Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day Special- Baby 31

 When I opened my mailbox I found that the Grim Reaper had given me a deathfish.
 But not just one, but TWO. At first I couldn't believe it but then it all made sense. I've been fishing for the deathfish for years but I had no luck. Then the Grim Reaper says he'll give me something that I've been wanting for a long time. It made so much sense.

I wanted to jump with excitement and then run in the kitchen, but I stopped myself. Why bring back Tyler now? I have no room in the house and when Victoria moves I need that space for the new baby. I waited this long, I can wait a little bit longer. Besides when I use a deathfish I'll only have one left. What if I want to bring back more then two sims, I won't have enough fish. So I used my sense and put them in the fish tank were the two deathfish can breed and make more. and they did. :) I now have 5 deathfish but I put the new fish in my inventory were they can't die and I keep just two in the tank to make more.
 I went into the toddler/baby room and grabbed Lorri from her crib. It was birthday time and I was very excited.
 I couldn't wait to see my Grim babies as toddlers. I can only imagine what they look like.
 First up, Baby 23 Victoria. Victoria put her hair in hanging pigtails and still wears makeup to cover up her features. As long as she likes it, it's fine with me. She did lose her weight problem and she's really happy about that.
 Baby 27, Calista. Calista grew to look a lot like her father, Jon. I'm still amazed that she got her big blue eyes because me nor her father have them. She's absolutely beautiful.
 Baby 25, Dallas. Dallas still amazes me with how much he looks like his father Newbie. Dallas went for the small mo hawk kind of like due. He's going more towards the bad boy look.
 Baby 26, Tucker. Tucker went different then his brother. He went towards good boy with he's side parted hair and a tie with a sweater.
 Baby 28, Lorri. Lorri got her father's black skin and my hair. Her brown eyes came from my side of the family. I can't see any features but I wish I did.
 Baby 30, Lizzie. Lizzie the only one of her sisters who got my skin tone has gotten her father's jet black hair and my family's brown eyes. I'm not sure about her features but it might be a mixture of both her father's and mine.
 Baby 29, Leah. Leah got her father's skin and hair. Again like her sister Lorri, I can't see her features to be able to tell if her looks are from me or Grim.
 Again one of the hardest things of the challenge is the too soon goodbyes, curse the sims law of only having 8 sims per household.
I'm going to miss Victoria so much, she's the only one who still connects me to Liam which I miss terribly. I wish her luck in life.
 I got a new large digital fish tank that connected to the toddler/baby room and the living room. Calista became fascinated with it and was constantly watching the fish and digitally feeding them.
 It wasn't only the fish, Calista was fascinated with life and earth and everything on it. I would find her looking at my collectibles, studying them.
 She would even sit and read history books during her free time. I have a feeling she might become a scientist in the dear future.
 I love my three little Grim Babies. They would sit at their block table and play for hours a day. They love the blocks and would occasionally chew on them.
 Three toddlers and one me. Thank goodness I have the boys. The worst would be with me and one teen against teaching potty training, talking, and walking to triplets.
 I don't know why I'm showing me in the garden again, maybe because I love my new Mysterious Mr. Gnome. Isn't he cute.
 I bought some new books on fishing and when ever I get the chance I would read them.
 After reading Calista came up to me. "Hey Mom, can we have a small party for our daddies for Father's day, you know like a Father's Day party?".
 "Sure honey but I can't promise that all the daddies will show up. So no showing off or getting upset if only one daddy shows, okay?". "Okay Mom, Thank you".
 I love seeing siblings having a great time together. It makes me know that their relationship will be stronger in the future.
 "I'm totally gonna beat you Dallas".
"I would like to see you try".
 "Okay take that....and that".
"What! How did you do that?".
I got an email from this man saying he wanted to take part in my challenge. I happily agreed because I loved his chocolate dark skin and amazing Blue hair and eyes. I would love to have a child with his genetics.
 He came over right away. "Hi I'm DJ, DJ Jackson". "Hi DJ I'm so glad you can take part in my challenge".
 We went inside and baby 31 was soon in my oven.
 I got a call from my kids' school saying an Art student got trapped in clay and wanted my help sculpting him out, without hurting him. I said yes to help right away.
 I jumped in my car and drove to the school right away.
 When I arrived at the school, it was already in session and everyone was already waiting for me to help.
 After school ended and I finally freed the boy I came home to find my little bread has started cooking and he/she will be here in a matter of days.
 I started working on my Drum skills while I waited for the arrival of the dads for our Father's Day party. It was going to be a small party since only two dads where coming. The Grim babies' dad wasn't coming because of a recent starvation death in the Racket family. But the girls were too little to notice or care.
 The first dad to arrive was Jon Lanson, Calista's dad. When Calista saw him she ran right into his arms, "DADDY!! You came". I can see that Jon loved his daughter so much. I saw him tear up and kiss Calista on the cheek when he heard Calista call him daddy.
 Then Dallas and Tucker's dad, Newbie, came right after. The boys were so happy to see him. They seemed to spend most of his visit catching up on what they didn't say through the phone. Newbie loved his boys so much he haven't even noticed me standing near by. I wouldn't blame him, Dallas and Tucker are great boys and my only second set of twin boys. My first set was Stark and Tyler, Babies 2 and 3.
 I turned around only to find my father standing in front of me, "DADDY!? Oh my gosh your here, I haven't seem you in forever. I thought you wouldn't come". "Now why wouldn't I see my little princess. If she invites me I come no matter my schedule. I love my baby girl". "Oh daddy, happy father's day".
 He looked done at my huge belly and said, "Is that my 32nd grandchild in there?" (Side Note: It is Dawn's dad's 32nd grandchild and not his 31st. Dawn may be on her 31st baby but her brother Dean also has a child, which makes her parents have 32 grandkids. Didn't want any confusion). "Yes daddy". "May I feel?". "Of course".
 Calista and her dad Jon spent his hole visit playing together. She was upset when he had to leave but he promised to call the next day.
 The next morning I went to my garden to do some early work when the timer in my oven went off and my loaf of bread was done and ready. :)
 I decided to have this baby at he hospital this time around. I was getting a little tired of home births and I was tired of all the pain.
 DJ rushed over as soon as he heard I was at the hospital.
After a hard 4 hour labor I came out with a little girl. I introduce you to Baby 31, Destiny (Named suggested by my real life sister, Heather. Who's name inspired Baby 13's name, Heather Lee). 69 more babies to go!

