Monday, July 4, 2011

Prom, Pillow Fights, & Pranks-Baby 32

Hey Everyone! Sorry I got this post out later then I had planned. I just installed Generations and you know....I got into it. Thank's for waiting and here it is. Enjoy! :D
After the birth of Destiny I thought I should do something totally unlike me. I dyed my hair purple, blue and red. I just wanted to try it and see how I like it. I planned on changing my hair back after I have baby 32.
I took Destiny out of her crib and got her ready for her birthday. I couldn't wait and see if she'll get her father's blue hair since she didn't get his skin tone.
I started liking the birthday cake thing so I bought a cake for all my kids. Destiny was first, so I held her up to her cake and blew out the candles for her.
After the candle went out I laid Destiny gently on the floor. I made sure that NO ONE stepped on her.
I was soooo happy to see that Destiny got her daddy's hair. The blue really suits her. She also got her daddy's eye shape and my eye color. I think everything else is me too.
Then it was Calista's turn to age. I couldn't wait see what she looks like as a teen. She was so pretty already.
Baby 27, Calista as a teen. Calista turned into a beautiful teen. Everything was her father besides her nose and eye color. I wish I knew where her eye color came from, better yet I wish more of my kids had blue eyes.
It was then the triplet's turn to age. I picked Lorri off the floor and held her up to her cake. She too wanted to blow out the candles so we blew together. (In this picture you can somewhat see what she looks like :D )
Baby 28, Lorri as a child. You may not see it here but I did find that Lorri looks like her father. I couldn't make out what of her father she has but she certainly doesn't look like me. :)
Then it was Leah's turn to age up. She too wanted to help blow out her candles.
Baby 29, Leah as a child. I also found that Leah also looks like her father and not me. (my game didn't save the first time I did the birthdays so the triplets have somewhat different clothes then in their pictures. The pictures where taken from the first birthday).
Finally it was the baby of the triplets to age. Dallas offered to help age Lizzie, so he was the one to bring Lizzie to her cake.
Baby 30, Lizzie as a child. Lizzie is the only one of her sisters that you can see her features. She's pretty and I bet she'll look gorgeous as a teen. I love her jet black hair and it looks good with her hair cut.
Finally it was time for Dallas and Tucker's birthday. Tucker went first and blew his candles out.
Baby 26, Tucker as a YA. Tucker kept his same hair cut. It looks good on him. Tucker looks absolutely adorable and I'm sure all the girls will be falling at his feet for him.
Lastly it was Dallas's turn.
Is that Newbie? NOPE! It's Dallas, Baby 25, as a YA with the same hair as his father. I may have to be careful because I might get the two mixed up. They look more like twins then father and son.
I love dancing. I haven't dance since...........well that's it, I don't remember the last time since I danced. So I spent a majority of my evening dancing to the stereo.
I love my little Destiny. She's just sooo cute. I love tossing her in the air and just spending time with her.
I even tryed the 'The Claw' with her for the first time. Destiny was terrified of the claw. She never saw it before and didn't know what it was going to do to her.
But once 'The Claw' came down and started tickling her she started laughing. She now loved the claw but still gets nervous when she see's it.
After playing 'The Claw' I taught Destiny to talk.
I tryed my hand at the chemistry table and discover the 'Young Again' potion.
I decided to take a sip and see what it does. After the sparkles surrounded me, I was still me. I found out that the potion put me back to the beginning of my YA hood. I was now the same age I was when I started my challenge.
It was now the hardest part of the challenge, the moving out part. I didn't want to let my boys go. But I had to eventually to finish my challenge.
I gave both my boys a hug before they left my life...for now. I hope to see them again soon.
I waited every night until one night Tyler came to visit.
I ran to the kitchen and pulled out the ingredients to make Ambrosia.
I mixed all the ingredients and cooked it it the oven. But as soon as the Ambrosia was done, Tyler was gone. I'd missed him by a minute. It was mainly because Tyler decided to visit an hour before daylight. Oh well maybe next time.
I put the Ambrosia in the fridge and taught Destiny to walk.
Look I think the bear scared my gnome into faint! lol!
I got a knock at my door and I went to answer it and what do you know it was Newbie, father of baby's 25 and 26.
"Hey Newbie what are doin here?".
"I heard my boys just moved out and thought hey I haven't seen Dawn in a while. So I thought I come visit my good friend Dawn for a while. Is that a problem?".
"No, of course you can stay. I was about to watch the stars, wanna join me?".
"Sure, love to".
I sat on the ground and Newbie joined me. We watched the stars for like an hour. I even showed him the star that my dad named after my mom when they were just teens. When my dad told my mom for the first time that he loved her.
After watching the stars Newbie suggest that we do something that was a little more fun. So we slid on the slip n slide.
How embarrassing. The paparazzi taken pictures of me in my bathing suit.
After the slip n slide we had a little fun on the seesaw. It was childish but fun. I could tell that Newbie had a little kid in him.
After our day of fun he had to go. He had work and he promised his sons that he'll help them get jobs today.
I gave my new best friend a big hug and he was on his way but not before saying.
"Love the hair Dawn". lol. :)
It was that time of year, it was Prom. Calista didn't have a boyfriend so she's going with her best friend Jovan. She was meeting him there.
I rented a big white stretch limo for her big day. She was so excited when she saw it pull up to the house.
She made it to the dance and everyone loved her. She kept getting compliments from her classmates on how pretty she was.
She got inside and Jovan was waiting for her. They took their picture together and started dancing. Jovan brought Calista punch all night to make sure she was having a great time.
Calista had a wonderful time. She was pronounced Prom Queen and she came out with a new boyfriend. Yes it was Jovan. When they started dancing romance bloomed and eventually they confessed their feelings for each other. Calista promised that I'll meet him soon.
