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A New Home, A Big Wedding, & An Old Friend- Babies 33 & 34

Hey everyone! This post is a little long but I hope you like it. Enjoy!
After the birth of Carter I changed my hair back. But this time I added pink tips. It's different but not too different.
I thought it was time for a change. I decided that we should move into a new home, so I made a few calls and my house was built within a week. To make travels easier I thought I'll age Carter before moving out. Look at Destiny watching her little brother age.
Here's Carter as a Tot. He didn't get my hair but he did get his father's hair, skin and nose. I'm not sure about the rest of him though.
Here's our new home. Now lets take a tour.
In the front yard is my garden.
In front of the house but covered by the garden is Tyler's and Liam's graves. Tyler is right and Liam is left.
The room when you first walk into the house.
The living room.
The kitchen.
This our dining room or dining porch. We will have our large means outside.
The laundry room.
The activity room.
The children playroom.
The downstairs bathroom.
The baby and toddler room.
The upstairs hall.
The upstairs hall bathroom.
The girls room.
The girls bathroom.
The boys room.
The boys bathroom.
My bedroom.
My bedroom bathroom.
Now the backyard porch.
My kids new study room.
The backyard.
The driveway and garage.
The front yard pond.
The first floor.
The second floor.
With a new house, comes new furniture. So now all my electronics need to be upgraded to unbreakable again. But I thought I'll just upgrade the two computers in the activity room and my two stereos and I'll upgrade everything else when they need it.
While I was upgrading one of the stereos, Lizzie was playing on the chemistry table when it exploded.
She went to take a shower in the hall bathroom. She was in there for a whole 45 minutes scrubbing all the dirt, dust and cinder off her skin.
By the time Lizzie finished with her shower, I finished the stereo and needed one myself.
But apparently Lizzie left something for me.
I was furious and upset until I found that it was washable.
I washed the dye out of my hair before I had my talk with Lizzie.
But my talking turned into yelling and I scared Lizzie half to death. I calmed myself down enough to decide that I should do the rest of the birthdays. Maybe Lizzie will outgrow her rebellious ways once she's a teen.
Baby 31, Destiny as a Child. Destiny is a beautiful child. She got most of her daddy's looks.
Baby 27, Calista as a YA.  Calista is all her daddy, besides her nose which is mine and her blue eyes.
Baby 28, Lorri as a Teen. Still can't see her but she's most likely gonna look like the grim reaper.
Baby 29, Leah as a Teen. Pretty much the same as her sister Lorri. Both Lorri and Leah are wearing lipstick so at least you can see their lip shape.
Baby 30, Lizzie as a Teen. Lizzie is a beautiful teen.
I got this toy in the mail for Carter. It's from a great aunt or something. It's the toy I've seen so much in other challenges.
"Hey mom are you ready to finally meet my boyfriend?".
"Of course honey, I can't wait to meet the wonderful Jovan".
"Well mom there's one thing I need to tell you, Jovan's----".
Soon my daughter's words where cut off by Jovan walking in the front door.
He looked so familiar, I couldn't put my finger on it. Until he said.
"Hello Ms. Turner, I'm Jovan Keane".
I shot my eyes at Calista, who's head was turned. This is what she was going to tell me before Jovan walked in. Jovan is Wei Keane's son. And I couldn't believe it.
Calista walked off leaving me and Jovan alone.
"Ms. Turner I know what your thinking, I'm Wei's son and I 'm probably just like him...."
Jovan got closer.
"I know about my father's pass, and I know what he has done to you and your family and I'm sorry for that. I'm nothing like my father and I don't want you think of me being like him. I will never repeat my father's actions and never will. I came here for one reason and I came to ask you one thing......"
"May I have your daughter's hand in marriage?"
At first I was caught off guard. I never expected him to ask for my daughter's hand.
I stood up with shock still plastered on my face. I still haven't answered Jovan so by now he's begging.
I started thinking. Jovan loved my daughter and asked me if he can marry her instead of just running off and doing it AND he took the time to explain everything about him not being like his father so I don't worry. And I believe him.
So I said yes.
I walked onto the front porch so I can witness my daughter's big moment. I waited as Jovan came up behind Calista.
Jovan walked up behind Calista with a smile on his face. Calista turned around with an even bigger smile when she saw it was Jovan.
Then Jovan surprised Calista with a dozen roses. Calista was excited when she saw the roses.
Then it was time. Jovan got down on one knee and took a small velvet box from his front pocket.
Jovan opened the box and spoke these words.
"Calista  I loved you since that one prom night. Then you became my girl and I was filled with complete joy and now I want to be filled with that joy everyday for the rest of my life. For that joy to happen is for you to say yes. Will you be my wife, Calista?"
I've seen the love in my daughter's eyes every time see looked at Jovan so I knew the answer before she said it.....I was getting a son-in-law.
A few weeks later it was the wedding day. Me and Calista spent hours making calls, sending invites, and getting and putting up decorations for her big day. The wedding was at night due to Jovan and some guests being a vampire.
First to arrive was Calista's father Jon Lanson and her Aunt Tia.
Bradly came after wards. The half brother of both Calista and Jovan.
Wei came last. He's the reason that made me nervous for my daughter's wedding. I didn't want to see Wei ever again but he WAS Jovan's father. So I sucked it up and tryed to avoid him.
A special quest came for the big day. Tyler I guess wanted to see his sister get married.
The ceremony started and the ring exchanged happened soon after.
After vows and love stories they shared their first kiss as a married couple as they were announced as husband and wife.
After the vows and ring exchanges, it was cake time.
Jovan got the privilege of cutting the cake.
After Jovan and Calista feed each other a bite of cake, Calista enjoyed a slice of cake with her half brother Bradly.
Me on the other hand decided to play mixologist.
I made some non alcoholic beverages. (There were kids)
Destiny loved the dance floor.
Jovan was talking to his new father-in-law, Calista's dad.
Then Jon took some pictures of the new happy couple with his cell phone.
Newbie even came to see the wedding. He was there when Calista was born. :)
The bride and groom dance.
I was having a blast. I managed to avoid Wei all night. I guess he didn't bother me because it was his son's wedding day. I wonder how he felt when he realized that Calista wasn't a vampire, or that Calista was MY daughter.
After a long night of cake eating, dancing, and congratulations the time finally came. I gave my daughter Calista a big hug before she left for her new life as Mrs. Keane. O.O

