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A Younger Guy for Me, An Older Guy for Her - Baby 45

Of course now it's time for another birthday in the Turner household.
Baby 42, Nick as a Child.
Baby 41, Zac as a Child. Both Nick and Zac became very handsome little boys. Soon they'll have all the girls in their class crushing on them.
Baby 40, Hailey as a Teen. Hailey grew into a VERY beautiful girl. She looks mostly like me, but I think her eye shape came from her father.
Baby 43, Heath as a Toddler. Heath got his Father's hair color, eye color, and skin tone. He got my eye shape, nose, head shape and lips.
Baby 44, Zoey as a Toddler. Zoey got my hair color, skin tone, eye color, nose, and lips. She got her father's eye shape and head shape.
Baby 39, Tyrone as a YA. Tyrone turned out to be an even handsomer young adult then a teen.
As much as I don't like the idea, Tyrone joined the criminal career force. I guess he gave into his evil trait, but he is the friendliest criminal that I know.
After everyone aged up, Tyrone's taxi beeped for him to hurry on up. I made sure to give my boy a big hug before he waved goodbye to his siblings and left. As much as I don't like his career choice, I wish him luck.
I couldn't get over my two newest babies. I just couldn't believe they got both mine and Matthew's hair color. I had a huge grin on my face when I first saw the color of their hair.
Not long after the birthdays I got these two eggs in the mail for Heath and Zoey from their wonderful grandmother, Calista Smith. I made sure to send a thank you letter right away. :)
I was just about to check up on Heath and Zoey when Hailey approached me.
"Mom, can you teach me how to drive?"
I smiled. I totally forgot about the drivers ed classes Hailey has been taken. Now she just needs some time behind the wheel before she can get her permit.
"Yes Hailey, I'll get my keys and you meet me in the car."
 I grabbed the keys from my room and I made my way to the car. There Hailey sat in the driver's seat, waiting for me.
I opened the door and got in.
"Here you go, now let's begin," I said while handing the keys over to Hailey.
She starts the car pulls out of the driveway and on to the road.
"How am I doing Mom?", Hailey asks when she made it 5 blocks from the house.
"Your doing great Hailey," I responded with a smile.

