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Halloween/Birthday Special- Baby 43 & 44

 I just stood there watching him long after he had finished his story. I couldn't believe what Lerk had told me, such a life he had and thrown away because he fell in love. And a son. I knew what it was like to lose a son. It hurts, it truly hurts.
It took a lot for Lerk to tell me about his past he swear he would never tell anyone, especially me. I never seen Lerk so vulnerable before and I suddenly felt closer to him, closer then I ever have before. It's like Lerk had finally open the deepest wound in his heart and allowed me to heal it.
Lerk's past just kept running through my head, him being forever cursed with vampirism, being punished for loving the wrong person, losing his son and the woman he loved in one day. And then there's his first vampire friend, Wei Keane. Is that why Lerk had so much hatred towards Wei, because he tried to kill the woman he loves? Did Wei remind him of Prince Audric? I don't know but I'm not going to worry about Wei right now, because all that matters is Lerk just proved to me that he truly does love me.
 After 10 minutes of silent thoughts, I finally said, "Lerk?", while walking into his arms as he turned to face me. "I love you".
Lerk smiled through glowing wet eyes. He wasn't crying but they were moist and I knew he was holding back the tears caused from talking of his horrible past. He looked at me and responded, "I love you too, Dawn".
 I leaned in closer and started kissing Lerk passionately, he responded by kissing back with more love and passion then ever before. It was then that his old wounds where finally healed.
 Lerk left soon after because the sunrise was almost approaching. By morning I aged the kids. First to age up was Tyrone, Baby 39. He made a very cute and handsome teen. He has gotten over his habit of stealing candy from smaller kids and seems to be a very good boy, for now.
 Next up was Hailey, Baby 40. Hailey's eye sight had gotten a little bad and she needed glasses. She didn't seem to mind it, she liked how she can see things a lot better then before.
 Baby 41, Zac was soon after Hailey. Zac had gotten all his father's looks, but instead of getting his father's all white hair he got black hair.
 Baby 42, Nick got my looks instead and had gotten the mystery blond hair (must he his father's side). Neither of the boys got their dad's white hair, which I was hoping they would.

