Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lerk's Past

ATTENTION: If you are 15 years of age or younger please get a parent/Guardian's permission before reading on.

Hey everyone, just letting you know that I will me narrating Lerk's story, not Lerk. Since there are parts of the story where Lerk is not involved.
This post is being written in both past and present tense, I hope you don't mind.
Lerk grew up a happy child. As a toddler he would run around his parent's farm chasing bugs and butterflies and his mommy. Lerk was an only child. His parents did try for another baby when he was older but his mother had two miscarriages and just gave up after that, she thought that one child was more then enough.
Lerk's parents had the kind of relationship that we all wish we could had. Truly in love since the first day they met. The kind of love you only see in fairy tales,that is forever. The love women dream about and the love men never dreamed of having but consider themselves lucky if they ever did.
Lerk was born in a time much different then the 21st century. The times were you get punished harshly for crimes, even crimes as small as stealing. Lerk was born in Medieval Times. Lerk's parent's tried to shower him with love and kindness, to make the bad stuff not seem so bad, but he didn't seemed to care about anything around him but his own parents.
Lerk lived on a Nectar farm in the village of Forthill. Forthill was ruled by King Alexander and his daughter Princess Indira. Lerk's parents Guinevere and Richard made Nectar for a living, most of the nectar was sold to the royal family and the remaining would be sold to the people of the village. Guinevere and Richard made a great team, during harvest season Guinevere picked the grapes...
And Richard made the nectar. It's a long and hard process but in the end it made great nectar that everyone in town looked forward too. Peasant life was not always easy. Winters were harsh for their family. Nectar was not making income because the grapes won't grow on frozen soil, so Richard had to depend on currency they saved during harvest season.
Without any siblings you would think Lerk would be lonely, but he wasn't. Lerk had a best friend named Darwyn Lockmere. Meeting when they were just 5, Lerk and Darwyn did everything that you could do in medieval times together.
That includes pillow fighting.
In their teenage years Lerk and Darwyn's friendship hit a snag. Darwyn was forced to work at the castle so their time together was short and not very often.
This went on for years and onto adulthood. Darwyn continued to work for the castle, while Lerk stayed at home and helped his parents with their garden.
One afternoon Lerk's home was visited by the royal family. Hearing the horses approaching Lerk and his parents stopped immediately what they were doing and gathered in a line in front of their home.
King Alexander and Princess Indira rode into view of the Bitters and made their way towards their cottage. They stopped just a few feet in front of where Lerk and his parents stood and got off their horses. The King and his daughter stood side by side, facing the family before them.
Lerk's eyes darted to the princess as she stood beside her father, her beauty was breath taking. Lerk couldn't keep his eyes from her, he just couldn't look away.
At the same time the princess was looking at Lerk. Her eyes remained fixed on Lerk's, just as Lerk's was on her's. Even though Lerk and the princess didn't show any such emotion, their eyes showed attraction and desire. However Lerk was blind to see that the princess was giving him signs of affection.
The king and princess approached the peasant farmers with a stern and steady posture. The king then made the announcement of his daughter's birthday and they were here as part of the her birthday request. She wished to learn more of the village before she will become queen someday and he asked for each of them to tell what their daily life consisted of. Princess Indira was a very educated and down to earth girl who cared deeply for all living things.
Princess Indira approach each of the farmers and listened to what they have to say about being a farmer. She came to Lerk last. She explained why she wanted to learn more of her people and then let Lerk tell about what his job consisted of on his parent's farm. While Princess Indira spoke Lerk looked no where but at her.
Lerk continued to look at her as she left his sight, getting smaller the farther she got. Lerk couldn't keep his eyes off her, but deep down inside Lerk knew that they could never be and that this meeting would most likely be their last. Guinevere seemed to notice Lerk's gazing trance, "Lerk, why the gaze?".
When Lerk dropped his gaze from the princess to the ground below, then slowly to his mother. Lerk didn't have to answer because by then Guinevere already got the hint, "Oh dear" said she.
"Lerk my darling, you must be careful who you fall in love with. You know that a princess and a peasant being together is a rare thing. I just do not want to see your heart get broken". Lerk gazed down, "yes ma'am".
