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The Unnoticed- Babies 87 & 88

**3rd Person Point of View**
 Baby 82, Katniss Turner.
Baby 83, Primrose Turner.
Baby 84, Peeta Turner.
Baby 85, Hannah Turner.
Baby 86, Henry Turner.
Lerk examined the two newly taken pictures that hung so neatly on the wall. Just a few days ago he had suggested to Dawn they get a picture together, but she insisted on getting one with Newbie as well. Lerk had wanted it to be something special for them, to show that they still love each other but now it wasn't; not since she had hung the photo of her and Newbie on the same wall.
Wanting to see Dawn again, Lerk walked up the wooden staircase to the second floor, where Dawn sat quietly in her room, humming her favorite tune. Dawn had just finished putting on her face as her bright white door opened and Lerk's face appeared from behind it. Dawn smiled at the sight of Lerk walking towards her shining a heart warming grin in her direction.
Lerk walked until he was only a foot from Dawn. Still smiling Lerk's eyes never left Dawn's face. Her eyes didn't seem to sparkle like they always used to whenever he walked into a room. The silence was suddenly broken. "Hey sweety. What is it?"
"Well, I wanted to see your beautiful face, and I have a question to ask you." Before Lerk could continue or before Dawn could respond her phone went off; playing a jingle about best friends.
"NEWBIE!" Jumping to her feet, and pulling her cell phone from her dresser, Dawn answered her phone.
Lerk didn't move, only turned around to the direction of Dawn.
"Hey Newbie!!...Yeah, of course I can...... I'll be there in 15 minutes...okay, bye."
Hanging up more slower than when she answered, Dawn turned around and walked over by Lerk again. All the joy in Dawn's face from receiving the call just seconds before had vanished and all that was left was Dawn's saddened face. She didn't look sad but Lerk could tell when Dawn was feeling sadness, and he knew it was cause the call with Newbie had ended.
Lerk couldn't help but feel a bit of jealously and wonder if Dawn acts like that whenever he calls her. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind and focused back on Dawn who was now smiling.
"Lerk, I'm gonna go to the new park in town. They just built it and Newbie invited me to go check it out. It's called 'Big Rock Park'."
"So I'll see you later then?"
Nodding yes, Dawn gave Lerk a peck on the lips and ran out the room.
When Dawn left, Lerk's jealousy crept up again and this time he couldn't quite get the feeling to go away as fast. Was he jealous? No, Lerk was never the jealous type. But some how Dawn can make him feel the awful feeling of the green monster whenever Newbie was some how part of the subject. Lerk knew he had no reason to be jealous, he already has the girl.
It took the sound of the clock striking 10 am to spring Lerk back into reality and out of his wondering mind. It was then that Lerk realized he had been standing there, deep in thought, for almost ten minutes. Looking around room for the clock that had broke his trance he saw a very large picture that he hadn't noticed before, which was a surprise since it covered a large space on the wall. Dawn had recently given her room a makeover and added many photos on her naked walls. This was the first Lerk had ever seen Dawn's newly decorated room.
The picture was large and hung just in the right spot that if Dawn were to wake up it would be the first thing she saw. Displayed in center of the picture was Dawn playfully hugging Newbie from behind.
As if the picture suddenly made him more observant, Lerk started noticing other pictures as well. A smaller yet still pretty big picture of Dawn, Newbie, and Addy hung to the bottom left of the large picture. Again the picture showed Dawn hugging Newbie. In the picture Addy was the only one looking at the camera, Dawn and Newbie were looking at each other.
Another picture caught Lerk's attention and his eyes darted to the right of Dawn's makeup table and saw a single photo of Newbie, right were Dawn makes herself pretty every morning. The jealousy came back instantly and Lerk felt anger swell up inside him. Why was he feeling this way? Newbie is Dawn's friend, nothing more. But Dawn had a single photo of Lerk and it was placed by her door, far away from her bed, her dresser, makeup table, everything. It was stupid, he knew, but this placement and size of pictures gave Lerk a little more anger and jealousy than it's suppose to.
