Sunday, March 13, 2011

Plan B - Baby 20

As I held the youngest of my triplets, Maci, I started to think about my challenge more. I was only one baby away from 20, and 6 babies away from 25, the quarter mark of this challenge. Only 81 more babies before I finish my challenge. But 100 is a long way to go and I still have a lot of kids a head of me.
I slightly lifted my 19th child up high enough for me to kiss her little button nose. I wondered if she'll look like her father Jessip, or even if Della or Mendy would. I kissed Maci one more time on her little nose before I continued to walk into the room.
I walked into the room that held my two little angels in their cribs a waiting my attention. I looked in awe to my left at my 17th child Mendy. She laid still and silent and occasional cough or sneeze. It was time to age my precious girls into their toddlers years.
I put Maci in her crib (center) and looked down at my little man Mason. Before I can even think about having 3 more toddlers roaming about the house, I had to teach Mason his baby skills.
I started with talking like I always do, it just seems talking is the easiest and fastest to teach.
Walking was a little harder then talking but for Mason being a vampire he learns much faster.
While talking and walking was no easy task, potty training was no different. In fact potty training was the hardest of all. Especially for boys, they seem to learn to use the potty slower then girls.
The worst part of the potty training, was the cleaning after wards. I have a weak stomach when comes to vomit and human waste smells. So I try to avoid the potty as much as I can.
AWE! :( I seen that my children sculptures have melted. Well besides that, it was now time for birthdays.
Baby 17, Mendy Turner, looks just like her father. She got my skin tone, brown eyes (her father has green eyes), and her hair color is unknown to me or Jessip.
Baby 18, Della Turner looks just like Mendy, but different color brown eyes, black hair, and her father and mine's skin tone combine.
Baby 19, Maci Turner was different then her sisters. She got her father's skin tone, my looks, my purple eyes, and a different shade of brown hair. Neither of the girls got their hair from me or their father.
Baby 16, Mason looks so much like his father, but his eyes are from me. He's so cute, he's going to be a heart breaker when he's older.
Baby 15, Hunter Turner is handsome young man. He made his hair short but kept part of it long. His weight didn't bother him when he was a kid but once he hit his teen years it became a problem.
Hunter was only one kid so teaching the triplets was going to be hard, so I told Heather Lee and LaVerne that once the girls learn their skills I'll age them. They agreed, and the girls learned all their skills by the next day.
Baby 14, LaVerne Turner is a beautiful young lady, she had her hair pulled back and looked just like a professional career woman. She took on the journalism career and is hoping to become a news star anchor.
Baby 13, Heather Lee Turner is a carbon copy of me, but her face is slightly longer then mine. She let her hair grow longer and has it hanging on the side of her shoulder. She joined the education career track, maybe she'll be a teacher some day or take on the challenge like her mother.
I hugged both of my girls tightly, not wanting them to leave me. But eventually I had to let go, I have to let go of all my children if I was gonna continue my challenge.
Heather Lee waved goodbye after calling the cab for the ride to their new home. This is one of the hardest things you have to do when being a mother, letting your babies move on.
The cab arrived shortly after and they both left, leaving me standing there with eyes full of tears.
Hunter loves all his little sisters, but his favorite was Maci. I would find him with her all the time. Their relationship, I can tell, will be a strong one in the future.
Everyday after school when Hunter comes home, he would call out "Where's my Maci" when he comes through the door, and Maci would come running all the time yelling "Here, here, here".
One day Hunter wanted to have a chat with me about something that was bothering him. So him and me sat on the love seat in the front hall. "Mom, I want to lose weight and I know you don't want me to use the shape machine so I was wondering if you would help me, would you train me?".
I was so proud of Hunter, he wanted to lose weight and lose it the old fashion way. "Of course I will help Hunter", "Thanks Mom".
Hunter changed into his athletic wear and met me outside by the treadmill to start his training. I didn't hold back and gave him all I got. He kept tripping but managed to help himself up
While training Hunter a girl started taking pictures of him and me. She wasn't part of paparazzi, she was just a fan.
And how I knew that was because she asked for my autograph. She was jumping up and down all excited saying "Oh my gosh Dawn Turner, I'm such a huge fan of yours. Can I have your autograph?". I told Hunter to keep running and walked to the girl. I took the paper from her hand and signed it.