After about an hour and a half of driving Hailey finally got her permit. She was so excited that she offered to drive her and her siblings to and from school. I told that's find....but when she gets her license.
I was in my room alone when I started to think about Lerk. My thoughts went to the war and all the families that lost somethone overseas. If something happened to Lerk I don't think I can handle it. How would our children handle it? Will Erik, LaVerne and Heather Lee become sad? Of course they will, he's their father.
Worst of all, now one of my own children are thinking about going off to war. A tear came rolling down my cheek. Why do people do this? I know it's for our freedom, but what about the families that suffer?
I whipped the tear away and walked onto my balcony. Now not only will I'll be worrying about my boyfriend getting killed in war, I now have to worry about my son as well. Please Lerk and Preston, stay safe for me.
I needed to stop thinking about the worst that's going to come of this war, I needed to think positives. Lerk and Preston can come back home alive, maybe even be war heroes. It could be possible that when Lerk comes back next time, he'll stay home for good. And for Preston, he'll come home to  woman he loves and maybe get married.
I left the house and went to the beach, maybe a nice walk around town will distract me from the war and I can get along with my challenge.
I thought maybe some fishing will relax me and distract me from any negative thoughts. So I pulled out my portable fishing rod and started to fish.
After getting no bites, I took off to see where God takes me next.
Just a quarter of a mile from the beach, I came into view of the Twinbrook Gardens. Maybe a nice walk through and seeing all the pretty flowers will put me in a better mood.
The Garden had no locked doors, so people can come and go as they pleased to view Twinbrook's best plants.
In the center of the Gardens, there's a large bell that barely rings; only on Easter, Christmas, & New Years.
I went to the far back of the gardens where I can be alone and not be recognized by paparazzi.
I was admiring some gorgeous flowers when I was suddenly startled by a yellowed hair, red-eyed man.
I never saw him coming. I thought I was alone in the farthest part of the gardens.
I turned around to face the man who thought it would be funny to scare a woman who's alone in an empty garden. He saw I did not look pleased, only angry.
"Are you out of your mind? You nearly scared me half to death," I yelled.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa lady it was just a joke. I didn't mean to upset you so much. Are you having bad day or something?" he responded.
I looked into his eyes and saw how young he was. He was about the same age as Preston or younger; Probably a college boy. I relaxed my expression and gave a low sigh, "Look I'm sorry, I am having a somewhat bad day. My boyfriend and son are both overseas in the war, and I'm just not myself today. Can you forgive me?"
"It's okay ma'am, I'm the one that should be sorry. Are you okay? I'm sorry about your boyfriend and son being in the war. My dad was at war too, but he never made it home," he said with sympathy.
"Oh I'm sorry about your father. I guess we're both sorry. Hahaha," I responded.
He laughs with me.
I stop laughing and look at him. "Why did you scare me anyways," I asked.
He chuckled and looked me up and down and said, "This is how I usually break the ice when I come into counter with a beautiful woman such as yourself."
I smile and the compliment and said, "I'm Dawn and you are?"
"I'm Sonny, Sonny Knicks...... wait did you say you where Dawn, as in Dawn Turner of the 100 Baby Challenge?" he asked.
"Why yes," I smiled, pleased to meet another fan of my challenge.
He started to get nervous, "I was wondering if I could join your challenge, and I know I'm kind of young, but 20 isn't that young, is it? But anyways I would love to join, well unless your already pregnant, NOT that I'm saying your fat, it's just you never know and-."
"Sonny, Sonny slow done I would love for you to join my challenge, and no I'm not pregnant at the moment," I said cutting Sonny's words short.
Sonny smiled and leaned in for a kiss; I wasn't expecting it. I try not to kiss the fathers in my challenge to prevent any mixed feelings but sometimes things are out of my control.
He pulled away quickly and looked at me as if he just got in trouble in school and I was his teacher. "I'm sorry about that, I should have asked," he said.
"No, no it's okay, I'm flattered. How about you come over my place tonight?" I asked.
"I'll be there," Sony says right before he pulls me into a hug.
Then we parted ways; he went home and I continued my walk through town.
I came across this park. I never seen it before, it must've been new. I walked across the street to the park and saw a sign that said Welcome to Glenview Park. A nice name for a park, so I decided to explore it.
There was lots of playground equipment and a small pond with many fish inside.
I did some fishing before I went on my way once again.
I walked passed the Bistro and saw some familiar faces such as; My brother Blake, My father, and Challenge Mother Elizabeth Reting.
I ended my wondering around town at the Saloon & Tattoo, when I saw Ashby Lemi and Leah Sierra. I only meet Ashby once before and I still became starstruck. It was Ashby Lemi for crying out loud, a challenge mother celebrity and she's the mother of my best friend Newbie Starr-Bright.
I approached her. "Oh My Ashby Lemi, it's so nice to see you again."
"Oh hey Dawn, I didn't expect you here," she said, happy to see me too.
"I was taking a walk around town, getting some fresh air," I said.
"Well you should go inside, Violet and Vanessa are inside. I'm sure they'll be happy to see you," she said.
I smiled and said, "Alright." I walked to the door but turned around to say, "Hey Leah."
I walked inside but I didn't see anyone, so I just sat down for a bit to see if Violet or Vanessa would appear. Half a minute later I see Violet and Vanessa come in from the back, chatting away.
They stopped when they saw me. "Hey look what we got here Violet, it's Dawnie," said Vanessa.
"Oh hey Dawn," said Violet.
I smiled and said, "Hey guys, nice to you two again."
"Whatcha doing here Dawn?", asked Vanessa.
"I don't know, are there any specials?", I asked.
"Well there's 30% off tattoos," Violet said.
"Hey Dawn you can get a tattoo," Vanessa suggested.
"A tattoo?" I asked.
Vanessa smiled to Violet, "Hey Vi, should Dawn get a tattoo?"
Violet smiled back and said, "Yes a tattoo would be great, she can get a little dolphin."
"What do you say Dawn?" Vanessa asked.
I get up from my chair and say, "Sure a small tattoo of a dolphin would be cute."
Just then Ashby busted through the door in high spirits and saying, "HEY EVERYONE!"
I walk over to Vanessa and asked, "Where's the tattoo artist?"
"On break, won't be back for another hour, but I can give you the tattoo," Vanessa offers.
"Are you any good?", I asked.
"Dawnie, Dawnie, Dawnie! Are you under estimating my artistic abilities? If I can paint masterpieces then I'm sure I can give you a tattoo of a simple dolphin," Vanessa says crossing her arms, and raising an eyebrow at me.
"Okay, I'm sorry. Your the greatest artist ever," I said sarcastically.
A big grin spreads across her face and she says, "That's better."
Downstairs of the Saloon & Tattoo, Vanessa begins her newest masterpiece. While she works on me I begin to notice a pattern. After Lerk first left for the war, I got my first tattoo above my breasts, and now I'm getting another one and my son now has gone to war. I hope not too many people I care about joins the war or I'll start looking like a walking art gallery.
Vanessa finishes and I get up from the chair. I walk over the very large mirror and admire my dolphin.
"You did a wonderful job Vanessa, I love it. Thank you."
"Thanks, I'm glad you like it."

