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Hard to Get, Easy to Love- Jude's Story

Thank you Violet Newbie for gifting me the Dimensional Dress Teen for winning Prom King & Queen in the Prom 2011 event.

This was my entree for the Prom 2011 event.
Thank you again ELMsims3 (Violet Newbie) for gifting me the Fair and Flowing. It's very pretty. :)

Hey everyone here's something a little different. A small story about Jude after moving out. I planned on doing this story since Jude was a child and I'm glad I finally got to do it. This is a one post story and I'll be going back to Dawn and her Challenge after wards. I would like to dedicate this story to Della Wriner for reasons you'll see later. I wouldn't be able to do this story without her. Thank you and enjoy.

If you are 15 or younger please get parents permission before reading on. Thank you!

 After many hours spent driving I had finally arrived at my new place. I rented a high rise apartment in downtown Bridgeport.
 I was here to achieve my life time wish, to be Rich and Famous. Nothing was going to distract me. I already booked a few auditions for next week so I have the next few days to myself to explore the city and have fun.
I lived on level 10, so I grabbed the only elevator and made my way up.
There were only 4 apartments on the 10th level and lucky me mine was right next to the elevator. I pulled out my key that I got a week before from my new landlord, and I unlocked the door and walked in.
It was a small apartment but it'll do for now until I get my acting career in gear.
This is the view from one of my apartment windows. I can see the center of the city.
I had a long drive so a nice nap is what I need.
When I awoke I thought a night on the town would be fun. Of course I had to sneak in because I wasn't a celebrity in Bridgeport yet.
I went straight to the bar were a very pretty mixologist worked. She walked up to me and said in a southern accent. "What can I get you, sweetheart?".
I ordered my drink and she started mixing the drink with cool flips, shakes and shattered glasses. She wasn't the best mixologist but she was pretty damn good.
"There you go sweetface", she said as she put my drink in front of me. She had a cute face but I shouldn't be dating right at the moment. Not until my career sets off.
We engaged in a conversation that lasted through the night. I was the only one there. I learned that her name was Rita, but it was short for her real name which I don't remember. Rita it is then.
She cleaned the bar while drank my heart's consent. It was delicious but it made me think about romance.
So I switch to a different drink and drank that until the bar closed at 2am. It was time to go home.
I had a massive hangover the very next day. I just needed a walk. I walked all through town until I ended up at the big fountain at the center of the city. By then my hangover was over and I felt refreshed. Until I noticed a woman at the other end of the fountain. She was beautiful. From were I was standing she had a sexy curvy body, long shiny blond hair, and lips that make you want to kiss it over and over again.
I had to meet her, so I rushed to the other end of the fountain. I would have gotten there faster if it weren't for this damn fountain. I swear it's like a mile in perimeter.
But by the time I got to were she was standing she was gone.
She was gone and now there was a big hole in my heart. I said I wasn't going to get in a relationship with anyone but I was willing to make an exception for her.
A few hours later I made my way back to the bar, but I went somewhere different. It was a classy place.
I swung my hand up and said, "Give me your best and strongest drink". "Make that two", said a sweet gentle voice from beside me.
I looked and saw a sexy young woman wearing a blue dress that did things to me that I'm not aloud to say on here. Then I realize that it was the woman from the fountain. She looked more beautiful up close.
"Hi I'm Jude Turner, and you are?" I said in my flirty voice. "Awoi, Awoi Wriner", she responded.
We shared conversation while sipping down our alcoholic drinks.
I asked for a dance and she agreed. We hit the floor and started dancing. We were pretty damn good if I say so myself. There wasn't anyone there, but if there was they'll totally agree.
Then a slow song came on and we moved closer together. Being close to her was making my heart beat fast. I could feel her body pressed against mine and I swear I was going to explored if I don't have her soon.
She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. Her lips were soft and I couldn't help but think what it'll feel like to have those lips pressed against mine. Soft and warm and full of passion.
After closing time we left. When we made our way outside I proceeded to put on the charm. In my most sexy, flirty, seductive voice I said, "Hey Awoi, I was thinking that maybe we could get together sometime?".
She smiled and I took that as a good sign and went along with it. She leaned in and in her most sexy voice she whispered, "No".
WHAT! I couldn't believe it. Did she just say no? Come on! What were all those signs for then? Was she just teasing me and showing me what I was never going to get?
She walked off smiling. I closed my eyes in frustration. Girls are so complicated.
I laid in bed that night thinking about that night over and over again. Why would she do all those things that made me numb and just say no when I ask her out?
I spent almost all day in my apartment thinking. I eventually left because I was going to go insane if I didn't leave soon. I took a walk and came across a food truck and heard a familiar voice. It was Awoi.
I walked up to her with a smile on my face. Mainly to show her that her saying no to me last night didn't bother me even though it did very much. "Hey Awoi".
