Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm Not Afraid to Admit It- Baby 89

**Lerk's Point of View**
"Yes, let's talk."
I looked away from the picture on the wall and forced myself to look Dawn in the eyes. She deserves to hear this face to face not with me looking at the wall the entire time. I swallowed hard and placed my hands together, readying myself for the heartbreaking blow.
"Dawn, I wanna break up."
The look on Dawn's face from the words I allowed to escape my lips made my heart sink all the way down to my stomach. My relief after finally saying those words went away almost instantly when I saw the shock and sadness in her eyes.
"W-what? Break up? You wanna break up? Why? You don't love me anymore?"
"No Dawn, of course I love you. I love you unconditionally. It's just- I'm doing this for you. I know you don't love me anymore and I want you to be happy."
"Happy?! Happy how? Happy that my boyfriend doesn't want to be with me?" I could see the tears that had been forming in her eyes disappear and be replaced with a hint of anger.
"Please try to understand Dawn."
"Understand? Understand what? You suddenly think I don't love you and so you break up with me? What are you getting at Lerk? Are you trying to think of a way to not be with me anymore, well, you could have at least thought of a better excuse then making up some crazy lie that I don't love you anymore. Of course I love yo-"
"DAWN WILL YOU JUST LISTEN?" The sudden loudness of my voice not only surprised myself, but Dawn as well. She stood quietly and listened as I continued. "I love you Dawn, I never stopped loving you. I wanted us to get married and continue our growing family, but I know you love him and want to be with him instead. I couldn't live with the guilt if making you my wife will make you unhappy, especially if I knew you were unhappy. I'm doing you a favor and I know you'll thank me later." With a sigh I finish. "If you truly love someone sometimes its best to let them go, even if it means heartbreak to you."
Dawn stood confused with a finger pointed at me. "But I do love you Lerk."
"Yes I know, but as a friend. Your heart belongs to someone else."
"Someone else?"
"You and I both know that you love Newbie, even if you can't see it yet."
Dawn shook her head at the mention of Newbie's name and continued to point. "No, no no no, NO!!"
Dawn turned around and quickly ran out the room, leaving me alone to soak in all that had just happened.
I couldn't help but feel the pain in my heart as I watched Dawn leave. As much as I hated to do it I knew its what's best for Dawn. She deserves to be happy and if that means being with Newbie then I'm happy too.
Now that I've released Dawn I'm no longer needed here in Hidden Springs, I have to leave. I can't stay and watch the woman I love make a life of her own with the man she loves, I have to move on too.

**Dawn's Point of View**
I ran out my room and into the second floor hall-pulling my phone out of my pocket. I didn't want to see Lerk at that moment I just wanted get out of the house for a while and what a better excuse then to call up the final guy from the color friends and continue my challenge.
"Lemon Lime? It's Dawn. Are you ready to make baby 89?"

**Lerk's Point of View**
When I heard the sound of the front door slam close I knew Dawn had just left. I slowly walked out of her room and down the stairs and out the front door. While walking down the short amount of steps leading to and from the front door I spotted Breeze standing in the grass. I had completely forgotten that Breeze was still here.
"Lerk I just saw Dawn. She looked upset, I'm assuming you talked to her?"
I narrowed my eyes and sighed. "Yes."
I continued to walk away when Breeze asked, "Where are going?" Breeze looked concerned.
"I'm leaving."
"Leaving? Are you going home?"
"No, I'm leaving town."

"Leaving town? Where will you go?"
"Bridgeport, Sunset Valley, whatever. I just got to get out of this town."
With that I left and not once did I look back.
Baby 85, Hannah Turner.
Baby 86, Henry Turner.
Baby 87, Victor Turner.
Baby 88, Kip Turner.

**Dawn's Point of View**
After I got back from Lemon Lime's house I found myself sitting in one of the many corners in my room- thinking. Thinking about Lerk and all that we've been through. How dare he say I loved Newbie, he had no right to say who I love, only I have that right.
But then again I kept thinking, Do I love love Newbie? NO! I love Lerk, Newbie is just a friend.
Thinking about who I love and who I don't love had my stomach in knots and I found myself running to the toilet to throw up. I knew it was from the pregnancy but I think part of it was from the confusion of Lerk and Newbie as well.
I spent my days sitting in numerous places around the house thinking about Lerk and thinking about my challenge. Without Lerk I'm now a free and single woman. My stomach churned thinking about it. I never wanted to be single at this point in my challenge, what will happen when I finish? Will I remain single forever? Forever alone?
I sat by the fire, lost in my own thoughts. He thought I loved Newbie. What made him think I loved Newbie? Did he see something that I didn't?