I finish putting back on my decent clothing and I go home, where the next father in my challenge will be waiting for me.
I come home just as Sonny pulls up to the driveway. I open the door as soon as he made it to the door. We greet eachother with a hug.
"Hey Sonny, I'm glad you came," I said.
"I wouldn't miss an opportunity to join your challenge Dawn," he said as we released our hug.
"Okay, want some coffee then?" I asked.
"Yes, I would love some."
"So Sonny, how long have you been following my challenge?" I asked.
"Since I was 15, so about 5 years. I think I started following it after the birth of Baby 43."
 We both grabbed a cup of coffee and continued our conversation at the table.
"My mom was following your challenge for years, since the beginning. She introduced me to your blog when I was 15, because I was doing a report about who your hero was and why. She showed me your challenge and said that you were her hero. In one night she talked about your entire journey up until most recent. I was so intrigued about your life that I started to follow your great journey, and I also did my report about you. I got the best grade in the class for it."
"Wow, Sonny that means so much. I'm so glad that you get to join my challenge."
"My mother as well. I visited her right after we met and told her that she was going to be a grandmother, and the girl who will be caring my child is none other then Dawn Turner. You should have seen her face. I never seen my mom so happy."
"I wish I could've seen it," I smiled.
We both chuckle when my daughter Hailey walks in.
"Hey mom have you seen my piano book, I need it to practice?"
"No sweety I haven't maybe you left it in your room."
"I didn't, I checked."
Hailey's eyes looked over the boy at the table.
"Hey who's this mom? A friend of yours?"
"Hailey, this is Sonny Knicks. He will be joining my challenge. He's a college student at the Twinbrook University."
Sonny gets up and approaches Hailey, "So you are the famous Hailey I read so much about. Your even more beautiful in person," Sonny says giving Hailey a smile that would make girls weak to their knees.
She blushed from the compliment and said, "Thank you Sonny".
I watch them two while sipping my coffee and I can see they really liked each other, but I hope Hailey won't get too attached because he was older and may not want to date a younger girl. Plus there are laws with relationships between teens and adults.
Hailey went back to practicing her piano while Sonny and I went upstairs where we made baby 45.
 My garden was just blooming this season. All my fruits where the best qualities, I was able to sell them to the market at a high price.
 Ahh the famous morning sickness that all the mothers of the 100 baby challenge go through. The first sign of pregnancy to let us know that we will be having a baby.
 It's the part where the toilet gets dirty that makes the vomiting suck.
 I joined Hailey in the kitchen; I read a book from one of my favorite authors, while Hailey did her homework. There was silence at the table until Hailey slaps her pencil on her notebook and looks at me, "Mom can I age up early?"
"Hailey you've only been a teen for a week, you barely experienced high school yet. It's too soon."
 Hailey just picks up her pencil and continues doing her homework.