After aging the kids I decided to dye my hair Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
 By nightfall I got a unsuspecting visit from Lerk, he was wearing his uniform and seemed to be in a hurry. I suddenly felt worried and a little nervous. "Lerk?", I said.
 Lerk came closer to face me, he looked upset. He narrowed his bright blue eyes and said, "Dawn I have to go back".
He's words just hit me so suddenly, go back?, "But Lerk you aren't suppose to leave for another 2 weeks".
He looked up and responded, "Wei heard I was back in town and confronted me today", my eyes popped and I was speechless, Lerk continued "He was asking me about me and you and us being together. Luckily I kept calm and I was able to convince him for now that we are not a couple. I have to go back now. I can't stay and risk the chance of ruining our plan".
I didn't say anything at first but eventually I did managed to ask, "Your leaving now?".
"Yes", he sighed.
"Okay, please be save Lerk, I love you and I don't want to lose you".
 Lerk leaned in to kiss me goodbye, and when we released he looked into my eyes and said, "Happy Birthday Dawn".
At first I was surprised because my birthday was until two weeks. Then I understood, he wasn't gonna be here to celebrate it with me. I just smiled and watched as Lerk left me once again.
 When I came back inside there was my wonderful friend Newbie.
"Well, well did I just hear that it was your birthday miss Turner? What are you 30, 32?", Newbie sarcastically said.
I smiled and said, "I'm going to be 26, and my birthday is in two weeks, not today. Lerk only said it because he wasn't going to be here. He had to go back to Afghanistan".
"I'm sorry", he said apologetically.
"It's okay, at least I have you to keep me company", I said.
Newbie smiled and then he said, "So are you gonna have a party?"
"Well, I don't know. I haven't thought about it", I responded.
"Well you should, birthdays only come once a year. And besides your lucky enough to have an October birthday", Newbie said smiling.
"Why is that?", I asked.
"You can have a Halloween Birthday Party."
I looked away, with my index finger on my chin, I started thinking, "You know that's not a bad idea".
"So are you gonna have one?", asked Newbie excitedly.
"Only if you come".
"Of course I wouldn't miss it for the world"
"Well I hope you don't mind being the only boy, I'm only inviting my closest friends and your my only guy friend."
"Is that so? Well then can I bring a guy friend to keep me company?".
"That's even better".
 I heard about the new pet shop in town and went down to check it out. I was fascinated by the talking parrot. I tried to teach it to talk and I even got to feed him.
 I thought the sleeping snake and the other small animals where just so cute. I love animals.
 Then I found out that my daughter Heather Lee worked there. I started up a conversation with her until it was time for me to go.
 I also went to check out the horse stables in town. I met this wonderful horse named Snowball. She was so friendly and sweet, and I instantly fell in love with her. I decided to volunteer to help take care of her.
 I got to feed her and walk her everyday.
 After a while they allowed me to ride her.
 But I'll tell you this, the first time I tried to ride didn't go so well. I eventually got the hang of it though.
 One day while I was brushing Snowball's coat I heard that Snowball was pregnant and they were looking for a temporary home for her, so she can have a comfortable birth. I immediately jumped at the offer and they accepted it.
They came to my house to place a small temporary stable for Snowball to stay in while staying with me. She liked having a big stable all to herself and seemed very happy in it.
Around 7 O' clock pm I began to worry. Tyrone hasn't come home from school yet and he didn't tell me if he was going to stay after or not. I began to call some of his friends to see if they knew where he was.
As I dialed the first number I saw some familiar blue and red lights coming up the driveway. I quickly pressed the end button and looked out the window. There I saw a cop get out of her car and bring Tyrone to the front door. He told me that he found Tyrone egging someone's house.
I was so angry, I thank the officer and as soon as he left my lot I started to yell at Tyrone about how stupid it was to do something like that.
I just yelled and lecture him about being reasonable and controlling his evil trait. I knew I scared him a little with all my anger but he needed to watch his actions, the last thing I need is seeing my son getting in trouble with the law. That's something no mother wants to see.
I was able to calm down and apologize for yelling and that he was grounded.
It was finally here, my birthday party. I went with Newbie's idea and made it Halloween themed with all my guests dressed up. I rented an old warehouse and decorated it myself. Let me show you around.
This is the view when you first walk in. There is a fountain in the center of the room.
This is the dance floor.
Seating area.
The bar.
The party section where all the food and drinks are.
