty. Pointing at the cabin I said, "Shall we go make baby 81?"
His face lit up when I suggested we make baby 81, I guess he wasn't expecting me to want to conceive the next baby right at that moment.
"Now?" he asked confused.
"Yes, Now! Haha. Come on!" I said and he followed me inside.
Thankfully the cabin had a double bed. Prat and I walked into the bedroom, locked the door, and climbed onto the bed.
In no time at all my next baby was conceived.
Afterwards Prat and I decided to have some fun, so we started pillow fighting.
A day later Newbie came over. He noticed I had a lot on my mind from my lack of speech since he got there. Leaning on the counter Newbie looked at me, "What are you thinking Dawn? What's wrong?"
I shook my head as if I'd just realized Newbie was right there in front of me. I sighed and answered his question, "It's Lerk. Ever since Wei dead I've been trying to get a hold of Lerk to let him know so he could come home, but I just can't seem to locate him. Lerk and I never wrote each other or called so Wei wouldn't find out about us, so I have to find him myself."
"Don't worry Dawn, I'm sure you'll contact him soon and then he can come home. If not then I'm sure Lerk will be home soon because he's gonna eventually find out about Wei's death anyways. So how about you don't think about it right now and have a little fun. There's a new venue in town."
"What about Breeze, can she come?"
"She's working. So what do you say?"
Thinking long and hard I looked at Newbie and smiled, "Sure. Let's go."
The venue was a lot bigger then I imagined. I was so excited to head inside and see what awesome new things this venue had.
The place was even bigger on the inside. We explored the first floor for a little while and then we headed to the second floor. Once there Newbie spotted a karaoke machine. Grinning at me, Newbie grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the machine.
"Come on Dawn let's sing."
I was a little hesitant at first cause I barely sing in front of people but since no was on the second floor- I agreed.
"The only two person song on here right now is a love song. Is that alright?"
"That's fine."
The music started suddenly and I nearly missed the beginning of the song. Newbie's part was first so I just starred at the screen of lyrics until my part lit up.
When my part came I started singing while Newbie played back up.
Mid song I really started to get into the music.
Newbie did too.
I was having so much fun. Newbie and I make a great singing team.
"Here comes your solo Dawn." Newbie said, looking at the screen.
I threw myself into the solo and I hit the highest note I ever did.
Then the music slowed down and soon Newbie and I were singing to each other and looking each other in the eyes.
The music stopped, the song ended, and we were out of breath. Still I kept looking at Newbie. Smiling at him, I leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
I was scared back into reality when I heard Calista cheering for Newbie and me.
I felt so embarrassed. How long had she been watching? I'm not sure if Newbie was embarrassed at all but I do know he was caught off guard by the sudden audience.
"Let's do something else." Newbie said as I leaned over to turn off the karaoke machine.
On the other side of the second floor Newbie saw a pool table. "Hey Dawn, do you know how to play pool?"
"Yeah but I'm not very good."
"That's okay then I have a chance of winning."
Newbie ran over to the pool table and started getting it prepared for a game.
Newbie went first.
I stood off to the side as Newbie took his turn. It felt like I was standing there forever, Newbie was a pro at the game.
When it was my turn Newbie stood off to the side and watched. I don't know if it was my competitive side but I wanted to show Newbie that I was better than him at pool.
But I missed. Newbie turned his head and laughed and I gave a dirty look at the pool table. For some reason Newbie's laughing upset me more then it should have. But I kept at it and eventually I won! HA!
Afterwards we went to the park were I made dinner for the both of us- steaks.
Well I sorta burned it when I got distracted by my baby's first kick. Newbie said it was okay and we both called it a night and headed for home.
Newbie stopped by a few days later to check up on me. He walked upstairs to find me talking on the phone.
"Would you please check again. I need to talk to him..."
"He has to be there. I want you to look again and if you still can't find what unit he's located I want you to go to the units and look for him. I have to find him.......Okay.....It's Lerk Bitemen. Okay. Bye."
I hung up the phone and saw Newbie standing by my side.
"Hey Newbie. What's up?"
"Breeze is working again and I was wondering if you would like to walk with me down to the watering hole and do some fishing."
"SURE! Love to."
Walking down the hill I could feel Newbie eyes on me. I spun my head around and said, "Newbie can you walk closer to me? This hill is steep and I want someone to catch me if I fall."
Newbie didn't say a word and walked closer by my side.
When we arrived at the watering hole we pulled out our fishing poles and started fishing.

"I'm gonna catch a bigger fish then you Dawn."
"Haha. We'll see Newbie, We'll see."

Through out the day Newbie kept catching little fish- barely a pound. I on the other hand pulled out big fish- around 9 or 10 pounds.
When night came I went into labor. Newbie ran back to my house to get my car and took me to the hospital.
When we arrived at the hospital Cassidy came out to escort me inside.
"Come on Dawn."
I look at Newbie and he gave me nod, "Go ahead Dawn. You'll be fine."
I sigh and follow Cassidy into the hospital were a wheelchair was waiting for me.
A few hours later I came out with a healthy baby boy. I introduce you to baby 81, Collin Turner. (Named was inspired by the author of the Hunger Games Trilogy, Suzanne Collins)
Collin aged to looked mostly like his father. He got his father's purple hair, darkish skin, head shape and lip shape. He got my purple eyes and nose shape.
After Collin was born my three oldest kids aged up into adults and moved out. Here's babies 76-78, Karni, Molly & Mitchell.
I tried once again to contact Lerk. Newbie came over so if I couldn't reason with the guy on the phone to find Lerk, Newbie would give it a try. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and started to dial the numbers.
I had punched in three numbers when I saw a man in uniform walk up to my front door. I slowly lowed my phone when he rang the door bell.
Newbie walked over and opened the door for the man. Newbie walked back to my side and the man wearing a blue suit approached me. "Hi I'm Sargent Burtmen, are you Mrs. Bitters? Lerk's wife?"
"No I'm Ms. Turner. Lerk's Girlfriend. Why?"
That's why I couldn't find Lerk, he had used his real last name for the war. I felt so stupid for not thinking of it sooner. But why would this man come see me. I was about to ask him about Lerk when he suddenly spoke the words that killed me inside.
"I'm sorry to tell you this Ms. Turner, but there was an accident the other day and Lerk Bitters.... he's dead. I'm so sorry."
Newbie quickly looked at me just as I fell to the floor screaming. "NOOO!!! This can't happen!! He promised he'd come back to me, he promised." I was hysterical, tears pouring done my cheeks. I was too late. I had Wei killed but he must of already told his friend to kill Lerk. I was too late- a day too late.
Newbie was crouching down by my side, trying to help me back up.
"Dawn, DAWN! It's okay. You'll be okay. I'm here for you. I promise," Newbie said, holding my shoulders so I wouldn't fall.
"Ne-Newbiiiiie, promise you'll never leave me. PROMISE!"
"I promise Dawn. I'm not going anywhere."
I wrap my arms around Newbie's chest and continued to cry. Newbie held me close, rubbing my back, trying to calm me down.
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  1. My dearest friend. This was so exciting at the beginning but oh so sad at the end. I'm so sorry for our loss. I couldn't imagine the pain your going through.

  2. wow. really good post dawn...i'm sorry for your loss though. ~Aqua BraveheartXD

  3. :'( LERRK!!!
    Awwee Newbies so sweet to Dawn:3
    Collin's so cute with his purple hair.
    Suchaa good post >:D

  4. My jaw is on the floor right now. OMG I am so sorry Dawn. I am glad my boy could be there for you when I can't. This was very heartbreaking.