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Baby 50- Part 1/3: The Funeral

Hey readers, Hailey here, I just wanna say sorry for the delay on this post. I wanted to get all the pictures before posting or writing anything.
Baby 50 will be a 3 part post. I know what your thinking, baby 50 already?! I'm so excited to finally make it half way through my challenge, its a big step. 
All three posts will be narratored by the author, me.
I hope you enjoy part 1 of baby 50, The Funeral.
Before the Funeral
The last few days have been nothing but a crazy mess. Dawn spent a good amount of hours calling family and friends to break the news about Lessie Turner's passing. It wasn't easy for Dawn to be the one to announce her mother's death so many times, but it had to be done since her father hadn't been himself lately.
Lessie had put in her will that she wanted her daughter Dawn and her son Dean to be in charge of the funeral arrangements. Dawn hated to be the one to pick out the coffin, but it was her mother's dieing wish for her and Dean to be the ones to do it and that's what she'll get.
Dawn knew her kids never really met their grandmother Lessie, and bringing them to the funeral to meet and say goodbye to her forever will just confuse them and complicate things. So Dawn decided that her kids will stay home.

Dawn didn't want to leave the teenagers with three crying babies all day so she went and decided to age them into toddlers before heading to meet up with her family.
Baby 47, Damien Turner as Toddler. Damien got his father's skin tone, his bright light blue eye color, and his nose. While he got Dawn's jaw structure, mouth, and brown & hot pink hair.
Baby 48, Shaunee Turner as a toddler. Shaunee got lighter skin then her brother Damien, more closely to Dawn's skin tone then her father's. Shaunee also got her father's blue eyes like her brother, and her mommy's jaw structure, nose & mouth. Its a mystery where she got her blond hair but all together she's just a blond blue eyed beauty.
Baby 49, Erin Turner as a toddler. Erin got a mixture of both her siblings. She got a lighter skin tone then her brother, but darker then her sister. She too got her daddy's bright blue eyes, she got his mouth, nose, and jaw structure. She's also the only one of the triplets to get her father's pink, blue and green hair.
Dawn headed down town to the funeral home where her father and brothers waited for her. Its gonna be tough to get through the funeral planning but she needed to be strong for her family, especially her father.
It wasn't easy as Dawn thought it was gonna be though- as soon as she seen her father standing there as she walked into the building, with red eyes from all the crying, Dawn cracked. She pulled her father into hug and cried all her built up tears she saved since this morning.

Surprisingly her father didn't cry with her; only hugging his daughter and letting her release her sadness. A few sobs later Dawn pulled an arms length away to look at her father's sadden eyes.
"Daddy, I'm sorry I was suppose to be strong for you."
"It's okay my princess, we shouldn't hold back on our sadness. It's very unhealthy. We should mourn together as a family, that's what your mother would have want."
Dawn smiled and whipped away the very few tears she had and said, "You sound like momma, she always says holding back your sadness was unhealthy."
He smiled at what Dawn said and then his smile faded as he began to remember that Lessie was no longer here.