A week's time passed and most of it Lerk spent thinking of nothing but the princess. But Lerk knew that it's not meant to be, so he tried to not think about her, but it wasn't always easy. Lerk spent his day doing chores such as laundry. While hanging clothing to dry he heard creeks come from behind him, caused by someone stepping on the hard wood stairs.
Lerk turned to see who would be so kind to pay him a visit. As Lerk turned towards the stairs he was over whelmed by emotions of shock, surprise, and nervousness. He never expected to see Princess Indira again, especially without any guards to protect her.
At first he didn't know what to do, but then he dropped the piece of clothing he had in his arms into the clothes basket and bowed. She did a soft laugh and came closer to him.
Lerk looked up from his bow and slowly began to stand as the princess came closer to him. When he finally got to his feet, the princess stood in front of him. There was a moment of tension until she leaned in and kissed him.
She released the kiss almost instantly. Lerk slid his hand down her arm until he held her hand in his.
Lerk looked at Princess Indira, a small grin from the sudden kiss spread across his face. He was surprised the princess would do something so unlike what a princess would do. It's just princesses don't do that.
"Princess?", Lerk said questionably.
Princess Indira's response was not words but a guilty grin. It was clear to Lerk that they both had attraction for each other. Now there was the real problem, how could a princess like Indira and a peasant like Lerk be together?
The only logical solution was a secret relationship with the princess. So later that day when Darwyn came by to visit, right after working at the castle, Lerk asked him favor.
"Please Darwyn?".
"I do not know Lerk, I do not think it is a good idea for me to help you and the princess sneak around. If the king found out it will be both our heads", responded Darwyn.
"Please Darwyn, you work at the castle and is the only one that can help make this relationship between me and the princess work. Please Darwyn, I am your best friend?", Lerk pleaded.
Darwyn thought long and hard looking from Lerk to the ground. Finally he looked Lerk in the eyes and said, "I see you really love her, and what friend would I be if I kept you from her. Alright Lerk I will help".
Almost everyday since that day Princess Indira and Lerk spent their time together. They stayed hidden deep in the woods just a mile from Forthill.
With the help of Darwyn their affairs didn't get notice. Indira's father, the king, thought she was out studying the wildlife like she always had. While Lerk's parents knew everything going on between him and the princess, but just acted clueless to his leavings, they even ignored the fact that he didn't do his chores. Lerk and Indira only had an hour a day to be together, but they made the best of it.
One evening right after Princess Indira returned after meeting Lerk, Indira's father approaches her on the castle's roof.
"Indira dear?", he said.
Indira turned to face her father to see what he wanted, "Yes father".
"Indira I would like you to meet Prince Audric from the kingdom of Harrington, he's the second son of King Walter II".
Indira looks to Audric with politeness and says,"Nice to make your acquaintance Prince Audric".
"As am I Princess Indira, I am honored to court such a lovely young lady. I'm am sure my brother Prince Walter III and my father King Walter II would be pleased to see me wed such a lady as yourself", says Prince Audric.
Prince Audric pulled a banquet of flowers from behind him and gave them to Indira, "Take these as a wedding gift from me to you".
"Why thank you Audric", said Indira.
Once Prince Audric left to leave for Harrington, Indira's smile became a frown and she look to her father, "Marriage Father?! Since when where you planning to tell me of this?".
"I just did my daughter, he will make a fine husband and future ruler of Forthill", said the king.
"Forthill? What about his own kingdom father?", Indira asked.
King Alexander inhaled a long breathe before he responded, "Audric older brother Prince Walter III is the heir to thrown".
"I do not wish to marry him father, I refuse to court him as I do not love him", Indira said in a firm voice.
King Alexander turned red with anger from hearing his daughter's words, "You will court him Indira whether you approve of it or not. I'm am the king and I must look out for my kingdom and do whats best for my people and that includes you wedding Audric, and your my daughter and you must do as I say".
"No father I refuse, I will not marry him", Indira said angrily.
Indira turned from her father and ran. She didn't want to see or speak to him if he was going to force marriage upon her. She had to get away, she had to see Lerk.
"INDIRA!!", called her father but still she ran.
Indira found Lerk were she last left him. Lerk stayed by the river after Indira left to fish for dinner for his family for the next week. Of course Lerk was more then happy to put fishing aside to be with Indira.
Indira and Lerk's time together was short when Darwyn came running to them from town. "Lerk....Princess Indira", he yelled.