-----------Wedding Photos-----------
The Bride and Groom.
The bride and her father.
The bride and her Mother.
The bridesmaids, Leah, Lorri & Lizzie. (from left to right)
The flower girl, Destiny and Tyler
The bride and the bridesmaids.
All the girls.
My daughters.
The whole household.
The flower girl and the ring bearer.
After Calista left, it was cleaning time. For some reason I decided to clean the dish in the bathroom sink.
But when I turned the sink on, water splash everywhere. I was pranked once again.
I was soaked down to the bone. I guess Lizzie didn't outgrow her rebellious ways.
After washing the dish I mopped up the water. I would've made Lizzie do it but I guess I'm a softy when it comes to my kids.
It was prom time again and all three of my girls went without dates. Lorri was pronounced prom Queen and Leah & Lizzie were happy for her. (Lorri is the top pic, Leah is bottom left pic, & Lizzie is bottom right pic)
I needed a new dad for my challenge. So I called Ana Winfield up and asked her if she knows anyone that wants to join. She gave me a few names of some of her sons that are available. I picked one, called him up, and we met up the next day.
"Marcus Vanderbilt?"
He turned around with a greeting smile.
"Hey Dawn".
"Hey Marcus. I'm so glad that your willing to join my challenge. It means so much."
"No no no, Thank you Dawn for letting me. It's an honor."
"Thanks, and here I got these for you as a thank you gift".
I pulled out a bouquet of pink flowers.
"Awe Thanks Dawn".
I gave Marcus a lift back to my place and we conceived Baby 33.
Instead of leaving right away Marcus and I had a friendly game of pillow fighting.
That same night after Marcus had left, Tyler came. I gave Tyler Ambrosia. He didn't eat it but he was excited to get a present.
Tyler looked sleepy so I read him a bed time story until he fell asleep. My sweet little boy. I almost don't want him to grow up. But when I get him back he will. I closed the book and kissed him good morning.
I left the room and he left too.
I decided to work out for a while. I haven't worked out since I mastered my athletic skill and I didn't want to lose my figure.
But my morning sickness cut my workout short.
The next night I finally took my brother Dean's offer to come and visit him and his family. But when I got there he wasn't there. Dean was working late. So I chatted with his new wife Molly and my nephew Gene. But Molly had to send him to bed.
So I chatting with Molly for a little while longer......
....Before I had to leave myself. Molly requested to feel my tummy before I go. I said yes, it was her niece or nephew in there.
Then I gave my nephew a hug before I left.
The next morning I decided to clean my filthy fish tank.
When I finished there was a knock at my door. I yelled come in.
She walked in and I had no idea who she was.
"Hello Dawn!!!".
"Ummm. Who are you?".
She laughed.
"Dawn it's me, Ashley Brooks. Remember?"
Then I remembered.

