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A Simple Wedding & A Few Visitors- Baby 46

 Hailey and Sonny wanted a beautiful yet simple ceremony. A wedding with plenty of food to go around plus some. So I made one of every dish I knew how to make.
 Again I had another one of my daughter's weddings in our yard. We had to have a late wedding due to some of our guests having jobs and errands during the day. So I, with the help of some friends built this, which is easily removable. Thank goodness!
Della Wriner
Addy McKnight
Vanessa Wood
Elizabeth Reting
Ashby Lemi & Newbie Starr-Bright
 We invited plenty of people to witness my daughter's beautiful wedding. Most of them where my friends because Hailey didn't make any friends do to her aging early, so I convinced Violet to bring her daughter Wisdom, who was about Hailey's age.
 When the wedding started there were plenty of tears and awes and smiles coming from everyone.
 When they exchanged rings and kissed-- I cried. A mother never gets over it when one of her daughters marry.
 My mom, Lessie, was there throwing rice like what they did in the olden days. I haven't seen my mom in years and even when she was there at Hailey's wedding, I barely spoke to her.
 Everyone else clapped and awed when they were announced man and wife.
 Then it was cake cutting time and the reception started. A journalist was there taking the opportunity to interview some challenge moms. She was more interested in the Violet and her last challenge baby, Wisdom, since she recently finished her challenge.

Here are some photos from the wedding starring Elizabeth Reting, Addy McKnight, Violet Lemi, Wisdom Lemi, Ashby Lemi, & Newbie Starr-Bright.

 Afterwards we set off some fireworks for the happy couple.
Congrats to you Hailey and Sonny.