Potty training time!!
But cleaning up after wards isn't fun.
I invited Ana Winfield (aka Anastasia Vanderbilt) over. When I opened the door the first thing she said was.
"wow Dawn LOVE the hair!"
Read Ana's blog Here!
Me and Ana decided to engage in some pillow fighting. I made the first blow at Ana's head. It was funny but when I was laughing she caught me off guard and nailed me in the face.
I hit her back and then we started going back and forth with the pillow.
After going at each other with the pillow Ana finally gave up. Pillow fighting takes a lot of someone.
This is the next dad in my Challenge. His name is Dylan Rosen. I met Dylan at the park one day and he ask me to join my challenge. I said yes because I loved his pink skin. I called him up and invited him over.
"Hey Dawn thank you for letting me join your challenge"
"No prob Dylan, wanna get started?"
"But first I wanna give you this"
I handed Dylan a pre-gift for joining my challenge. I never gave anyone a gift for joining my challenge before but today I made an exception because it was Dylan's birthday.
The next day I had to fix the computer. I had upgraded everything in the house to unbreakable but I totally forgot about the new computers in my kid's hang out area. So the computer broke and now I had to fix it.
After I fixed the computer I went and upgraded all three new computers.
I was 22% done upgrading the second computer when my baby made itself known. My house was currently all girls so I hoping for a boy, but a girl will be just as great.
My girls loved the costume chest I got for them. Lorri and Leah loved to dress like princesses and walk like them too. (Lorri is in red, and Leah is in Lavender).
For some reason Lizzie liked the Dino costume instead. She put it on and went on full dinosaur mode.
Leah loved playing princess and waving her wond around in the air.
Lorri loved playing royal kitchen. Making magic muffins for all the royal family.
Lizzie played in the tree house all night, and when I went to go tell Lizzie it that the school bus was here she dumped water.....
....on me.
I was soaked and angry. I couldn't even yell at her because she was already out of the tree house and on the bus.
I spent my afternoon with Destiny. I put her on the new horsie ride I got. She loved it, she was having a blast.
Until I told her that it was time to get off. She was having a fit.
But when I told her if she didn't get off she couldn't have any ice cream, she gave up and raised her arms.
After ice cream I took Destiny to the beach. I haven't been to the beach in forever. I put Destiny down on the sand and she ran to a man eating his supper. I knew that ice cream didn't fill her up.
I went to get her and I realize it was Frank Morgan father 1 in my challenge. I said my apologies, "I'm so sorry she's hasn't had dinner yet.".
"It's alright Dawn it's nice seeing you again, so what number is this little one?".
"Wow 31? And I'm guessing that's 32 your carrieing now?".
"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean...".
"I was joking, yes Im carrying 32".
"hahahahaha, dawn you joker you".
When it got dark I put Destiny in her stroller and we headed home.
While Destiny and I was gone Lizzie was having her own fun.
When we got home I put Destiny in her crib and I went to the living room to watch some TV, but when I sat down there was a loud fart noise. I got back up and look around.
I was so embarrassed. In the distance I heard Lizzie laughing. Hmm I'm gonna have to have a chat with her in the morning.
Saturday morning, finally! The kids were still asleep so Lizzie wasn't awake, so I couldn't chat with her about her setting that woopi cushion last night. I So killed my morning with some computer games.
But when I logged on a giant scary face popped up on the screen and there was a horrible scream. I couldn't tell if it was the computer or me. I nearly had a heart attack. I was going to go up those stairs and yell at Lizzie, sleeping or no sleeping.
But me being scared half to death had triggered labor.
I gave birth to a baby boy. Not having a comfortable birth I didn't get to choose a trait for him, being pranked while pregnant is not a good thing.
I introduce you to Baby 32, Carter Turner. I named him after fellow challenge mom Carter Mason. Her name can be used for both girls and boys so I planned to name my baby Carter regardless the gender. 68 more babies to go.
My son Baby 8, Matthew recently joined Victoria Booth's challenge. I got a new Grandson named Kyle. Thank you Victoria for letting him join. Read the birth of Kyle Here! And Victoria's new Baby Challenge Here!
Here's Kyle as a toddler, child and teen.
Remember my three adorable granddaughters? Also granddaughters to Ana Winfield (aka Anastasia Vanderbilt).
Well here are the same granddaughters. They recently aged into children and are now going to school.
Here they again. I love this picture of them.
Remember my daughters Mary & Ginger, Babies 9 & 10? Well they recently moved into a new home and needed help paying the bills, so they set out looking for roommates.
Not only did they get new roommates, their new roommates are two of the Grinch boys from Ashby Lemi's challenge.
When they moved in, love bloomed. They got along great and eventually started dating. My girls have a fetish when it comes to the Grinch. When they were little girls they LOVED how the Grinch stole Christmas. Hmm. :)
And of course proposal happened soon after. Both my girls said yes. YAY! More son-in-laws!
Mr. and Mrs. Kemper Starr-Bright! Congrats to Ginger and Kemper!
Mr. and Mrs. Kole Starr-Bright! Congrats to Mary and Kole!
I didn't go to their wedding but I did make sure to send them each a wedding gift.
Of course when there's weddings there's more grandbabies! YAY!
Ginger and Kemper had a little girl named Camile. She got her daddy's skin color and nose shape, she got her mommy's eye shape, head shape and lips, and her grandma's purple eyes. :) I don't know where the blond is from though.
There's their family photo!
Mary and Kole had three little boys named Ross, Corbin, & Chuck.
Ross obviously got his mommy's skin and hair color, he also got his mom's lips but his dad's eye shape, head shape and nose. He got grandma's purple eye color too.
Corbin got his dad's skin and hair color and his mommy's everything else, and grandma's eye color. :3
Chuck got his mom's head shape, dad's eye shape, nose, lips, and skin & hair color. He got blue eyes from somewhere, I don't know where though.
There's Mary and Kole's family photo.

