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Baby 50- Part 2/3: New Relationships

Hey readers, I'm glad that a lot of you enjoyed my part 1 of my Baby 50 post. Even though that the post got a few people emotional and some even cried, it really made me smile to see that my post really effected people in some way.
My heart goes out to those who lost a mother or father or even close to losing one. I know I would be crushed if one of my parents died. In fact, I almost lost my own father 11 years ago- he was nearly stabbed to death. But I was young then and I didn't know what was really going on.
I hope you enjoy part 2 as much as you all enjoyed part 1, but minis the crying.
Now here's part 2 of 3 of the Baby 50 post!

 A few days after the funeral, Dawn started feeling a bit better. Being around her kids helped filled the empty space inside her that losing her mother has caused.
Dawn loved just watching her two girls sit at the doll house and play together; making squeaky voices and acting out the roles of each family member.
 The same went for Damien, she loved watching her kids have a great time in the play room; oblivious to the heartache that the real world can bring. Dawn envied her kids and their carelessness to the painful world around them.
 Dawn did however occupied herself by playing at the chemistry lab; discovering new potions. One in particular is the ghost potion. Being the curious Sim that she is, Dawn took it for a test drive. After finishing the potion she was transformed into grey colored ghost.
 Dawn decided to test out her new ghost body by playing the piano. It was really fun and her ghost powers quickly bumped up her piano skills too. Sadly the potion only lasted a short time and Dawn was back to her normal Sim self.
 While Dawn was at her mother's funeral all the teenagers in the household started their own little band. They told their mother that they even booked a jig at prom. Dawn was so excited and even joined them in some of their rehearsals.
 Heath was the rocking drummer.
 Stevie Rae was the awesome Guitar player.
 Zoey was the smooth Cello player.
 And of course Dawn was the beautiful playing Piano player.

***The Teenagers***
 Prom finally rolled around and the teens of the house where nothing but excited for the event. Their mom wanted to get as many pictures as possible to saver the precious moment and they didn't argue since they too wanted to remember such an excited event.
 First they each took an individual photo. From left to right; Zoey, Heath & Stevie Rae.
 Cheese. :D
 Rocking out.
Crazy shot.
They made sure to get many photos before Prom since they wont look as good by the end the day.
The prom was bumping when Heath, Zoey and Stevie Rae arrived. Almost everyone was there and having the time of their lives.
Before either of them could hit the dance floor and hang with their friends, they first had to perform. Everyone was screaming and cheering for these three.
Stevie Rae spent your night dancing with her prom date Ryan Spring. Ryan was older then everyone else, he had to repeat sophomore year twice. Ryan was also a hot-headed, conceited, know-it-all, big headed rocker. Why Stevie Rae went with him? Who knows...
Ryan was found most of the night checking out the ladies at the buffet table.
Zoey spent her time hanging with her date Avery Everard. Zoey met Avery when her mom was at her grandmother's funeral. She was upset about not going to the funeral and Avery found her alone and upset at the park and came to comfort her. Since then they hung out and Zoey invited Avery to her prom. Avery's mother is a fellow challenge mother by the name Skye Everard (Read Skye Everard's Baby Challenge Here)
Heath on the other hand was beginning to worry that he had been stood up... up until he spotted his fair blue skinned beauty walk through the double doors. Heath's date was a blue skinned, red haired girl. This girl that Heath is so crazy about is Suri Quinn.
Heath knew Suri before Suri knew him, he had read and became a fan of her books. He started writing her and they soon became pen pals and later sorta dating.
Suri Quinn is also a 100 Baby Challenge kid, her mother is the famous Christy Quinn (Read Christy Quinn's Challenge Here)
Heath and Suri had a wonderful time together at prom, dancing together and talking about their common interests. They both couldn't stop laughing and smiling the entire time.
As the night went on the dancing began to ware down and everyone slowly headed to the buffet table.
Avery left in a hurry, leaving Zoey standing alone on the dance floor. She was upset to find that her date just left without letting her know why. It kept bugging her even after he left- was it something she did or said? Did Avery not like her?
Since Ryan Spring, Stevie Rae's date, was too busy to hang around Stevie Rae all night, she danced with several of her classmates.
Noticing that her sister was sitting alone, Stevie Rae excused herself and joined Zoey at one of the tables.
"Hey sis, what happen to your date?" Stevie Rae asked curiously.
Zoey raised her arms up in total hopelessness, "I have no idea Stevie Rae, he just up and left without a word. I'm worried it was my fault he left. I don't think he likes me."
Feeling bad for her sister, Stevie Rae said, "How awful. I'm sorry Zoey, I hope you work things out between you and Avery."
"Don't feel bad Stevie Rae, I'm sure it's nothing. I wanna know about your date," Zoey said forcing a half smile. Zoey didn't want her upsetting night ruin her sister's night by having her sister feel bad for her.
Stevie Rae made a disgusted look when Zoey mention her date, "Ugh! Don't even mention that guy. He's just a big headed, conceited jerk who flirted with almost every girl here."
 "Ugh! He's horrible. You deserve better then him Stevie Rae," Zoey said giving a just as disgusted look as Stevie Rae had.
"Tell me about it," Stevie Rae said rolling her eyes.