After the wedding was over and the guests cleared out I was able to age my kids in time for school the next day.
 Baby 43, Heath Turner as a Child.
 Baby 44, Zoey Turner as a Child.
 Baby 41, Zac Turner as a Teen.
 Baby 42, Nick Turner as a Teen.
 Baby 45, Stevie Rae as a Toddler. I smiled stupidly when I saw that Stevie Rae got both her father's hair color and eye color, sadly not his freckles. :( But her face was a mixture of both her father and I.
 Zoey and Heath are the best of friends. They're closer then any set of twins I ever had. They would always spend all their free time with each other, whether it's tag or pillow fighting.
"Hey sis wanna pillow fight?"
"Sure, bro."
 "Take that," Heath says. Getting the first swing, Heath smacks Zoey right in the face.
 "Hey I wasn't ready," Zoey yelled as she began to swing her pillow at her brother.
 Hitting Heath right in the back she yells, "HA!"
 "It's so on," Heath smiles. Then takes another swing at Zoey's face, almost missing her.
 "AHAHAHAHAH," Heath and Zoey scream as they swing their pillows back and forth at each other.
 No matter what, if the pillow fighting gets out of hand or they get mad at each other, it always ends with them laughing and smiling and giving each other a hug.
 After another round of pillow fighting, Heath and Zoey find themselves admiring the eggs that sat on the display case upstairs.
"Did you know that the pink egg and the blue egg are for us from our grandma?"
Heath squishes his face and responds, "Da sister, I already knew that. Mama told both of us."
Zoey giggles, "Oopies I forgot."
 "Do you ever wonder what grandma is like in person."
"I don't know, maybe she's like wicked cool and will give us ice cream for dinner"
"Yea ice cream"
 I approach them. "Hey you two, what are you up too?"
 "Mama can we see grandma?" Zoey asks suddenly.
 "Well okay, I'll have to call her and maybe grandma Lessie can come over to..."
 "No Mama, Grandma Calista, not Grandma Lessie," Heath says cutting me off mid sentence.
 I was surprised, none of my kids ever wanted to meet their other grandma, then again I never knew who their other grandmother was, only their fathers. Thankfully I knew exactly who their grandma was. "Well I'll have to get a hold of your father and to do that I'll need to call Newbie..."
"So we're gonna see grandma?"
"Well. Um. Yeah, Sure. Why not?"
 "YAYAYAYAYAY We're gonna see grandma!" they both yell excitedly. I just stood and smiled as they jumped into each others arms-- hugging.
 While Heath and Zoey went back into their rooms, I went into mine, calling up Newbie.
"Oh hey Newbie I need to ask a favor of you.......I need Matthew's number, I need to contact his mother........My kids want to meet her.......Yea I know......Okay....Thanks, bye." After hanging up I called Matthew. He didn't answer but I was able to leave him a message.
 A couple hours later I hear my front doorbell ring. When I answered it, it was blue skinned man with purplish, pinkish hair. "Hello sir, may I help you?" I asked.
 "Hello, Dawn Turner? I'm Connor Vine, and I came here all the way from China in hopes to join your challenge. I hope I'm not too late, am I?"
 I looked him over, up and down, picking out the positives and negatives of having him as a father. The hair, the skin, his pretty face, all positives. No negatives at all.
"Of course not, your in perfect timing. I would love to have you join my challenge Mr. Vine," I said smiling.
 "Oh wow, Thank you Ms. Turner. I really appreciate it," he says all happy.
I led Connor Vine up into my room where we conceived the baby.
 I got online and logged into Simbook where I have my daily conversation with one of my good friends Addy McKnight. She recently lost her husband Anthony and moved away. I can understand her pain of losing someone close to you, but now she wont be as close to Twinbrook as she was before. I wish her and her challenge luck.
 To pass time I started to teach Stevie Rae her walking skill.
 I was hit with nausea and my lunch was coming up, and fast. So I ran in the bathroom.
 After brushing my teeth to get ride of the after flavor of puke I heard my front door open and someone yell, "DAWNIE".
I walk out the of the bathroom to find someone at my front door, Addy?, I thought in my head. Once I seen her face more clearly I yelled, "ADDY!" and ran to greet her.
 "Oh my gosh, Addy, what are you doing here? I just chatted with you online. Don't tell me you got here from your place THAT fast."
 "Oh Dawnie, you need to keep with it. I used my cell. I was already on my way over to visit, plus I came to stop in and visit Ivy as well."
 "MOM!" Zac calls out while I was in deep conversation with my friend Addy, "MOM! I need you to take me out driving, I need my night hours in."
"I look behind me at Stevie Rae and then back at Zac, "I still need to teach Stevie Rae her skills, maybe later or tomorrow."
 Addy looks at me, "Hey Dawn I can take him. We can catch up afterwards."
 "Are you sure Addy, your are our guest, not his teacher."
"No it's okay. You teach Stevie Rae while I take Zac out to drive."
 I look over at Zac again and gave him a questioning look, "Well Zac would you like Addy here to teach you?"
Zac looks over at Addy and smiles, "Yea sure."
 Addy and Zac went out for their drive while I stayed back to finish teaching Stevie Rae her walking, when she learned that, I began her talking skills.
 Time just flew by, I didn't even notice until I heard Addy say, "Well, well, well it looks like Dawnie is pregnant."
I look at Addy and then at my sorta flat tummy. I hadn't realized that I was pregnant. I must've missed the 'your pregnant' lullaby when I was distracted by Stevie Rae.
 "Hey Addy your back. Well you wanna help celebrate Zac and Nick's birthday?" I asked getting up from the floor to face Addy.
She smiled and said, "Hmmm, sure."
 I placed the cakes I had made early on the the table I had gotten specifically for birthdays, and lit the candles. Zac and Nick both walked up to the table eager to age into adults.
 We all cheered like lunatics as Nick and Zac both bent over and blew out their candles.
 We cheered even louder once we saw the transformation in becoming an adult begin.
 Baby 43, Nick Turner as YA.
 Baby 41, Zac Turner as a YA.
 I gave my son Nick a big squeeze while Zac was chatting with Addy.
 I finishing hugging Nick and I go over to Zac for a hug. "Hey Addy, now that I'm a young adult do you think we can-."
"ZAC! Stop hitting Company," I yelled. he blushed with embarrassment.
 I smiled and gave my other boy a hug. I'm gonna miss my boys so much, like I miss all my children.
I sat down and started to eat some cake once Nick and Zac left in their new cars, that their father bought them for their birthdays. Addy then comes up to me and says, "Be carefully Dawnie, cake makes pregnant sims gain weight faster."
I stop chewing my cake and put my fork down. I  picked up a napkin and spit the remaining of my cake into it.
"Dawn I have to go, but I look forward to seeing and hanging out with you again sometime."
I smiled back up at her and said, "So soon?.... Well I guess you have to go, you live so far away and your kids need you."
 Addy headed home and I was alone. I get a call from an unknown number, but when I answered it, I recognized the voice immediately. I invited her over and she said she accepted. I couldn't wait to see the look on my Heath and Zoey's face.
 "Calista? I'm so glad you came. Heath and Zoey have been dying to meet you," I said nicely.
 "Dawn I wouldn't miss seeing my grand kids for the world. I'm so glad you tried to contact me. I couldn't help but smile when I got a phone call from Matthew," she said happily then handing me a box, "Here this is for Heath and Zoey for their recent birthday. Its some new shoes."
"Awe thank you," I said accepting the box.
 I pointed Calista in the direction to where she would find Heath and Zoey. She came outside and found both of them doing homework. "Well if it isn't my beautiful grandkiddies."
 Zoey jumped from her seat excitedly and ran into her grandma's warm and gentle arms. "Grandma, is it really you?" she said in disbelief.
 Before she could answer, Heath was already up from his seat and in her arms. "GRANDMA!"
 Heath and Zoey begged me if they could stay up later then usual so they could hang out with their grandma, and I said yes since this is the first time they actually meet her.
So I made myself busy while Calista, Heath and Zoey had some bonding time in the back yard.
 Calista pushed Zoey on the swing and then joined Heath on the seesaw for awhile. She wanted to get to know Heath and Zoey better and they wanted to know her.
 Heath and Zoey both fell fast asleep once their heads hit the pillow. They stayed up two hours past their bedtime, so I know for sure they were tired.
 "You know Calista I wanna thank you again for coming over. Plus it's an honor to finally meet you."
 "It was no big deal, I wanted to come. I'm honored to meet you as well.....Oh before I go may I feel your tummy?"
I smiled. "Yea, sure."
 Calista bent over and started to rub my baby bump.
 After a kick or two, Calista finally pulled away and gave me a hug goodbye. "I hope I'll see you soon," I said as we pulled apart. She smiled and said, "Ditto."
 Calista left and I once again was alone. I spent my entire day doing nothing but chores. starting with laundry.
 Taking out the trash.
 Cleaning the dishes and putting away left overs.
 Giving Stevie Rae the attention she needs.
 And more laundry. I then get a text from my son Mason (Baby 16). He wanted me to know that him and his girlfriend, Ivy McKnight, just had their little girl last night. Her name is Aphrodite McKnight. He then sent me a few picture messages.
 "Me, Ivy & my daughter :)"
 "Aphrodite. Ma baby girl"
 "My little girl walkin"