He stopped just a foot from Lerk and Indira, breathing heavily, "Lerk...Princess Indira....the king..he's coming now".
"What do you mean?", Indira asked,"Why is my father coming here?".
"Your father came looking for you after you ran from the castle. One of his men saw you run into the forest. I overhead some guards speaking of it", Darwyn said quickly.
Before anyone could react King Alexander called out for Indira with extreme anger.
Indira reacted the most with the sudden outburst from her father. She knew he was coming from Darwyn telling her and Lerk, but she hadn't expected him to appear so soon.
He was furious, to the boiling point, "INDIRA! How could you. Is this where you have been everyday, not doing your studies, but sneaking around with this....this PEASANT?".
"Father please. I am sorry for lying but please do not blame Lerk or Darwyn. This was all my fault", Indira pleaded.
"Enough Indira, these peasants will be punished for bringing shame into our family-(looks to the guards)-seize them, throw them in the castle dungeon-(looks back at Indira)-and lock my daughter in her room until I figure out what is to done with her", he ordered.
Before storming off to his horse he looked to Lerk, "And you will be punished worst of all".
In just a few hours they arrived back at the castle. They stripped Lerk of his clothing and gave him some old dirty, and worn out cloths to wear. Then they threw him in an empty cell were he sat alone.
In the cell across from Lerk's was Darwyn sleeping on one of the cell benches. Lerk felt terrible for making Darwyn do this. If it weren't for Lerk, Darwyn would have been safe and not about to get killed.
Only after a few minutes of Lerk examining his surroundings, Darwyn awoke from his sleep. Feeling  guilt Lerk broke the tension. "I am sorry Darwyn", he said softly.
Darwyn didn't answer his apology, he only sat silently, staring at the wall before him.
This only made Lerk feel more guilty.
The next day Lerk was suddenly awakened by terrible screams coming from down the hall. Lerk recognized these screams as Darwyn's. This upset him, knowing that Darwyn was being tortured because of him. As Darwyn screams of pain continued, and getting louder every minute, Lerk broke down in tears.
An hour had passed before the screams stopped completely. Lerk stayed slumped on his bench until he saw some of the king's men open Darwyn's cell and dropped Darwyn on the floor. He had passed out from the pain.
When they left Lerk jumped from his hard wood bench and ran to the bars to his cell.
Lerk saw Darwyn laying almost lifeless on the cold floor with blood pouring from his body. Lerk held back any tears and just watched him. He kept his eyes on his friend's unmoving body for two hours before Darwyn gave up and stopped breathing. Then Lerk let himself cry.
When the guards came and took Darwyn's body away a young man, about the same age as Lerk, came to Lerk's cell.
"Well, well this is the PEASANT that TOOK my future QUEEN!!!", Audric screamed at Lerk.
Lerk looked away with anger. He didn't want to look at the face that was to marry Indira, he didn't want to feel the hurt.
Meanwhile King Alexander was visiting his daughter's chambers. The king knocked on Indira's door before entering, "Indira?".
The moment he stepped in the door Indira was in his space, "Father please, do not hurt those men. It was my fault and I shall take the blame. I will court Prince Audric if you will let the others go. Father please".
"No excuses Indira. I had made up my mind and decided on both of their punishments, as well as yours. The man that helped you and that peasant is already dead. He died shortly after his torture, but he did not die before telling me everything. This has gone for months Indira? I am ashamed-(he signs and looks away for a moment before looking back at Indira)-as for the man you have been seeing......he will be punished by a rare curse that not many people know of. It will make him a monster, who will be unloved for the remainder of his days. He will also be banishment from our kingdom, never to return".
Tears began to form behind Indira's eyes. She looked away and said, "And my punishment?".
He took a breath before speaking, "You Indira will marry Prince Audric in an instant matrimony, and will never be allowed outside these castles walls for the rest your physical life".
Indira began to cry then she burst out in a whine with tears streaming down her face. She through herself in her father's arms. "Father no, I can not stay in the castle forever", she said between sobs.
"Sorry daughter you brought this upon yourself, and I only want what is best for you....Now go wash your face and get some rest. You will wed Prince Audric before noon tomorrow".
Indira looked up from her father's shoulders with her face all red, "tomorrow?".
