Monday, February 28, 2011

Back to Normal - Babies 17, 18 & 19

 Lerk let go of his tight hold on me, held my face in his hands and just looked at my glowing vampire eyes with hurt, sadness, and guilt. "I shouldn't have left you unprotected, knowing that Wei was coming back.", "No Lerk, you would have never guessed that he would be back the next night. Besides Vampirism can be reversed, no biggy","And you haven't done it yet?", I giggle "Lerk, I was pregnant, it's unsafe". He just rolled his eyes and did his sexy smile that makes my heart melt every time.
 As Lerk and I let go of each others embrace I couldn't help but wonder how Lerk found out. "Lerk, How did you know I became a vampire?".
Lerk flashed another sexy smile at me and said "Well I have my ways", I rolled my eyes and gave him a Seriously-how'd-you-find-out look and said "Lerk Please, who told you?". He rubbed his hand on the back of his neck, looked up at the ceiling for a few seconds before looking back at me with a it's-sort-of-a-funny-story look, "Della Eve called me".
I throw my hands in a 'of course' motion as I said "Of course Della, always caring and hates seeing her friends getting hurt, I should have known it was her". I flop my hands to my side and shook my head smiling, thinking to myself 'THANK YOU DELLA'! Because of her I didn't have to face Lerk and tell him myself.
 Lerk thought it was a good idea that I work on my Sim-fu skills more to be prepared for the next time I'm faced with an Evil vampire or Evil anything. Lerk mastered the skill already so he spent his visits training me.
 In no time I mastered the skill and was showing off my new black belt. Lerk was so proud to see his girlfriend go from puppy to ninja in no time flat. When I was showing off my moves after mastering my black belt he yelled "That's my girl tough as nails, sweet as honey, and fast as lightening." I nearly laughed my butt off when he said that.
 After I mastered Sim-fu Lerk had no reason to visit everyday, so when he did visit he would spend half his time with my kids, getting on their good sides. The other half he spend flirting with me. He loved helping Silas with his homework when Paisley didn't have time herself to help.
Well.....I gotten myself a few gnomes. All of them to be exact. I didn't find them, I bought them on build/buy mode. I gave each one of them a name. (L to R) E-Jip, Gril, Vicky, Chip, Gidget, Chew, Fransis, and Jiggy. And not to forget about my laundry Bear Gnome, I named him Socks!
Paisley had the Neat trait so I tend to find her doing laundry, taking out the trash, and washing dishes without me even asking her to. Looks who's watching her do the's socks!
 I spent my days sleeping and my nights wide awake. I kept missing open hours at the science facility to reverse my vampirism, and when I finally gotten to were I can make the last hour before closing time it was already the weekend. So till they open again on that Monday, I spent my weekend mastering my Mixology skill.
 Level 5!
 Level 6!
 Level 7!
 Level 8!
 Level 9!
 The weekend seemed to have flown by because before I knew it, it was Monday. Around 6 o'clock Lerk took me to the science facility, I had 30 minutes to get there and buy the vampirism cure due to vampires only allowed being out after 6pm and the science facility closing at 6:30.
 I bought it and left. It cost a total of $3,000. It was a stretch on my household funds but I managed, being a mother of 16 was tough when your a vampire. I held out the bottle and took a big gulp, swallowing the whole thing in one chug. It tasted awful to me but I did it for my kids and I did it for Lerk.
 I closed my eyes tight, clench my fists, held my breathe, and waited for the cure to take it's toll threw my blood stream. Lerk stood behind me and waited.
 It seemed it took forever for anything to happen, in fact I didn't even know that it already happen until I heard Lerk's voice of Shock and realization. Lerk walked up behind me I had an uneasy feeling, I felt his icy skin from afar, and when he touched my shoulder I jumped a little. "Oh Sorry Dawn, did I scare you?". YES! He did scare me, that never happen when I was a vampire so it could only mean one thing. I was human again!!!
 I spun around to Lerk and Yelled "Lerk it worked, I'm human again!!!....Can you believe it?"
 I was jumping up and down in Lerk's arms, excited to be human again. Then suddenly I stopped when a thought came to my head. I stopped my jumping, got a confused look and stared at Lerk questioningly, "Lerk you don't want to be a why don't you cure yourself like I did?, If it's money I'll be happy to----".
 Lerk cut me off mid sentence. When he lowered his hand I didn't finish but just listen to what he was about to say, "I became a vampire a long time ago, before the cure came about. When the cure did come I considered it, but they said that if you've been a vampire a certain amount of time can't be turned back", I stayed silent I didn't want to say something that would make the moment of his worse,"Dawn I've been a vampire too long, it's too late for me".
 I felt terrible, Lerk had to go threw his hole life being something that he didn't want to be. While I can turn back with only $3,000. Now he had to face his own girlfriend, that is human, and know he can never be like her/me. He can never take his future kids to school, go to the beach, the pool, get a tan, never! Lerk must have seen my face and knew how terrible I was feeling for him. He touch my hand and I returned it by stroking his icy cheek.
