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An Offer - Babies 28, 29 & 30

 Hey everyone, I just wanted to say thank you for waiting and understanding my busy schedule. I finally graduated from high school on Sunday, June 5. Now my time is free for all things sims. So here's my first post of the summer. I hoped to get a lot more posts out, a lot faster this summer. Enjoy! :)

 Thank you Xur28 for these two awesome gifts! :)

 Almost everyday Newbie would come over and visit his little mini mes. I love seeing a father-son bond because I know that when they're older they'll know they have both parents that love them.
 Forrest and Jude have become great friends and they actually feel like real twins. They both wanted to gain muscles for the ladies, so everyday after school and homework they would work out together.
Victoria had picked up the hobby of painting. She would paint every chance she got even really late at night.
But I sometimes feel that Victoria is lonely. She would play alone at her little doll house with no one to play with her. She never mentions friends at home which gives me the impression that she has no friends. I wished Liam was still here, I miss him and I know Victoria misses him too.
"Watch out! Here comes the tiger. The tigers gonna get you", I love spending time with my toddlers because they can be so unpredictable.
Forrest is always found on the computer. He loves writing and has written several books. There hasn't been a time where he wasn't on the computer.
Jude is very helpful. He loves helping around the house doing laundry and feeding the toddlers.
I got a call from the school telling me that Forrest was failing his classes, and he hasn't shown up at school the last couple days.
I soon found out that this was the girl that has been on my Forrest's mind. The one that he's been missing school just to go see. This is Cassandra Vanderbilt, Baby 10 in Anastasia Vanderbilt's 100 Baby Challenge! (Read Anastasia Vanderbilt's Challenge Here).
Everyday instead of school Forrest would go see Cassie by a nearby park.
The day I found out about this girl, they have become a couple. I had a serious talk with him and he agreed to start getting his grades up if he wants to age up and that he's grounded until he's an YA.
Victoria has been painting up a storm. She used all the easels in the hang out area. She decided to sell them all to save up money for college. I'm so proud of her.
Again I made an attempt at catching a deathfish at the local cemetery.
Yet again I wasn't as lucky. I caught 2 vampire fish.
And a box that contained a Mysterious Mr. Gnome.
I fished all through night. When the sun was about to rise I made my way home hopefully able to catch seeing my kids leave for school.
Cassie took the same bus as my kids, so everyday Victoria sat with Cassie while Forrest sat alone. Mainly because Forrest was still grounded and that Cassie was sweet and didn't want Victoria sitting alone.
While my kids were at school I headed to the new park in town and waited for the arrival of a new friend of mine. We agreed to meet and finally meet.
Finally Leah Sierra arrived. Leah Sierra, daughter of Challenge Mom Cadence Sierra, and Sister of Challenge Mom Mikolaj Sierra, also fellow Challenge Mom herself. (Read Leah Sierra's Challenge Here)
"Leah!", I yelled while I jumped from the bench and gave her a huge hug.
"Oh my gosh! I'm so glad we finally got to meet, Leah".
"Yeah! I'm so glad to meet you too, Dawn".
"We only get to hang out for a couple hours because I have to go home for my kid's birthdays".
"Birthdays? Exciting! Are you gonna have tons of cake?".
" don't do cakes. I never did. I'm afraid of fires."
"WHAT?! No cakes? Your crazy Dawn. It's not a party without a cake. Besides fires only happen occasionally and you have the 'no fires' reward don't you, so no worries".
After the cake discussion I decided to make me and Leah some burgers on the grill.
After I placed the burgers on the table I didn't hesitate to start digging in. Leah on the other hand didn't dig in or even want to face them. I asked her what's wrong and she told me that she was pregnant and that the smell bothered her. I didn't argue.
After dinner I told Leah that I had to start heading home to my kids.
She held her tummy and said,"Yea I probably need to head home too, this little thing is hungry and it was picky about the burgers".
We both laughed and she gave me a big hug goodbye but not before saying, "Remember what I said about the cakes Dawn".
And I did remember. On my way home I bought some cakes. My kids were excited to actually have cake for their birthdays. I only bought cakes for the older kids. The babies/toddlers will not have a cake....too dangerous. Jude went first and blow out his candles.
Everyone showed up and cheered on the birthdays.
When it was Forrest's turn he was most excited because his punishment will be over and that he can finally see Cassie, which he has plans for after all this.
Lastly it was Victoria's turn to blow out the candles.
She sucked in air and blow as hard as she can.
Baby 23, Victoria as a teen. Victoria grown to a lovely young lady with pale green skin. She wore a mini skirt, tank top, and a lot of make up. I was a little worried for her self-esteem.
Baby 21, Forrest as YA. Forrest is a very handsome young man with gorgeous brown eyes. He's a little on the scruffy side but I think that's mainly to impress the ladies, or Lady. ;) Forrest wants to become a news star anchor. I wish him luck.
Baby 24, Jude as a YA. My sweet time machine baby. Jude too has a small 5 o' clock shadow but much lighter then Forrest's. He's definitely a ladies man. Jude wants to become Rich and Famous so he's moving to Simmywood to become a big hit.
Baby 26, Tucker as a child. Tucker is all his father besides the hair and skin, which is mine. Tucker put his hair up similar to his dad's when he was a child.
Baby 25, Dallas as a child. Dallas is ALL his father. I see no me whats so ever. Dallas too wanted his hair the same as their dad.
Baby 27, Calista as a toddler. I was so excited when I saw that Calista got her daddy's hair color. Some how she got big Blue eyes. I don't know where they came from but they are absolutely beautiful.
I can't get over how much these two boys look just like their daddy. They love their daddy so much, and always see him everyday. It was easy because he lived in the same town.