Then I handed it back to her saying "Here you go". She got all hyper with excitement when she looked down at the paper with my name on it. "Oh my gosh, thank you, thank you, thank you!
I went back to Hunter after the girl left and we trained til late the next morning. He was making great progress with his workout. You can see the results already.
After losing a fare amount of weight Hunter wanted to build some muscle, so mid afternoon till late that night I trained Hunter in the weights.
This is the ending results. Hunter lost weight and gained muscle. He looks pretty good. Hunter's so proud of himself that he now workout without a shirt.
Here's his close up, you can see in his face the weight he lost.
After wards Hunter went to go show Maci his new look. She did a little sad face when she saw that her big squishy brother wasn't squishy anymore.
After finding 3 seeds in the park, I thought it was time to plant them.
So I dug 3 holes and planted all 3 mystery seeds. I couldn't wait to see what they turn out to be.
Meanwhile I wanted to go for a ride in the time machine and hopefully see if my future has changed since the last time I went.
I pressed a few numbers and the doors opened. I jumped inside and was over whelmed with swirls of purple and blue lights.
I didn't go to my future after the challenge, but my future during the challenge. I saw me pregnant with baby 75. I saw Lerk was there with me and we seemed very happy together. Well now I know that we're still together at baby 75.
After my travels I got a call from my son Silas, baby 11. He told me that the pill testing is finally over and that he's fully cured of his condition. I was so happy to hear that, now my Silas is normal boy and no one can make fun of him anymore.
Baby 8, Matthew invited me to his and Geneveve's son's birthday party. I happily agreed.
I wasn't the only one that was invited. Baby 11 Silas was there.
Baby 14, LaVerne was there.
Elizabeth Reting.
Baby 2, Stark.
And my Father Oscar.
As soon as I got inside I picked up my grandson. He looked just like his mother in the face. He got mine and Mathew's purple eyes, his father's hair and his father's skin tone but a little lighter.
I fed him his bottle when he got a little fussy.
Then I tryed to teach him his talking skills before he had to age.
It was getting a little late and Adrian had to go to bed, so his aging had to wait till tomorrow.
After the party I took another ride in the time machine.
I didn't see my future but I came out in some new threads, this future outfit was making me look sexy!
I tryed some of my moves in it and found that I can move very easily in it.
I took one more ride in the time machine and came out with another future outfit and a book too.
I went to my chess table and started reading the book about Mars real estate: dos and donts!
After I finished the book I put it on my shelf, change clothes and started a loud of laundry.
Then I water my garden.
I was accompanied by a few gnomes.
Mason had a friend from school come over and do homework with. I couldn't believe who it was.
Franceen Wriner, my grand daughter (Mason's Niece). I haven't seen her since she was born.
I was doing my daily chores around the house when I came across a tray of drinks at the mixology bar. I haven't made any drinks so I figured it was Hunter trying to learn the mixology skill.
I thought about throwing it away but why waste it, so I picked up one of the glasses.
I tasted it just to see if his drinks were any good. It was amazing. I never knew that Hunter was so good at the mixology skill. But Once I finished the drink I started to feel dizzy and nauseous. I started to lose my balance and fell. I blacked out!
I started to gain consciousness again. I flickered my eyelids and caught a sight of brick. I quickly opened my eyes and lifted my self up a little.
I looked around and found myself in a pretty big room with brick walls and gray carpeting, but no windows.
I needed to find my way out of here and get home. With my head feeling a little dizzy I got my self out of the bed.
I saw that there was a door leading out so I walked toward it. When I made it to the door I turned the door knob, it was unlocked. I walked through.
The door didn't lead out but to another room with another door.
I walked to the door, but this one was locked. I tryed giggling it, and pounded on the door to see if anyone could hear me. "HELLO? IS ANYONE OUT THERE?". No response.
I found a wrench in one of the kitchen drawers and tryed to use it to knock the lock lose on the door, but that didn't work either.
Then I realized I had my cell phone. I pulled it out and dialed Lerk's number. But there was no signal.
Since there was no way out I decided to wait it out, someone's bound to find me once they realize I was gone.
I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, well at least it worked.
I started to get a little hungry so I checked the fridge for something to eat. All there was was bread and a gar of jam.
 I took the jam and spread it on the bread. The bread was stale and the jam tasted awful but I was so hungry that I would've eaten anything.