Once they arrived at Big Rock Park, Dawn and Newbie changed into their workout clothes and approached the rock climbing walls. Newbie placed a hand on one of the many stones that stuck out and looked over at Dawn. "Hey Newbie, I'll race ya!!"
Newbie had already placed his foot on one of the bottom stones and lifted himself up before Dawn finished her sentence. "Its on."
"HEY!" Dawn yelled as she saw that Newbie was already halfway to the top while she was still on the ground like a lost little puppy.
Reaching out Dawn grabbed two stones, one in each palm of her hand, and she took the first leap off the ground. After that Dawn climbed up much faster then Newbie had.
3/4 of the way up Dawn could almost reach the button that she had to press. She glanced over at Newbie and saw that he was as close to the top as she was. Quickly lifting herself up higher, she became close enough to reach it. Making a fist, Dawn slams it against the button- making the sirens and flashing red lights go off.
"YEAH!! I WON!!" Dawn cheered in victory as she looked down at all the people that suddenly surrounded the rock climbing walls; clearly watching the race they were having.
Dawn jumped back down and turned around to see Newbie was just in reach of his button.
"Come on Newbie!! You can do it!!" Dawn rooted for Newbie.
When Newbie reached the top and pressed the button, Dawn cheered and screamed for him. She was so loud that half of Hidden Springs could hear her. Newbie didn't mind, he just threw his fist in the air in victory while his adorable fan below jumped up and down with pure excitement at his achievement.
Jumping down off the wall, Newbie was greeted with a hug by his best friend.
From a distance Lerk watched the race that Dawn and Newbie had. It was amusing to see Dawn do things, like rock climbing, for the first time. Honestly Lerk was admiring Dawn in her work out clothes. He is a guy and Dawn is known for turning heads.
When Newbie finished his rock climb Dawn ran into his awaiting arms. Again jealous flash through him and his face turned a shade of pink. He quickly left the park- not wanting to see them together.
"Dawn, you beat me, I can't believe you beat me. I thought you never rock climbed before?" Newbie said as Dawn released their hug.
"Don't underestimate me Newbie, I can be full of surprises."
"Never again, so what would you like to do next?"
"I don't know. Um. Wait! Didn't you tell me once that you play golf like a pro?"
"Yeah, what's your point?"
"Show me just how good you are."
Grinning like Dawn just told him a dirty secret, Newbie started walking over to the  golfing hole in Big Rock Park; Dawn was not far behind him.
They quickly changed clothes in the park's bathroom before making their way to the single golfing hole. Newbie grabbed the golf club and placed one of the many golf balls in front of him. Positioning himself in the appropriate place and prepared for a swing. Dawn stood off to the side watching- away from any swinging clubs.
With one swift swing Newbie hit the golf ball with his first shot.
Shielding his eyes from the sun, Newbie watched the ball fly across the park reaching all the way on the other side.
Dawn gasps when she saw how far the ball had gotten, then she started yell and cheer while Newbie swung his club in the air for his second victory of the day. "Oh my gosh! Newbie that was AMAZING!! You should become a professional."
"No thanks. Professional golfers travel and I'm not one who likes to be far from his friends." Newbie gave Dawn a quick wink and she felt butterflies in her stomach- something that have never happened before when she was with Newbie. Only when she was around crushes, celebrities, and doing public speaking.
After a few more swings with the golf club Newbie took Dawn out by the lake. "Dawn, I'm going to go visit my mom for awhile."
"Awe, but I'm going to miss you."
"Well my mom wants you to go down there with me for the first day or two, you and Breeze. She wants all of us together."
"All of us together? What does she have planned?"
"I don't know. She says its a surprise."
"Hmm okay. I'll go."
Saying nothing more Dawn and Newbie looked out to the open water and the beautiful mountains that sat silently in the distance.
