Monday, January 10, 2011

My Guardian Angel - Babies # 11 & 12

 "MOM COME QUICK!!! YOU GOTTA SEE THIS! HURRY!!!" Violet screamed from the backyard.
 I walked towards where I heard Violet yelled for me to see what all the commotion was all about
 I walked to find my kids dancing on a dance floor, but I don't own a dance floor.
 My kids have saved up money and with the help of their friends and some other challenge kids, they bought me a gift. My own mini club in the back yard. I thought it was so sweet of them. They said I did so much for them and they couldn't wait till mother's day to give me something and my birthday already had come before I started my challenge.
 I loved it, I went straight to the dance floor and joined them in a dance.
 I got a new look for myself, do you like it? I love this flower dress.
 Even though my back is all exposed! :D
Download Dawn's new look Here!
 Here's what the kids got! A dance floor with a new big stereo, a new and improve hot tub and a bubble machine. I know what your thinking, How can they afford it? Well my kids are celebrities too and they got a discount, a VERY GOOD discount!
They also got me a bar to learn the mixology skill. I thought that was interesting, I should try it!
 And I did, I tryed my hand at mixology!
 I kept braking glasses.
 I didn't let that get me down, I tryed again!
 I think I'm getting the hand in this.
 Done. I made my first drink!
 I took a sip, proud that I made my first drink in mixology!
 YUK! I need more practice!
 I tryed the bubble machine.
 Hiccup! Oops my bad! :D
 Ooooh! Bubbles!
 I blew some out my nose too, it tickled!
POP! goes the bubble! hahahaha!
 Violet has been doing a great job in school and has made the honor roll, I'm so proud of her!
 I decided that an outdoor birthday would be great!
 Baby #9, Mary has light red skin and pretty blue eyes, she got her father's green and white hair (lookin' like Vanessa Wood). I say she looks like me for now but who knows!
 Baby #10, Ginger looks like her sister Mary but her skin color was more like her fathers, a darker red color. Ginger is my first child to get my hair. Her eye color seems to be a light blue-green, I can't tell.
 Baby #8, Matthew grew out his hair and decided to go with the long hair look, he looks like his father so much.
 Baby #7, Erik is like a younger version of Lerk but has a long face like me! He got the flirty trait so the girls will be all over him. Possibly in the future he'll have kids of his own, maybe join a challenge! ;)
 Baby #4, Lilly is a gorgeous young lady who wouldn't have any trouble finding a man in her future. I wish her all the best.
Download Lilly Here!
 Baby #5, Violet is just as beautiful as Lilly, they both can pull off any look if they wanted to.
Download Violet Here!
 Baby #6, Rose has a mixture of both her sisters, but she has my skin tone. I hope all my girls will find a great man in the future, and they'll make any guy happy!
Download Rose Here!
 I gave each of my girl a hug and some advice! Lilly wants to be a world renown Surgeon so she got a job in the medical field.
Violet hasn't really decided on what to be but she has taken a job till she does.
Rose has the same lifetime wish as Lilly and they both start their new job at the hospital tomorrow.
 Lerk came by, I was so happy to see him.
 Dawn: Hey Lerk!
Lerk: Hey Babe, hows your challenge?
I love how Lerk is so into my challenge and always interested in the updates.
 Lerk: I love seeing your beautiful face and sparkling eyes, your so beautiful Dawn that's it gives me heartache when I'm not with you!
 Dawn: Oh Lerk your the sweetest man I've ever known!
 We shared a sweet and gentle kiss as the minutes fly by, cause before we knew it, it was getting dark out.
 Lerk looked at me, he seemed bugged by something.
Dawn: What's wrong Lerk?
Lerk: Dawn when can I meet your friends? I feel as if your hiding me from everyone!
Dawn: Lerk, you gotta understand this, I can't let anyone know that we're together. You do understand don't you Lerk?
 Lerk: No Dawn I don't! I feel as if you just using me as your cuddle toy, your with so many guys and they come and go. You just want someone to kiss and cuddle with in between guys! Dawn I don't think you deserve me, and I don't want any part of you if you don't care for me enough to introduce me to your friends.
Dawn: But Lerk I....
Lerk left me standing there and ran off, he didn't want to finish this conversation.
 I tryed to follow him but he was so fast, he was a vampire! I would just go straight to his place but he's smart enough to know that it would be the first place I'll look. I stood there as Lerk vanished into the night and I held my chest in pain. I started to cry but I heard a familiar voice come from behind me.
Familiar Voice: Dawn?
 I turn around fast and saw Maci standing behind me! How long was she standing there? I don't know but I'll act cool about it, maybe she didn't see anything!
 Dawn: Hey Maci! What are you doing in Twinbrook?
 Maci: Well I came by to visit my Nephew and his new wife and kids! (Side Note: She's referring to France and Nellie) and since I was out here for a few days I thought I'll come and see you!