Thanks for reading I hoped you enjoyed the post! I work really hard to make these posts happen for you guys so please comments are much appreciated. I would like to thank Ashby Lemi for letting me use two of her Grinch boys for my daughters. Thanks again.

I have download links to all Dawn's kids under 'The Kids' page above. If you wanted to use any of her kids for your blogs, stories or just to have them in your game. 
I also have the links to most of the father's in my challenge under 'The Fathers'. I make most of the Dads in Dawn's challenge and I put them all up on the exchange for any of you that want to use them for your challenge too. 
For any extra downloads just go under 'Other Downloads' which includes other sims and objects that appeared in my blog. Includes ALL of Dawn's grandkids that were born in my game only. Dean's wife and son as a household. Jonny, Charlie, and Dustin Berks (the triplet's husbands). Dawn herself and her brothers and parents and many more sims. Check that out and Thank you again. :)
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    If the baby had it, that'd be sweet.
    Good luck with Tyler the next time he comes around!
    My granddaughters are adorable children <3
    Can't wait to see them as beautiful teens!

  3. OMG Dawn I grinning ear to ear... my grandbabies are beautiful and our children look wonderful together. Thank you for using my Grinch Boys. I love Destiny's look, that blue hair looks awesome on her.
    I can't wait to the next post.

    Ashby Lemi

  4. @Carter Mason: :D

    @Anastasia Winfield: Thanks! Me too! I'll age them into teens for the next post! :D

    @Anonymous(Ashby Lemi): Thank you and your welcome! Thanks for letting me use them. I'm glad my girls found love from your boys. I too love my grandbabies. :D

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  9. @Cassie: Haha Thank you! :D

    @CatherineBell: Go right ahead! :D

    @jwplod: Thanks and I most definitely will! :)

    @Catlover800: Thanks and I already found out Carter's hair color. :)

  10. Okay, Dawn, now you got me all excited. You have generations!!! WHOA! :D
    A nice post, like usual, and as always I love the update you added :) Don't know why, I just like it when you play your grown-up kids... That's a kind of thing that a mother should do. Calista is sooo cute :3

    _Leah Sierra_

    P.S. I'm sorry, I just had a time to comment. I know it kinda sucks, but forgive me! D: You know I love you and your challenge ^^

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