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It Started with a Fire, It Ended with a Death- Babies 47, 48 & 49

Hey everyone! I'm so glad to get another post out, and very excited that it came out so soon after my last one. My new computer is making my game play go so much more smother then my last computer- which I had for 3 or 4 years.
I'm sorry about how sloppy the last post turned out. I was just in such a rush to post it that I probably made many mistakes. Please point them out so that I can change them as soon as possible, thank you in advance. :)
I know you probably have noticed before that I haven't showed any pets or anything that came from the Pets expansion Pack in my last few posts. Well when I installed pets it caused problems on my computer and I had to uninstall it. Apparently that was a mistake. Of course the problems went away but now I can't reinstall pets. Every time I do it asks if I want to UNinstall it, not install it. My game runs on the latest disk before Pets and it's as if I never installed it or it uninstalled it successfully.
I tryed many differents things to fix the problem but nothing works. I went under uninstall programs and pets is still there even though its no where in my computer.
Click to Enlarge
The picture above is a screenshot of what pets look like in my 'uninstall a program'. The pets icon is different then the others. I constantly tried to uninstall it but nothing works. I tied it manually and I even uninstall and reinstalled all my EPs, SPs and base game. Nothing! 
So I'm just giving up on pets for right now. If you guys have any suggestions on how to fix my problem then please tell me on either facebook or comment below. For right now I'm gonna keep playing without it. I'm gonna play as if Dawn never gotten a new dog instead of playing like she ran away.
Thank you and I hope you enjoy this post!
 I sat on one end of the seesaw, rocking up and down. I wasn't alone though, I was with my best friend. We moved the seesaw slowly, making sure we don't slam each other against the ground, and chatted away.
"What did you do for Thanksgiving? Did you visit your mom? I bet she was glad to see for turkey day," I asked. Smiling at his amazing eyes. Whenever I'm with Newbie I feel so happy. Having him around makes me feel better and it keeps me distracted so I don't go worrying about the you-know-whos at war.
There was a few seconds of silence before Newbie responded to my questions, "Yea I visited my Mom and her husband Asher, I also visited some of my other siblings as well. But I mostly spent my Turkey day with my Twin brother, Quinn, watching Football and eating those frozen turkey dinner meals."
Newbie and I both laugh. "What about you? I know you probably made a huge turkey dinner and invited some family over," Newbie says grinning his wonderful grin.
"Well actually not quite. Zoey and Heath where invited over to a friends house for dinner. Hailey and Sonny took Stevie Rae for thanksgiving, and I let Connor Vine have his son, Rephaim, for the day. So I spent my turkey day alone."
We jumped up and down on the trampoline. Laughing and having a blast.
"Wow alone on thanksgiving? So no one invited you over to their place for thanksgiving?" Newbie said. He seemed, for a second, sorry for me, but he knew I don't like it when people feel sorry for me, so he smiled, and I smiled back.
"Well I was invited over to Addy McKnight's place in Hidden Springs for thanksgiving, but I turned the invite down. I didn't want to feel like a burden, and besides, she should spent her day with her kids."
Newbie chuckled. "Well I wish I would've known. I would have invited you over for thanksgiving with me and Quinn."
"That's sweet Newbie but I don't think football and frozen turkey would have been a great thanksgiving for me," I said sarcastically. "I wouldn't want to intrude on you and your bonding time with your twin."
Newbie just laughed at me and kept swinging. After a few more swings he says, "Non sense Dawn. Quinn and I would have loved to have spent our day with a beautiful woman...." I started grin stupidly inside until Newbie finished his sentence. "...But our Mom was busy."
I stopped the swing and gave him a glare. "So what are you saying I'm not pretty?"
Newbie stopped his swing as soon as I did so he could respond, "Dawnie, Dawnie, Dawnie. You are VERY pretty..... Or how else will you get dads for your challenge," Newbie says jokingly.
Laughed, and smiling I said, "Shut up and come over here and push me."
Newbie got up without hesitating from his swing and came over by me. Him pushing me I yelled, "Higher, Newbie, Higher."
We both laughed out loud.
It got darker and I began to realize I haven't been working in my garden and all my plants were close to death. So I rushed to my poorly grown garden and tried my best to revive it. Newbie offered to help and I accepted it, because I need all the help I can get to fix my garden.
It took all night to undo all the damage that my neglect has caused. If I didn't have Newbie there to help me, it would have taken much, much longer.
The sun began to rise in the distance and I stood for a second to admire it. A rush of emotions came over me and I started tear up. I didn't want Newbie to see me cry, so I quickly wipe away the few tears I had and went back to gardening.
It was nearly 9am when Newbie had to rush off to work. I felt a little bad for making him stay up all night to help me with a nearly dead garden, that I caused. I was worried he would be too tired for work.