Baby 82, Katniss Turner.
Baby 83, Primrose Turner.
Baby 84, Peeta Turner.
A few days later, after Dawn had gotten back from her visit with Ashby Lemi, Lerk found Dawn almost always on the phone with Newbie. That's how it usually goes, Newbie is either over here or she's on the phone with him.
Lerk left Dawn's house for a few hours since Dawn had a date with the next father for her challenge. The man had dark skin and orange hair and eyes. He was guy number 5 of the 6 color friends. The man's name was Ken Pump. (if you flip his first and last name around it would sound something like pumpkin, which are obviously orange. :)
Wasting no time Dawn closed the space between her and Ken.
The next day Lerk made his way into the workout room to work on his strength. Since Lerk wasn't a vampire anymore he wasn't as strong as he used to be and he found that his muscle mass had gone down quite a bit. Actually since Lerk had been human he had been feeling more things that he hasn't felt since before he was a vampire; like jealousy.
In the middle of Lerk's 100 pull-up work out he heard the door of the workout room open and a couple small feet walking across the wooden floor. Then with a small pitched voice Lerk heard, "Lerk, can we ask you something?"
Forcing himself to finish 10 more rounds of pull-ups, Lerk leaped to the ground and faced Hannah.
Looking down at Dawn's little redheaded daughter he asks, "Sure Hannah, What's your question?"
Looking around the room then back at Lerk Hannah shyly asked, "Are you gonna marry my mommy?"
Surprised by Hannah's question it was a good minute before Lerk was able to respond with the right answer. "Well Hannah I don't know, maybe, if she says yes to me asking her."
Hannah smiled. "YES!!" Jumping up and down, eyes closed and clapping her hands.
"NO!!" Henry suddenly ran in between Hannah and Lerk. "I want Newbie to be my step daddy."
Hannah bowing her hopelessly as Henry looked up at Lerk. "Look Henry your mommy chooses who she wants to be with. She'll marry whoever she wants, someone she loves."
"You mean she doesn't love Newbie?"
"Well, I-I don't know."
"Well she looks like she loves him."
Lowering his eye brows, Lerk said nothing. Henry had noticed the unnoticed, that Dawn might actually have feelings for Newbie. How could he be so blind, he wasn't blind when he noticed Newbie's feelings towards Dawn but he was reluctant to see Dawn's. Well, there were signs but Lerk never gave it a second thought and figured he was just imagining it. But if a little boy could see it then Lerk's first heartbreaking scenario was true.
Leaving the room quickly Hannah and Henry were left confused at what just happened. "Look what you did, Henry. Now Lerk is probably mad at Mommy because you said she loves Newbie. She doesn't love him, she loves Lerk. Now the wedding is pushed WAY back."
"Shut up Hannah. Mommy's gonna marry Newbie, you'll see."
Lerk knew he wanted to make Dawn his and only his very soon and that meant a proposal very soon. So the next morning when Lerk got up for the day, he ran downstairs to the kitchen where he knew Dawn would be making breakfast.
He waited until all the kids went off to school before taking Dawn's hands and pulling her into the living room and giving her a peck on the lips. "What's are you up to Lerk?" Dawn asked curiously.
"Well, I have a great date planned for us this Saturday and I wanna know if you'll go."
"A date? Of course I'll go. There's no one else that I'd rather go on a date with then you."
Lerk looked lovingly at Dawn as she smiled into his eyes. Again Lerk saw no sparkle in her eyes, nothing, then the silence that had fallen between them was broken with the sound of that jingle. Still looking in her eyes at the time, Lerk saw the sparkle her eyes, but it only appeared when Newbie's ringtone went off.
Smiling like a goof Dawn lets go of Lerk strong hands and went over to the kitchen counter where she had left her phone and answered it. Lerk slowly walked away and sat on the couch. Turning on the TV Lerk glances up at Dawn on the phone. The smile never left Dawn's face and she continued to talk to Newbie with eager interest.
