Thursday, January 27, 2011

Unexpected, Unplanned, Unsure- Babies 13 & 14

When Erik brought the girls into their new room, they took to the toys right away.
After I did what I had to do I came back inside, grabbed Silas from his crib and me and Erik met in the living room. It was time to age everyone.
I looked to Matthew and thought he can be first.
Dawn: Matthew how about you age up first?
Matthew jumped from his seat, almost to eager.
Matthew: Really Mom? I can go first? Awesome!
Matthew was soon surrounded by the magic of becoming a teenager.
Baby 8, Matthew looked so much like his father but I think he might have my eyes.
Erik was next, and he too was surrounded by the magic of aging.
Erik Turner, Baby 7, Mine and Lerk's only child together. Erik said he would like to join as many challenges as he possibly can, he dreams of breaking the record of most challenges joined. I wish him luck!

Download Erik Here and have him join your challenge! :D
Next up is Baby 9, Mary!
Mary turned out beautiful! At a first glace she looks like her father but a closer look she looks like me in more ways then one.
Ginger's Turn.
Baby 10, Ginger turned out beautiful too. Ginger's looks is 95% of her father. You couldn't see it when she was a tot, but she has my hair color.
And finally but not the least was Silas and Paisley! Oh, I couldn't wait to see what my little twins look like as tots! Like me? Like their father? or Like their grandma Violet Newbie? We'll see!!
Baby 12, Paisley looks like me for now. She has her father's hair color and skin tone. I'm not sure but if Angel has brown eyes then she got it from him.
Baby 11, Silas looks just like Paisley, same skin tone like their father, same eye color like their father, same looks from me. The only difference is that Silas has BLOND hair! Yes I said it! BLOND!
I took Silas' hat off and took another picture to show you his blond hair. I was curious at first because neither me nor Angel has blond hair. My parents don't have blond hair and neither does Angel's parents. But as I was thinking about it more I realized that some of Violet Newbie's kids had blond hair when neither her or the father's had it. Some of her sister's are blond so the genes were carried. So I figured Angel may not have gotten the blond hair but he most certainly had the genes.
After the crazy move and the aging of all my kids, I decided to relax and play some piano.
Only to remember that there was garden that needed care for. There was a harvester so I thought I'd harvest everything before weeding and watering.
I turned on the harvester, it was extremely powerful so harvesting the plants are going to be kind of fun.
While I was messing around with the harvester, my kids are in the living room playing some video games.
Erik: I'm sooo going to beat you guys in this game!!!!
Ginger: That's not fair Erik, your better at this game then we are!
Matthew: Don't worry I'll get him for you Ginger!
Mary: Not unless I get him first!
Matthew: It's on!
Awe sweet little Silas playing with his favorite toy in the toy box.
This is a cute picture, both sets of twins playing together at the block table.
Here's a different view of the them at the table.
After a long day I decided to take a nice hot bath.
Ah! How relaxing! :D
In the morning my kids started school.
Ginger: Bye Mom, were going to school!
Dawn: Bye Honey! Be Safe!
After the school bus left my sight I took the opportunity of free time to check my mail. First of all, Nellie sent me a letter saying that France had tooken part in Leiah Mistoffelees Challenge. She was upset at first but France made it up to her by proposing again. They're going to renew their vows. My second letter was an invitation to my cousin's wedding. I couldn't believe it my cousin was getting married, I haven't seen him since high school. I RSVP'd right away.
That evening I called Lerk over, It was time for Erik to make up his mind if wants to finally turn. I called Erik over to us.
Dawn: Erik are you ready to be turned?
Erik: Well mom and dad I decided to not be turned. I considered that since I was not born a vampire then I was never meant to be one.
Lerk: Well we only want whats best for you son and if you want to become a vampire later in life you have my blessing!
Erik: Thanks mom, thanks dad! I'll leave home first thing in the morning.
Erik ran off to do gods knows what and I was left with Lerk to myself.
In the morning I gave Erik my goodbye hug. I was going to miss him so much, but he was off to set a record. He needed to find challenges to join.
I thought some family bonding would be nice.
We all sat around a fire roasting marshmallows as a family!
Ginger love to spend her time warming up! The fire pit can be so soothing. 
Unfortunately Matthew wanted to warm up some of his body parts too.
Dawn: Matthew would you please be so kind and not stick your behind so close to my face?