 Smiled as I looked at the pictures and I sent a message back saying; "Congrats Mason. stop by later today so I can see her." And he responded with, "Yea, be by at 5."
I began finishing the chores, starting with the disgusting fish tank.
 I suddenly went into labor. I dropped the sponge I was using to clean the tank into the water and I grabbed hold of my swollen belly, wincing in pain.
As soon as the pain started, the sparkles did. It wasn't a long labor and I thank goodness for that.
 Then out came a baby boy with blue skin. I was so excited to see him get his daddy's skin, I hope he also gets his hair.
I would like to introduce you to Baby 46, Rephaim Turner.
 I fed and changed Rephaim before putting him in his crib for a nice nap. I changed out of my maternity clothes and finished the chores in time for Mason and Ivy's visit. I grabbed hold of Mason and pulled him into a hug so tight that I knocked the wind out of me.
I missed Mason so much. He was my first vampire baby.
 Then I looked over his shoulder at Ivy, who was holding Aphrodite. I walked over to her, said hi, and grabbed my granddaughter.
 She was so pretty, my granddaughter. She looks just like her mother, Ivy, but she got Mason's hair and skin tone.
 Mason and Ivy laughed when I started to talk, all baby talk to Aphrodite. I glad that I amuse them.
 Stevie Rae came toddling in the room, curious of the new visitors. I smiled at her entrance and decided to place Aphrodite on the ground so she could meet her auntie, Stevie Rae.
Stevie Rae liked Aphrodite the moment she saw her. She took her hand pulled her up on her two feet and led her to her toys.

Hey everyone, I hope you liked this post. It was a little rushed so please don't mind any sloppiness. Thank you! Please comment!

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  1. Rephaim huh? I was wondering who would be next. Glad our Stevie Rae and Aphrodite get along better then their namesakes.:p Loving the HoN named, whose next you don't already have an Erin do you? Cause if not you need to name a pair of twins after the twins XD. I noticed some mistakes,you should make me edit this one to ;) I like my hair like that,though I still say that in the dark lighting it looked more white then blonde. Wow I think this is the longest comment I've left anywhere lol. luv ya

  2. I love it Dawn. The wedding was beautifully put together.

    I like how you and Calista got to meet as well. Her grandbabys are adorable.


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    Aphrodite is super cute too!

    I really like the way you color coordinated the dialog, that was very helpful. And I thought it was cool the way you were able make Heath and Zoey's words purple when they were talking at the same time. I just can't believe they they got their mother and father's hair, it's so amazing. Once again Dawn, I loved this post. Thanks so much for including Calista. :D

    ~Catlover800 aka Calista Smith

  4. I loved the wedding and the part where Zoey and Heath met Calista. :)

  5. @~AddyKat~: Yea these girlies get along better. :D I'm not looking for an editor for this post, like I said in bold- I rushed so there was sloppiness. I would appreciate it if you would tell me the mistakes I made in the post, on facebook. The faster I change them the better. Your hair looked light because of the dark. I will change the color again before she makes an appearance again.

    @Skye Everard 100 Baby: Thank you, I loved how the wedding turned out as well. I'm glad to finally meet Calista too, she's much awesomer in person. :D Yes her grandkids are adorable. :)

    @Catlover800: I loved having her and I thanked goodness that it worked too. :) Thank you, the wedding was beautiful. Yes, Aphrodite is super cute. :D She got the best of both her parents. :3

    @Charlie Evans: Thank you. The wedding was great, and I'm glad that Heath and Zoey got to finally meet their grandma. :)