Lerk looks away- not wanting to see how much Newbie made her smile. He looks at the TV and saw that a romance movie was playing. Pulling up the menu Lerk read the title: I'm In Love With My Best Friend. Quickly turning off the TV Lerk left Dawn's house and went for a walk.
Lerk couldn't sleep that night, thinking nothing other then Dawn and her feelings for Newbie. He knew he couldn't deny it no longer, Dawn wasn't in love with him any more.
"What do you mean she doesn't love you? Of course she does." Breeze seemed to think Lerk was crazy to think that Dawn doesn't love Lerk like she used to.
"I didn't say she doesn't love me, she loves me I know but only as a friend she's just not in love with me anymore."
"Why would you think she doesn't lov- I mean not in love with you. What made you think of such a thing?"
"I think she loves someone else." Lerk didn't want to mention names. Newbie is Breeze's boyfriend and if he was wrong about this whole thing then it would be one ugly mess, plus Lerk just wanted to talk to somebody.
"Someone else? So you think Dawn is in love with another man?"
"Yeah, but I think she's unaware of it herself. I don't think she wants to admit it, because she doesn't want to hurt me and make me unhappy. We have been together for so long."
"But wouldn't it make her unhappy trying to make you happy? I mean if I couldn't be with the one I love because someone else loves me, I'll sure be unhappy."
"I guess it would make her unhappy, but I love her so much."
"If you love someone, Lerk, sometimes its best to let them go."
Lerk narrows his eyes- looking at the bright green grass below him. He knew Breeze was right, she's a wise woman. She's smart, caring, a beautiful woman and any man would be lucky enough to have her. But Breeze was just another ordinary girl compared to Dawn.
"All I want is to make Dawn happy."
"Then make her happy Lerk."
Breeze's wise words sunk deep into his mind and made itself a permanent home. He knew he has to do what's right. Lerk stood up from where he sat on the stairs and went off into Dawn's house calling her name.
"DAWN!?" Lerk called out by the back doorway. Walking further into the living room Lerk spots Dawn slowly wobbling over to his side.
"No need to yell Lerk, I'm right here."
"Dawn we have to talk."
"About what?"
Lerk grabs Dawn's soft hands, holding them in his. Oh how he loves the feels of her hands. He gently rubs the back of her hand with his right thumb, he could feel the ring he had given Dawn so many years before, when their love was still strong. Now the ring showed age and it didn't sparkle like it used to, like how Dawn's eyes used to.
Pulling his mind back into focus and on the task at hand Lerk looked into Dawn's eyes; she smiled at him, but he didn't smile back.
"Dawn, I have to talk to you about something, something important."
"What is it Lerk?" Dawn now frowning, she knew that what Lerk had to say wasn't good.
"Dawn I-" Lerk's words weren't heard over the sound of Dawn's scream as she bent over in pain- grabbing her lower tummy.
"Lerk the baby is coming."
Lerk frantically helped Dawn into the nursery where she gave birth in peace.
Lerk waited in Dawn's room- waiting for the birth of her twins so he could talk to her. He stood starring at the picture of Dawn and Newbie that hung so carelessly on her wall.
With the sound of an opening door, Dawn walked into her room. Still frowning she knew she was about to hear something that would upset her. She knew by the way Lerk was acting, the way he said 'we need to talk'. It was coming and she was preparing herself.
She walked up to Lerk; every step heavier then the last. Finally close enough to Lerk she asks, "You wanted to talk?"
Narrowing his eyes Lerk fought back any urge to grab Dawn and hold her close and never let her go. But Breeze's words kept playing in the back of his mind, Then make her happy Lerk, reminding him it had to be done.
Swallowing hard Lerk looked up, but not at Dawn, at the picture in front of him.
"Yes, let's talk."
Baby 87, Victor Turner.
Baby 88, Kip Turner.
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