Monday, May 14, 2012

A Failed Attempt at 'I Love You'- Babies 93, 94 & 95

I swear time flies by so fast. It's like I blink once and it's time for my babies to age up in the next stage of life. Some kids go and some new ones arrive. It's like an endless cycle that just keeps going and going. I don't know what I'll do when this challenge of mine is over.
Baby 90, Bryn became a child. He kept his hair long to look more like his father since he was the only one of the triplets to get none of his dad's facial feature; he looks more like a Turner then a Windfield.
Baby 91, Nathan also grew out his hair some and looked a lot like his brother Bryn. Bryn didn't like his brother being a copy cat, but he pretty much knew that there was nothing he could do and started to ignore the similarities in their hair.
Baby 92, Jamee is just a fun loving girl who just loves pink. She keeps her hair up in a fun looking ponytail, she loves to be different and doesn't care what other people think.
Baby 88, Kip became a handsome young man and is ready for anything and everything.
Baby 87, Victor too became a handsome man. As Victor matured his sense of style did too.
Teenager Luke
Adult Luke
Baby 89, Luke aged up twice. He practically begged me if he could age up with Kip and Victor, and since they didn't complain and was willing to let him live with them I didn't argue and agreed. Of course I'll miss him like crazy and he'll miss out on being a teenager, but if it's what he wants then who am I to keep him from doing it.
I took one last photo of my boys all grown up before they left for a new life. I will definitely miss the last of the Color friend's babies.
I was doing the last of the chores around the house when my phone rang. I nearly spilled water all over the floor from the sudden noise of my phone going off. The first person that entered my mind was Newbie, I started to freak and look at the door, thinking he was gonna do the same thing he did last time.
Newbie and I never did get to talk after he played video games with the boys. His girlfriend, Breeze called saying she had some free time before she had to go the work and wanted to spend it with him. I was relieved to see him go and I didn't have to face him.
I looked down and saw that it wasn't Newbie calling but Love Sierra. I answered with a cheerful hello and she responded with  just as cheerful hello back. We did some catching then she told me that her son Hartock would like to join my challenge and wanted to know if I was excepting fathers right now, then I told her I was and gave her a time and place for him to meet me.
When I hung up with Love I got a text from Addy saying;
"DAWNIE!! We need to talk. I'll be at your place in 10."
I knew what she wanted and knew that I wasn't gonna stop her from coming over no matter what, so I just text back saying;
When Addy arrived she dragged me into my master bathroom upstairs. I sat on the side of the tub while I waited for her to start yelling at me. It had been about a month since I told Addy about Newbie and she has been on my case since.
She leaned against my bathroom sink and did a quick sigh as she looked at me. "Dawnie you can't keep doing this."
"I know. I know. It's just, I can't seem to find the right time to tell him, and when there is a chance I just can't seem to do it. I freeze up and get nervous."
She pushed herself off the sink and sat on the tub beside me. "You'll get that chance; I'll make sure of it. Don't worry, I'm here and I'm gonna help you get through this."
"Yes, first your gonna call Newbie and invite him over. Tell him you have to talk to him about something important. Once that's done we're gonna find you a drop dead gorgeous dress to wear for when he comes over."
"A dress? Why?"
"You have to look hot. We want Newbie to look at you other then just as a friend. So you can't dress like a girl whose about to hang out with the gals."
"Oh, um, okay."
Addy jumped up from the tub and walked into my room. Then I got up and followed her, not sure what she was up to until I saw her grab my phone off my dresser and hand it to me.
"Call him."
I slowly took my phone from Addy's hands and punched in Newbie's number. Placing the phone to my ear I could hear it ringing, then Newbie's voice came through my phone.
"Dawn? Is that you? I'm surprised you called. You haven't answered any of my calls. Is there something you wanna talk about?"
"No, um, I mean yes, but not through the phone. Can you come over my place tomorrow night?"
"Yeah, sure Dawn. I'll be there. See you tomorrow then."
"Okay, bye Newbie. Yeah, see you tomorrow."
I turned and faced Addy as I said my goodbye to Newbie. I placed my phone back on my dresser and Addy grinned at me.
"There that wasn't so bad now was it?"
"That isn't the conversion I'm worried about."
"I know, but trust me. Everything is gonna be fine."
"I guess your right."
"Dawnie, of course I'm right. I'm always right."
After I ended my call with Newbie, Addy didn't waste a second more and started to dig in my closet for a dress I could wear. She dug deep until she found a dress I bought years ago but never got to wear. I tried it on and she examined me in it.
"Yes, yes this dress if perfect."
"You think so?"
"You look great. We'll just have to do something with your hair and then you're ready."
The next day I meet Hartock Sierra, the next father in my challenge. Also know as Love Sierra's son.
We decided to hang a bit at my favorite venue in town before jumping into the baby making. We went straight to the second floor where all the games were located. I wanted to sing on the karaoke machine but Hartock persuaded me into playing some video game.
I have to confess I got a little too into the game. Lol!
Even though I was lost in the game I still noticed a flash of pink from the corner of my eye.
I looked to see and saw that it was my daughter Katniss.
"KATNISS! HEY!" I yelled, waving at my daughter.
"Oh, hey mom. Funny running into you here," Katniss replied. Katniss flashed me a smile, and did a small wave. This was the first I'd seen my daughter since she moved out.
I get up from the game and walked over to give her a great big hug. Hartock stopped playing when I walked off, since its no fun to play a two player game with just one person.
Hartock walked over when Katniss started to talk about things going on in her life. I happily introduce the two.
"Hartock this is my daughter Katniss. And Katniss this is Hartock, he's gonna be the next father in my challenge."
"Hello Hartock, nice to meet you."
"Same to you."
I walked a few feet away to give these a little chatting time. I don't know why but I love playing matchmaker, and I had a feeling that Hartock likes Katniss from the way he looked at her.

