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Closure - Baby 27

Hey Everyone! I'm glad to say I have a post out. I thought I wasn't going to get one out until way later because all that was going on, but I found time and here it is. Enjoy! :D

Sometime after the birth of the twins; Dallas and Tucker, My Daughters had their wedding. Of course I had to go, so I called Newbie and asked him to watch Jude, Victoria, and the twins while I was at the wedding with Forrest and Bradly. Jude didn't come because he didn't want to, he never met Maci, Della, and Mendy so he was nervous. I didn't argue. Here's the wedding.
 I arrived at the wedding surrounded by many friends and family of both the brides and the grooms. Baby 7 Eric, Baby 1 Nellie, and Baby 13 Heather Lee was there. I seen Jessip Phillips the father of the brides,and the father of the grooms.
 Bradly and Forrest were the only ones that came with me to the wedding. Bradly wore a blue tux with a black hat. I have no idea what made him think that hat matched. I begged him to take it off before getting to the wedding but he refused. Well What can I do, teenagers never listen.
 This is Greg Berks, the father of Dustin, Jonny, and Charlie; the grooms. I never met the man until now. I see where the boys get their looks. I asked him where the boy's mother was. He was hesitated to answer at first but he told me anyway. He felt I needed to know. The boys mother died from drowning when they were just toddlers. I felt so bad that I had asked.
Soon the wedding started and first to exchange rings where Della and Dustin.
They shared a kiss and everyone clapped their hands in celebration. I was the one most excited.
Then it was Maci and Jonny's turn to exchange rings and vows.
And just like that they were married and I had another son-in-law.
I just starred in awe as I watched each of my girls get married. I always get soft when it comes to weddings.
As the sun went down I threw rice in the air.
Just like that it was time for the final vow exchange of the day.
And that was it. All three of my girls where married and I had three more son-in-laws.
I threw more rice in the air and held my chest as I cried with Joy.
After the weddings everyone mingled and some people started to leave.
Look at the way Jonny stares at his new bride. Now that is true love.

Here are some weddings photos I took of all the brides and grooms.
Della & Dustin Berks
Mendy & Charlie Berks
Maci & Jonny Berks
The Brides & Grooms
The Grooms
The Brides
After the Wedding I headed home. I left with a wonderful mood.

