Friday, January 21, 2011

A New Place for Silas

 Thank You Violet Newbie for this shirt, Dawn can't wear it yet, but I'll be sure that her mom wears it soon! :)
 It's been a couple weeks since I told my family about what the doctor had said, and they took it very well! Everyone was very supportive and helped out a lot with Silas even tho we didn't need to worry to much till he becomes a tot.
 I hated the word for what they call it that Silas has, it sounds like I'm making fun of anyone who has it just by saying the same. Your probably wondering, what is it?, that Silas has! Well the scientific name for it is Mental Retardation, but I much prefer to call him Mentally unstable or just say he has harder time learning. The doctor said the cause could be from using drugs and alcohol while pregnant, but I haven't done any of that, or it can be genetic, I'll have to ask my parents.
 But my Silas will be fine, He just needs extra care and attention once he hits his toddler years. The school has a special class for him, so he won't be with his siblings. I was thinking about home schooling him but I'm not qualified. That's okay Silas will be with people that knows how to care for kids like him.
I didn't hate what happened to Silas, God just made him extra special, just for me. Silas will be a happy boy, who'll explore the world in new eyes!
 Maci stayed a week after Silas was born just to help out, but she needed to get home to her own kids. I also made sure to call Grandma Vi everyday and keep her updated with Silas. She kept telling me on Facebook how worried she was, but I just told her that Silas will be fine. She promised to visit soon.
 One day I got a letter in the mail from Maci, she gave me an address and said to go there as soon as I get this letter. She also said to bring the whole family. So I got all the kids ready and we left only an hour later.
I called for a ride, gave the driver the address and we were off.
 We got out of the Limo and I was faced with a Beautiful bright yellow house. I asked the limo driver if this was the right place, she said it was.
 I looked to my right and saw my car was parked in one of the parking spaces. Along with another car, a motorcycle, and 6 bikes, 3 for adults, 3 for kids. Hmm?
 Erik started walking towards the house and said, "Come on Mom, let's check it out!". I followed him.
 We walked down the steps toward the house and I saw a lovely garden. The plants looked ready to be harvested.
 We walked up the next steps to the house, it seemed like no one was home.
I saw this tiny white box with a gold ribbon on it. I wasn't going to touch it till I saw that it had my name on it. I picked it up, undid the bow and opened the box. Inside there was a house key and a note.

Dear Dawn,
If your reading this then you got my first letter and is at the house now. I know you have been threw a lot in the last couple weeks and you still had the time to be a friend and lend me a place to stay, when I lost my keys to the challenge house. I'm sorry about Silas and I wish the best for the both of you. Now it's my turn to be your friend, I called few people in for a favor and I built you and your kids a new home. I hope you like it! I know what your thinking, I wasn't alone. I called Violet and told her about my idea and she wanted to be part of it, so Vi furnished the home and made sure it was extra safe just for Silas. Love you Sugar Cookie and I hope you enjoy your new home.
~Maci Wriner
 I put the note back in the box and I used the key to unlocked the door. I walked inside and this is the first thing I see. There's so much open space, perfect for a growing family and safe enough for Silas.
 I looked to my left and saw an archway door and thought that will be the first room to check out.
 I walked in and saw it was an activity room, this is the left side of the room.
 Then I looked to my right. You can barely see it but there's a door in the far right side that leads to the backyard. But I'll check that out last.
 I turned around to head back out and saw a time machine and a mini dance floor. I couldn't wait to use them both.
 I walked out of the activity room and decided to check out the next closest room. The door to the right of the front door.
 I walked into a forest themed babies/Toddlers room.
 This is the other side of the room. That's the door I walked in from.
 I walked out of the room and did a sharp right turn, walked past the stairs and saw the living room. Behind that was another archway door and a smaller door to the left of it.
 To my right was the bathroom.
 I walked straight to the archway door, obviously it was a dining room, but there was more to it.
 It was also a kitchen. I loved that refrigerator.
 The room that was to the left of it was the laundry room. :)
 Next was upstairs.
 When I made it to the top of the steps the first thing I see is two doors. I walked into the left door first.
 It was the girl's room, full of pink.
 This is the other side of it!
 Then I walked into the door to the right and knew what room it was before I saw all the blue. It was the boy's room.
 Same as the girl's but bluer!
 When I open the door to the boy's room, I saw another door.
 It was a bathroom for everyone. No showers just stalls and.....
 Sinks. At least there's no line for the bathroom! :D
 I walked farther down the hall and saw this mini club, but in was indoors this time. :)
 I had to control myself not to go and play with my new club! hehehehe! I pulled myself away and walked to the only room left in the house. My Room!
 When I first walked in I saw a SimFu Dummy! I got excited! There's so many new things to play with in this house, I probably won't do it all in one day.
 I look to the left and saw a Queen sized and 2 love seats. That wasn't all, further to the left was....
 My own office, and a skeleton. There was one downstairs too but now I have my own upstairs.
 And of course Maci didn't forget to give me my own bathroom. Oh sweet privacy! :)
 After I finished touring the house I ran down stairs, into the activity room, out the back door, and into the back yard. I saw a playground for the kids.
 To the right of the yard was a hot tube and a pool. None of my kids ever went swimming before and I'm glad they now have a pool of their own.
 There also a sprinkler and a barbecue area.
 First Floor.
Second Floor.
 I loved my new home Maci made me, it's beautiful, it's well designed, it's from the heart, it's big, it's open, it's YELLOW! It's in a rich neighborhood so almost everyone here is famous like me, but I'll probably still have to deal with paparazzi, but that's okay with me it's a new place for Silas!
 I Made sure to call and thank Maci for the new house, and Vi for her well furnishing skills. I also had to call the real estate and sell my old house and everything in it. After that I had Erik put the babies and toddlers in their new room, cause there still was one more thing I had to do.
 I called and had this brick fence made.
And had Tyler transferred into a new grave, Welcome home!

Thanks for reading my post, and I hoped you enjoyed it! Many Thanks to Maci Wriner for building Dawn this big, beautiful, new home! I just Love it! Maci did a wonderful job. Thanks again to Violet Newbie for giving me my first gift from the sims 3 store, I really appreciate it! 
If you haven't noticed I made a few changes to my blog and there's now different pages you can visit! One in particular is the suggestion page, there you can make suggestions for baby names, or if you have a father that you want to participate in my 100 baby challenge, or if you have any ideas to what could happen to Dawn and her family next and I'll consider it! Thanks again and Baby 13 will be up soon!

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  1. The house is beautiful! I love your laundry room. Maci did a great job :) I'm glad Si is ok.

  2. @SimsFan: Thank you Vi! I decorated the house but thought it would be cool if I say Grandma Vi did it for Silas!

  3. Oh, I love that new house! It is just perfect for them with lots of room to grow!

    I'm glad that Silas is going to be okay!

    Great update, Hailey!