Sunday, February 13, 2011

Marriages, Grandbabies, and a Birthday- Baby 15

Fishing is a very relaxing hobby!
It's so nice to get away from it all and just hear the rushing sounds of the water rippling against the shore. It's even nicer that a river is just 10 yards from my house.
In no time I caught a giant goldfish, finally I can fill that fish tank of ours up!
I caught another not-so-big goldfish.
And then I caught a rainbow trout.
In total I caught 3 goldfish and a rainbow trout. When I got home I put them in my tank and watched them swim around.
Ginger was most excited about the new fish and wanted to feed them all the time.
I picked up LaVerne and lifted her in the air. "Hey sweety, you know what time is?, It's birthday time!"
I put LaVerne on the floor for her to age up while Matthew got Heather Lee.
Baby 13, Heather Lee, is sooo adorable. She has gotten Lerk's reddish hair and my purple eyes.
Baby 14, LaVerne has gotten her brother, Erik's black hair. I later found that Erik and LaVerne's black hair came from Lerk's father. Lerk's father had black hair and his mom had the reddish hair that he has.
Baby 11, Silas loves to dress in the cutest clothes. His grandma Vi bought him that panda hat and he loves it so. Also I found that Silas eyes are actually my purple eyes, not brown.
Here's Silas without his hat.
Baby 9, Mary has taken the Gothic look, but the hippie hair. I will never understand what goes on in a teenager's head.

Download her as a Teen Here!
Baby 12, Paisley looks so much like her father, yet so much like me. Paisley loves her grandma Vi so much, she idolizes her, she even had her hair short to look like her grandma. Grandma Vi didn't want Paisley to feel left out and she loves both her grandbabies, so she got Paisley her this very cute shirt. It's now her favorite shirt.
Baby 10, Ginger decided to go the opposite of Mary and pull off the girly look. Both Mary and Ginger looks gorgeous and will probably find a man soon.
Matthew got himself a girlfriend without me knowing, and is constantly on the phone with her. His girlfriend aged up the day before and so Matthew couldn't wait to age.
This is Geneveve Martin, Angel Martin(another Challenge mom)'s daughter, also Matthew's girlfriend.
Baby 8, Matthew is handsome young man with longish white and red hair and purple eyes, Matthew looks older then his father Harold Holiday.

Download Matthew Here!

I was walking around in the house when my attention was caught on something going on outside.
I saw Matthew pull out a ring and propose to Geneveve.
I didn't hear what she said but it must have been yes because he was putting the ring on her finger.
I was so happy for the both of them, my son was getting married and I got to witness the proposal.
Brienna Fizzlle invited me over for a small party while she was visiting Twinbrook. Of course I had to go.
Brienna: Dawn! I'm glad you could make it!
Dawn: Of course I had to come, how often do I get to see you, not everyday that's for sure.
Brienna: Well come on  in then Dawn!
Hardly anyone was interacting so I played some music until I had to leave.
Oh, oh, oh, get in the action
feel the attraction
Color my hair
doing a dare
Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free
yeah, to feel the way I feel
Man! I feel like a woman!
We’re dancing like we’re
dum dum-dum dum-dum-dumb
Our bodies go
num num-num num-num-numb
We’ll be forever
youn youn-youn youn-youn-young
You know we’re superstars, we are who we are!
Ginger really started to enjoy dancing, I couldn't get her to leave the dance floor.
Lately I've been working on my mixology skill.
I was getting pretty good at it.
Mmm...Not so bad!
Mary took up some SimFu.
She was still a beginner.
Silas would sometimes act up for no good reason. I try to ignore it because he did have a condition.
Paisley was a great sister to Silas, everyday after school she would help Silas with his homework, and keep his mind occupied with conversations about anything and everything.
I got a call from my first child Nellie.
Nellie: Mom guess what! I'm pregnant again.
Dawn: Wow that's wonderful Nellie, congrats to you both! :)
After Nellie and I hung up she sent me picture of my grandkids. I couldn't wait to see how they grown.
Heriberto Wriner as a Teen, he gotten his grandma's eyes and his mother's hair. He looked so cute!

Download Heriberto Wriner Here!
Franceen Wriner, my first grandchild who got my hair and eyes.

Download Franceen Wriner Here!
Maggy Wriner, a spitting image of her father France.

Download Maggy Wriner Here!
My son Erik found a his first Challenge to join, He joined Chatherine Bell's Challenge and had twin daughters.