There was a sun that hung on the brick wall. It looked very interesting maybe because it was the only piece of decoration in this place.
I checked the bookshelf that was in the room to see if there was anything interesting to read. It only contained encyclopedias of all sorts.
I started to feel dizzy again so I thought a nap would help, maybe later I'll try to leave this place and hopefully get lucky with the lock.
As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out cold. But I was only asleep for a couple hours.
I started to wake up again but the room had odd feeling to it.
I got off the bed and looked to my left, I wasn't alone.
On the other side of the room was Wei sitting in a red chair. He looked different, he was stronger, ripped. His hair was slightly longer and he had different facial hair. He looked mad.
This time like any other time I wasn't scared of him. I walked over not hesitating any step I took forward. "What am I doing here Wei?".
Wei chuckled and turned his head slightly before getting off the chair. Wei started walking to me. "Well Dawn......What I wanted was to make more vampires, I made you one. That's all I wanted......But you went out and REVERSED IT", Wei lowered his voice and took another slow breathe before continuing on, "Well turning you into vampire again will just waste my time if your going to keep curing it, and eventually your going to learn to avoid I needed a new plan.......Plan B".
I gave him a disgusted look, he wasn't going to give up on this vampire crap, but what was it that he wanted to do to make more vampires?, "What's Plan B?".
Wei didn't answer me, he only smiled and lifted his right hand in the air. I flinch as his swing and I was knocked out cold once again.
I woke up some time 4 in the morning, I was in my PJ's and in my room, MY ROOM? Not long ago I was just in another room with Wei. My whole body ached and my head hurt. Something crazy was going on.
I tryed getting myself out of bed but my body was so sore that I had to get off very slowly.
I walked out of my room and found the drinks still sitting at the mixology bar. I figured it must have been the drinks that was messing with my head, it made me dizzy, I passed out and hit my head on the floor, and Hunter or someone must have seen me and brought me to my room. And the hole thing with Wei must have been just a terrible dream. Reminding myself to never drink anything that Hunter made until he mastered the skill, I threw the rest of it away.
I wanted to see my little girls so I headed downstairs to their room, I walked inside and found them at the block table. My neck started hurting, that fall from me passing out has my hole body real tender and sore.
I stayed in the room with my girls for 30 minutes playing and spending time with each one of them. My second set of triplets and both sets were all girls, I still haven't had triplet boys or multi-gender triplets (BBG or GGB). I still had my hole challenge a head of me.
This house has never ending laundry everywhere. I find myself doing the laundry all the time, this is the time I wish I had my Paisley to help out.
I caught two more pets, a blue butterfly I named Mission and a lady bug I named Lady. I know lady wasn't a very creative name, but Socks wasn't one either for my laundry Gnome.
Once again I had to go to city hall to sue for slander, these rumors will never end.
I lost the first case but I sued again and won.
I needed to relax, with sewing the local news paper for rumors that wasn't true and drinking messed up drinks that give you crazy dreams. I went to the park and did some meditation by the fountain. The sound of the water help put my mind at ease.
I stopped my meditation and got off the cold stone ground.....
I had a feeling at the pit of my stomach that was all to familiar, then I heard a swishing sound come from behind me.
I found Wei looking at me from the other end of the park, he looked just like from my dream, he was buff with longer hair.
I slowly and steadily walked to him, he didn't come closer to me, I came to him. When I stopped in front of him I didn't speak a word and neither did he.
I looked at him questionably and he responded with a crooked smile. No words passed threw his lips or mine.
He ran off into the night not looking back, and from that silence I knew 3 things. First, That encounter with him in that room wasn't a dream. Second, This will not be the last I see of him. And Third, I was Pregnant.
I spent my night by the lake, watching the still water, and the reflection the the moon, and when morning broke I knew it was 6 am.
I held my stomach when I felt the first kicks of my baby, sure Wei raped me that night but I was gifted with a child for my challenge. I hate him for forced participation, but I don't think he was trying to participate, he was only doing what he wanted, what he wanted was to make more vampires.
I didn't want to go home just yet, so I worked on my fishing skill.