 I grabbed hold of him and pulled him closer. I may not be able to cure him of vampirism but there is one thing I can give him and he must have known it because...
 He was soon biting my neck, I can't give him humanity but I can give him blood. A human sim giving blood to a vampire sim willingly makes them share a special connection that will last forever, even in the afterlife. I was ready to share that strong connection with him more now then ever before.
Lerk loosened up on my neck and then pulled me in for a kiss. I didn't hear but I felt Lerk say the words I love you Dawn, now and forever Now that Lerk and I have imprinted I was able to read his thoughts like he was able to read mine. So I thought back I will always love you Lerk.
 Lerk left for his place when it was an hour before sunrise, and I took the time to age all my kids up, before school started in a few hours.
 Baby 16, Mason grew to look just like his father, but you can tell his looks belong to me. He did get vampirism from me though. He's my first real vampire baby and even though his vampirism came from someone terrible,  I'm thrilled to finally have my vampire baby.
 Baby 15, Hunter has gotten his father's chubbiness. I hoped that his chubbiness wouldn't lower his self-esteem, but it seemed to not bother him at all.
 Baby 14, LaVerne looks so much like her brother Erik that I would consider her the girl version of him.
 Baby 13, Heather Lee is so beautiful, she looks so much like me but with a more babyish look. She kept her short hair but had it straightened. She told me she wants to follow me in my footsteps and possibly take on the 100 Baby Challenge herself. Maybe she will! :)
 Baby 12, Paisley turned to a beautiful young lady, she couldn't wait to go out on her own and become a career woman. She wishes to become the ruler of the free world.
 Baby 11, Silas has a photographer's eye and wants to one day own his own gallery, Him and his sister will be moving in together due to his condition. He's getting better and is taking testing pills he got from the science facility for his condition and will probably be fully cured in a few months.
 I hugged my Silas goodbye and wished him luck on those pills and hopes to see he his work at the gallery soon.
Then I gave my Paisley a hug and told her that maybe she'll one day be president of Twinbrook. She just laughed and told me that she was only going for mayor. I just said that either way she was going to make it big.
 Oh look it's E-Jip and Chip! hehehehe! They're so cute!
 My collection of random objects was starting to overfill my inventory so I bought some shelves and filled them up.
 Here's a close up on my more prized and pricey objects. There's so shiny and pretty!
 These are my Space rocks that I found outside of Plasma 501 when I turned to a vampire.
 These are three of six of my butterflies. There names are Sunflower, Swallow, and Attic.
 There names are Jackfish, Joyce, and Silverfish.
 While I was a vampire I managed to mastered quite a few skills. I now consider this wall, the wall of achievement.
 Mason is my first vampire child so every experience with him is a first. He started to show vampire-like signs.
 Like biting the neck of his bear and pretending to suck the blood from it. God only knows that I wish he didn't inherit the Evil part of vampirism.
He would occasionally bite the ear of his bear too.
 I got a call from a guy who wanted to join my challenge, I jumped at the offer because of who he was.
 He came over right after I approved of his participation. He join several other challenges and was recommended to me by a close friend of mine.
 "Jessip I'm so glad you can take part in my challenge", "Well I'm glad I can take part, I've been trying to get hold of you for a while now", "Yeah well sorry about that, things have been crazy around here lately".
 When we got inside I gave Jessip a kiss to thank him for wanting to take part of my Challenge!
 After we both got dressed in our bathing suits we accompanied each other in the hot tub in the back.
 We shared another kiss before....
 We proceeded to conceive baby 17.
After the making of baby 17, Jessip was a little hungry so I made him some eggs. We both sat and ate while he told me about all his others kids from other challenges, and I told him about the crazy stuff going on in my challenge.
 After we ate, we did a little dancing together. He was so funny he tryed to say that his funky chicken was 10 times better then the hip dances the kids were doing these days. LOL!
After our argument about the funky chicken dance we some how ended on the topic of music and later about my singing, so some how I ended on the piano serenading him.
 Jessip left after that, must have been my singing. But soon after he left I got dressed and then heard a ringing at my doorbell. I had a visitor.
 Surprisingly my visitor was Della Eve Wriner. The last time I seen Della was when I was a vampire, I was at her house telling her what I did to her father. I was pregnant with Mason at the time. I still feel terrible for what I did to her father.
 Della walked right up to me when she came through the door, "Hey Dawn, long time no see. I see your not a vampire anymore".