Read Here!
This is Aurelia Bell,
And this is Phoenix Bell, my newest grandkids!
Meanwhile Geneveve looked gorgeous in her wedding dress
And Matthew looked nervous in his suit.
I, Geneveve Martin take you Matthew Turner as my lawfully wedded husband.
And I, Matthew Turner take you Geneveve Martin as my lawfully wedded wife.
I now pronounce you man and wife....
You may kiss the bride......
Sadly I couldn't make it to their wedding but I sent my blessings and a check of $2,000 to get their new life together started.
But there was one wedding I was able to make it too.
Erik found another Challenge to join, Geneveve's mom Angel Martin's Challenge. He was planning on joining as many challenges as possible and Angel was planning on doing the 100 baby challenge, BUT neither of them was planning on.....
Falling in Love. Erik proposed to Angel and she excepted. My son was getting married.
Look at him all cute in his suit.
Angel made a beautiful bride.
I couldn't help but snap this picture when she was walking down the aisle.
They said their vows and shared a kiss.
Angel decided to continue her challenge and Erik will continue to join challenges. It was only fair.
I had to go to City hall, there was rumors going around town about me doing something that I rather not say. But I won the case and decided to go the park after wards to celebrate.
And maybe catch a few butterflies.
They're so pretty!
Guess who's having a baby? YES!!! Erik and Angel are expecting. More grandbabies for me!!! :D
Silas loved to sit next to his sister Mary on the bus.
I went to go see Matthew and his new wife Geneveve. They lived with two other roommates cause they couldn't afford a house of their own.
Dawn: How's married life treating your son?
Matthew: Great mom, not only was Geneveve a great girlfriend she's an even better wife. We couldn't be happier.
Matthew: And we're planning on having a family of our very own soon.
He lead me inside and I saw their roommates, and what do you know it's the town gossiper. I looked out the window and saw paparazzi, Dang!!!
I went upstairs and met Geneveve in the bathroom, she was so happy to see me. It was a little awkward because Geneveve was wearing her um...well you know.
I decided to ask Geneveve the same question that I asked Matthew.
Dawn: How's married life Geneveve?
Geneveve: WONDERFUL!! Matthew is a great husband.
That's all she said, then my phone started to ring.
When I answered the phone Geneveve.....well, do I have to say it?...... I'm going to be a grandma! :D
It was Jay Wriner on the phone, he wanted to tell me about the joke he told Vanessa Wood the other day. Oh Jay!!
That reminded me that I had something planned, so I left.
Dawn: Vanessa I'm so glad you came.
Vanessa: Well of course I came Dawn, you told me to come over right away!
Dawn: I'm so sorry I missed your birthday Vanessa, I feel terrible.
Vanessa: It's okay Dawn, don't beat yourself up for it.
Dawn: Well I'm going to make up to you tonight, so get on your formal wear and let's go.
Vanessa: Were are you taking me Dawn?
Dawn: It's a surprise!
I took Vanessa to a nice dance club.
We walked inside and there hardly anyone there, oh well guess we have the place to ourselves.
We walked to the bar area to order some drinks.
Vanessa: Oh Dawn you, you shouldn't have!
Dawn: I should have Nessa, I missed your birthday so I'm making it up to you.
Dawn: A round of drinks for me and my friend here!
After a few drinks Vanessa and I hit the dance floor.
Vanessa was having a blast.
Dawn: Oh My! Vanessa? You Go girl!!
Vanessa jumped on the counter and started to dance, I cheered for her the entire time.
Then we went back to the dance floor and shared a dance together.
We went til 4am until it was closing time.
Vanessa: Dawn this was awesome!
We walked out of the club and the sun was just beginning to rise
Vanessa: Dawn this was my best birthday ever and I swear I would've gone for hours more.
Vanessa: I mean it was like totally EPIC!!
Vanessa: Thanks Dawn!
Dawn: Your Welcome Vanessa, I had a blast too!
Vanessa had to get back to her kids and called for a cab.
I also got a call, Angel and Erik just gave birth to twins, Annie and Eli!
Ever since I moved in, not once did I use the time machine.
When the time machine opened I jumped inside.
I traveled to the past, I saw me being born, me as a toddler and me as a child and playing with my cousin who was also my best friend.
I jumped out and waved goodbye to the other sims who was also traveling through time.
Then I went to the future.
I saw me, I finished the 100 baby challenge and even had more kids after wards, I even saw Lerk but it wasn't him that was holding me like a husband should hold his wife. It was a man that looked similar.
I didn't want to see anymore and jumped out of the time stream.
I couldn't believe what I witnessed, was Lerk and I not going to be together after the challenge? Did he dump me because he couldn't take the challenge anymore? Did something happen to him? Did I dump him for that other person? These are the questions running through my mind, but I couldn't think about them any longer because I will try to stop this future of mine form ever happening.
I needed some family time so we spent the day outside.
I made some burgers while the kids played in the sprinklers.
Silas: Hey stop splashing me, guys.
Mary: hahahaha
Paisley: Hey Heather Lee and LaVerne was blocking the water sprinkler.
Ginger: Mary your butt is blocking the water.
Mary: This is a great burger Mom.
Ginger: I agree with Mary on this one Mom, delicious.
Paisley seemed to enjoy the burger the most.
This is a great day to relax.
Mother-Daughters time! I just love it.
Mary: Awe look Mom, Heather Lee and LaVerne want to join us!
Dawn: Hahaha!
Paisley and Silas loved the pool.
After the kids went inside to get into some warmer clothes I decided to slip into my new hot tub for some private time.
This hot tub was beautiful, it came with the new Outdoor Living Stuff Pack, along with my new grill and outdoor fridge.
I got news on France and Nellie's pregnancy.
Nellie had her babies, Yes babie(S)!
Welcome their new son, Kegan Wriner! His grandma Della Wriner named him. He got my hair just like franceen did! :D

Download Kegan Wriner Here!
And Welcome their new daughter, Cindy Wriner, She has gotten grandma Della's hair. She's just sooo cute!

