Friday, May 4, 2012

The Difference Love Makes- Babies 90, 91, & 92

"I knew it, I just know it." Addy crossed her and starred at me. She looked pleased at what I just said, mainly because she pretty much guessed what I was gonna say before I even said it.
"It's funny how you knew it before I even did. You and Lerk both. I don't know why I didn't see it." I starred at a blank spot on the wall as my hands hung carelessly off my knees. I had called Addy over just to tell her about Newbie, I needed to tell someone, anyone, and Addy is one of my very best friends and I knew I could tell her anything.
Addy eyed me up and down and gave me one of those devious grins, the kind that your best friend gives you in grade school when she knew that you have a crush on a curtain guy. But this was no crush, in grade school, this was me being in love with my best guy friend.
"So when are you gonna tell him?" Addy asked, breaking my gaze at the wall.
"I said when are you gonna tell Newbie how you feel?"
I shook my head, surprised at Addy's question. "What?! No. I'm not telling him. He's never gonna find out."
"But Dawn, you have to tell him. Why wont you tell him that you lo-"
"He's has a girlfriend, Addy, or did you forget? Besides I don't know if he loves me back and there's no way to find out. He can't know, ever."
"Are you kidding me? HELLO EARTH TO DAWNIE, is someone in that messed up head of yours. Gosh your more blind then I thought. Dawn he does have feelings for you, it's so obvious, it's just he hasn't figured it out yet."
"I don't know."
"Look Dawn, if you don't tell him, I will."
"UGH!!" I grunted, falling back on my bed with my hands over my chest. "I'll tell him."
"Yay!" Addy squealed in delight that I had given in to her demands.
I lifted myself up again to look at Addy who now had her arms crossed.
"That's more like it."
"I'll tell him, but you have to let me do it at my own time. Okay?"
I wrapped my arms around my knees and looked over at the picture of Newbie that hung on my wall. I started to think of all the possible ways that I could tell Newbie, but each scenario in my head had a bad ending. I didn't like thinking about it and so I went downstairs to celebrate my kids' birthdays before Addy had to leave again.
Like always we celebrated the oldest kids' birthday first. Baby 85, Hannah went first and became a drop dead gorgeous young woman. She's one of the prettiest out off all my daughters and will definitely find herself a man sooner then later.
Baby 86, Henry, Hannah's younger twin celebrated his birthday right after and he too became an extremely handsome man. Watch out ladies. *Wink*
**Hannah & Henry**
"HA! You hear that, Henry? I'm mom's favorite."
"She didn't say you were her favorite, Hannah. She said you were pretty. If anything I'm her favorite."
"Well it doesn't matter anyways, I'm gorgeous, unlike you. Like if you'll ever get a woman. Ha-HA!"
"You hear that everyone!!! Henry can't get himself a woman."
"Shut up, Hannah. I can get any girl I want."
"No you shut up Henry."
After all the arguing back and forth Hannah and Henry were ready to leave and start lives of their own.
From a distance I saw Luke toddling his way over to me with a big smile on his adorable little face.
"Mommy! My birfday?"
"Yes sweety it's your birthday."
I leaned over and picked Luke off the wooden floor and brought him over to his birthday cake.
Baby 89, Luke Turner as child. Luke is such a handsome young lad, but don't look into his eyes too long, the piecing yellow-green can hypnotize you.
Last to age were my other set of twins Victor and Kip. Baby 87, Victor Turner as a teen.
Baby 88, Kip Turner as a teen. Both boys turned out to be such cuties. :)
I was pissed off when I got a call from the next challenge father- cancelling our date. Thankfully Addy was there to save my behind. She told me she knew of the perfect guy and he happened to be here in Hidden Springs. She wouldn't tell me his name; it was suppose to be a surprise. All I knew was that he was in a couple challenges and making his way through the baby challenge community.
I looked through the telescope-viewing the distant mountains that make up the border around Hidden's Springs. It was such a pretty site. I was so engulfed in the beauty that I almost didn't hear him approaching.
"Dawn?" He said in a voice that sounded very familiar.
I looked up from the telescope and made eye contact with a light blue skinned man with blond and blueish-green hair. I knew his voice sounded familiar, I knew who he was the moment I laid my eyes on his deep purple eyes.
"Bryn? Bryn Windfield? I should have known Addy was sending you. I heard you were in Calista Smith's and Love Sierra's challenge, right?"
"Yep! Yeah my sister said your last challenge father cancelled and you were in need of a replacement."
"Yes, and thank you for helping me out."
Bryn and I decided to hang around the area a bit before heading back to my house. There really wasn't much to do besides paint, so we both agreed that I should paint a portrait of Bryn for Addy.
"She's gonna like this Dawn, you're really good."
"Thank you, Bryn. I just hope she does like it."
"Don't worry, she will."
The sun began to set as I added the finishing touches to the portrait of Bryn. He and I both loved the finished product and couldn't wait to give it to Addy.
Bryn walked up to me, getting really close. I could feel his breath when he exhaled deeply. He looked into my eyes and I could tell he was more then ready to conceive this child.
The drive back to my house was fast and the walk to my room was even faster. There was no time to get acquainted any further, we were ready to make this baby. We jumped onto the bed and got comfortable.
Then he leaned over me and I got a sudden feeling of quilt. I had no idea where this feeling was coming from and I didn't want it there. It took all my will power not to push Bryn off me and go running out of my room. I tried to clear my head of all thoughts and feelings as we slid under the blanket.