He said nothing but a small head bow and turned to the door. He open up the door said, "to morrow, now rest", then he walked out.
Indira wiped her tears and went to wash her face before bed.
Indira's morning consisted of getting ready for her wedding. It was going to be an outdoor wedding but still inside the castle walls. Indira stared out one of her chamber windows and into the courtyard where the wedding was to be held. She saw her father talking to the priest. No one but Indira's father, and Prince Audric's father and brother were to witness the wedding.
Princess Indira's started to get upset again but didn't let herself cry. She must be proper cause that's what her father would want.
Indira's silence was interrupted by one of her lady's. "Are you ready Princess?", she asked.
Indira took a long inhale and then released it. "I am", she said turning to the door.
Walking outside just reminded Indira that she was never going to see beyond those walls again. Then she started thinking about Lerk, he has to live forever alone and without his family.
As Indira turned and looked down the aisle at her groom she held her breath, but that didn't work. Tears started to fall her face.
Indira slowly walked to Audric, who stood in front of the fountain. Each step seemed to get slower and heavier. When finally in what seemed like forever, Indira made it to Audric's side. He smiled widely but behind it was control and anger. He knew what Indira did and so her marriage will start with her husband not trusting her.
The ceremony was not long, just a simple ring and vow exchange. The wedding didn't need to be big when there's no guests.
That night Indira was with her husband.
King Alexander called upon a wizard to visit his castle and curse Lerk with a rare spell that would make him a monster. Once he became the terrible monster of the night he would then be banish from the kingdom of Forthill.
The wizard's arrival brought upon a darkness in the castle. He was evil, using his spells of magic to bring on despair and hurt to people. He was well known for turning  men into beasts, bringing terror to others. He was the one the king wanted for Lerk's punishment.
The wizard came with his book of evils. He was lead down to the dungeon by the king and Audric. He placed his book on a podium that one of the king's men had place down there just for him. He opened the book and went to a page somewhere in the center of the book. He knew what he was looking for, he came prepared.
He lit some candles and burned some herbs, then he started reading from the book.
The more the wizard read from his book of evils the more Lerk felt it. It started with nausea, then his skin started to have a burning sensation.
As the wizard finish the last of the spell Lerk felt a surge of pain electorate through his body. It was so overwhelming that Lerk just wanted to die right then and there.
Soon Lerk started to glow a bright red. Red beams of light shot from his eyes and bats consumed his body.
Once the bats and the red glow disappeared from Lerk's body he felt the change immediately. He felt stronger, but was weak from thirst. Yes he was thirsty, his mouth felt as if it was the desert itself.
The king turned to the dungeon guards. "You two take this monster and bring him as far away from this kingdom as our horses can take them", he ordered.
"Yes your highness", they both responded.
Both guards unlocked the cell and the heavy one immediately tackled Lerk.
The sudden attack caught Lerk off guard and he was unprepared. Then the guard pulled Lerk into a choke hold.
Then just as fast as his attack started, it ended. The guard just wanted to show Lerk that he meant business.
Lerk willingly went with them, no chains where needed. Lerk had pride and didn't want to be treated like an animal.
As Lerk passed the king with the guards at his side, he didn't look his way, he just stood straight and looked ahead.
Three and a half months after Indira's marriage to Prince Audric, she was blessed with a child. She hoped that this child was her key to her happiness since she was forever to remain married to the prince.
Indira was constantly thinking of Lerk, but since she became pregnant with Audric's child she moved on. But soon the good news of a new baby on the way became that of the past. When Indira was around 6 months her father had a sudden stroke and passed. Indira and Audric became the new king and queen of Forthill.
Just nine months later Indira and her husband King Audric were blessed with a healthy boy. Indira was so happy, and she thought that maybe since she gave Audric a heir he would start trusting her. But that might not happen because he was not Audric's son.
Once little David turned one it proved Indira's suspicions that David was not Audric's son. It became known to Indira that David is Lerk's son. He was a Love Child.
Indira had never been intimate with Lerk. But once her father told her she was to marry Audric, she ran. She ran because she wanted to be with Lerk that night, it was her way to say goodbye if they couldn't be together. So Indira and Lerk became intimate for the first and last time that night.
Indira looked into her son's eyes and saw nothing but Lerk. He had Lerk's fire red hair, Lerk's pale skin and Lerk's father's dark green eyes. He was his father's son.