It was my birthday, I just became a toddler. And to celebrate my dad took me to the park, Sunset Valley Park. Yes I was born in Sunset Valley.
I was young but I still remember. My dad and I got to the park and played a bit before he let me play on my own. I saw another little toddler at the park playing with a doll. I went to investigate. Well ......I wanted her dolly. :)
After we met we became the best of friends. Laughing together, playing together, crawling together.
Our friendship grew as we grew. We always went to the park together.
We had contests on who can build the biggest sand castle.
And we made silly faces at each other.
One of our favorite games was hopscotch. Ashley would jump on the hopscotch while I pretend I was a photographer taking pictures of her.
We were inseparable. Always having a great time.
We would spend our summers playing sprinkler tag.
And just hang out and talk about the cute boys in town.
Until that one day. My dad got a job in Twinbrook and we had to move. I was devastated about leaving my best friend behind. That was the last time I ever saw her. Then I moved to Twinbrook, became a Young Adult without my best friend and started the challenge.
"Oh my gosh! Ashley...Ashley Brooks? I can't believe it's really you. How have been?"
"Well I took on the 100 Baby Challenge".
"Really? So did I."
"I know that's how I found you. I saw you in an issue of Challenge Mother's Monthly".
"Really? Awesome!".
We went back and forth talking about our challenge and our kids. Laughing and having a great time.
We finally calmed down and brought each other up to date on our life since I left Sunset Valley.
But our great reunion was ruined when my water broke.
I pushed through the contractions and soon the miracle of birth happened.
I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. (Look at the baby's face. He must be upset. :( )
I introduce you to Baby 33, Preston Turner.
And Baby 34, Luther Turner. 66 more to go.

This update is just Dawn's grandkids.
Mary, Baby 9, and Kole Starr-Bright's sons just aged into children.
Ginger, Baby 10, and Kemper Starr-Bright's daughter Camile became a child.
Forrest, Baby 21, and Cassandra Vanderbilt's daughters became teens.
Maci, Baby 19, and Jonny Berks' son Lester became a child.
Mendy, Baby 17, and Charlie berks' daughter became a child.
Matthew, Baby 8, and Geneveve Martin's sons aged too. Ramon became a child and Adrian became a YA.
Nellie, Baby 1, and France Wriner's kids aged too. Here's Heriberto as a YA.
Franceen and Maggy as a Teen.
Kegan and Cindy as children.
And here's my newest grandchild. I would like to thank Carter Mason for letting Baby 15, Hunter Turner join her challenge and giving me a new granddaughter, Caitlyn. (read about the birth of Caitlyn Here)

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and I hope you enjoy it. I know it's a little long but there was a lot going on. I work really hard to make these posts happen for you guys so please comments are much appreciated and I love your feedbacks.