After a few more smiles and comments about Lessie before her passing Dawn changed the subject. She stepped back a foot and began to talk about the funeral arrangements.
"Daddy I don't think I can handle arranging momma's funeral. I know she asked for Dean and I to do it, but why didn't she ask you? You are her husband you know."
"I know princess but your mother and I discussed this before her passing and we both agreed that we would leave our funeral arrangements to you kids. Your not alone on this Dawn, Dean is here to help. You won't have to make all the decisions."
Dawn sighed and slumped her shoulders; her father was right. She wasn't alone on this, she had Dean's help.
 "Okay daddy."
There was sound of an opening door and three separate set of feet walking into the hall where Dawn and her dad stood.
"DAWN!" yelled Dean when he saw Dawn as he walked into the hall.
Dawn turns to face all three of her older brothers smiling and happy to see her, but pink from their recent crying.
"Dean? Doug? Blake?" Dawn said smiling and happy to see her brothers again.
Deans arms is where Dawn ran into first. He was the oldest of three and the one Dawn was closest to.
"Dean oh my gosh I haven't seen you in forever."
"Yeah is so great to see you too Dawn, to bad it had to take a death for us to see each other."
"Yeah I know, crazy right?"
Dawn did some catching up in her brother's lives and see to how they've been doing.
Dean recently divorced with his wife Molly after only three years of marriage and is currently in court fighting for custody rights over Gene. Dean said it was the fact that he was a human and she was a vampire that caused their constant fighting and divorced.
Blake broke it off with his long time girlfriend and currently living with Doug in a two bedroom apartment. He decided to live the single life for a bit before jumping into another relationship.
Doug just recently finished college and is working as children's football couch at the stadium. He decided not pursue his football career, even after several great offers, since its not a stable career. He is also currently looking for the right girl to settle down with and have a family. While doing so he thought he might join a challenge or two since Blake had joined a couple.
6 finally rolled around and Dawn and Dean had a meeting with funeral directer, Mr. Johnson. Dean and Dawn made their way into Mr. Johnson's office, where he waited for them at his desk.
Dawn made herself comfortable on the chair next to Dean. She looks over at Dean and gave him a are-you-ready-for-this look. He nodded without saying a word to assure Dawn that he was ready.
Mr. Johnson finished doing whatever he was doing on his laptop before looking up at Dawn and Dean and closing it shut. "Well before we get started, I need to know what is your budget is for the funeral?" asked Mr. Johnson.
Dean looked over at Dawn to discuss their finances for the Lessie's funeral. After Lessie's passing Dawn and her brothers were able to put together a total of $15,000 for Lessie's funeral.They planned on burying Lessie which would cost around $10,000.
 They went over some of the basics and expenses of the funeral. They discussed flowers, food, open or closed casket, and many more. The meeting took over an hour and by the end of it everything was set and ready. Dawn left feeling a tad bit better, it wasn't as bad as she thought it was gonna be. Planning a funeral was making her feel that this is reality, her mom is really gone and she's in a better place.