Indira pulled little David closer to her and she began to cry. What if Audric found out? He would kill David and her.
Deep down inside, Indira was overcome with joy that he was Lerk's son. Now she could have a piece of Lerk always with her to fill the hole that was caused from losing him. No one would ever know who David's real father was, not even David.
The two guards brought Lerk to the kingdom of Harrington. Lerk had nothing but his dungeon clothes and the house that the king had him live in. He was banished from ever returning to Forthill. Never to see his parents or Indira again.
In a matter of twelve years Lerk made something of himself. He got a job working on some of the local farmer's land, a job Lerk had experience in. He expanded his land and learned to hide his monster side from others. The king would have never expected Lerk's life would go so well.
Soon the sun started to get to Lerk and he was just about to head indoors when a young man came up to him. "Lerk Bitters?", asked the man.
Lerk looked at him suspiciously and said, "I am?".
"I am here to give you a message from your father", the young man said.
"Yes?", Lerk curiously said.
"He says he is sorry for this sad news but thought you needed to know that your mother has recently passed", then the young man slightly bowed his head and walked off.
Lerk could not believe that his mother was gone, he had to go see his father.
In a matter of days Lerk arrived at Forthill. Lerk arrived at night just the way he had planned. Lerk didn't want the sun to ruin his meeting with his father.
Lerk stepped from his horse and slowly walked on the farm he grew up in. Lerk slowly walked around the back where the plants grew and saw his father bent over harvesting the grapes.
Richard didn't know Lerk was there at first. He moved so slowly and softly that when Lerk said, "Father?", it startled him.
"Lerk?", Richard said. He hadn't seen his son in years and couldn't believe his own eyes.
Richard quickly walked to Lerk and pulled him into a hug. Richard pat Lerk on the back a couple times before letting go and looking at his, tearing up with joy.
"Lerk my son, I am so happy to see you, but what are you doing here I thought you were banished from Forthill?", asks Richard.
"It does not matter father. I came because of mother. I came to pay my respects and I came to see you father. It has been too long since I have seen you. I have missed you father", Lerk responded.
"I do not want to see you get in any more trouble then you already have Lerk. I would not bear losing you and your mother", said Richard.
"Non sense father, I will stay but a while to take care of you. Until you can care for yourself", Lerk said.
For a few weeks Lerk took care of his father. He made his meals, cleaned anything that needs to be cleaned, and did the farm work.
By the end of the third week Lerk was there he's father struck ill.
"That's how your mother passed", said Richard.
It was later determined that Richard had Tuberculosis, a common disease in the medieval times. It was very contagious and it caused Richard to cough constantly.
As the months passed Richard got worse, to the point were he started coughing up blood. Through this whole illness Richard was always happy.
"Lerk I would like to thank you for coming back. I would hate to die before seeing my son one last time", Richard said between coughs.
Lerk sighed, "Do not talk of such non sense father, you will get better I promise".
"No son I will not, and you know that *Cough* I want you to know this I love you son *Cough* and I want you to be happy. When my time comes know that I will be watching over you, along with your mother. *Cough* We will keep an eye on you and guide you through the tough times. Do not let the bad stuff get you Lerk, whenever life seems to get you down *Cough* know there will be good things too. Watch our actions Lerk, I do not want your actions to make anything worse then it is *Cough*", Richard said to Lerk.
"Yes Father", Lerk Said, "I will watch my actions and I will always know your there beside me..Mother too".
Richard only smiled sleeplessly, the he turned to his side and closed his eyes. Lerk stood up and walked to his father's bedside.
Slowly Richard breathed. Lerk just look at his father and then slowly he bent over and laid his hand upon his left shoulder and whispered, "Thank you father". Richard then lets out a quick low breath and went still. Lerk felt his father breathing stop under his hand.
Lerk turned and walked to the other end of the room to let himself mourn. Even though his father wasn't alive, he still didn't want to cry in front of his father's body.
Lerk buried his father next to his mother and mourned in peace. Then he went inside to clean the house, he was preparing to sell the farm and move back to Harrington, where he belonged.
The farm was sold to a young couple with two kids. Lerk was going to head back to Harrington to morrow but he decided to visit the market. Lerk got into a book, but his attention was grabbed the name Indira. There were two women gossiping across the room. Lerk listened in.