"Oh come on Dawn. I'm a doctor. I once stayed up for 48 hours because one of my patients were in labor, and I had to be prepared for when that baby came. I couldn't sleep when any minute the baby would be ready for delivery."
"Well okay, but promise me that you will get some rest as soon as your shift is over," I ordered as if I was his mother. Of course I could never replace his mother, she a wonderful woman.
"For you Dawn I will." Newbie smiled at me before giving me a goodbye hug.
Great! Another broken shower. And it wasn't even me or the kids that broke it. Our maid has been sneaking showers lately. I didn't want to fire him though, he has a wife and kids to support and he's the only one bringing home the bacon.
I let it slide, I act as if I don't see him using some of things. I even give him a little extra something in his paycheck every couple weeks. As long as he doesn't steal, he will remain working for us.
It was finally birthday time for the kids. I couldn't wait to see what my newest addition, Rephaim, would look like. The most exciting part about birthdays is when kids age from babies to Tots, because it when we will see who they look like, and what color hair they will have, for the first time.
Hello. :3
Baby 43, Heath as Teen. Heath grew to such an adorable teenage boy. He looks so much like me and his father.
Baby 44, Zoey as a Teen. Zoey is such a beauty. Her pink hair really compliments her purple eyes well. It'll be no surprise if the boys are falling for her. :)
Baby 45, Stevie Rae as a Child. Stevie Rae is started to really get into glitter. She insisted on a glittery outfit with glittery boots and a glittery hair bow. I gave in, she's too cute to say no.
I can't get over that Stevie Rae got her dad's red eyes. I wish I could see her as a vampire with those eyes of her's.
Baby 46, Rephaim as a Toddler. Of course my genetics are always so strong. Most of my kids end up looking so much like me. Lately though my kids have been getting a lot of their fathers' genetics as well. Like Rephaim, he looks like me but his skin, hair and eye color says that he's definitely his father's son.
After the birthday I practice my chest. Then I got the all too familiar feeling of kicking in my flatten tummy. I was pregnant. How you ask? Well let take you back two months earlier and tell you how it happened.
~~Two Months Ago~~
Just across town a fire broke out. It huge and growing fast. Normally I would just feel worried about the family that lived there and hope they're okay. But this time it was different.
This rapidly growing fire happened at my oldest brother's house, Dean Turner. Dean was freaking out, along with his son, my nephew, Gene. Of course I didn't know about it until later. Luckily Dean and Gene got out of the house, freaking out until help came.
They were lucky enough that an off duty firefighter was on his way to work when he happen to spot the smoke a block away and came running over to help.
He was fearless and extinguished the flames like it was his job, because it was. The heat nor seeing the huge flames stopped him from getting dangerously close enough to put out the fire.
The firefighter's name was Larry Crain.
Later that day it was on the news and I became extremely worried and feared the life of my Nephew and my Brother. I called Dean and he informed me that he and Gene where perfectly fine. He then filled me in on everything that had happened. He even told me that Gene went and wrote a thank letter to the brave firefighter that saved him and his father's life.
I too wanted to thank this firefighter who was so brave as to save two lives from a terrifying fire without any fire retardant safety gear. He was extremely brave.
I sat and waited in the office for this man. I wasn't going to leave until I meet and thank him for being my brother and nephew's hero.
Larry Crain came in the office when he got a message from his boss that a woman was here to see him.
I was sitting in the office for ten minutes before a man walked in. It was a gorgeous man in uniform. This must have been Larry Crain, the brave firefighter.
I went to introduce myself to him but he sent me on my way before I was given the chance. He said he was extremely busy and that I could talk to him after his shift was over. So I left.
Of course I waited outside for him. One of the other firefighters told me when his shift as over. I knew your probably thinking I'm like a stalker or something but hey I was determined to thank him no matter what.
Once I saw him leave I followed him. I waited until he walked into a quite area before approaching him. I didn't want to make a scene if he starts to over react about me waiting for him to get off work.
I closed the space between us and called out his name. At first he didn't know who I was and started to freak when a complete stranger came running at him. But once he realized who I was, he calmed down.
I went to finally introduce myself to him and told him who I was and why I was here, to thank him for saving my family. He smiled at my thanks and told me that he had gotten the letter from Gene.
I also started to tell him who I really was and what I do and that I would loved for him to join my challenge. But he knew exactly who I was, before I even told him.
He then told me that learned about the 100 baby challenge from a woman named Della Wriner, when she was volunteering down at the firehouse. He wanted to join her's but she had already completed it.
He knew I was a challenge mom from hearing about me in the papers, he just never got around to asking to join because his work schedule was so tight.
So Larry Crain took me over to his place, where we conceived Baby 47.