One Week Later
Heath was constantly on the phone. He would be found on the phone talking to Suri almost all the time- every chance he got.
When he's not on the phone with Suri, Heath would be visiting her. Heath couldn't stand not being away from Suri for more then a day at a time.
Stevie Rae forgot about Ryan completely. He was just a date to the prom and nothing more. Stevie Rae would much rather hang out with her imaginary friend, Hesper.

Zoey spent her entire week after prom waiting for a call from Avery. She would constantly check for messages on her cell.
A few days later Avery showed up at the Turner's front door looking for Zoey.
When Zoey realized that Avery was here she quickly ran out the front door and meeting his eyes.
"Avery your here!?" Zoey said.
Zoey walked over to Avery until she was only a foot in front of him.
"Look I wanted to apologize for just leaving you there at prom without telling why I left. I feel terrible about the whole thing," Avery said.
"Oh Avery! I thought it was my fault you left. I thought you didn't like me anymore and just left," Zoey said now forming a smile.
"Are you kidding me Zoey? Your so beautiful and loving and really talented Cello player. How can I not like you? You amazing," Avery says leaning in closer and smiling.
"In fact...." Avery grabs Zoey's hands in his, "I was hoping that we could be more then friends. You know, like boyfriend and girlfriend? What do you say? Will you be my girlfriend Zoey?"
Zoey flashed a huge grin and jumped into Avery's arms and started giving him a deep kiss. She put all she had into the kiss. This was her first kiss after all.
When Zoey let go and looked into Avery's eyes, it shined. Avery smiled widely at Zoey and said, "I take that as a yes?"
Zoey smiled back and added a nod.

***Stevie Rae & Hesper***
The potion to make imaginary friends real was only one of many potions that Stevie Rae's mom had discovered. Stevie Rae made sure to snatch a sample of the potion to give to her friend Hesper.
Hesper couldn't wait to be human and do human things like his friend Stevie Rae. So Hesper didn't hesitate one second when Stevie Rae offered him the potion to turn him human.
The potion took effect immediately after consumption. There was whirl wind of bubbles and sparkles that surrounded him all over.
When the bubbles and purple swirls died down Stevie Rae could finally see the face of her imaginary friend as a human boy. She was delighted and squealed with excitement.
Hesper smiled at the excited Stevie Rae.
Stevie Rae jumped into Hesper's arms and hugged him tightly. With Hesper's new human form he now had human feelings and emotions. Having Stevie Rae hug him made him smile and his heart fluttered which never happened when he was imaginary.

It was that time again, time to celebrate some birthdays. But with these birthdays it means moving out. Dawn hates to see her kids leave but she has a challenge to complete and they have a life of their own to live.
Dawn watched from a short distance away as her two oldest made their birthday wishes.
At the same time, both Heath and Zoey took a big inhale and blew out their candles. Stevie Rae stood in the back cheering on her older siblings.
Heath was first to be overwhelmed with a tingling sensation that is the transformation from teen to adult. Stevie Rae screamed for Heath and Rephaim was right their screaming for him too.
Baby 43, Heath Luck Turner as Young Adult. Heath grew up to look so much like his father with a dash Dawn in him as well. Heath will be moving in with Suri Quinn, since Suri had aged up not long before him.
It was no time at all before the same tingling sensation started to overwhelm Zoey as well. Dawn cheered loudly for her 44th child as she aged into an adult.
Baby 44, Zoey Redbird Turner as a Young Adult. Zoey looked so much like Dawn in so many ways but with her father's eyes. Zoey will be moving in with her brother Heath and his girlfriend. She hopes that Avery will pop the question soon and she could start a family of her own.
Dawn made sure to give her two kids long tight hugs before they left. Zoey and Heath were one of her most favorite set of twins she had in this challenge so far.
After their final goodbyes, Heath and Zoey made their way to their new home. Dawn will definitely miss these two.

