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Christmas Special- Baby # 9 & 10

Sorry again for the late post guys and this one is shorter then my others so sorry again! :(

 I checked the mail and found that I got a certificate from city hall for mastering the sculpturing skill, I hung it on the wall for all my kids to see, and so they all know you can do anything if you try.
While I was talking on the phone to my agent, some how I jumped two stars of popularity and I'm now a 4 star celebrity. I have no idea how that happened, maybe it was from when I went to court for fraud and won. (sorry i didn't take pics of that but it did happen).
 I was tending my garden when I saw that one of my trees had died on me.
 It was my very first tree I planted, it has been here when I started my challenge years ago and now it's dead.
 I was tempted to keep it for memories but it might effect my other plants and give them a disease, plus I need to plant another tree for income. I was running low on money from when I had my house reconstructed.
 After disposing of my tree and planting another one I got a visit from my daughter Nellie. She wanted to tell me how marriage was going for her and that.....
 I was going to be a grandma. I couldn't believe it my daughter was pregnant my first grandchild was going to be here soon.
 And what do you know, soon was pretty soon cause just then Nellie went into labor while visiting me. I was pretty freaked cause I never had to deal with anyone besides me going in labor.
 I told her to head to the hospital and I'll call Francisco. She agreed and left. she was going to call me over once she comes back home from the hospital.
6 hours later I get a call that I'm now a grandma to a new baby boy named Heriberto. I thought it was pretty funny name. (The sims game named Nellie's son Heriberto, not me).
 I went home and picked up my little boy, it was time to age my kids and have Stark move out. I wasn't looking forward to it but it has to be done.
 I put Erik on the floor and he started to glow, my vampire baby was aging.
 Baby 7, Erik, looks so much like his father. He has gotten his father's hair( I know Lerk's hair is a reddish color but he has dark roots and that's were Erik got his hair) And Erik has gotten his father's eye brows, the arch.
 Now it was time to age the rest of my children. I blew through the little horn as it was Matthew's turn to age.
 Baby 8, Matthew, looks just like his father for now. He has gotten his father's skin tone and hair color, thank goodness. And Matthew has gotten my light purple eyes.
 and Rose was next to age. They're now going to be teenagers.
 Baby 4, Lilly, She's so beautiful here. I have no idea if she looks like her father because her father was wearing sunglasses, the same for her sisters. I think she has her father's eye shape, my nose and lips. Lilly going to attract all the boys! :)
 Baby 5, Violet, looks different from her sisters, they all look different. Violet is just as beautiful as Lilly. Violet has my eye shape, her father's nose and lips.
 Baby 6, Rose, has her father's nose, lips and eye shape, and the only thing of me in her is her skin and hair, Even though her hair is a different kind of brown.
 Stark's turn, he's going to turn into a YA and move.
 Baby 2, Stark, looks like his father so much but I can still see a little me in him. I'm so glad he's gotten my purple eyes. I hope when he moves out he'll have a great life and settle down and get married or join a challenge if he wants. Thinking now I would have never had him if it weren't from my friend Vi.