Download Cindy Wriner Here!
Kegan turned out to be a mommy's boy!
And Cindy was a Daddy's girl. AWE!!
They sent me a family photo!
I had some free time on my hands so I felt like making a sim ice sculpture of Heather Lee.
AWE!!! She's just so cute, even as ice.
 The doorbell rang and I saw a homeless guy with raggedly clothes and torn shoes outside the door.
 Dawn: Yes sir? May I help you?
 Willy: Dawn right? I'm Willy Peppers and I wanted to know if I could join your challenge?
 Dawn: Well of course you can!
 Willy: Great when can we get started?
 I jumped into his arms and said.
Dawn: How about right now?
 We went upstairs....
 And heard the lullaby on our first try.
 I couldn't wait to see if my baby will get Willy's black, yellow, red and orange hair or even his freckles, or big yellow eyes.
Willy walked off all proud and mighty. Okay Willy.
 Dawn: Hey LaVerne you know what time it is, time for you and your sister to learn your skills.
 In the middle of LaVerne learning her second skill I got my first wave of morning sickness.
 Ginger was doing laundry at the time and took my place to finish teaching LaVerne.
 Mary wanted to help so she taught Heather Lee.
 When I saw the girls teaching the younger girls, I thought I would help and finish the laundry that Ginger started.
 Time for the dryer.
 Oops. Too Much soap.
 Silas' turn for a sim ice sculpture.
 I say he looks great in ice.
 I started a stone sculpture when I felt my first baby kick.
 Baby Bump Day 1!
 While the kids were at school I did some painting.
When I finished I hung it on the wall. I'm planning on filling my walls with paintings so it won't be so plain.
 Matthew and Geneveve called me to tell me that Geneveve just gave birth to a new baby boy, so I went over to pay a visit.
 I went right up stairs and picked up my new grandson Adrian Turner.
 I looked over at Geneveve.
Dawn: He looks like Matthew!
 I played with him for a while...
 And fed him.
 I stayed for awhile but then I had to go.
 Baby Bump Day 2!
 I was invited to a party.
 Maci: DAWNIE!!! You Made it!
 Matthew was there, he didn't tell me he was going to be here.
 Della Eve was also there.
 Della Eve: Dawn you looking rounder then ever.
Dawn: Well round is is the new curvy.
 Della Eve: Wow Dawn this baby's going to be huge!!
Dawn: Well the baby's daddy is heavy set, so he/she might take after him.
 Della Eve: Did you hear that the town gossiper was in a fight with the paparazzi?
 Dawn: Oh My Gosh! Really?
Baby Bump Day 3!
 While I was at the party Mary and Ginger decided to have their birthdays.
 I missed Ginger but I came in time for Mary. So I cheered her on.
 Baby 9, Mary still wore dark make up and some black clothes. She looks so much like me, but at first glimpse she looks like her father.

Download Mary as YA Here!
 Baby 10, Ginger also looks like me but different. She got my hair instead of her father's.
 Both my girls are beautiful and I know they'll find the right man soon.
 Even though the girls leaving was upsetting, I still had this baby to look forward to.
 I held my youngest twins and thought about my trip to the future, like I said before these girls could be my last children with Lerk, who knew that it was true.
 I got this from Angel and Erik, it's my grandbabies as toddlers.
 Come on! Come on! Get a Bulls eye! Come on!
 I missed.
 Okay I'll try again!
 Tyler was here and I was so happy to see him.
 With my pregnancy hormones I started to get teary eyed, so Tyler gave me a hug to comfort me.
 Tyler: Wow mommy! Your Challenge is coming along great!
 Now this is a precious moment!
 But the morning took that moment away!
 To pass time by til labor I played some chess.
 Is this the right move? Yeah I think so!
 On my third round of chess Labor finally came.
 Soon a little baby in a blue blanket came in my arms.
Welcome my little angel, Baby 15, Hunter Turner.

I would like to Thank:
Angel Martin for the pics of Erik and Angel's wedding and pics of Dawn's grandbabies.
Chatherine Bell for allowing Erik in your Challenge.
Angel Martin for Geneveve Martin.
Della Wriner for Kegan Wriner's name.

Thanks for reading my Blog and I hoped you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment below cause lots of work was put in to making this post happen for you guys! Thanks Again!


  1. Aw :) I loved this post!! I HOPE LERK AND DAWN WORK OUT >:O !!!
    I'd be so upset if they didnt! haha :) and I'm honored that you included me in here :D he he he!

    Good luck!

  2. I love the faces Dawn is making playing darts! lol :)

  3. I like Dawn's new look!

    I know that she didn't want to hurt his feelings, but I have to say that homeless man was yicky!

    I hope that Dawn's glimpse of the future was wrong. She and Lerk are just so sweet together!