The first person to arrive to the party was Ashby Lemi. She dressed as a black cat with her sexy short dress and long boots equipped with cats ears and tail. (Read Ashby Lemi's 100 Baby Challenge Here)
Next to arrive was Violet Lemi aka Violet Newbie. Violet came as a very hot witch with hat, sleeveless short dress and high boots. (Read Violet Lemi's Legacy Blog Here)
The third person to arrive was Ashley brooks dressed as Alice from Alice and wonderland. I say she looks just like her. (Read Ashley Brook's 100 Baby Challenge Here)
Then Addy McKnight arrived soon after Ashley. She dressed as a lovely princess with a beautiful blue gown and long white gloves. She looks stunning. (Read Addy McKnight's 100 Baby Challenge Here)
The last to arrive was Della Wriner. She arrived on a motorcycle in an all black small top and torn jeans. She came as a Biker Babe and she definitely looked the part. (Read Della Wriner's 100 Baby Challenge Here)
The very last to come was Newbie and his friend.
"Newbie I'm so glad you came", I said all happy to see him.
"Of course I wouldn't miss your birthday party for the world, Dawn", Newbie says.
"Awe Thank you Newbie and I love your Pirate costume", I said while looking at what he was wearing.
"Thank you Dawn and I love your umm...Skeleton costume?", he said with raised eyebrows.
I just rolled my eyes and said, "Yes skeleton and Thank you".
Newbie just smiles and with a sudden realization he points to his friend and says, "Dawn this is my friend Matthew".
"Oh Newbie that's great. Now you don't have to be the only boy", I said still looking at Newbie.
I turn around to face Newbie's friend and just stood in surprised. This was Newbie's friend? As soon as saw him I recognized him right away.
His name was Matthew Smith and his mother Calista is doing the 100 Baby Challenge. I read and follow his mother's challenge and I am a fan of it. I couldn't believe I was actually meeting one of her sons. (Read His Mother's, Calista Smith, 100 Baby Challenge Here)
"Hey your Calista Smith's son aren't you?", I said but as a question.
"Why yes I am. Do you know her?", he resonded.
"Well no, but I am a fan of her Baby Challenge", I said.
"Oh really? That's cool to know your a fan of my mother", he smiled back.
I looked at Newbie suspiciously and he just smiled a cocky smile back and I knew he did this on purpose. Matthew was one of Calista's not yet married sons and Newbie knew I would want him to join my challenge. That little sneak.
I just leaned in Newbie's arms to give him a huge hug. I whispered Thank you to him and he responded with a whispered Your Welcome.
Newbie walked away and started a conversation with Matthew. "So Matthew what are you? A Genie?", I asked.
He responded with, "Well actually I'm a male gypsie".
I looked at him and the his costume and said, "Really?".
"Well it was a last minute costume, Newbie asked if I wanted to come to a party with him. He forgot to tell me it was a cotume party until the last minute.", he said back.
"Oh well it's a great costume", I said trying to be nice, then I just came out and asked him, "I know this is too farward but I'm also doing the 100 Baby Challenge as well and I was wondering if you would like to join and be the father of baby 43?". After that I held my breathe waiting for a response.
Then he smiled and answered, "I would love to be the father of your 43 rd baby".
I just grinned really wide and said, "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. This means so much to be able to have you join my challenge".
After that conversation the party officially started and everyone hit the dance floor, showing off their best moves.
I played bartender and made a few drinks for everyone. I wanted to make sure this was the best party ever and that everyone was enjoying themselves.
Everyone loved the drinks and I made sure to make a few more rounds to last for another hour.
While Ashley, Newbie, Della, and Matthew where dancing Violet, Addy, Ashby, and I tried out the bubble machine for a while. I got strawberry, Violet got chocolate, Ashby got banana, and Addy got cotton candy.
Everyone was having such a great time with all the dancing, drinks, and bubble machine.
Della on the other hand was having a little too much fun. She apparently had a little too much to drink and wasn't even dancing on the dance floor. She made some crazy moves by the bar area.
I was having such a wonderful time watching my friends have fun, and laughing at some of them making a fool of themselves.
Matthew seemed to enjoy himself as well. He made sure he was dancing in the center of the dance floor and showing off all his moves. I think he was having fun being one of the only guys at a party of mostly women.
After a few drinks I started to flirt with Matthew a bit and he flirted back using a few really old and cheesy pick up lines. I just went with it.
Soon Matthew and I started to make out on the dance floor. I could hear a few of my friends whispering in the background and giggling. I knew they where talking about me.
A few hours later the party started to die down and it was time for everyone to leave and make their way home. I made sure to give each of them a goodbye hug. After all the girls had left it was just me, Newbie and Matthew, and they so nicely offered to help me clean up.