Since Hesper became human his feelings and view of Stevie Rae have changed, and since their hug he couldn't get her off his mind. These feelings and emotions he was feeling was all still new to him. He doesn't understand why he has this overwhelming urge to just have her close to him and have his arms around her.
Out of no where Stevie Rae scoots closer to Hesper leaving him no choice but to wrap an arm around her shoulders. The sudden move made both made Hesper nervous and happy at the same time.
Stevie Rae looks into Hesper's eyes as she got even closer to him- smiling a warming loving smile. Not a smile you give a friend but a smile you give to someone you love.
Just like a magnet to metal Stevie Rae and Hesper both lean closer to one another- meeting with a kiss.
Hesper felt complete when he and Stevie Rae kissed. Before he got the chance to bounce back to reality Stevie Rae had pulled him up from the sofa.
"Hesper you and I both know that we have feelings for one another. There's no point in hiding it," Stevie Rae said.
Hesper smiled, showing all his teeth, and leaned in to kiss Stevie Rae. Stevie Rae's words made him really happy, knowing that Stevie Rae was having the same feelings for him as he had for her.

A Few Weeks Later
Another birthday in the Turner household, or should I say two more birthdays. It was time for Stevie Rae and Hesper to become young adults and enter the real world.
Stevie Rae was soon surrounded by sparkles and the transformation from teenager to young adults took affect.
Baby 45, Stevie Rae as a Young Adult. Stevie Rae grew into such a beauty, with her hair tied into a side braid and thick eye liner. When Hesper looked at Stevie Rae as a young adult he was overwhelmed by her incredible beauty.
Then it was Hesper's turn to transform into an adult. He was extremely excited cause he would soon be joining Stevie Rae in the adult world.
Baby 45, Stevie Rae's Imaginary Friend Hesper as a Young Adult. Hesper was super excited about having a birthday because its his first birthday as a human boy. Stevie Rae looked at him with smiling eyes, which made Hesper's stomach flutter.
The time Hesper became a human to the time he turned into a young adult, he learned all he needed to know about humans and being a human. One thing Hesper learned was that when you love a girl as much as he loved Stevie Rae, you shouldn't let her go.
So once he and Stevie Rae became a adults he didn't waste time to propose. When Stevie Rae said yes to his proposal, he couldn't be happier then he already was.
Hesper embraced his new fiancee, never wanting to let go. But Stevie Rae had other plans.
She wanted to get married right away. So Hesper and Stevie Rae had a private wedding. Hesper said his vows and placed the ring on Stevie Rae's finger.
Then it was Stevie Rae's turn to say her vows and place the ring on Hesper's finger.
In the end they shared a kiss as a husband and wife. Since Hesper was an imaginary friend and didn't have a last name, he took Stevie Rae's name.
After the private wedding they both moved out into their new home together.

Dawn's mother's car had finally arrived. It took several weeks to sort things out for Lessie's will, but Dawn finally got the car.
Dawn was immediately drawn to the car. It was all clean and it looked like new. Dawn began to think that maybe her mother had the car fixed up recently before her passing.
Dawn checked out the car from front to back. She hadn't seen the car since she moved out of her parents house to start her challenge. Having this car made Dawn think of her mother and that made her smile.
Dawn jumped inside and took the car for a ride. She haven't rode her mother's car since she was teenager and being behind the wheel brought back so many memories.
After 20 minutes of driving Dawn pulled over into a parking lot. She sat there in the car, examining it from the inside. Dawn started poking the hanging dice and playing with the visor. She the leaned over and opened the glove box that sat on the passanger side.
The box was empty beside two pieces of paper. When Dawn pulled them out she found that it was two old pictures. Dawn looked at the first picture and discovered but not surprised that it was a picture of her parents.
The picture was Lessie and Oscar all dressed up in formal wear. Dawn flipped the picture over and read what it said on the back, 'Junior Prom. Lessie Forger & Oscar Turner'.

Dawn smiled when she looked at the picture, but when she looked at the next picture her smile slowly faded.
The second picture showed Lessie and Oscar in front of the car, holding a baby girl- a guess by the color of the blanket. Dawn looked hard at the picture. 'It couldn't be me' Dawn thought looking at it some more. She flipped the picture over and read what it said on the back. 'Lessie Forger & Oscar Turner with daughter'.  Dawn was completely shocked, that couldn't be her cause the picture was dated 7 years prior to the birth of Dean, Blake & Doug, and Dawn was younger then them.
Please comment and tell me what your thoughts are on this post. I love feedback so comments are appreciated. I enjoyed making this post so I hope you enjoyed reading it, Thank you.
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