**3rd Person Point of View**
Hannah and Henry stood nearby watching their mother sit alone on the sofa, slouched over, and looking like she had been doing nothing but sitting there thinking. They both knew why she was behaving the way she was and knew well enough to not bother her.
Mean while the two make their way to the third floor and continue their long going debate they had since they were in grade school; Will mom end up with Lerk or Newbie?
"See I told you Hannah; mom and Lerk broke up because she loves Newbie. So HA!!"
"Lerk only broke up with mom because your big mouth had to go blab that she loves Newbie, which is a big fat lie."
"I had nothing to do with their break up Hannah. Your just mad because Lerk and mom are no longer together and I was completely right."
"Well... Your a loser so... in your face!"
"Well at least I'm not a cry baby like some redheaded girls in this room. Face it Hannah your just upset and just want to blame someone and I'm an easy target."
"Well at least I don't need mommy to hold my hand for the first day of school. Look everybody Henry is a total momma's boy!!"
"That was ONE time, Hannah, and I was 7. First grade is a big deal."
"Whatever you still held her hand like a loser."
"Meanwhile Hannah I do remember you crying for mommy as soon as she left. You wanted mommy to come get you and then during nap time you wanted your stuffed bear and made a big fuss about it and kept all the other kids from sleeping. Who's the loser now, Hannah!?"
"Shut up Henry."

**Dawn's Point of View**
I did many chores around the house to occupy my time and save me the trouble of thinking of Lerk and how he just broke my heart and up and left town- just like that.
But still my mind goes back to Lerk and that heartbreaking moment in my room were my life went from having a boyfriend that loves me to being single for the rest of my life.
At nights I tended my only living plant in my garden. Nights is when I feel like I could really think clearly. The cool night air and the silent streets where no cars drive by and break my own peace, really clears my mind and I can think about the positives of this outcome.
I don't have to get married after my challenge like the other mothers did or are about to do. I could remain single for a while or longer, and do all the things I never got to do before; like travel. I could go to college. I've never been to college. I remember like it was yesterday, me sitting my parents down at a little white table in my mother's beautiful garden, announcing that I wanted to do the 100 baby challenge instead of college. I remember my mother getting all exciting about having grandchildren and my father, my father bought me my first home to start my challenge in. Yeah I remember.
As I sat peacefully in my quiet isolated garden I could hear Hannah and Henry off in the distance playing and talking- arguing.
"I bet I could jump higher then you, Henry."
"I bet you wont, Hannah."
"I bet I could and I will."
"Prove it."
In the last few days since Lerk and I's break up I learned a few things.
First, I don't need to get married after my challenge. I could do anything I want to do; like go to college and further my education.
Second, I found myself thinking less of Lerk and more of my future without him.
Third, Since the break up I never been happier. Yes I love Lerk but some how, and I don't know why, I'm loving that fact that I no longer have a boyfriend, or Lerk as a boyfriend.
Before I got a chance to even comprehend what I've just told myself, about being happy that Lerk is no longer is my boyfriend, I felt the contractions begin.
And just like that, an hour after labor began I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I introduce you to Baby 89, Luke Turner.
I ran done the stairs in a flash when I heard a car pull up in the driveway and a door slam. I knew right away that it was Newbie, he promised me that he'd stop by after his trip to Sunset Valley and tell me all about it. I stumbled down the stairs just as Newbie walked through the front door.
"NEWBIE!!" I yelled.
Running full speed I nearly knocked Newbie off his feet when I tackled him with an overjoyed hug.
"Newbie, I missed you so much."
"Ha ha, I missed you to Dawn."
"Newbie you have to tell me all about your trip. I wanna know everything."
"And everything you will know. Ha ha. Now let's sit okay."
Newbie and I walked over by the sofa and made ourselves comfortable. Then Newbie began telling everything he did while in Sunset Valley visiting his mom; making sure not to leave out any details.
When Newbie asked about my days while he was gone I hesitated. I didn't know what to say; that Lerk broke up with me? I didn't want to ruin Newbie's return with my horrible incident with Lerk. So I decided not to mention Lerk and I's break up and just told him about my newest little baby.
"Well where is the little guy? I would love to meet him."
As if he knew Newbie wanted to meet him, Luke came toddling into the living room where Newbie and I sat by the fire. Looking up at us with his lime green and yellow eyes; you couldn't help but smile at his precious little face. Even Newbie grinned when Luke crawled by his feet.
Newbie scooped Luke up in his arms and began to play with him; while I remained seated on the sofa watching  the two have the time of their lives. As I watched the two I imagined that it was a little girl in Newbie's arms with Newbie's hair and purple eyes; my purple eyes....
My purple eyes? I couldn't believe my own thoughts. Why was I imagining Newbie and I with a daughter? We don't have a daughter, unless... I quickly excused myself and ran to my room.
I didn't stop until I was in the safety of my bedroom. I breathed heavily as I began to collect my thoughts. What was wrong with me? Why was I thinking about having more kids with Newbie all of the sudden? I never thought of Newbie as more then just a friend. Then Lerk's words popped in my mind.
"You and I both know that you love Newbie, even though you can't see it yet."
I looked over at the picture on my wall and I smiled. I smiled not at seeing the fun I was having with my best friend, I was smiling at Newbie. What's not to smile about; Newbie's caring, friendly, and he always knows how to make me smile. Even now, when Newbie walked through my front door I'd never been happier to see him. I love his smile, his hair, his eyes, the way he can make my even most terrible days seem like the greatest.
Was Lerk right? Yes, he was.
How could I've been so blind? Of course I love Newbie. I love Newbie more then I ever loved anyone. My feelings for Newbie are stronger then the love I feel for a bff. I'm not afraid to admit it because I know it's unbelievably, completely, 100% true. And it took a break up from Lerk and a few days without Newbie to make me finally realize and except it. I'm in love with my best friend.
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  1. Ooh La La! :P
    I do hope Newbie does love her back the same way she does, I mean he does have a girlfriend and all... :/
    Anyways, can't wait for the next chapter to see what the kids will look like and what will happen with Dawn and Newbie :D