*3rd person point of view*
Dawn went and grabbed herself a drink from the bar, leaving Hartock and Katniss alone to get acquainted. Hartock knew what Dawn was up to and appreciated it.
"Hey Katniss, I was wondering if you would like to go out with me some time?"
Katniss was surprised by Hartock's question and began to get a little uneasy.
"Well, um, I'm sorry Hartock but I don't date men that join my mother's challenge. It's kinda weird to me to go out with a guy that slept with my mom."
"Oh, but I haven't slept with her."
"Yeah, but your gonna. You are joining her challenge right?"
"Yeah but."
"I'm, I'm sorry Hartock. It's still no."
Katniss said goodbye to Hartock and Dawn and walked back downstairs to the first floor.

*Dawn's point of view*
When Katniss said goodbye and walked downstairs I knew something must have happened, so I went and joined Hartock.
"What happened?"
"She turned me down."
The look on Hartock's face when he said that nearly broke my heart.
"She doesn't want to go out because I'm a father of your challenge and being with a man that sleeps with her mom is weird to her."
I frowned when I heard this, then I came up with the perfect solution.
"How about we do artificial insemination instead? You just donate your sperm to me and we don't have to have sex or kiss or anything. That way you could still have a shot with her."
"Oh thank you Dawn." Hartock threw his arms around and gave me a big thank you hug.
"Your welcome, I love helping people out, especially if it means bringing two young kids together.