Download him here and make him happy!
 Stark decided to enter the journalism career
 Lilly and Rose gotten a lifetime Wish of becoming a world renown surgeon.
I gave my first son a goodbye hug, he's moving out and leaving me. It's the hardest part of taking on the challenge. I started to think about Tyler and how if he hadn't past he'll be moving out with Stark now too. 
Stark: bye mom, I'll miss you!
Dawn: Bye Stark, I'm going to miss you too!
After Stark left I got a call from my daughter Nellie, she said that her and Francisco wanted me to age Heriberto into a toddler for them. I agreed, I wouldn't say no to an opportunity of aging my first grandson.
 I got dressed and ran to their house. I know what your thinking "running?", they live in the house right next to mine, it was only a short walk away.
 I made it to their house in seconds.
 I walked up the stairs and rang the bell. Once she answered the door and greeted me I went up stairs to see me first grandson.
 He was so cute and precious. I played with him a while before aging him.
 I saw that he was hungry so I fed him. I didn't want Heriberto to be hungry on his birthday. After feeding him I put Heriberto on the floor and watched as the sparkles surround him.
After he aged I pick him off the floor. He got Nellie's hair and Francisco's looks! I couldn't tell what his eye color was, I think it was brown. :D
 I got a call from the school. Lilly and Rose was on the Honor roll.....
 But Violet was failing school, They think that she's been distracted. I later found that Violet has been working in the garden instead of doing her homework, That's why she doesn't has a lifetime wish yet. I understand that she loves the outdoors but she needs to get her homework done.
 I confronted Rose.
Dawn: Rose honey, your sister Violet is failing school and if she doesn't improve her grades then I can't age any of you til she does. So can you talk to your sister and help her with her homework?
 Rose was very understanding of this.
Rose: Of course mom, I wouldn't want any one of my sisters failing school. I'll talk to her.
Dawn: Thanks sweety!
 After Violet was done in the garden, Rose confronted her.
Rose: Hey sis, Mom says your failing school and if you don't improve your grades neither of us can age.
 Violet: I know I'm failing but school is so hard.
 Violet: Unless you and Lilly are willing to help me? So can you help?
Rose: Of course I wouldn't leave you hanging!
Violet leaned in and gave Rose a huge hug.
Violet: Thanks Sis!
 While I was painting Lilly came up to me.
 Lilly: Mom, why don't we have snow for Christmas?
Dawn: Well Sweety Twinbrook is just one of those towns that doesn't get snow, It' too hot.
 The next day after shopping for Christmas presents I walked into the house and saw a red man with Green and white hair.
 He was playing with Matthew on the floor.
 Dawn: Excuse me, who are you and what are you doing in my house and with my son?
 Rose came from the living room and looked at me in apology.
Rose: Sorry mom, I let him. He said he knew Matthew's father.
 Then the red man got up from the floor and walked over to me.
Man: Sorry about that I'm Simon Holiday, Harold's brother?, Matthew's uncle?.
 I turned to face him.
Simon: I only wanted to see my Nephew, I didn't mean to intrude.
 Dawn: You are more then welcome to visit Matthew, but you could at least called or waited till I came home.
 Simon: Thanks and sorry again! I also came over in hoping to join your challenge, my brother suggested it since I wanted a kid and having no such luck in finding a girl.
 Dawn: Well of course you can join my challenge, you came just in time for the holidays! But Come back tomorrow theirs a party I was invited to tonight.
Simon: Thank you so much Dawn, I'll be here tomorrow!
Before Simon left I looked at him and noticed that Simon looks just like Harold but different. He seems more innocent. Like a younger brother. and his hair color and skin color are the same but switched.
Simon then left and I went to Lerk's party.
 Lerk: Hey Dawn I'm glad you made it.
Dawn: Hey Lerk, I'm glad I came.
 Lerk: Hows my boy Erik, I got your message that he didn't become a vampire.
Dawn: He's doing great in school and misses you deeply, So do I! :)
Lerk: Well I missed you too, so how about a kiss to make it up?
 I just giggled and gave him a huge kiss.
 Then I saw Della Wriner was there too. I was getting nervous I never told any of the challenge mothers about Lerk and me. I didn't know how they would react to me being with a father of my challenge, I was breaking the rules. I wasn't really dating him, only a romantic interest and I was going to wait til after the challenge to date him. Will they understand? I didn't want to risk losing my friends so I'll keep it quiet.
 Lerk noticed that I was looking at Della and knew why so he change the subject for me.
Lerk: So how's your challenge? Find father number 6 yet?
 When The guests left and it was only me Lerk became flirty again.
Lerk: You want to stay the night?
I just gave him a little giggle and shook my heard.
I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and left. He knew very well that I can't woohoo with him and risk getting pregnant by a father that already participated in my challenge.
 I came home and changed my clothes and decided to watch some TV.
 But Erik came to me with an expression that look sort of sad and confused at the same time.
Erik: Mom can I talk to you?
I padded on the seat next to me and said...
Dawn: Come sit and tell mommy what's wrong!
 Erik: Well mom I was wondering that since Dad was a vampire then why am I not one too?
 I was caught off guard. All the challenge mothers that have gotten a vampire child always got that question of why they're vampires and their siblings and moms aren't. I thought I didn't have to worry since my son didn't become one, but I guess I was wrong.
Dawn: Well honey you took after me, and I'm not a vampire.
 Erik: But Mom I want to be a vampire, I feel inside me that I was meant to be a vampire but your genes took over. It's like I'm a vampire lost inside a human body.
 I completely understood what he was talking about. That happens to all kinds of people. Like Girls trapped in boy bodies and boys trapped in girl bodies. I didn't want my son to go threw this and not be happy. I want my kids to always me happy even if it hurts me.
Dawn: I tell you what, you call your father and if he says it's okay, when your old enough he can change you.
 Erik jumped of the couch and before I can get the chance of getting up myself he ran into me and gave me a hug.
Erik: Thank you, thank you, thank you mom, I love you so much.
Erik then pulled out his phone and dialed his father's number and when Lerk answered and he started explaining.
 Simon came over the next day and we didn't say much, we only went up stairs and got in bed.
 The Christmas chimes went off and my hopefully red baby will be on his or her way.
 YUK!!! Puking is just :( Blah!
 My garden has been booming. I recently found an unknown seed and planted it, I can't wait to see what is turns out to be.
 I love my mother daughter times. And while I was tending my garden with my kids I got my baby bump sign. I only threw up once, thank goodness.
 I headed inside cause Matthew still needed to learn his skills, I taught him to walk first.
 Then I taught him to talk. These are the moments were you can really bond with your kids cause once they're older you lose contact because they make friends and are always in school.
 I brought Matthew in the bathroom to teach him to use the potty and I started to think, not only will Matthew have a new brother or sister but he will have a new cousin. It was kind of funny if you think about.
 Potty training was quicker then I thought, he such a fast learner. That's My Boy!
 Nellie came over today to tell me that she's pregnant again and with Twins, I couldn't believe it, my daughter was pregnant with two and I was getting more grandbabies.
Nellie was in the medical field and I started to think that multi-genders would be great, but she wasn't far enough into the career to predict genders, maybe another time.
 After Nellie left I mailed the challenge moms their Christmas presents and then went inside and played with Matthew till the baby arrives.
 I wasn't playing with Matthew not two minutes when I went in labor, this labor was extremely painful, I was crying because of the pain, so Rose called the ambulance and they took me to the hospital.
 The doctor said that I was in labor for 6 hours before my water actually broke. All that pain was from the babies being too eager to be born. Yes I said babies, I had Twins, both girls!
 I went home in a limo and not a taxi, it was because I was now a four star celebrity.
 I welcome to my challenge Baby 9, Mary Turner, Named after the Virgin Mary, Jesus' mom.
 And Here's Baby 10, Ginger Turner, Named after my favorite holiday cookie, gingerbread.
I'm now 1/10 of the way done with my challenge, 90 more babies to go!
I wanted to have my first family photo because I seen that Violet Newbie has lots of them. Tyler Turner, Baby 3 of my challenge who had past away, was visiting me and I decided put him in the photo, he's IS son. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Thanks for reading my post and I hoped you enjoyed it! If you have any questions, comments or any name suggestions for future babies in Dawn's family please leave a comment either below, in my cbox above or you can email me at 

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