    1. I hope so too, it'll be heart breaking for her to have two men not want to be with her. Time will only tell though.

  2. Awww...what a cute post. Luke is a cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiee! <<<It took a lot for me to type that, due to my annoying brothers name is Luke. Anyway :C Pooooor Dawnie...but the heart wants what the heart wants!

    1. Thank you! Luke is such a cutie pie.
      Lol! But sims are naturally cuter. :)
      Yes poor Dawn, hopefully Newbie will return that same love.

  3. Whoot Whoot!!!!! TEAM NEWBIE!!!!! However I do feel bad for Breeze and Lerk, but mama Ashby is thrilled. Loved this post and OMG Hannah is stunning and your new little one. Love the green hair and eyes.

    Great post.

    Hugs Ashby.

    1. Of course your team Newbie! ^_^ I knew you would like this post.
      Yes to bad for Lerk and Breeze, but I'm sure them two will find someone if Dawn and Newbie do hook up.
      Yes,I totally agree that Hannah is absolutely stunning, definitely one of the prettiest daughters Dawn has ever had. And the newest baby is just too darn cute. :3

  4. OH MY GOSH... This made me WOW... GO TEAM NEWBIE, I do however feel bad for Lerk.

    1. You can't help but feel bad for Lerk, heck I felt back for him when I was writing it. But the heart wants what the heart wants and Lerk wants Dawn to be happy.

  5. WHY!!?!!! WHY!?! WHY!!! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! I screamed when Lerk and Dawn broke up..then screamed even more when she said she loved Newbie! SHE CAN'T LOVE NEWBIE EVERYTHING WAS FINE WHEN LERK AND DAWN WERE A COUPLE AND ALSO NEWBIE AND BREEZE ARE STILL A COUPLE! Dawn is going to loose a good friend to her..

    Love Lauren, P.S I am a new challenge mother :) I've been reading this since the beginning but never commented.

    1. Wow, first why haven't you commented? and second, you more then make up for the lack of other Team Lerk fans lol.

    2. Dawn can't help who she loves, and everything wouldn't have been fine if Lerk didn't say anything and just continued to be with Dawn. It wouldn't be fair to Dawn, she'd been unhappy, and it wouldn't be fair to Lerk either, to marry someone that doesn't love him the same way.
      Yes Newbie has Breeze but he could love Dawn the same way, it's possible. And Dawn would only loose her friend if she told them she loves Newbie, she might not even tell them at all.

      Welcome to the club, and I'm glad that you finally decided to leave a comment and please feel free to comment in future posts. :)

  6. Replies
    1. I'll get more chapters up as soon as I can. :)

  7. You should name your next kids either Nathan/Nathaniel and Gemma :), love your blog btw, my favourite 100 baby by far!

    1. Thanks for the name suggestions, I'll definitely consider using them. :)
      Thank you, you just made my day. :D

  8. Dawn I read it on my phone and now I'm finally responding! Dawnie, now you see how I fell for Clark so eaisily. Friendship is so eaisly lead to love. Go team Newbie!
    -Love <3