*Newbie's point of view*
I was walking with Breeze, hand in hand, enjoying the nice late evening air. I have an hour before I had to go to Dawn's but Breeze wanted to talk to me too.
I looked over at Breeze who was starring ahead at the lowering sun.
"So what did you wanna talk about, Breeze?"
She narrowed her eyes and then slowly looked me.
"Newbie I wanted to talk and us."
*Dawn's point of view*
I pulled out the lighter from the kitchen drawer and lit the lemon scented candle that Addy had given me. I threw the lighter back in the drawer and pulled out two wine glasses from one of the cabinets and placed them next to the bottle of wine I bought earlier today. Everything was ready for Newbie's arrival, I was ready to tell Newbie everything, or at least I thought I was.
I heard some foot steps coming up to the back door and quickly fixed my hair, then I heard voices. One voice wasn't Newbie's.
I ran to the back door and saw Newbie hand in hand with Breeze. I didn't know what to do but stand there and watch. They didn't seem to notice me and just kept talking; I could hear everything they were saying.
"I wanna thank you Newbie for a great evening."
"No thank you, the date turned out great. I don't think I could have had a better date."
They both leaned in and gave each a goodbye kiss and Breeze went on her way and Newbie walked to the door.
I turned around and faced the kitchen acting like I didn't see or hear anything. My heart ached and soon I started getting second thoughts about this evening- thinking that this was all a big mistake. My heart jumped when I heard the sliding door opened and Newbie walked in.
Newbie stopped and looked at his surroundings then looked at me.
"Dawn what's all this?"
I froze, not sure what to say. Then I remembered reading the newspaper earlier today about Newbie's new promotion. "I, I'm, um, This is to celebrate your new promotion at the hospital. You've been promoted to World Renowned Surgeon right?"
Newbie looked confused then he looked at me and what I was wearing again. "The dress?"
I looked down at the dress I wore and knew that it wasn't congratulations on your new job worthy, I had to think of something quick and I blurted the first thing that came to my head. "I had a date with the next father in my challenge. I didn't have time to change for our little party."
"Uh, Dawn."
"No, no, no. You know what never mind. I have to go anyway. I have a date with Lerk, my boyfriend. You enjoy the wine. I gotta go."
I ran out the house so fast that Newbie didn't have a chance to respond or say anything to stop me.
I didn't run anywhere particular, just the side of my house where Newbie couldn't see me. Once I was out of his sight I let the tears roll down my face as I began to cry. I couldn't tell Newbie, not after seeing him with Breeze and how happy he was with her. It would have been a mistake to tell him my feelings.
I let the tears come- without stopping them. I was standing there crying my eyes out all night until the sun began to rise early the next morning. My tears slowed down when 6 o'clock rolled around and then I heard Addy calling my name from the front yard.
"DAWN?! Are you home?"
"OVER HERE!" I yelled back.
Addy came running from the front yard to the side of the house. Her running picked up speed once she saw my messy hair ruined mascara- she knew I had been crying.
"Dawn! What happened? Don't tell me Newbie said he didn't love you back."
"No, it's not that. I didn't tell him. I couldn't, not after seeing how happy Breeze and Newbie looked as a couple. I couldn't ruin their relationship because I love Newbie."
"Oh, Dawn." Addy pulled me into a tight hug- making me feel just a tad bit better.
A few days later I found myself being lazy on the couch and watching tv. Well not really, I was on the couch but I barely paid any attention to what was on tv. Since that night I almost told Newbie my feelings I had blocked him out completely. I ignored all his calls, texts, simbook messages, and I even refused to answer the door when he tried to come over. I just didn't want to see or hear him. I even started to ignore what I look like too. I stopped putting on make-up completely.
I would enjoy being alone and sitting by the small pond in my backyard. I love watching the fish jump from the water and splash back down. It's so relaxing.
I got a call from Love the next day, she wanted to set up a playdate with her son Mason, and my three kids: Bryn, Nathan, and Jamee. Of course I didn't refuse because Mason and my kids were half siblings.
We met at one of the parks in Hidden Springs; we chatted while the kids were off playing.
"I got a call from my sister yesterday. She told me she's engaged and the man is wonderful and perfect."
"Wow, congratulations to your sister. Did she tell you who she was marrying?"
"No, that's the thing. She wants to surprise me. She says I'll love him."
"Wow, really. Well I guess you gotta take her word for it."
"I know my sister and I know she loves him very much by the way she described how great he is."
Silence came between us and we just watched our kids play; they were playing cops and robbers. After a few minutes of laughing from watching our kids have the time of their lives we went over by the swings to talk some more.
"So Dawnie, a little birdy told me that you hooked my son up with your daughter."
"Quilty as charged."
We both laughed and continued to chat about our lives before it was time for both of us to go.
Love took one last round of rubbing my belly before leaving.
"I can't wait to see my grand babies. They'll be my first."
After a long day of me and my kids hanging out with Love and Mason I felt pooped and tired. I couldn't wait to get home and sleep all night long, but sadly I never got the chance because I went into labor before I made it home. I quickly drove to the hospital and called Addy to come pick up my kids.
A few short hours I came out with a carrier carrying my newest little babies.
I introduce you to Baby 93, Asher (named after Ashby Lemi's husband Asher Lemi).
Baby 94, Jack (named after John Ritter's character Jack Tripper from Three's Company).
And finally Baby 95, Jennifer (named after my fellow simmer friend)
My babies are the cutest little things in the whole wide world. In this picture in order from left to right; Jack, Jennifer, & Asher.

Remember my son Victor and how he had a girlfriend named Star? Well they got married and had two beautiful children.
The first pregnancy they had a baby boy named Evan Turner.
Later they had a baby girl named Trudy Turner.
Here's a family photo of Victor and his new family.
Here's a video I made especially for this post. It's called Alone, starring Dawn Turner. Enjoy.
I hoped you enjoyed reading my post as much as I did making it. I love making these posts for you guys so it means the world to me when I get your feedback. Please comment with your thoughts of this post. 
I'm excited to be just 5 babies away from finishing the challenge. I'm really hoping to complete it by the end of the month, but if that's not possible then definitely in June. Take care, and thank you for taking the time to read my posts.

I would like to thank Love Sierra for letting me use her son Hartock Sierra in my challenge. Check out Love's Blog Here and Her Newest Blog Here (both blogs are about Love Sierra)

You a fan of Newbie Starr? What about Lerk Bitters/Bitemen?

Well they now have pages on facebook and I'll be treating them like personal FB profiles for the two characters.

So if you want to be friends with Newbie or Lerk 'Like' their page.

Newbie's Page
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  1. Oh my gosh what on earth are you doing to me? I can't take this. Just tell him already.


    Ps Asher thanks you for the name sake and so does Jennifer. It means a great deal to them both.

  2. Aaaaaack Dawnie you just broke my heart!! DX
    I'm with Ashby. Just tell him already! I always love Newbie from the beginning~
    Anyway, great post, as always! Gonna go read the next post right now.

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