"Did you hear that Queen Indira's son is cured of his measles?"
"Oh my I glad for him, he is such an adorable Prince"
"Yes he is, his red hair makes him all the more admirable"
Indira has a son? Lerk could not believe it. Lerk was not shocked of her having a son, but her son having red hair. Indira didn't not have red hair, nor did Audric.
Lerk stood on one of the castle towers, looking and watching the young prince below. Lerk was drawn to the boy, he felt as if he was connected to him somehow. For a good reason he felt as if the child was his.
David stood on the roof of the castle looking and watching the stars. He was fascinated with them and wanted to learn more about them. His love of learning what's out there was a trait he got from his mother. The funny thing is, is that he was nothing like his father.
Indira came up from behind David, almost catching him off guard and frightening him. "David it is getting late, go wash up and head to bed", ordered Indira.
"Yes Mother", David said.
David stopped what he was doing and ran back in the castle and to his room. Indira stood for a moment, she felt as if she was being watch but didn't know why.
Lerk watched as Indira left his sight. He felt her beauty all over again, like when he first met her. Indira was the love of his life, his first love, the woman he lost his virginity to, the woman he wanted to be with forever. He knew it was never going to happen between them but he still wished.
Lerk heard someone walk up behind. He knew who it was before she said his name, "Lerk? Is that you?".
Lerk turned to face the women he once loved and still does. No one ever stops loving their first love.
"Yes, Indira it is me", Lerk responded.
"What are you doing here Lerk?", asked Indira.
"I came to see you Indira, I still care about you, and I came to see your son", Lerk responded.
"Lerk you should not be here, you have to go", Indira pleaded.
"Indira, David is not Audric's son is he?", Lerk asked.
"Lerk Please, go now, you can not be here", said Indira.
Lerk became angry with Indira's constant changing of the subject, "Indira, is David my son?".
Indira didn't say anything, she didn't even look at Lerk. She refused to tell him that David was his son. She constantly made sure everyone knew that David was Audric's son that she began to believe it too.
"Lerk please go", said Indira.
Lerk became furious, he stepped away from Indira and began to walk away. He stopped two feet from the stairs, turned his head to the side and said, "I will go Indira, but remember this you will never keep me from my son. This is not the last you will see of me Indira".
Lerk turned his head back and continued to walk and started down the stairs. Tears came rolling down Indira's cheeks. Seeing Lerk brought back so many emotions of when she first lost him. She wanted to be with him but it could never be.
Only when Lerk was out of earshot Indira softly whispered, "I love you Lerk".
Throughout the next five years Lerk watched his son grow from a curious child to a curious, brave, outgoing, fun teen. Lerk planned to go back to Harrington but as long as his son was in Forthill, that was where Lerk  belonged.
Lerk lived in a small cottage on the outskirts of Forthill where no one could recognized him. Everyday Lerk would sneak past the guards and watch his son studying the plants and animals. David was just like his mother. Lerk made sure no one ever saw him.
One night David wanted to venture off and learn about the animals that hunt at night. But as be made his way to the water he came across something interesting.
Lerk stood by the ocean floor, watching the occasional wave hit the wight sand. Lerk loved the night, it brought him peace. Lerk stood there for about five minutes, in silence until Lerk felt a presence approach him. He didn't recognize the presence until he heard him speak.
"Hello? Sir?", said David.
Lerk turned to see that David stood before him. He couldn't believe that David was right here and right now. This is the first time has actually met his own son.
"Hello, Sir", Said David.
Lerk responded, "Hello".
"I'm David. Do you mind if I ask why your just standing there?", asked David.
"Well I wanted some alone time, then I am going to fish", Lerk said.
"Do you mind if I join you?", asked David.
Lerk managed to smile and said, "Yes you may".
David responded with a grin.
Lerk and David fished most of the night. Catching only a few fish each. Lerk kept his to sell to the market and David through his back. David never liked hurting animals. He much preferred to have someone else do that.
Since that night of fishing Lerk and David hung out every night. Not every night consisted of fishing. Some nights they talked about their dreams and what interests them. They became good friends.
David had been out after dark every day for a month. Indira began to worry. She worried for him and the dangers out there. One of the nights when David came home after another long night out, Indira decided to approach him.