A few days ago I heard from my son Kip that Victor was  dating this girl from their school. Her name is Star Shue.
I could only imagine what she looked like from what Kip said she looked like and when I did finally met her, she and Victor were making out in the living room. I'm glad he got himself a girlfriend but does he have to do that in front of me?
A day after Bryn left, I was already showing signs that I was pregnant. It happened much sooner then usually, but you know what they say with each new pregnancy you start showing a lot more. Boy they were right, but I never had a pregnancy this fast.
I was getting pretty bored being locked in my room. I haven't left the house in a day and frankly I didn't want to. I didn't want to take a chance of running into Newbie. If I see him and don't tell him my feelings then I'm gonna hear it big time from Addy- I just wasn't ready to tell him. So to occupy myself around the house I checked up on my boys; I found Kip and Victor in the living room playing video games.
"What are you two up to?"
"I'm beating Kip's butt, Ma."
"I'm just rusty that's all. I haven't played for a day."
"More like this morning. Ha-ha-ha."
Victor laughed at Kip, who was now getting frustrated with the game and started beating on his controller. I just ignored the two and headed over to the kitchen where Luke was doing his homework. As I approached the kitchen the house phone began to ring.
Luke immediately stopped what he was doing, jumped up from his chair, and quickly answered the phone.
"Hello?...Oh hi Newbie...yea I'll go get her." Luke looked up from the phone and called out my name. "MOOOOOOM, Newbie is on the phone!"
I hurried into kitchen and started waving my arms back and forth and whispering, I'm in the shower, at Luke. I didn't want to talk to Newbie, I couldn't talk to Newbie. It was not like before when I didn't know I love him, now it was different.
Luke politely told Newbie I was in the shower and I will call him as soon as I can and hung up.
"I'm sorry I made you lie sweety, it's just mommy is going through tough grown up things."
"It's okay mommy, I understand."
I smiled down at my little boy's face and gave him a great big hug.
After releasing our hug Luke ran into living room, where he joined in on the video gaming with his two older brothers. I hated that I made Luke lie, it's something I don't want to teach my kids, but I just couldn't talk to Newbie.
I've been avoiding Newbie since I found out my feelings and it hasn't been easy. I stayed inside besides that one time to see Bryn, and I ignore all his calls and text, which is probably why he called the house phone.
I left the boys alone to play their video game while I went back upstairs to my office.
Sat in my comfortable office chair and started up my computer. While it loaded I noticed the picture of Lerk and me back when I only had 20 kids and Lerk hadn't told me of his plans of joining in the army yet. I closed my eyes as I imagined that day in the hospital room. I was just recovering from the attack from Wei and I was already halfway through my pregnancy of my 21st child. I remember being really upset and thinking that I'd never see him again.
I opened my eyes and looked back at the picture. Now it was just a memory of my past love life. I reached out and slammed the picture frame face down. I didn't want to face my past, I wanted to put all the behind me and move on.
The computer finished loading and I was able to enter my password. Once in I pulled up word and opened my file marked cassidystory. A while back when Newbie was dating Cassidy, well actually after he dated her, I started a book about a girl who come between a man and his best friend. It was titled Meeting Cassidy James.
I began typing chapter twenty when my phone suddenly rung. Pulling it out of my pocket and placing between my ear and shoulder, I answered.
"DAWNIE!! I got a call from my brother and he told me that you were pregnant. Soooo?!"
"Yea, I'm pregnant. Whatsit to ya?"
"Your carrying my niece/nephew, that's what it is. I'm so excited."
"Ha-ha. It's weird thinking that I'm pregnant with my best friend's niece/nephew."
"How is it weird? You carried other babies related to challenge moms before."
"I don't know."
"Well anyway I just wanted to confirm the news with the woman who's pregnant."
"Okay. Talk to you later Addy. Bye."
The last few days just flew by me and before I knew it I was on my last day of my pregnancy. I managed to avoid Newbie for an entire week; even that was tough. Newbie kept it up with the text and there was no room left in my voice mail box for him to leave any more. He constantly kept calling the land line since I refused to pick up my cell phone and then I would have the kids pick it up and give him an excuse to why I was not there to take his call.
It got to the point where he started messaging me on Simbook, asking me if I was okay, and if I was mad at him. I would read the message and give him very short answers like I'm fine, or I'm not mad, just ensure him I'm still alive.