Remember my oldest brother Dean?
 Dean has been dating his girlfriend Molly Coddle for years and they have a son together named Gene.
 Well just recently Dean had finally proposed to her in the kitchen of their new home in the same neighborhood as me. She of course said yes.
 They married in the privacy of their home so I was very upset to find that I didn't get to witness my big brother's wedding. Luckily Gene was taking pictures.
 Yes, Gene was taking pictures. He aged into a Child just before the proposal. Here he is, he's such a cutie.
 They sent me this family photo. They hope I visit soon, I will definitely do that.
 My daughter Mendy (Baby 17) and her new husband Charlie just had a baby not long ago. (You seen her in my last Dawn post, seen at the park with her daddy)
 This is Autumn Berks, Mendy and Charlie's daughter. She's just adorable.
 Mendy and Charlie weren't the only one's that got lucky with a child. My other daughter Maci and her husband Jonny had a Baby boy the same time little Autumn was born.
 This is Maci and Jonny's little boy Lester Berks. AWWWWE!!
 Recently my son Forrest (Baby 21) married Cassandra Vanderbilt (Baby 10 in Anastasia Vanderbilt's 100 Baby Challenge). They too were lucky.
 They were not just lucky but three times the lucky when they found they were going to have triplets. They had 3 little girls named Clarissa, Fawn and Monika. (the girls were named by the sims game and not me. Fawn was just a coincidence).
 Of course Matthew (Baby 8) and his wife Geneveve Martin (Angel Martin's daughter) had two sons and I just visited them recently.
 Well here's what they look like now. Adrian is now a teen and their newer baby boy, Ramon became a toddler since the last time I'd seem him.
 Remember Sofie, the town gossiper, and how she had a baby girl?
 Well I found that the baby girl's father was non other then Jessip Phillips (father of babies 17, 18, &19 in my challenge) and not only that but Sofie and Jessip are married. They met when he stayed with her for a while to join my challenge, well they fell in love. (They fell in love and married in my game ONLY).
This is Sofie's and Jessip's little baby girl. Her name is Rosemary.

Thanks for reading this post and I'm sorry that it's pretty short. I wasn't expecting it to be this short. Thank you again and please comment. I work really hard to make these posts happen for you guys and comments keep me going. I just change my comments setting so I can now get Anonymous comments for those of you who don't have a blogspot account.

I have download links to all Dawn's kids under 'The Kids' page above. If you wanted to use any of her kids for your blogs, stories or just to have them in your game. 
I also have the links to most of the father's in my challenge under 'The Fathers'. I make most of the Dads in Dawn's challenge and I put them all up on the exchange for any of you that want to use them for your challenge too. 
For any extra downloads just go under 'Other Downloads' which includes other sims and objects that appeared in my blog. Includes ALL of Dawn's grandkids that were born in my game only. Dean's wife and son as a household. Jonny, Charlie, and Dustin Berks (the triplet's husbands). Dawn herself and her brothers and parents and many more sims. Check that out and Thank you again. :)

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    @Anastasia Vanderbilt: Thanks, When I get the chance I will age them up. :)

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