"Dear Son, Where do you go night after night? I am worried for your safety and I do not approve of such behavior", scolded Indira.
"Mother I am perfectly safe, I have been with a friend, I am not alone", responded David.
"And who shall I ask is this friend you speak of? I am sure he is not worthy of protecting the future king of Forthill.", said Indira.
"Sir Lerk Bitters of Harrington and Forthill. He is an older man, but looks young. He speaks with wisdom and dreams and is very educated and fit. He more then capable of protecting the Prince of Forthill", said David.
When the name Lerk Bitters pasted through David's mouth Indira became red with anger. Lerk had been seeing David behind her back and possibly filling David's head with crazy thoughts. Most of all Lerk has been living in Forthill for the past six years when he is suppose to be banish from this kingdom.
"LERK BITTERS? How dare you talk to such a man as Lerk Bitters. I forbid you for ever seeing him ever again", screamed Indira.
This talk of such nonsense about Lerk made David just as angry. David had a lot in common and had the same interests and dreams, they even had the same colored hair. David never had this sort of bond between him and his own father. David didn't want to stop being Lerk's friend, Lerk is his only friend.
"No mother, Lerk and I have many of the same interests and thoughts and he is my only friend. Lerk would make a better father then my own and I will continue to see him as I please. You can not forbid be to not see a man that has done no wrong and with out a logical excuse. So tell me mother, why do you hate such a good man as Lerk so much that you forbid me to ever seeing him again?", said David.
Indira felt defeated. Indira had no excuse as of why David should not see Lerk, David is almost a young man and soon will make his own decisions. Indira had no other way but to tell him the truth.
"Well David you are right. I can not keep you from a good man such as Lerk. I wish you would listen to your mother and not see him, but since you not going to listen to me then you should know the truth about Lerk Bitters......Lerk is your real father, not King Audric", confessed Indira, "I am sorry for not telling you sooner. I was just afraid of your safety if Audric found that the child he thought was his was really a love child from a man I used to love".
"Wha...what? My father?", was all that David can say. David could not believe that the man he had so much in common with was his father, and the man he thought was his father.... wasn't. It all explained so much, the nose, the mouth, the hair, it all looked the same. David was in the state of shock but in some sort of way he was relived that the horrible Audric wasn't his father.
Not five seconds after Indira's confession, Audric comes into the room in full rage. Audric had over heard Indira and David's conversation and was pissed.
"How dare you, whore. You let me believe a peasant child was my own? You shall not get away with this. You shall be punished harshly", screamed Audric.
Audric took a swing at Indira using his full strength and anger behind the blow. His fist came into contact with Indira's left check and immediately she went down, hitting the floor hard.
When Indira hit the floor Audric walked off and out the door. Still angry, Audric stood outside and screamed into the sky.
Inside Indira's still body lay where is landed, blood pouring from the gash in her cheek. David stood watching his mother blooding dangerously fast. He wanted to help but it was too late. Indira was killed before hitting the floor.
David wanted to stay and care for his mother's spiritless body but he had other things in mind. David wanted revenge.
Immediately David stormed outside and towards the back of the castle, near the dungeon rooms. Once David spotted Audric, he began to speed up his pace.
David did not give Audric time to react to his sudden appearance before he was up in his face.
"You killed my mother fucking bastard. Your not leaving until you get what you deserve. I challenge you to a fight to the death", David said to Audric.
Audric just smiled to David as if to amuse him and then said, "Fine I accept your challenge. Now go fetch your sword so we can have this challenge of yours".
David tilted his head in agreement and said, "alright", before retrieving his weapon. As soon as David's back was turned Audric's sword was drawn into David's back. The blade punctured him from behind and made it's way out his chest, making him bleed instantly.
David dropped to the ground, holding a hand to his wound. He slowly looked up at Audric in question.
"No one challenges King Audric?", said Audric.
David wince in pain. The more blood bled from his body, the more weaker David became.
Soon David fell the rest of the way to the ground and his body went limped and lifeless. Audric stood and watched David's bloody body take it last breath and then walked off smiling. Audric finally got what he wanted, to be the only king and ruler of Forthill. That was what Audric had planned all along.