I have download links to all Dawn's kids under 'The Kids' page above. If you wanted to use any of her kids for your blogs, stories or just to have them in your game. 
I also have the links to most of the father's in my challenge under 'The Fathers'. I make most of the Dads in Dawn's challenge and I put them all up on the exchange for any of you that want to use them for your challenge too. 
For any extra downloads just go under 'Other Downloads' which includes other sims and objects that appeared in my blog. Includes ALL of Dawn's grandkids that were born in my game only. Dean's wife and son as a household. Custom made clothing. Dawn herself and her brothers and parents and many more sims. Check that out and Thank you again. :)

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  1. Oh my gosh! I loved this post and I didn't mind that it was long. First, I want to say that the new house is lovely. I loved how you took multiple shots of the rooms and the stalls in the bathrooms was a great idea. Second, I like how you included Calista's wedding. Jovan looked like a sweet boy, the way he asked Dawn if he could marry Calista. I like how he's the son of Wies (AHHHH!!!!!) Lastly, the picture of Preston's upset face was adorable! And your newest grandchild Caitlyn looks so sweet! Great post and I cannot wait for the next one. :D

  2. @Catlover800: Thank you. I worked really hard on the house and even planned it out on paper first. Yes multiple shots I thought would be better then just one. :) I agree Jovan is sweet, he's the exact opposite of his father. And I must include a wedding if the groom is the son of Wei! :D I loved that picture of the baby's face. I just got lucky with that shot. Caitlyn does look sweet and I can't wait to see her when she's older. Thanks for the comment! :D

  3. DAWNIEE! :O
    Such a -great- post!! I don't know what to write though, since Calista (Catlover800) already mentioned all the interesting things -,- I just want to add that I really like the flashback thing about you and Ashley. That's so cute!! >_< I seriously can't wait for more. Yay, 66 to go!

  4. Btw, that's Leah Sierra above :D

  5. @Putri Air: Thanks and I knew it's you Leah! :)

  6. Ah more grandbabies! :D
    Clarissa, Fawn, and Monika are beautiful. <33
    And I can't wait to see how these boys turn out! :D

  7. Great post! The wedding was beautiful, and the grandkids are lovely!! You have a wonderful knack for writing Dawn! :)

  8. Awwww, I loved the post! Jovan was so sweet to ask Dawn's permission to marry Calista! Too precious!

  9. Awesome post Dawn... OMG another copy cat from the Starr-Bright clan. Chuck looks so much like my Kole.. have to admit that not as much as Newbie's look a like, but very close. I loved this post. I was so full of great children "stuff". I can't wait to see what happens next.


  10. Loved the post! Anyways I was going to tell you that Your Child Jude Turner will be joining my challenge :) So you will have even more grandchildren. He is going to be father number 1. Well thats what I wanted to tell you! Here's the link to my blog so that you can read about my challenge (if you wanted too)

    Thanks :)

  11. @Anastasia Winfield: Thanks! Fawn, Monika & Clarissa did turn out beautiful. :) I'm excited to see The boys as toddlers too. :D

    @CatherineBell: Thanks! I had fun making the wedding, especially the wedding photos. Thanks it means a lot to me to hear that I can write. lol. :)

    @Cassie: Yes Jovan is sweet! Thanks! :)

    @Anonymous(Ashby): I swear it's not on purpose! O.O lol! XD Thanks!

    @XSnowKissX: Awesome and I can't wait! It means a lot to have one of my sons as the first father in your challenge. I will definitely check it out. :) Thanks!