I signed and shook my head and said "Yeah, I see your not one either, Della. Your looking great".
 Della blushed at my compliment and said "Oh Dawn Thanks, you look great too".
 I didn't know what came over me but out of know where I just blurted out "Della, I still feel terrible for what I did to your father". I paused when I realized what I just said. It was still bothering me because Jay already doesn't like vampires and then I go around and turn him into one. I know he's back to normal now, but will he hate me now?
 Della waved her finger at me in disappointment, "No Dawn I told you that everything's fine. My father, my mother and me all forgive you Dawn, okay?", "Okay Della but I'll always feel terrible about this".
 We got off the subject and started talking about other things. Then Heather Lee ran up to us jumping and clapping. She seemed so excited to meet Della Eve.
 Heather Lee started talking about random things from her might wanting to do the challenge herself. "Heather Lee sweety can't you see that Ms. Wriner is talking, you shouldn't be interrupting her like that".
 Della looked at me and said "It's okay Dawn, I don't mind". Heather Lee grinned at me and I nodded in approval for her to take my place in the conversation.
 It was so sweet to see my daughter idolizing a Wriner, just like I idolized Della Eve's mom.
 While they talked I gotten nauseous and had to run to bathroom.
 I came back out and went on doing something else like nothin even happened. I suggested I make an Ice Sim of Della and she agreed. It took me a few hours but I managed to make it.
 After I finished Della walked over to the Ice sim and studied it for a while before turning to me with a grin. "I look great Dawn, oh I mean the ice sim looks great". I just laughed.
The ice sim must have taken a few hours too many because we barely had any time to hang out before Della Eve had to go home.
 After Della left I sort of got into making ice sims. So I decided to make an ice sim of each of my children. And I placed them against the wall of achievement.
 Heather Lee and LaVerne's Ice Sims.
 Hunter's Ice Sim.
 And Mason's ice Sim. AWE!
While I made my Ice Sims I found my first signs of a baby bump. I could just imagine what my baby's going to look like. How exciting!
 I got a call from my agent saying that he got me a commercial gig. I hopped into the car drove right down.
 I walked out feeling the breeze of the late afternoon air. I thought I'd walk around the park for awhile before heading home.
 While I was going threw the park I saw a seed on the ground. I picked it up with a curious mind, I can only wonder what the seed would turn into.
 I wanted to go to City Hall to master my charismatic skill since I was almost done. But I was stopped by my daughter, Baby #5 Violet, she wanted to take a picture of me.
 After pictures my personal paparazzi came by with his camera. I seen that he had his glowing vampire eyes and vampire neck tattoo. I didn't feel as bad when I turned him then I did when I turned Jay.
 I felt my baby kick and then Darwin (the name of my personal paparazzi) took a picture me rubbing my tummy.
 I didn't let it get to me, I just simply walked away. When I made it down the steps I saw my brother Blake. I haven't seen him in quite a while.
 I spent my morning and some of my afternoon watching cartoons with Mason. He loved this show.
 Hunter has been bugging me to help cook and I told him that he was too young, but he kept asking. Soon his asking got so out of hand that I just gave up and bought him an easy bake oven and a stand.
 I have a feeling that Hunter's going to be a chef when he's older.
 Hunter was so proud of his muffins he made that he wanted to sell them. So I kept Hunter home from school that day and we spent it at the park and hopefully sell a muffin or two.
 I saw that Hunter.
 I was standing with Hunter at his stand when suddenly I was over whelmed with nausea. I told him I'd be right back and....... 
 I threw up in the public toilet at the park. YUK! I hate public Toilets!
 It was getting pretty late and a pregnant woman shouldn't be standing all day. So I told Hunter to pack up his muffins and maybe he'll get lucky next time.
 Before we left Hunter wanted to feel my tummy, so I let him.
 Hunter tryed to race me to my car knowing very well that he can definitely beat his pregnant mom. Oh little boys can be so silly!
 While I was heading to the car I was hit with pains, I was in labor outside my home so now I have to go to the hospital.
 I told Hunter to go home without me and that I'll be fine. I went to the hospital right after he left.
 In 10 minutes I was in front of the hospital doors.
 And 20 minutes after that Jessip Phillips arrived.
 I walked out with a baby carrier, I couldn't believe it I had Triplets. My second set of triplets since the beginning of my challenge.
 I would like to introduce Baby #17 Mendy Turner,
 Baby #18 Della Turner,
And Baby #19 Maci Turner.

I Would Like Thank
Violet Newbie for Jessip Phillips

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  2. I hated to see Paisley and Silas age up and out of the house BUT I'm so happy that Jessip was in your challenge. I can't wait to see what the girls look like :)

    P.S. Lerk is so sweet... Him and Dawn are a perfect match :)

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