Before everyone left I managed to get a few pictures. Here they are.
Any photos of the party I did not use in the post will be placed in an album on my Sims 3 facebook. Check that out when you can. Just click on the link to my facebook to the left of the page.
Here's a video I made of Dawn's party. I hope you enjoy it.
The next day I started to feel horrible. All that partying and drinking really left me with a hangover. While I was cleaning the house I heard someone come up from behind me. It surprised me at first until I saw who it was.
"Newbie! What are you doing here, and how'd you get in? The door was locked", I said confused.
"Well Tyrone let me. You didn't hear the door bell?", Newbie looked concern.
"I guess not", I responded.
Suddenly my attention was drawn to the dog in Newbie's arms.
"Awe Newbie what a cute little dog. When did you decide to get a dog?", I asked just gazing at the adorable little dog in Newbie's arms.
"Well actual Dawn this isn't my dog. She's a present... for you. Happy Birthday!", he said.
My eyes shot from the dog to Newbie, "Are you serious Newbie? She's for me? Awe that's the sweetest thing ever, Thank you."
Newbie placed the dog to the ground and I bent over to pet her. She was so cute and her fur was so soft.
I got back up and gave Newbie a big hug and thanked him one more time. I couldn't wait to show the kids.

-------------------------Hailey's P.O.V-------------------------
She just stands there, minding her own business. Is she bad? Is she evil? When she stares at me her eyes look as if she wants to hurt me. I want play with her, but I fear her.
I don't know what to do. I never seen a dog before and I don't know what they're capable of. Should I try to play with her or shouldn't I?
I pull out a toy that my mom's friend Newbie brought with the dog and before I knew it, the dog has a hold of it in her jaw trying to take it from me. I can hear her snarls and see her teeth. She looks frightening and I wanted to run but I was afraid I wouldn't make it far before I am attacked.
I saw my brother come into room to investigate where the snarls and my whimpering was coming from. I let go of the toy and made a bolt into his arms.
He looked down at me with concern and asked, "What's wrong Hailey? What happened?".
I lowered my eyes and said, "The dog is evil and wants to hurt me".
Tyrone looked confused and asked, "How is she evil Hailey? She's only dog?".
"I tried to play with her with that toy", I said pointing at the toy on the ground next to the dog, "and she tried to steal it from me, and she made weird noises".
"Now Hailey I'm sure she wasn't trying to hurt you. She just wanted to play", he said to me.
"Really?", I asked.
I looked down and there she was looking me.
"Go on, pet her", Tyrone said.
I looked back at the dog and slowly bent down to pet her. She then laid down and rolled on her back and allowed me to pet her tummy.

-------------------------Dawn's P.O.V-------------------------
All week Tyrone had been trying to get on my good side by teaching the toddlers their skills.
And making sure to groom Nala's fur. He was really showing me he is growing up.
I was just about the cook lunch when I heard Snowball yelling from outside. I ran outside immediately to see what was wrong and I found she was going into labor.
I patiently waited for her foal to be born and soon enough he was. Yes I said he, Snowball had a boy, and I named him Jumper.
Slowly Jumper was able to stand, and yelled for food.
I rubbed Snowball's neck and told her what a wonderful job she did.
When Snowball was introduced to her foal it was a wondering feeling, but not as wonderful as the feeling I felt right after. I was pregnant, yes pregnant, with Matthew Smith's child.
When I got inside the first thing I did was call the owners of the horse stables and told them that Snowball just gave birth. They said they would be over here as soon as they could to pick them up. It was sad to see Snowball go but she has a home waiting for her. Someone just adopted her and she was being shipped to Appaloosa Plains. I was going to miss her.
Afterwards I called Matthew Smith up to let him know that I was pregnant. He was so happy to hear the news and said he would let his mother know about it right away. I also told him I would call him as soon as the baby was born.
Tyrone was being such a good boy, helping around the house and teaching the toddlers that I ungrounded him. He was happy to hear the news of being let off punishment and even more happy to hear that he was getting another sibling.
I wanted to learn more potions and such, so I spent a lot more of my time at the chemistry table. The potion I really wanted was the one I heard so much about. The one to make imaginary friends real.
I became bored with the kids at school, the toddlers sleeping, and no cleaning to be done. I just sat there and played chest by myself waiting for the birth of my baby.
I didn't have to wait too long because soon enough my water broke and I went into labor.
I pushed for almost an hour before I gave birth.
I held my baby close. It was a boy and I was so excited to have him in my arms. Will he get his daddy's hair? What about my hair?
I would like to introduce you to Baby 43, Heath Luck Turner.
I ended up with twins and my second baby was a girl, here's Baby 44, Zoey Redbird Turner. The Baby's names where inspired by characters from one of my most favorite book series, The House of Night Series.

I hoped you enjoyed this Halloween Special Post as much as I did. I had so much fun making it. I did hit a few problems with the Sims 3 pets and had to uninstall it and then I had to make a new game with Dawn and her family. It was frustrating but I managed and here it is for you. So please leave a comment, it brings a smile to my face to see and read your comments. Thank you!

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  1. Loved the post, I can't get over how sweet Newbie is... I just love that kid ^_^ I'm also his god mom but oh well haha. I loved the party decorations and I LOVED the video you made. The "photo booth" pictures at the end of the video. OH and I love when sims have twins and one's a boy and ones a girl. I love it and can't wait for MORE!!! -Sims Fan ... Violet-

  2. Awesome post Dawn!
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    @Annu :D:That's awesome and I don't mind you using her. I would love the link to that post when comes out. :D

    @Catlover800: I'm sad Lerk is gone too. :( But Dawn has Newbie, she'll be okay. The party did make up for it and it was awesome. I'm crossing my fingers for blue hair too. If we're lucky enough One twin will have blue hair and one will have Dawn's pink hair. :)

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