---------------Hailey's POV---------------
 I waited until mom was asleep before I pulled out the cake that was hidden in the back of the fridge. I bought the cake before I asked mom if I could age up, just in case she did say no.
 If mom wasn't going to let me age up, then I'll age up without her knowing. By the time she finds out it'll be too late for her to do anything about it.
Why couldn't I age up? I know for a fact that she let my oldest sister Nellie age up for a boy who is a lot older then her, then Sonny is to me. I say it's not fair. So I'll age myself.
 Just then Zac walks into the kitchen. I didn't freeze in shock from the sudden appearance of my brother, no, I wasn't even scared. I'm not afraid of my brother.
"Hey sis what are you doing?"
"I'm having a birthday."
"Does mom know?"
"No and your not telling her."
"I didn't say I was."
"Well okay, then stay for the party."
 I leaned in and blew out my candles.
 Soon after the sparkles surrounded me and I felt the transformation from teen to young adult.
 Once the sparkles and glow died down, I rubbed my neck in pain. Who knew going from teen to YA would make someone so sore.
 "Wow sis you look great as an adult", I hear Zac say from behind me.
I turned around and smiled at his compliment, "Thank you, and remember mom doesn't know I'm an adult. Far as she knows I'm still a teen and I went to school early, alright?"
"Oaky doaky sis."
I pulled out my cell and I sent Sonny a text that says; Meet me at the lake at 5. Then I left the house to avoid from running into mom before tonight.

---------------Dawn's POV---------------
 I was awoken by my baby's first kicks. I love the feeling of knowing another child will be joining my growing family.
 I went outside and stood beside Tyler's gave. How I miss him so much. Once again my mind slips to the war and to Lerk and Preston. I already lost two sons, I don't think I can handle a third. I begin to cry. I hope he comes home safe.
 Afterwards I went in the kitchen and enjoyed some coffee, but something was different.

---------------Hailey's POV--------------
 It was 5 o'clock and I waited for Sonny by the lake. I was a little worried he wouldn't show. He only knows me as a teen girl who has a kid crush on him.
 Suddenly I heard my named be called from just behind me; It was Sonny. I was nervous and waited for him to come closer before I turned around.
 "Hailey? Your like, um....not a teen. What happened?" Sonny said surprised to see me as a YA.
 "Yes I know I'm not a teenager, I aged up....for you. I really like you and I knew I was too young for you, and I aged myself in hopes to win you over. I don't care if your having a baby with my mom. It's just a challenge and she's in love with her boyfriend. So please tell me I have a shot."
 He places his hand on my cheek and smiles deeply at me, a smile that made my heart beat faster than lightning.
"I've always liked you Hailey. I've liked you before I met you...."
 He pulls me in closer to his body and continues, "....I more then just like you, Hailey, I may even love you. Do you believe in love at first sight Hailey?"
My heart was racing and my knees felt extremely weak. I was sure I was going to fall if Sonny wasn't holding me so close.
"Yes I do, Sonny, I sure do"
 Sonny smiles and leans in closer. He places he lips gently on mine and I felt fireworks. This was meant to be, me and him.
 Sonny must have felt the fireworks too and took it as his final sign that I was the one, because he lets go of our kiss and looks me in the eyes with surprise, me smiling at him with my warmest and caring smile, and then he asks, "Marry me Hailey?"
I hold my chest in shock, did I hear that right?, "W-what?"
"Marry me? It was love at first sight between us. I felt the fireworks in that kiss and I know you felt it too. It's meant to be, Hailey. Why wait when I already found the one I was meant to be with? I love you, Hailey."
I smile and release a small sigh that sounded like a breathy laugh. I jumped into Sonny's arms and laughed a "Yes, Sonny, I will. I love you."