 Dawn: Awesome Maci! I'm so glad you came by! Hows your kids?
 Maci: Dawn I know what your doing, you don't have to hind it, I saw everything that happened between you and Lerk.
 Dawn: Well...I..Um....
I was so shocked, Maci had seen what I didn't want anyone to know. I didn't really know what to say. I was frozen into place.
 Maci: Dawn you should have told us mothers about you and Lerk. We would've understood.
 I finally managed to clear my head enough to finally say something.
Dawn: I'm sorry Maci I thought you and the mothers wouldn't understand and the rules and all.....
 Maci: NOOOO!
Maci cut me off before I could say anymore then I already had.
Maci: Are you crazy Dawn? We care about you and your feelings more then some stupid old rules, some of us challenge mothers had broken the rules before.......We want you to be happy Dawn, forget about the rules and be with your man. Go ahead and have another kid with him for all I care........Dawn just be with him, I'll explain to the mothers what happened. They'll definitely understand.
 Maci: Dawn, it's just a rule. It's not like we'll automatically hate you for braking one rule.
I pulled Maci into a hug and squeezed her tightly, She is such a good friend.
Dawn: Thank you Maci for understanding and being there for me always, Just remember if you need me for anything Maci I'll be there for you too.
 I walked to Lerk's house, Thinking what to say, how to apologize and hope, just hope that he'll forgive me. I rang the doorbell and I heard Lerk say come in from the other side.  I walk in and find him standing by the doorway like he was expecting me.
Dawn: Lerk we need to talk.........I'm sorry, I was stupid, I know I don't deserve you. Your such a sweet and gentle man and any girl is lucky to have you, Even me. I'm sorry and I hope you can forgive me Lerk.
 Lerk only smiled at me, and looked me in the eyes deeply. I felt my head tingle a bit. He was reading my mind, I didn't care I threw my emotions at him and thought about how I really felt about him and thought about all the times I've spent with him. When I was really happy with a man.
 My head stopped tingling and he pulled me into his chest, he gave me a kiss that had more feelings then ever before.
 He let go of me, leaned his head towards me and whispered something in my ear that I wasn't expecting....
 Lerk: I....Love you, Dawn
I was overwhelmed with emotions, it was confusing to get them all straight and in order. But I knew how I felt for him.
 Dawn: Lerk is this true?
 Lerk: Dawn I loved you from day one, I almost didn't want to do the challenge because of the rules saying I couldn't be with you if I did, but then I heard you thinking about you wanting to be with me and I couldn't say no!
Dawn: Lerk.......
Lerk: Yea Dawn.
Dawn: I love you too.
Lerk just smirked when he heard this, He seemed to already have known, maybe it was from reading my mind. He put his hand in he's pocket and pulled out a ring and slipped it on my second to left finger on my left hand (wedding finger). I looked at the ring in shocked and looked back up at him. He knew what the question was before I could ask.
Lerk: It's a commitment ring, Dawn, I promise that once your challenge is over I want us to be together forever and maybe one day you and I can get married, If you'll accept it?
I threw myself into his arms and said...
Dawn: Of course Lerk
He gave me a gentle smile that had both love and excitement in them. He leaned in and we shared our first kiss as a couple, Lerk is now my boyfriend.
That night I played a happy tune, I was too over come with joy. Everything was going right my challenge friends know about Lerk, none of them hate me for it, and I have a new boyfriend who's in love with me as much I am with him.
That morning my boys went off to school. I thought this was a cute picture of them together on the bus.
GREAT! paparazzi again! I didn't really mind, I sort of liked the attention but sometimes it just gets annoying.
Oh Ginger, my first baby with my hair. She's so cute.
I was beginning to enjoy painting.
I decided to throw a party with a few people, like Molly Coddle. I never met Molly before, all I knew was that she and my brother Dean were dating and she's the mother of my nephew Gene. I also invited Lerk to meet Maci.
Maci was in town for a couple days, and I invited her to stay with me for those days. She agreed because she happen to lose her keys for the challenge house and none of the other mothers were in town to let her in.
Dawn: Maci I would like to officially introduce you to Lerk Bitemen, my boyfriend.
Maci: Hi Lerk, it's so nice to meet you!
Lerk: Hey Maci, I'm a huge fan of you and your family.
Maci: Well thanks.......and one thing Lerk, don't you ever hurt my Dawn or I'll hunt you down like a dog, no matter how fast you can run and I got plenty of other mothers who will agree.
Lerk: I a sure to you that I wouldn't dare hurt Dawn, I love her too much.
Maci stood up and gave Lerk a I'm-on-to-you-boy look.
Maci: Well okay!
Maci left me and Lerk so we can have some dance time.
After Lerk left, me and Maci danced the rest of the night, we even were dancing as the sun was rising. Man where does the time go?
That didn't stop us, we then tryed the bubble machine.
Maci: Oops my bad! hahahaha!
Blowing bubbles was so much more fun when your doing it with a friend.