She was surprised to see, "What are you doing Jude? Following me or something?". I chuckled, "No just walking by".
Curiosity hit me and I had to know the truth, "Hey Awoi, about last night. I was wondering why you said no to my offer of a date? I thought you liked me".
"Oh Jude", the way she said my name was all so sexy but I had to fight to keep me from kissing her, "It's not you. It's my career. Your cute and all but I have my career to think about before I get into any relationships."
"So you do like me", I said giving her the look of seduction. "You'll go out with me Awoi, you can't hold back for long. It's just a matter of time. You'll see".
She laughed and walked off but not before yelling back at me saying, "Okay Jude, what ever you say."
Playing hard to get? That's my favorite game.
I picked up my phone and dialed a number. "Hey George I need a favor", "Sure buddy shoot", "I would like to order 3 dozen roses and I would like them delivered to a Ms. Awoi Wriner". The Cat and Mouse game has begun.
 3 weeks of roses and candy and lovey poems sent to Awoi's house wasn't showing any success. She hasn't called not even to yell at me or to even say no again. But I wasn't given up.
Suddenly there was a knock at my door. A knock? I didn't buzz anyone up. I just yelled, "Come in".
"Juuuuuuuude", a voice said. I jumped up and found Awoi standing by my front door looking pissed.
I was caught kind of off guard, I was expecting a call not at all a visit. I just played a long. "Well if it isn't Awoi Wriner, the one and only", I said with a smile.
I walked up to her still smiling. "Jude, I know what your doing. I want you to stop. My house is like a flower shop". "Sure I'll stop if I can get a date". She sighed, "Your not going to stop are you?". "Have I stopped yet?", I said still not breaking my smile. She looked at me along while before she gave a I-give-up sigh, "Pick me up at 8".
She walked out of the apartment. I followed and yelled to her from across the hall, "I knew I would break you Awoi, be prepared to be wooed. I will win your heart.". She laughed and I watched as she walked off. Her back side was just as gorgeous as her front. I had won the game.
That night I picked her up in front of her place. She looked stunning.
I took her to the local art museum. She seemed to have a wonderful time. I knew I was breaking the ice.
After wards we sat at the park nearby and watched the small fountain. There was a moment of long silence.
The suddenly she leaned on me. We cuddled all night until it was time to take her home. I knew and she knew that I finally won her heart. She agreed to another date soon.
For 6 months we dated, just date. We haven't agreed to go steady yet. During those 6 months I have gotten acting gigs and my fame was starting to bloom. Awoi's fame was already in full bloom and everyone knew her. There were even rumors saying that I was dating Awoi. I was but I didn't want people to know that just yet.
That night I took her dancing. We had a wonderful time and me and Awoi couldn't stop laughing. We had a blast.
I ordered Awoi her favorite drink like always. Me and Awoi were becoming very close, but we haven't even kissed yet besides the occasional pecks on the checks she gives me. I was determined to make Awoi my girl and tonight I was going to do that. Hopefully she says yes.
After drinking and dancing I took Awoi to the fountain were I first saw her. I smiled at her and began to speak. "Awoi we have been dating for quite some time now. I know what you said that your career comes first and your not looking for a relationship right now but it doesn't hurt to give me a shot. Awoi I want to go steady."
"Oh Jude, I said that 6 months ago. Back then my career was first and relationships would come later. Well Jude, it is later. I would love start a relationship with you."
She leaned and we shared our first kiss. It was just as I imagined when I first saw her. The kiss was soft and warm and full of passion. My heart beat so fast I thought it was going to jump out of my chest. Yes, I am in love with Awoi but she doesn't feel the same way about me as of now. But I can see a future for us.
After we started our new relationship the word got around. We were even featured in this month's issue of Simmers Digest.
Awoi and I both auditioned for the lead roles in the new movie One Night Stand. We were both cast and got to spend six months together making the movie. A year after that it was released on DVD and Blue-ray. It made the top charts and that's when my fame began.

Thank you for reading! I had a great time putting all this together. It's also a good break from Dawn. Now I'm glad to get back to her and her family. I hoped you liked it and please comment, I worked really hard to make these posts happen for you guys. 
Thank you to Della Wriner for allowing me to use Awoi in this post. I had to create Awoi myself due to difficulties in Della's game. We both agreed to just take Della and change her hair, eyes and name. So it's not 100% Awoi but close enough. Thank you again.

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  1. I couldn't tell you re created Aowi. What a fun post, its nice to step away from the challenge once in awhile. I loved it :D Oh and you are very welcome for the gifts!

  2. @Sims Fan: It was easy because Awoi already looked like Della. And Thank you again for he gifts. :D

  3. This was a great was to have a break from the challenge but not too far. I liked the magazine and movie pictures at the end. That was really creative. It's glad to know Jude is making it very well in the world. :D

  4. Awwwwie! :D Nice story! Same like Vi, I can't tell that you recreated Awoi. Your Awoi is so... hmm, similar to Della's Awoi ;) Well done!

    _Leah Sierra_

  5. That was really good! I hope he wins her heart!