---------------Dawn's POV---------------
 I sat and waited for Hailey to get home. It was around 9pm when I heard her come in from the back door. She spotted me almost immediately and looked surprised to see me up.
 Hailey walks up to me right away, while I got up from my seat. She didn't waste time and began explaining, "Look, I know what your thinking mom, and I know that I disobeyed you, but you got to understand that I really liked Sonny and I wanted to see if he liked me too if I wasn't a teenager."
 "Hailey, it's not that I didn't want you to age early because I forbid it, it's I didn't want you missing out on any of the things that makes being a teenager fun, and I don't want to see you get hurt if he didn't like you the same way."
 "Mom, being a teenager and doing things a teenager does is not going to be fun when I know I can't do those things with the one person that I want to do them with. All I want is to be with is Sonny, Mom. I know your worried he won't feel the same way and I'll get hurt, but you don't have to worry. I saw him today and he definitely feels the same way and.....we're getting married."
 She caught me off guard and I nearly choked to death from breathing in to fast, "Married? My daughters getting married? Oh My! Hailey I'm so happy for you, but you barely know him."
"Mom do you believe in love at first sight? Of course you do because you once told me about the day you met Lerk, it was love at first sight."
I smiled at Hailey. I could tell she loves this man and he loves her.
 Just then Sonny walks in from the same door that Hailey walked in not long before. Smiling he asks, "So is everything okay now?"
I smiled at him and said, "Yes Sonny and I give you both my blessing."
 He comes closer and says, "Well since that is all settled may I feel my child, Ms. Turner?"
"Yes you may, Sonny."
He walks to me grinning, he then leans over and places his hands on my belly. "Wow I'm gonna be a father," He says excitedly
He lets go of my belly and Hailey steps into his arms, "And your gonna be a husband as well," she says.
 A few weeks later the whole family headed to city hall for Hailey's graduation. We all dressed in our best clothing and we took a limo there.
 The ceremony was only an hour long, and I cried when my daughter's name way called. I made sure to get plenty of pictures.
 Afterwards we took some pictures outside. Some pictures were even taken by a paparazzi.
 Family shot. :)
 Zoey was very noisy and restless during the graduation, while Heath behaved very nicely.
 We finally got home and Hailey got excited about finally graduating high school. She also won 'Most Likely to Write a Best-Selling Novel'.
 Sonny pulled Hailey into a kiss and wished her a happy graduation. I thought what an adorable couple they made, I'm glad they found love with each other.
 I was struck with contractions and I started to scream; startling Hailey and Sonny from their kiss. They reacted immediately and Sonny took me to the hospital.
Sonny was by my side the entire time, and after our little girl was born he called Hailey and the kids. I would like to introduce you to Baby 45, Stevie Rae.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. Please tell me if you would like to see Hailey and Sonny's wedding featured in my next post? Leave a comment because I love feedback. Thanks again!

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  1. Awesome post, as always :) Can't wait for another one, especially since there may or may not be some wedding pics :P

  2. I love the twins!!! They're definitely mini versions of their parents!!! ^_^

    You're welcome for the eggs btw. Haha!!! Even though I didn't actually send them it was a very cool idea I might use in the future... if that's okay.

    I liked Sonny and Hailey together. Although, in real life that would be kind of weird - marrying your half-brother/sister's father. O_O

    Great post Dawn! I loved it. ♥

    ~Catlover800 aka Calista Smith :)

  3. Loved beyond words, I can't wait to see more... ^_^

  4. Great post Dawn. Can't wait to see what your future holds for us fans.

    PS thank you for including me and remember I am also your daughters mother-in-law :-)

  5. Hehee Stevie Rae :')
    You could call the next twin girls Erin and Shauna!!

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