After wards Maci and I changed into some comfortable clothes and she helped me tend my garden.
After that I checked my mail and got a load of pictures. Here there are!
I got some wedding photos that I ordered online, I also got some for France and Nellie. They should be getting theirs in the mail soon too.
I got some pictures from Nellie and France, to update me in all the things going on in their life. Here some pictures of Nellie's pregnancy with her twins.
The birth of their twin girls, Franceen (named after France) and Maggy.
They gave me their latest family photo. How cute are they.
My grandson Heriberto sent me this photo.
Here's my Granddaughter Franceen, she's gotten my eyes and hair. :D
And here's Maggy, looking like her father.
My brother Dean sent me this photo of his girlfriend and his son, Gene. This is the first time I've seen my nephew. He got mine and Dean's hair.
I got an unexpected visitor, he was so familiar, I've seen him before and when I realized who it was he said....
Angel: Hey Dawn, I'm Angel Newbie and I was wondering if I could take part in your challenge?
It was Violet Newbie's son, Angel, and he wanted to be in my challenge.
Dawn: Of course I wouldn't say no to Violet's son, I would love for you be part of my challenge.
I gave him a kiss, to seal our deal.
Ooops! Sorry Maci! I forgot you were standing there.
Maci completely understood and Angel and I went upstairs. We kissed a little......
And the Angels of heaven sang a lullaby. Congrats Grandma Vi!
After Angel left I went online and started chatting to the challenge mothers.
Della: DAWN
Vanessa: hey dawn
Violet: Hi Dawn
Maci: hey Sugar Cookie (for Maci Wriner)
Dawn: Hey guys
Della: hahahaha
Dawn: hey guys I just conceived baby 11
Maci: Yay
Vanessa: congratulations Dawn
Violet: I can't wait
I wonder if Violet knows that baby 11 is her grandbaby, I would tell her but I would rather her son Angel tell her, himself.
After talking to the mothers, I started chatting with my cousin. We were the best of friends when we were kids, But that's another story for another time.
I wanted to keep Maci occupied while she stayed at our place, so I made an ice sculpture of her.
Dawn: What do you think Mace?
Maci: It's awesome Dawn!
I was asked to play at the Cameo, I got $10,000 and 200 celebrity points. I was a real star.
After leaving the theater I ran across the street to mingle, but there wasn't really anyone there so I went to the Bistro and took a class in mixology.
I had to cut class short because I was pregnant.
A new baby needs a clean house. I did the laundry.
I thought it was a great time to try for multi-genders. The doctor said I was having a boy so I ate 10 watermelons, now let's see if this works.
I've been going to the doctors for check ups on my babies. Then one day I got a call from my doctor saying he needed to see me as soon as possible. This doesn't sound good.
Look what I found while doing the laundry, isn't he cute?
I had a craving for grilled cheese, so I made myself some and then.....
went to the doctors. What he said was upsetting the most.
When I came home, instead of going inside I stayed out in the backyard and cried my eyes out. Why me and why now. I already couldn't handle loosing Tyler and now another son of mine is sick. It started out great, hearing that I was having twins, then he throws this in my face, what I need is a Guardian Angel.
I went inside, everyone was busy so I fell asleep on the couch. I needed to clear my head.
When I did awake I realized the girls needed to learn their skills, and Maci was more then happy to help.
First talking, then walking....
and finally the potty chair.
But as fast as the girls learned their first two skills I went into Labor.
Out came my little baby blue boy! I introduce you to Baby #11, Silas Turner (thanks to ErikslittleAngel).
And my little girl Baby #12, Paisley Turner (thanks to Pais.C). My first set of multi-genders.
I haven't told my family about Silas and what the doctor said. I haven't even told Maci or even got it fully registered in my head. But I couldn't put it off for long, I had to tell them and had to tell them now.
I got my family together in the living room and began to tell them about Silas's condition.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any comments or names suggestions for future babies in Dawn's family please leave a comment either below, in my cbox, or you can email me at

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  1. Ahhhhhh I'm so excited... I think your the first mom to have a GIRL with one of the Newbie boys. I'm so excited to see Silas and Paisley age up!!!!

  2. @Sims Fan: Really I'm the first one with a girl? That makes it all the more exciting! I can't wait to see who they look like! :D

  3. Aww!! This Is Adorable and I Hope that He Gets Better!!!

  4. Ahhh You used my name!!! :D :D !!!!

    -Paisley (Brienna Fizzle)

  5. @Doylegirl: I can only wish, but sadly that's not the case with Silas, you'll see in my next post! :(

    @Pais.c: Yes! :D I thought it was a really cute name and was definitely planning on using it, but I wanted Mary and Ginger's names for Christmas. :D

  6. This may be my favorite chapter! I just love the relationship between Dawn and Lerk.

    Dawn's children love her so much!

    I hope that whatever is wrong with Silas will get better. I would hate for him to die like Tyler. I would feel so sad!