~~Two Months Later~~
Zoey sat in the kitchen trying, unsuccessfully to do her homework. She leaned her forehead on her left fist while tapping her pencil repeatedly on her notebook.
Frustrated Zoey said, "Ugh! I hate homework."
Zoey lifted her head up and scratched her thinking cap. "Who was the second president again?"
She put her pencil back to her still empty notebook paper and starred straight ahead. "Why do we need to know who the second president is anyway. Isn't it more important to know who the current president is?" Zoey was getting annoyed; history was her least favorite class.
Heath sat next to Zoey, writing away. Heath, unlike Zoey, loved history class. Once he finished his homework he put his pencil on his notebook and looked at Zoey. "Look sis, the homework isn't that hard if you pay attention in class."
"Look how about we hang outside for a bit? Maybe the nice November air will help you remember. You need a break," Heath said to Zoey.
"Are you feeling better?", Heath asked Zoey once they settled themselves on the swings.
"Yes Heath, very much. It's so much better out here then in the house, it's too stuffy in there."
"So are you ready to get back to doing your homework," asked Heath.
Zoey smiled and said, "yes, and I even remember who the second president is."
Stevie Rae was usually shy, she barely talks to anyone at school and she pretty much spends her free time at home playing with her toys.
One day after Stevie Rae was having a tea party with her toy Hesper, he suddenly grew. He grew like any other sim would when they age.
At first Stevie Rae was terrified and ran into the kitchen, but once she realized that now her friend can talk to her and do things with her, she became extremely excited.
Now Stevie Rae spent her times with her newest best friend, Hesper. She tells him scarey stories and he would gasp when the scariest parts would come up.
Other times Stevie Rae would play video games with Hesper; he always wins.
RIP to the latest deaths in the Gnome family.
Reading is my favorite pass time when I have nothing else to do. Reading is so exciting, you never know what your mind will come up with when reading a really good book.