-------------------A Month later-------------------
Newbie loved his boys. He was excited when he found out that we had twins because Newbie was a twin himself. I can see that Newbie was a natural father at heart. Newbies' gonna share a wonderful bond between his sons when they're older.
Here's Tucker's close up. Isn't he just a cutie?
It was birthday time for the boys and Newbie was more then happy to help. He wouldn't miss his boys birthday for the world.
Newbie laid Tucker on the floor and we both watch as he began to spin and glitter began to shine.
Baby 26, Tucker turned into an adorable little toddler. He got Newbie's facial features,and my skin tone and hair color. I have no idea where his green eyes came from though.
Soon it was Dallas turn to glitter and shine. I laid him down and we watched our first born turned into a toddler.
I was completely overwhelmed with excitement when I saw Baby 25, Dallas. He was a carbon copy of his father with his facial features, hair color, skin tone, and he even got his father's and Grandma Ashby's bright blue eyes.
After the twins aged it was time for everyone else to age too. I walked into the other room to get Victoria. I picked her up and held her close. Every time I hold her she just brings back memories of Liam and how he would be aging into a child along with Victoria right now if he didn't go missing. I started to tear up but I heard footsteps behind me and I held back the tears. I wonder how long Newbie had been standing there.
I pulled myself together and turned to face Newbie with a smile. Then I kissed Victoria and put her back on the floor to age up.
Baby 23, Victoria is a lovely little girl who loves pink. She's 100% her father. She kept her hair down and short. I think she looks cute with it.
Then it was my little vampires turn. I watched as he turned full on vampire.
Baby 20, Bradly as YA. I was so happy to find that Bradly had finally stopped wearing that hat of his. But then I saw his new hat. Well at least it matched both his formal and everyday wear.
Forrest was next. He spun a full 360 degrees as the sparkles surrounded his body.
Baby 21, Forrest as a teen. I was surprise to see that Forrest had his father's eye shape. I never noticed until now.
Last to age was Jude. He twirled and sparkled and soon his legs stretch and he became a teen.
Baby 24, Jude. My Time Machine Baby turned into a very handsome young man. It'll be easy for him to find a girl with those looks. Maybe one day he'll find the women of his dreams. Jude got the Family-Oriented trait so he'll definitely be a family man.
After the birthday's I worked on my new book about losing two sons. I dedicated it to Baby 3, Tyler, and Baby 22, Liam. (Side Note: Sorry I couldn't remember the name of the book)
I finally rebuilt my garden. I put it a little farther away from the house so all my plants will get enough sun. I made it larger and filled it with all sorts of plants like; watermelon vines, an apple tree, a lime tree, Omni plants, flame fruit vines, life fruit plants, and death flower plants. I added water sprinklers so I don't have to manually water all the plants, it saves time. I kept the Harvester close so I don't have to manually harvest all my plants either.
The activity room was almost always full, with me working on my book,
Victoria working on her book (The 100 Baby Challenge: Diary of Baby 23),
Jude and Forrest having chest matches,
Bradly sculpting,
Newbie having a blast with the dart board,
And Tucker and Dallas on the dance floor. I thought that maybe I should have something built where all my kids could just hang out after school so no one is fighting over anything in here. I didn't have enough of everything for everyone to do want they want.
I got a call from a woman by the name of Tia Lanson. She wanted me to come over and talk. I agreed and she gave me her address. I was surprised. Not only did she live down the road from me but she lived with my two daughters Baby 13 & 14, Heather Lee & LaVerne. I drove over and was welcome at the door by my daughter Heather Lee (baby 13).
Heather Lee called out to Tia that I have arrived and soon I was introduced to Tia. "Hi Ms. Turner I'm so glad you came". "Well I'm happy to come". "Well your probably wondering why I called you. You see your daughter Heather Lee told me and my twin brother, Jon, about your challenge. Jon and I was so inspired by your incredible journey to reach 100 children. My brother was most inspired and I was wondering if he can join your challenge?".
I was surprised. I totally wasn't expecting for someone ask about joining my challenge, especially by a girl. But her asking isn't what was bothering me, I was worried if her brother knows about this. "Well...Um..Uhh..Does your brother want to join my challenge?".
Tia jumped and grinned and said, "Oh yes of course. I wouldn't ask for him to join your challenge if he didn't want to. So can he?". "Well if he looks anything like you then I would be more then happy to have him join". Tia got all excited. "Oh yes thank you, my brother's going to be so happy to hear this", There was the sound of the front door opening behind me, "Oh look he's here now".
I turned around to face a handsome man with brown-purple hair and neon green eyes. "Hi I'm Dawn Turner, you must be Jon Lanson I heard you wanted to join my challenge?".
Jon just scratched his head and look behind me at his sister Tia, "Tia I told you that I wanted to be the one to ask.", "Sorry bro I got too excited about being an auntie". Jon looked back and me and apologized. I told him that it was okay and that I was more then happy to have him join my challenge.
I gave Jon a kiss and we proceeded to his room.
Soon Baby 27 was conceived.
After wards I hung out with my daughters for a while before I left. Instead of going home I went to a nearby river and went fishing.
I caught a Red Herring.
I was doing so well with not having any rumors about me floating around town. Until one day there was a random rumor that I had a child out of Wedlock. I have no idea where that came from. First of all Its been how long since I last gave birth? It's a little late people. And second my last child I had was inside my home. Usually the rumors start from giving birth at the hospital or outside of closed doors where people can see you. I have a feeling it was the town gossiper (Sofie), probably because I seen her give birth and didn't want the public to know.
It was no worries now. I just went to court with the birth certificates of my youngest children. I just told them its been a couple years, my boys are now 2, almost 3. I won the settlement and walked out rumored free. I was able to go home without people booing me.
I went home and tended my garden. I whipped out my trusty harvester and started collecting. Thank goodness I didn't have to harvest everything by hand.
But before I could finish I had to make a break for the bathroom. This child had my morning sickness come early this pregnancy. It was bad morning sickness too, I threw up a lot more then usual.
Thank goodness for self cleaning toilets or I would have to do it myself.
I went back to my garden and finished the harvesting. But I still had to weed all my plants by hand.
The weeding took almost all night. I left to get some sleep and by morning I was back in my garden to finish my work. And somewhere in the middle of it all my little baby made itself known. I changed clothes to something more pregnancy comfortable.
I taught Tucker his walking and talking skills while My family-oriented son, Jude, taught Dallas. I was so glad for the help.
Newbie was willing to do the worst part of the teachings, potty training. He even emptied the potty chairs. THANK YOU NEWBIE! LOL! :)
I finally got the call that my new activity/hangout spot for my kids was finished. I was so excited. I called all my kids outside and I ran, well almost ran, to where the new hangout area was.
Each and everyone of my kids beat me there. "Ooh, MOM is this all for us?", Victoria said as she admired the hangout area from behind the fence. "Yes sweety, for you, your brothers, and all your future siblings."
This is the Hangout area for all my kids. Outside there's another sculpting table, three easels, two telescopes, a cello, and drums. (Hmm maybe I can try out the drums).
Inside is a study area for my kids to do their homework. The back wall is covered with book selves. The left side when you first come in has computers.
The right side has tables where my kids can sit and do their homework.
Right away Jude took to the telescope and started searching the stars.
Victoria went straight to the easels and started painting.
Forrest had something else in mind. He wanted to play catch with me. I agreed even though I didn't know how I was gonna do being heavily pregnant and all.
We went to the back yard and started playing. I went first. I wound up and threw the ball has hard as I can without hurting myself or the baby. "Forrest, CATCH!".
I must be stronger then I thought because instead of Forrest catching it, the ball hit him in the shoulder. "I'm sorry, are you okay sweety?", "I'm fine mom".
Then it was Forrest's turn to throw the ball. "Here ya go mom, CATCH!". He threw the ball in the funniest way. Isn't that how girls are suppose to throw? haha!
His throw was soft and so catching the ball for me was easy.
We went back and forth with the ball for about an hour before we headed inside and called it a night.
Forrest went upstairs to get ready for bed and I stayed downstairs. Newbie came to me when Forrest was fully upstairs, he held my my hands and said, "Dawn I know it's been hard on you about losing your son Liam. So I need you to come with me, I have something I want you to see". I started to get upset, I didn't want to think about Liam, it hurts to much for me. But I trusted Newbie, so I nodded my head and followed him outside.
Newbie brought me to where I kept Tyler's gave, but right away I notice there were two graves. I looked down at the grave in front of me and read the engraving on the tombstone. 'In memory of Liam Turner'.
I got teary eyed and looked at Newbie. He did all this to give me closure for losing Liam. And because of this grave I did get closure and I am able to move on with my life and know that Liam is probably in a better place. I started to think that Liam is probably playing with Violet Newbie's daughter, my niece, Dawn right now and that made me smile.
I went to Newbie and hugged him tightly and said "Thank you Newbie this means so much to me", "I know". Newbie went inside and left me alone to be by my two boy's graves. Where I can find peace and know that both of my boys are happy.
But as soon as Newbie left I went into labor right next to my son's grave.
Newbie heard the commotion and ran outside by me with Dallas in his arms. Which I have no idea why.
But I didn't have the energy to complain because this baby wanted out and now. I pushed two more times and I gave birth to a new baby girl.
I introduce you to baby 27, Calista. Named after my new friend and fellow challenge mom with a great blog. Read Calista Smith's Challenge Here.