I stayed in my room for most of the day. There really wasn't much to do besides look at the pictures on my wall. I looked at all my pictures at least twenty times each and I would find myself looking back at the picture of myself and Lerk. It had been hanging there since Lerk came back. I don't know why I haven't taken it down yet.
I had a huge craving for grilled cheese so I wobbled downstairs into the kitchen. After I ate I cleaned the fish tank and fed the fish. When I was done my phone started to go off. Without thinking I answered it without checking the Caller ID.
"Hello?" I said in a happy tone.
"You answered?!" When I heard Newbie's voice on the other end of the line my face went white and I got really nervous.
"H-hi Newbie."
"Dawn I wanted to talk to you. I wanna know why your not answering my calls or responding to my texts."
"Oh, I, uh."
"Can we meet?"
"Oh, um, I can't. I'm really busy right now."
"You don't look busy."
"Dawn I see you. I'm at your front door." 
My eyes zipped to the front door and well and behold there's Newbie looking in through the window with his phone to his ear- waving at me. I lowered my phone and hung up and Newbie did the same. My heart started to pound when Newbie walked through the front door and over to me.
This was what I've trying to avoid, me acting like a complete fool.
"Dawn we need to talk."
My shoulders fell as I gave a defeated sigh. It's now or never I told myself. I have to tell Newbie the truth.
"Newbie I-"
"MOOOOOOOOM!!" Luke yelled from the living room.
Newbie gave me a nod and I walked over to see what Luke had wanted.
"What is it?" I said relieved that Luke had stopped me from telling Newbie. I swear sometimes I could just kiss that boy all over.
"Mom we're playing teams and we need one more player to be on Victor's team."
"Well, um. I wouldn't be much of any help. Why not have Newbie join you. It seems more of a boy's game anyway."
Hearing his name Newbie walked over to see what everyone was talking about.
"Newbie will you be on my team?" Victor asked from across the room.
Newbie looked over at me and I gave him a faint smile. Newbie semi-smiled in response, his eyes saying: we'll talk later.
Newbie looked back at the boys and gave them an evil grin. "Bring on the gaming."
When Newbie's back faced me from walking to the couch I bolted to the nursery where I could wait out the rest of my pregnancy without being in the same room as him. I walked into the room just as labor hit. It happened so fast I barely was in the room for two seconds before I started my heavy breathing.
In 30 minutes my first of three babies was born.
I introduce you to Baby 90, Bryn Turner. (named after his father)
Baby 91, Nathan Turner. (named suggested by AKirby)
And baby 92, Jamee Turner. (named after Jamee Snuffer)
"Three!! I can't believe you got triplets with Bryn. This is so exciting."
"Yeah I know I can't believe it either, but hey 3 babies means I'm that much closer to finishing my challenge, which now I'm in the single digits. 8 more babies, can you believe it?"
"Yeah. Wow your almost done....which reminds me. Dawn have you told Newbie yet? I heard he was over at your house yesterday. Dawn if you don't tell him I will."
"I will Addy, I will. It's just... I need time. But I'll tell him, I promise."
"I'm taking you up on your promise, Dawn, it's one I'm not letting you break."
I hoped you like this post as much as I did writing it. I'm sorry for how long it took for me to get this post out. It's just this week has been crazy with me catching up in missing work, and the fact that finals are next week. But my summer break is starting on the 10th and then I'll belong to the sims.
I'm so happy to finally be in the single digits in my challenge, it's hard to believe that I'm already at baby 92 and soon Dawn will be done and starting her new future after her challenge.
Seeing how fast I've been getting through my second half of the challenge I wouldn't be surprise if Dawn will be finish sometime in June, possibly late May. ;)
Well I hope you enjoyed reading this and please comments are appreciated. Thank you.
I would like to thank Addy McKnight (AddyKat) for letting me use her Sim Bryn Windfield as the Father of babies 90-92!
You a fan of Newbie Starr? What about Lerk Bitters/Bitemen?
Well they now have pages on facebook and I'll be treating them like personal FB profiles for the two characters.
So if you want to be friends with Newbie or Lerk 'Like' their page.
Newbie's Page
Lerk's Page
I have download links to all Dawn's kids under 'The Kids' page above. If you wanted to use any of her kids for your challenge, stories or just to have them in your game. 

I also have the links to most of the father's in my challenge under 'The Fathers'. I make most of the Dads in Dawn's challenge and I put them all up on the exchange for any of you that want to use them for your challenge too.  

For any extra downloads just go under 'Other Downloads' which includes other sims and objects that appeared in my blog. Includes ALL of Dawn's grandkids that were born in my game only. Dean's wife and son. Custom made clothing. Dawn herself and her brothers and parents and many more sims. 

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