Another set of birthdays in the Turner household. I thought since I was expecting triplets I would need as much help as I can get. So I aged my two youngsters.
Baby 46, Rephaim as a Child. Rephaim is such a cute little boy, I just want to each him up. :3
Baby 45, Stevie Rae as Teen. Wow is all I can say. She's just so...... beautiful. Watch out boys!
I love spending time with my girls; they're so wonderful to be around. We would always talk about the latest gossip.... and boys. :)
Oh My Gosh!!! Did you see that?
Suddenly my phone rang. I pulled it out of my pocket and looked at the caller ID. It was my father. I got up from the couch and walked a few steps a way before answering.
"Hey Daddy! How have you been?.....," I said smiling to myself. I haven't seen him in years, just like I haven't seen my mother.
".....What's wrong? What is it Daddy? Tell me......." I became worried.
".....What? How? When?......" I couldn't believe my ears.
"......This can't happen. Please tell me this isn't true. Please tell me....." I said turning to face the direction of the couch.
I hung up with my dad and looked over at my girls. I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't believe what he was telling me. I didn't want to believe it.
I walk out the room so I could be alone. I needed to be alone.
When I rushed out of the room, both Stevie Rae and Zoey looked at each other- worried.
"What do you think is wrong with mom?" Stevie Rae asked Zoey.
"I don't know but I think it has something to do with that phone call mom just had," Zoey responded to Stevie Rae.
Just when I wanted to be alone to think about what my father just had told me, I went into labor. All my kids came rushing into the room to see why I was creaming, and they started to freak out when they realized I was in labor.
Stevie Rae passed out from all the excitement- It was just too much for her.
By the time everyone calmed down the babies where on their way.
I would like to introduce you to Baby 47, Damien Turner.
Baby 48, Shaunee Turner.
And Baby 49, Erin Turner. My first set of multi-gender triplets. 51 more babies to go.
I settled my new born babies into their cribs. I wanted to be alone and I couldn't be here.
I ran outside and just burst into tears; I couldn't hold it in any longer.
Heath saw me run outside and he followed me. He knew something was up and came to find out.
I turned around when I heard Heath come up from behind me. I didn't bother hiding my tears, my kids deserve to know what my dad told me.
"Mom what's wrong, why are you crying?"
I whipped my tears from my eyes and I looked at Heath, "Grandma Lessie passed away today," I said with a few sobs afterwards.
"What!?..... Grandma Lessie's.... gone?" Heath began to cry.
I pulled Heath in close to me, and we shared our sadness together.

Thank you for reading this post and hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did making it. Please comment below with what your thoughts are of this post. I love your feedback. Thank you!
I have download links to all Dawn's kids under 'The Kids' page above. If you wanted to use any of her kids for your challenge, stories or just to have them in your game. 
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For any extra downloads just go under 'Other Downloads' which includes other sims and objects that appeared in my blog. Includes ALL of Dawn's grandkids that were born in my game only. Dean's wife and son. Custom made clothing. Dawn herself and her brothers and parents and many more sims.
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  1. Dawn, it was so SAD!!

    I can't believe Lessie passed away.
    And on a lighter note:
    Congrats on multi-gendered triplets.


  2. Dawn what a lovely post. I love the time you spend with my son. I am glad you two have gotten so close. He couldn't stop talking about his best friend when he came for a short visit at Thanksgiving. I am sorry for your loss. Lessie will be missed.


  3. I loved the way your started the post with Newbie and Dawn chatting on the trampoline. Heath and Zoey are so beautiful! I just love them!!!!! <3

    I can't believe Lessie passed away either. :(

    I liked the father this time around, I'm sure one or all of the triplets will get his hair seeing as your game seems to be very successful at giving Dawn's children their father's genetics (unlike mine).

    Also, I'm sorry you're having problems with your game... I'm not sure why it's doing that... but I wish I could help!

    ~Catlover800 aka Calista Smith

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post. Well apart from the last part... I remember when you first started the challenge and you introduced your family. Your mother was a great woman by the looks of things

    Rest in peace Lessie (Dawn's mother)

    I love all the kids, so cute/pretty/handsome.
    And I hope one of the babies has their fathers hair.

    Great work on nearly 50 kids, just one more baby now Dawnie :)


  5. @Skye Everard 100 Baby: I know, it's such a sad time when someone passes away. :( And Thank you, I've been trying to get multi-gender triplets for a while. But it was either I don't have enough room or I can't ask a doctor the gender. But yay I got one. :D

    @Anonymous(Ashby): Thank you, and I love the time they spend together as well. They're the best of buddies. Thanks, RIP Lessie.

    @Catlover800: Yea I thought it was cool to start with Dawn and Newbie having a conversation while playing with playground equipment. Yea I hope they get their daddy's hair too. :) It's okay. I'll eventually figure the pets thing out, I hope! :P

    @spongebob248: Thank you, and I know the last part was sad. :( She was a wonderful woman, but her death will come with secrets a well!..... YAY 1 more to 50. I'm all too excited for that. :D

  6. I agree with Zoey. It IS more important to know who the current president is rather than who the second one was.
    I loved the part with Newbie, it was fun to read.
    Poor Grandma. :( RIP.

    ~Charlie Evans

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    ~ Jessica Mason ~