Matthew: Oops! Sorry Mom!!
I looked over at Mary who seemed to be hypnotize by the fire's flames.
I was close to finishing my athletic skill so I worked on the treadmill to hopefully master it sooner. I worked till dawn then no more......I was stopped by a familiar kick!
I was pregnant!?
First I was so excited to be pregnant, I love the feeling of creating life and feeling a human being growing inside me!
But this pregnancy was so unexpected---I never saw it coming, It was so unplanned---I wasn't even trying to continue my challenge so soon after the birth of the twins, I was unsure if I should even count this child as part of my challenge because......
It was his child.
I called him up right away.
Lerk: Hey babe, what's up?
Dawn: Lerk...I'm pregnant.
It only took Lerk a few seconds to realize that when I said I was pregnant, it was his baby. He came over right after work, he too couldn't believe that he had gotten me pregnant. We weren't trying for a baby, but yet again we were preventing it!
He rubbed my tummy softly and savored it, because Lerk never felt the kick of his child before. Even when I was pregnant with Erik. For all he knows this could be our last child together, because we'll never know if our love will last long enough for me to finish my challenge and be with him.
Mary saw what was going on and wanted to feel my tummy too.
Mary: Mommy, do you know if it's a boy or girl?
Dawn: No, but I can't wait for the surprise.
I wasn't planning on using cheats like eating any watermelons and apples, or even listening to kids music and watching kids shows to influence any twins. I wanted this pregnancy to be a complete surprise.
It was teaching time for the twins. I thought that walking first would be best.
Of course Silas needed my hands for support.
Talking was going to be a challenge.
While I was teaching Silas, Matthew was teaching Paisley her skills.
Mary was working on the computer when she felt an strange feeling.
The feeling made her turn her head to were it was coming from, Only to her surprise she was faced with.....
A ghost. An orange ghost. A child. Who was familiar to Mary only through pictures she had seen, but then the pictures were taken when he was alive.
She hopped off her chair.
Mary: You must be Tyler?!
She took his hand to introduce herself as his half sister.
They soon found they had things in common, and bonded til the sunrise had driven Tyler back to his grave.
After hearing that Tyler had come for a visit, I began to miss having him part of my family again. I needed to master my cooking skill.
I made some pancakes. Even though I won't be eating any of this, the practice will get me closer to having Tyler with me again.
After making apple pancakes, I put them in the fridge and started a batch of cookies.
The cooking skill is not the only thing I had to master to bring back Tyler.
To pass the time till labor I played some tunes.
Of course I didn't have to wait too long cause the contractions started after 2 hours of playing on the piano.
I did my deep breathing and concentrated.
and out came mine and Lerk's baby girl, I introduce you to Baby 13, Heather Lee.
If you haven't noticed I decided to add my new daughter as part of my challenge even though she was never intended. It didn't matter if I had her from a previous father in my challenge, Elizabeth Reting had more then one baby with a man she loved, why not me? I laid Heather Lee in her crib, welcoming her to her new family until....
Out came another little girl! Lerk and I had twin daughters!? I introduce you to Baby 14, LaVerne.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed it! If you haven't noticed I made a few changes to my blog and there's now different pages you can visit! One in particular is the suggestion page, there you can make suggestions for baby names, or if you have a father that you want to participate in my 100 baby challenge, or if you have any ideas to what could happen to Dawn and her family next and I'll consider it! Thanks again and don't forget to leave a comment below or in my cbox ahead.


  1. Heya Dawn!

    I used a certain someone as a daddy for my 11th and 12th kids :) Check out my blog- and their chapter specifically :D! I was thrilled with how they turned out!

  2. Lerk and Dawn are the cutest couple ever! I love how he love's her even while she does the challenge. This post was great (Like always) and I can't wait to see Heather and LaVerne grow up!

    P.S. Silas must get his hair from his aunt Sarah and Aunt Zoey (My/Violet's sisters)

  3. Thanks Vi! But Sarah and Zoey are Silas' great aunts! :D

  4. hey i love your blog it is wonderful! i enjoy reading it! and also, where did u get that bathtubO:?

  5. Twins with Lerk. What a great surprise!

    I hope that she can master hew cooking skill and bring Tyler back!

    All of the children aged up beautifully!

  6. OMG Dawn that was a surprise ! :D <3