Thank you guys for your patience on my blog. It means so much to me. I work really hard to make these posts happen for guys so please comments are much appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. Great post Dawn, I think it is really sweet that Newbie made the grave for Liam. keep up the wonderful work :) Your blog is fantastic!

  2. VERY TOUCHING! Newbie is a great guy!

  3. @ChatherineBell: Thank you! I work really hard to make these posts so I love hearing nice feedback. :)

    @SimsFan: Thanks I tried! :) And yes Newbie is a great guy and a perfect friend for Dawn.

  4. Thanks for naming Dawn's daughter after me! It gives me great joy! I am also glad you were able to get a post out during such a hectic time (I can't wait for school to be out)! Great post and thanks again!

  5. Awe, this post is so sweet--from the beginning til the end! I really love the wedding part :D But I'm sorry, but is Newbie just a 'friend' of you? I don't know why but I think he has another thing in his mind... Well, you must be know what I mean :) Great post!

    _Leah Sierra_

  6. How do you get the closeup of the moodlet??

    AWESOME post by the way!

  7. @100bcdanielle: I pressed PrtSc and pasted & cropped it in photofiltre.

  8. That was a lovely wedding!

    It was very thoughtful of Newbie to set up that memorial area for Dawn.

    The hangout area for the kids was a very good idea!