But I couldn't avoid coming home too long, I had kids at home. I worked on my garden as soon I got home. I seen that my mystery seeds were showing, only one I was able to identify the others were still to young. The last seed was a potato plant.
My kids assumed I was gone for a while because I was visiting the next daddy in my challenge for him to participate. I let them think that and even told them it was just a man that wanted a child for a reason he wants no one to know.
I was pregnant with baby 20 already and I started thinking about all the things that happen so far. All my kids have written books about their experience being a child in a 100 baby challenge. They were called 'The 100 Baby Challenge: Diary of Baby (Baby # here)'. Each one has written one, Nellie all the way to Mason. Once babies 17-19 hit kid years they will write one too.
I was thinking that since they written about their experience, I'll write about mine. My first book I started is called 'The 100 Baby Challenge: Babies 1-10' I will be writing about my first 10 babies from when they were born still when They left. Then again with babies 11-20, 21-30, and so on.
I read through my baby book again to see if there was anything about vampire pregnancies or babies that I missed.
Hunter's early start on the toy oven had him start at level 1 in cooking. He was so excited that he finally was able to actually cook in the kitchen.
While Hunter cooked, Mason cleaned. They make a great team.
I worked on some pictures to hang in the house. It's still a little plain but I'm working on it.
One of the gnomes turned on my radio and made me jump while working on my picture. instead of turning it off and have them turn it back on again, I just danced.
I stopped dancing when I saw someone come through the door of the activity room.
I saw Wei standing by the door, I wondered why he was here, or better yet how he got into the house.
Wei must of somehow knew I was going to have the baby because I went into labor. How did he know when I was going into labor? Can vampires sense their own children being born?
I wasn't a vampire this time around, last time I had a vampire baby I was a vampire myself, I was stronger then. But now that I'm human I can't handle the strong pains of a vampire being born. I blacked out from all the pain, still in labor.
I woke up in my room. How many times am I going to black out like that? Is that even good for your health?
I got off my bed with no back pains or labor pains, I thought it must have been a false alarm until...
I felt no bump, I started to panic and my eyes darted around the room, I even checked my stomach again.
My eyes stopped wondering when I saw Wei, I went in shock. Not from seeing Wei but from seeing who he was holding.
Wei was holding our little baby Boy, yes a boy! Wei must have carried me up stairs and delivered my baby. I didn't want to move for the fear of him hurting our son. But then he did something that I never expected him to ever do.
He kissed our little boy and laid him gently on the ground in front of me and then he left.
As soon as I heard the front doors shut I ran and grabbed my baby from the ground, checking him for any signs of abuse, but nothing. He was a healthy baby boy.
I pulled my baby close, thinking about what Wei did. He was a vampire who hated challenges, but he participated in mine, he never truly really hurt me, He helped deliver my baby and made sure I was okay before giving him up to me. I realize then that Wei may actually have some good in him.
I looked at my little boy, he didn't inherit the evil trait that his father has but the exact opposite, he was good. I snuggled my baby and kissed him one time on the nose before saying "I love you Bradly".

I hoped you enjoyed this post like I have. I worked really hard on it so comments would be great. I also would like to thank Della Wriner and Violet Newbie. I knew that they did something in their posts that had some similarities and they allowed me to do mine. Thank you again! :D


  1. Dawn! This post was amazing!! I loved it :) great job :) cannot wait until the next one :)

  2. @CatherineBell: Thanks! :) I'm glad you liked it!

    Really, really good stories :)
    No Lerk action :(
    I downloaded Dawn and Lerk last week, adding him to my challenge if thats okay.
    My 9th baby looks just like Dawn :)

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  5. @Catlover800: That's perfectly fine to use Matthew if you want! :) and Thanks! :D

  6. @tara.pooley-green: LOL! Lerk should have told Dawn about joining someone else's challenge! Anyway congrats on baby 9! :D

  7. My little Dawn (Cheryl) will have to continue my challenge because her mother got glitched and now it says shes not pregnant but she cant change maternity clothes to normal :( I click on the in labour moodlet and deleted it by accident... yeah that was a bad idea lol

  8. I hate what Wei did to her, but he knew that she would not want him in her challenge. No other challenge mother would want someone as evil as he is int their challenge either! The baby was so sweet though!

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