The Funeral
 The day of the funeral Dawn made sure everything was ready for the ceremony, and that's including a box of tissue on every table.
 Dawn started to get teary eyed before the funeral even started; the rush of getting things ready was getting emotional, you can't help but shed a tear or two.
 Dawn and her family waited inside the church for the rest of the family and friends to come and pay for their respects. The first person to come was Newbie. Dawn ran into Newbie's arms and squezzed him tightly.
"Newbie, thank you for coming. I don't think I could go through this alone. Your my best friend."
"I came for you Dawn, you need all the support you can get." Newbie smiled at Dawn when they released their hug.
 Dawn grinned at Newbie. He's such a great friend, Dawn couldn't believe she was so lucky as to get him as a friend.
There was creak from across the room. Dawn turns to see a blond girl walk through the church doors.
 "MINNY!" Dawn yells as she runs into her cousin's arms.
"DAWNIE!" she yells back, "Oh my gosh Dawnie, its been years how have you been.?"
 They had already let each other go and started talking and filling each other in on missed time.
"Well I'm currently doing the 100 Baby Challenge."
"Oh my goshness Dawnie, the 100 baby challenge? I heard of that. How many kids do you have?"
"REALLY?!.... oh my gosh you look great."
"Thanks, what about you?"
"Well I recently finished high school last year and I'm currently majoring in fine arts at the University of Bridgeport"
"Congratulations Minny. I wish I could have been there to see you graduate."
"Well your first on my guest list when I graduate from college."
 More and more guests started coming in and paying their respects. Some didn't stay long while others stayed and brought up great memories of Lessie when she was alive.
"Hey Dawn I'm sorry about your mother's passing."
 "Thank you Vanessa, and thanks for coming. Its so sweet that you and the other moms came even though you never met my mom."
 "Dawn, we moms stick together. When one mom is hurt, we all come in to help."
 More guests came and went. Some moms came by but didn't stay long since they had kids of their own, which is totally understandable.
 "Hey Addy I want to thank you for coming, I know it must be hard for you to be at a funeral since your husband died not too long ago."
"Dawn its alright, I feel a lot better now then I was then. I'm fine, I'm here for you."
 I spotted Della in the back, sitting alone. I went and joined her. She smiled when I sat next to her.
"Hey Dawn, sorry about your mommy. I hope your feeling better."
"Much now that I have all my friends and family here."
 The funeral was about to begin and everyone made their selves comfortable on very uncomfortable benches. Newbie sat next to his mother towards the back, while Minny sat alone right in front of them.
 Addy made herself comfortable in a seat next to Dawn's brother, Blake.
 Dawn made her way to the mic that stood next to the coffin that held Lessie. Dawn began introducing herself and why everyone was gathered here today. She then went into talking about Lessie; what a good spirit she was, her life as child and teenager in the town of Sunset Valley, how Lessie met her husband Oscar, and had four beautiful children. Dawn started talking about what a wonder mother she had always been to each and every one of her children.
 Doug began to get a little emotional and then eventually broke down in burst of tears. Luckily Calista jumped in to comfort the crying Doug.
 Seeing her brother break down like that got Dawn teary eyed and her heart began to form more tears. Violet seemed to notice and got up from her seat. She leaned in close to Dawn and whispered, "Dawn are you gonna be able to finish?"
Dawn nodded and whipped away her few tears and started to finish her speech.
 Dawn was about to finish up her speech but she couldn't seem to say the words she wanted to say. She tried to form a few words but that caused Dawn to start crying and once she started, she couldn't stop.
 She couldn't handle standing up there any longer and walked away, whipping away her tears which didn't help none since they kept coming.
Dawn tried to walk out of the church but Newbie grabbed her arm and forced her to stay and face him.
Dawn kept crying when she tried to talk but it came out in sobs"Na...New..bie, I.. I ca..can't do...oo this."
 "Dawn you can do this. You have to be strong. Be here, for your mother, and mourn for her. Just remember the good things. Her smile, her personality, the way she loved you and your brothers."
Newbie pulled Dawn closer to him and allowed her to cry on her shoulders. He couldn't stand to see her cry.
 Newbie gently rubbed Dawn's back to calm her down a bit, "This isn't the end of the world Dawn, it's the beginning of a new and wonderful life for your mother. God is up there right now accepting your mother with open arms and an eternity of happiness."
 Dawn managed to pull her face from Newbie's shoulder to look at her caring friend, "You think so Newbie? She's happy?"
 Newbie grabbed Dawn's shoulders and looked into her soaking wet eyes, "I don't think Dawn, I know. Trust me, she's up there right now looking down at you, watching you, keeping you safe."
Dawn smiled and sniffled, then she said, "Thank you Newbie." She whipped her face and hugged him again but much longer and more tightly.