After Lerk parted with David he made his way to the market to run a few errands. But As Lerk finished the last of his errands he was overcome but a pain sensation in his chest. Lerk didn't know what is meant, but then he got flashes of images of King Audric killing Indira. Then Lerk got another image of Audric jabbing his sword through David's chest. Lerk's chest winced in pain again but this one was much more painful.
Lerk crouched down and revealed his fangs. Inside Lerk's body filled up with a red glow making him fill with nothing but pure rage. Lerk couldn't control himself, he wanted revenge.
Lerk instantly started running. Lerk couldn't control where he was running to but he knew exactly where it was that he going and knew exactly who he was going too. Lerk was running to the castle, Lerk was after the king.
Lerk was under no self control, his vampire instincts took over. He didn't stop the whole way to the castle. Lerk killed every castle guard that stood in his way and when he saw Audric he went into his hunting position.
When Lerk knew it was the right moment he jumped up from behind and attacked Audric. Soon Lerk's teeth sunk deeply into Audric's forearm and he forcefully drank from him. Audric became extremely weak, real fast. But Lerk didn't stop there, nor did he stop when he was full, he kept going. Lerk drank the blood from Audric until there was no blood left, until Audric was nothing but a hollow shell of a former king.
Lerk finally pulled his lips from Audric's arm and look up. Lerk saw Audric's bloodless pale face, then he looked down and saw where he had bitten him.
Lerk dropped Audric's body and it fell to the ground where it did not move at all. Lerk stepped back from Audric's body, ashamed at what has become of him. How could Lerk do something like that? This was not Lerk, this was the monster that he was cursed with. Lerk killed an actual human being, he killed people.
Lerk didn't know what came of him that day. He believed it was from the shock of losing his son and the woman he loved. Lerk got control of himself in time to flee the scene soon after the death of Audric. The people of Forthill came in the next morning to the bodies of Indira, David and Audric. The people knew the deaths of Indira and David, but believed that Audric's death was from an animal attack.
Indira was buried in the royal cemetery next to her father and mother, Audric's father and brother came and brought Audric's body back to Harrington where he will be buried next to his mother and grandparents. As for David the royal doctor knew that David was not Audric's son and knew who his real father was..... David was buried next to Lerk's parents.
As for Lerk, he's father's last words kept running through his mind 'Watch your actions Lerk'. After Lerk's attack on Audric and the guards he couldn't believe that he actually killed someone. Lerk decided he couldn't be around people knowing he could hurt them, but if someone found out about him and his curse he could be dead.
Lerk changed his last name to Bitemen to fit his image and moved to England where he hid for a few hundred years before going to America. In the U.S. he lived out in the country where he hid until Vampires became known and welcome to the civil life in 1956. There Lerk lived a low profile and meeting his first vampire friend Wei Keane. In 2010 Lerk came across an ad about a wanting a vampire to join Dawn Turner's 100 Baby Challenge.
Lerk thought it was time to start a family but since there was no woman in his life he thought a Baby Challenge was a great idea. But on his way to see Dawn at her home he saw the most beautiful woman in the world, she was crying by the fountain. She had just lost her son Tyler in a fire.
It was love at first sight and it was then Lerk finally forgot his past and it didn't hurt anymore. He didn't hurt anymore. This woman made him feel whole again. Her name was Dawn Turner the love of his life, but she will never know his true past.

 Hey everyone I hoped you enjoyed this special edition post of Lerk's Past. I have worked so hard on it for more then a month. I have been thinking about doing a post on Lerk's past since May or June 2011, but I didn't start really working on it until July. 
The storyline was created in mid-July and the pictures taken in August.
There are two people I would like to really thank because if it wasn't for them this post would have never happened.

I would like to thank Addy McKnight.
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Addy was the first person to know about the post and she personally helped me pick out the names of all the characters, helped with the first rough draft of the storyline, and is the editor of this post.

I would also like to thank Jamee Snuffer.
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Jamee educated me about the medieval life, gave me the link to a medieval world, and helped with the final draft of the storyline.

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Download the Characters:
Princess/Queen Indira (Lerk's love interest)
King Alexander (Indira's father)
Prince/King Audric (Indira's husband)
Lerk Bitters (Medieval/Human Version)
Prince David (Indira & Lerk's Son)
Richard Bitters (Lerk's Father)
Guinevere Bitters (Lerk's Mother)
Darwyn Lockmere (Lerk's Best Friend)

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