------------------Forrest's POV------------------
After aging I called Cassie right over. I haven't seen her in a few days and I couldn't wait to see her again. I waited for her by the pool side. When she finally arrived I was took back on unbelievably beautiful she was.
She took my breath away, I couldn't breath. She smelled of fresh roses. My heart was beating so fast it was nearly gonna jump out of my chest.
I swallowed hard and leaned on one knee. I was sweating, my heart was racing a mile a minute and I felt faint.
I pulled out a small blue velvet box with a 14 carrot ring that shone brighter then the moon. I held it up to Cassie and spoke the words that I have been practicing for the last few days. "Cassandra Vanderbilt, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I can't believe how unbelievably lucky I am that I have met you. I'm completely and totally in love with you and I ask for your hand in holy matrimony. Will you marry me?".
She was shocked and frozen in place. I was nervous. I wasn't sure if she was excited or astonished. But then she said the words that made me happier then a bee in field of flowers.
"Yes!". I pulled the ring from the small velvet box and nervously slid the ring on her finger. I was shaking with excitement.
I got up and she pulled me until a loving embrace. At that moment I couldn't be happier.
We both agreed on a private wedding. I said my vows and poured all my feelings I had for Cassie and said how much in love I am with her. Then I slid the ring on her finger.
Then it was Cassie's turn to say how much she loved me. I never knew she loved me that much. I thought I was alone on this. But when she said yes, her vows, slid the ring on my finger.....
and said I do, I knew. She was the one for me from day one and now she's my wife.
We shared our first kiss as husband and wife.
Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Turner!

------------------Dawn's POV------------------
I got a strange call from a man with an uncomfortably familiar voice telling me to meet him at the cemetery, of all places.
I showed up at the cemetery at the right time this man told me and waited. I was slightly nervous but not enough to prevent me to find out who this man is.
Then his deep creepy voice spoke from behind me, saying my name. "Dawn".
I didn't run. I just turned around slowly and faced the man that took both my boys away. "Hello Grim Reaper, what do you want?".
He just did a chuckle and said, "To take part in your challenge. If you'll let me be part I give you something that you've been wanting for quite some time. But only after the baby is born".
I was stunned. No one has ever offered me something in return for a child. But what could it be that he was gonna give me? What is it that I really want? Whatever it is I will soon find out, besides I don't mind having the Grim Reaper take part in my challenge even if he did take away my boys. "Well...all right Grim".
I couldn't see him smile but I knew he did. He walked off and I followed.
Th next day when I was headed to the grocery store I ran into my son-in-law Charlie Berks (husband of Baby 17, Mendy) and my new Granddaughter Autumn Berks.
I got to hold her for the first time. She was so cute.
I gave her back to Charlie and went on my way to the store. After wards my back was killing me. It felt like there was gonna be more then one child in there.
I called Dr. Knack over the tell me the gender of my baby. He said I was gonna have a little girl. Another girl? Soon I'm gonna have a house full of girls.
I spent most of my day reading, and watching TV. I was determined to make this pregnancy perfect so Grim wont back down on his offer.
But then Victoria joined me and we were engaged in a very serious conversation.
I decided to go to the community pool for a swim. I haven't swam since I was a teen. I wasn't really much of a swimmer.
After my swim I got out to get some rest. A pregnant sim can only handle so much.
I sat down to rest and soon fell asleep. I didn't really sleep long because I was suddenly awaken by water splashing me. Someone just jumped in the pool leaving me soaked.
She got out to apologies and I then recognized that is was Vanessa Wood, I forgave her and we chatted a bit before I had to leave. She felt my tummy before I left.
Everyday Newbie would call Dallas and Tucker. They love talking to their dad.
Tucker was caught after curfew and I had to give him a lecture. I sent him to his room to do his homework and later he was suppose to take out the trash.
After Tucker went to his room my abdomen was struck with contractions. I was in labor. I was in serious pain and I knew this baby had to come out.
After an hour and 30 minutes I gave birth to a little girl.
I introduce you to Baby 28, Lorri Turner.
Baby 29, Leah Turner (Named after fellow challenge mom, Lean Sierra).
And Baby 30, Lizzie Turner (Named inspired by fellow challenge mom, Elizabeth Reting. Read her Challenge Here).
After the birth of my three new bundles of joy the Grim Reaper sent me what he promised. I checked the mail and was absolutely astonished at what I found.

Thank you readers for taking the time to read and enjoy my posts. I really love making these posts for you guys and I work really hard on them so comments are much appreciated. I'm sorry for taking so long on making these come out. I started the challenge during the school year so they'll spread out. Now its the summer and hopefully I can get them out faster and maybe just maybe I can get really far in my challenge by the end of the summer. Thanks again. :)

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  1. Newbie's boys are SO CUTE! and I must say I'm jealous... I never had any babies with grims skin tone. LUCKY!!!! I can't wait to see what he gave you in return. Sure wish he had given me something but I guess he did (in a way!)

  2. I can't wait to read what she got in the mail!! Calista is beautiful. I love her hair color and her eyes are blue like my challenge mom. :D

  3. Even the Grimm reapers babies are cute!

    I can't wait to see what she got in the mail!