After the Funeral
 "Are you sure you don't want to come in to hear the reading of the will daddy?" Dawn asked once again.
"I don't need to be in there Dawn, I told your mother to leave everything to you kids."
"Alright daddy."
 Newbie interrupted and gave Dawn a quick hug before placing a hand on her shoulder.
"Good luck Dawn."
 Dawn makes her way into an all blue room where her brothers sat waiting for her. She made herself comfortable on a love seat next to Blake.
 Across the room Mr. Johnson sat at an empty desk, smiling at Dawn as she settles herself in.
"Okay let's begin. This is the reading of Lessie Turner's will...."
 Dawn sat and stared at nothing, thinking of nothing but her mother. She could hear Mr. Johnson read the will and say who Lessie left each of her possessions to, but she never gave it a second thought.
 "....and to my youngest Dawn, who I love dearly and wish her only the best for her challenge, I leave you my first car."
Dawn's looked at the man in shock. She couldn't believe her mother left her with her first car. Dawn remembers that car when she was little, she had always loved that car.
 After the reading everyone started to head home. Dawn's father was happy to hear that Lessie had left the car to Dawn.
"Your mother knew how much you loved that car of hers, I'm not surprised you were the one to receive it."
 Minny managed to pull Dawn away from Oscar and give her a goodbye hug.
"Dawnie we can't lose contact okay. I must meet your kids."
 "Of course Minny, we need to hang out when you visit to Twinbrook again."
"Yea, I'll call you okay?"
"I'll be waiting for that call," Dawn jokingly said.
 Minny and Oscar left and it was just Newbie and Dawn left at the funeral home. Newbie slowly walks up to Dawn as she watches Minny take her last step out the door.
"Are you ready to go home?" Newbie asks.
Dawn looks at Newbie and smiles at him, "More now then ever. I miss my kids."
"Need a ride?" Newbie smiles.
Dawn nods with a grin- Newbie takes her hand and leads her outside.
Outside Dawn looks at Newbie and smiles. She always known that Newbie was a great guy, but she never thought in a million years that she would be the lucky one to get him as a best friend.
Thank you and I hoped you enjoyed part 1 of 3 of my Baby 50 post.
Please comment with what your thoughts are of this post.
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  1. OMG I LOVE IT. I loved my hair in this post. Sorry I digress. Anyway, I really raised that boy right. I am so glad he can be there for you and his speech is so him. You do remember who is dad is don't you? Anyway, my dear friend I am sorry about your mom. We are here of you.

    PS on a RL note this post really struck my heart. Next Jan. 11 it will be 5 years since my mother died and well nearing the holiday's this post got to me, but it was wonderful and I can't wait for part 2.

  2. Aww, reading that made me feel actually emotion for your sim's mother!

    Newbie, he's so helpful and kind to you! What a great best friend to have.

    You got your mothers first ever car what a great reminder of her and knowing that you loved that car as a little one, it's sweet. :)

    Can't wait to read part 2 AND 3. :D

  3. Ahhh! Really good and heartfelt...I seriously cried...I lost my father a year ago...and you wrote this perfectly...can't wait to read the rest of it...the toddlers were adorable as well!

  4. Newbie is so sweet!! It almost made me cry, seeing everyone cry... poor Dawn. :*(

    I loved seeing Dawn's brothers and I can't wait for parts 2 and 3. It was great seeing Calista!!!

    ~Calista Smith

  5. In April I was told my mom was dieing and wouldn't make it much longer. I helped every night getting her dressed, rubbing her swollen feet, and even helping her with her basic needs the most people don't even think about. She make an amazing recovery but I can't tell you how scared I was. I would never break down in front of her but I would sit in my car and cry till I couldn't anymore.

    This post brought me to the time I was planning my mom's funeral with her. I know that she's still alive now but I couldn't imagine the feeling of loss and pain Dawn is having at this time. Yes she's a sim, but they have emotions just like us even if they aren't "real".

    Newbie is a great guy... But I would expect no less from one of Ashby's boys! I can't wait for part 2&3.

  6. @Anonymous(Ashby): Lol! And yea, is his dad an angel? Sorry if I don't remember.
    Thank you and sorry about your mom.

    @spongebob248: Newbie is great. ^_^ And yea what a great thing Dawn's mom left her, I can't wait for Dawn to receive the car.

    @Cassie: Awe don't cry. Sorry about your dad, I almost lost my dad 11 years ago. Yea the toddlers are so cute. :3 And thanks, I was hoping that the post came out right. :)

    @Catlover800: Newbie is such a sweety. :) I love having Dawn's brothers in the post since I haven't had them in them often. Yea I love seeing Calista there, and comforting Doug. :)

    @Molly aka Violet: That must have been horrible to go through that. I feel you. I wouldn't be able to plan my own mother's funeral. Hopefully I wouldn't have to do that any time soon. I love my mom and wouldn't bear to lose her.
    Newbie is great, Dawn has picked a great friend. :)

  7. Started up my baby challenge again now that I'm done school-baby 31. Time for catch up :)